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It says, "Does he ever get the girl?" Dashboard Confessional lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. "This Ruined Puzzle" lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only.
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And I get to watch this girl whom I was friends and wanted to be more with for some time go out with Then out of nowhere they break up. It turns out, he treated her like an asshole being jealous and controlling like he did to me and my other friends.

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Somehow me and her met up again So the nice guy, always the friend and there for her if she needed or wanted it, gets hurt. I guess thats not unfair. So now when I go to bed at night, I play this song as tears gently roll down my checks I love this song, and yet, I hate it.

Dashboard Confessional - This ruined puzzle lyrics

General Comment I think that the first verse is about trying to find a way to make a relationship work, but nothing seems to fit together. He's saying that he'll be fine on his own, and he will He never told her not to go, but he wrote a note in a book that she was reading and never finished. The book symbolizes their relationship. He hopes that one day she'll go back to reading the book. If so, she'll see the note and maybe answer his question.

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In other words, she'll want to give them another chance. It seems that she always meant to come back, just like she meant to finish the book some other time. He's using the note as a way for her to "find her way back. What if their story is too dull finish? Will he get the girl then? You get the feeling that she doesn't care as much about him as he does about her. She's gone and his only hope is the note.

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  • He never got a chance to say goodbye to her. And her really regrets that and the fact that he never told her not to go in the first place.

    The part about the pattern repeating is his life going on without her. It doesn't really have a meaning, just repeated motions. It's a really sad song. About regret and loss. IT does have some hope though. Maybe one day, she might find that book and read the note and want to go back to him. Dashboard Confessional - This Bitter Pill. Dashboard Confessional - Standard Lines. Dashboard Confessional - So Beautiful. Dashboard Confessional - Saints And Sailors. Dashboard Confessional - The Good Fight.

    Dashboard Confessional - Turpentine Chaser. Dashboard Confessional - Screaming Infidelities. Please try again later. An Error has Occurred An unknown error has occurred. Smule Are you still there? Add genres as tags to help organize the songbook for others. Lyrics This ruined puzzle is beige with the pieces all face down so the placing goes slowly.

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