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Sirius is a binary star and the brightest point of light in the night sky. With a visual apparent . Ptolemy of Alexandria mapped the stars in Books VII and VIII of his Almagest, in which he used . Sirius is visible from almost everywhere on Earth, except latitudes north of 73° N, and it does not rise very high when viewed from.
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At what point do I decide to be a part of the lie and claim that earth is round? Am I threatened to go along with the lie? This is a thing that people who are becoming scientists are doing every day right?

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You could become a scientist and this would inevitably be the way you would react to proof of a flat earth? I think science loves proving itself wrong. Science didnt prove anything…they are storyteller…and making lotta money. What a shame to lie and be paid.

You are then saying that the ships pass the Antarctic or Atlantic to get west to south making the bow outwards to get around the flat edge like clockwise or anti-clockwise around the flat plate imagine a clock face laying on your kitchen table world to get to. Your article falls about rather quickly for anyone you truly thinks about it. The earth is flat and motionless just as our eyes, senses and common sense tells us…you chose if you want to believe CGI, animations and globalist elites or yourself…. Why do we need to know a motive?

That question alone keeps you held down from the truth! And as long as you remembered what was taught better than I,then you were so-called smarter. Do you think the scientist and the higher ups of society went to school like we did? The one who rules this world is the father of all lies. The truth will unveil to all in time and not on our own timing, but His timing. Teach with humbleness and love and If they have ears to hear let them hear if not shake off the dust from your feet and go onto the next.

For those who are wise will understand, but for most it will make no sense. Blessings to you all brothers and sisters! Love and Peace be with you until the Day is come. Hrm…so I lived on Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. We fished ocean-side every weekend for years. Many times the flocks took us great distances from the island. Idk, never thought much about it. But it never failed us. We just did what we were told on how to get back home from open sea. And just to clarify, we fished for tuna mainly. Counterintuitively, to find the fish, you search the skies for flocks of birds going nuts just above the surface of the water.

The tuna drove the bait fish up which attracted the birds. On a few occasions it took so long to get back that it was dark yes, we got in trouble. We could see the lights from the island with the naked eye at the same time as we could with the binoculars. It was too dark to spot the dish, as I recall. Also, outside of a serious storm, or very strong winds, the open sea is surprisingly calm. Kwajalein is an island in an atoll, a string of islands that usually comprise the ring of an ancient volcano. All ocean side boats required at least two methods of propulsion. The boats we took were small Boston Whalers with twin 90hp Evinrude engines.

It was funny, you know we were kinda scared when we got caught out in the dark. I remember, I was using the binoculars, frantically scanning the horizon. It was a relief. I do not care, flat or not, God or No God.. First, even though they seem to take all the vitriol from the conspiracy mob, NASA is not the only space agency. There are at least seven national or geographic agencies, plus many private ones. At least two of the others, Russia and China, closely monitored the moon landings.

The first nation in space was Russia, not America. Both Russia and China have landed robot rovers on the moon, several of which can be seen from the Earth, when they reflect sunlight, and the laser reflectors the Americans left there are still being used today by several nations. Why would many of the Earths nations, not just America, be spending Billions and Billions of Dollars, just to support a myth?

Flat earthers riddle me this: How does Gravitropism work in your model of this lumpy pancake earth? How do I know even with my eyes closed that I am standing vertically or laying horizontally? How would vertigo work on this gravity lacking pancake? Also If earth were truly flat, we would be 2 dimentional. We would only see line segments of each other.

I did find the horizon fascinating and everything I experienced reinforced the spherical nature of the earth. When you begin to study both the flat earth and heliocentric model, the flat earth model by far makes more sense and is consistent with our every day observation and experience. The only reason most people not all of course believe the earth is round, spinning, and revolve around the sun, is because you were taught that in school, confirmed by your parents, and of course all of the pictures by NASA and a handful of other government space programs.

When you start looking at these pictures with an open mind, you do start to realize how these pictures may not be real. You say gravity, but I say it is just a matter of the objects density. If gravity is real, then how can gravity be so mighty and strong to hold millions of gallons of ocean water, but yet weak and selective enough to allow an ant to walk the ground, or a bird to fly over the ocean?

Many Christians read the Bible literally meaning that if there are conflicts between what scientists observe and the writings in the Bible, one must deny science and stick with the Bible. The Bib;e claims repeatedly that the earth is flat, so it must be flat regardless of what NASA claims or astronomers have long known. Can a sphere be set in a foundation, secured by pillars? Say among the heathen that the LORD reigneth: Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed for ever. The Hebrews believed in a flat earth with stars, planets and the sun moving back and forth above a immovable earth, The Old Testament was a book primarily written by and about Hebrews hence the first five books, in particular represent their thinking.

How about we look at the United Nations Flag??? Gravity holds the oceans down yet I can jump 2 feet off the ground. Get in a helicopter and go up for 10 minutes. If earth was spinning, would the helicopter come down in the same exact place. The biggest difference I can see between flat-earthers and Globe supporters is; either accepting personally observable evidence VS accepting the word or result or conclusions or explanations of experts and scientist. So… what is it then? Does a belief in a spherical earth give some cabal the power of mind control? How is such a belief making money for the Deceivers?

In order to, what? Usher in a godless one-world government? Zach L might be right you know. On one occasion in April I was on a fast train to London-Euston and there was a common house fly sat on the top of the seat next to me, when it took off it slammed straight into the vestibule door at about 73mph. A close-call and some sound advice for all I think.

My question is this: Or is it smaller, closer, inside or outside of the atmosphere-protecting dome and somewhat non nuclear-active? Love to know what the most supported idea is on this one. Humanity has evolved to have more and more intelligent individuals. There is still a minority that can believe anything. Trying to convince them with intelligent arguments will not achieve anything. The fact is a fact and the earth is not flat. If they cannot understand it and they want to believe otherwise, let them do so and ridicule themselves until space travel becomes affordable for virtually everybody and they experience it by default.

They combined red green and blue. How come we see Venus and Mercury at night? On a round earth with the heliocentric model, Venus and Mercury would always be between earth and the sun and therefore never visible in our night skies. The planets orbit at different speeds because of their different distances from the Sun—planets that are farther from the Sun move slower. Plus, planets that are farther away from the Sun have to travel a lot farther to complete their loop around the Sun. You can imagine that Venus is like a fast racecar moving around a small track, and Earth is a slower car moving around a larger track that encircles the Venus track, and Mars is somewhere in between.

Perhaps this visualization will help: You will be wrong to think we are more informed now than those before the 21st century. We all know there is no conclusion in science. What we accept as facts today could be proven as a hoax tomorrow. The way we see things are evolving as the apparent growth in technology influence our intellect. I can confidently say, there was a civilization millions of years ago that had an advanced technology than we have right now.

Their disappearance is a mystery we must first solve to answer the questions we keep asking ourselves today. Flat earth or round spherical earth — the actual or true shape of the earth is not yet known to us. They are only hypothesis. Do not believe what you see because you are only seeing what you want to see.

Not only that but there are 6 states that are even flatter! Even Texas — consisidered to be the 2nd largest state in the USA is ranked next to Kansas for flatness. So you diehard roundies have got a really big problem here. Bottom line is the 1st person to fly a balloon over 10 miles up above earth was a man named Auguste Picard. But even Wernher stated Psalms So … the inventor of all those rockets that were to send men to the moon and beyond knew full well there was no way to get past low earth orbit and that we really do live in a contained world above.

NASA was set up to hide the truth — and quite frankly watching some of these pathetic videos they put out with screw ups galore showing one guy gliding by back and forth being held up by wires and of course Mr Don Petit trying to BS us all with the he could go to the moon in a minute but NASA LOST the technology??? All I can do is shake my head and laugh at all this nonsense — hey if you still wantta believe these guys be my guest.

What they do is just keep putting back timetables. Some day it will all come crashing down on them. America is not the only place in the world, and just because a land mass appears to be flat does not constitute the world being flat. If the world were truly flat, I could look outside my window to see New York or Boston or any part of America as a matter of fact. It all has to do with light refraction in the atmosphere — a phenomenon that was known about before NASA existed — and what he saw had to do with the fact that he could not rotate on the x-axis; he could not correct the anomaly, so he simply stated what he saw as he collected information to assist Einstein with his theories — theories that all go against Flat Earther beliefs.

You can even test light refraction at home with a prism like Picard had done; buy a prism, put it against your eye, view a surface then rotate on the x-axis. As the allies bombarded Germany, the Nazis began executing everyone even those they forced into building weapons for their goals.

Proving Earth is round

His team and himself were then transferred to NASA. Wernher got America to the Moon before the Soviets several times; if he believed we could not get past low earth orbit, we would not be in the era we are in. NASA was set up to hide what truth? The flat earth theory has been debunked since the sixth century, so why would they hide pseudoscience?

NASA did not lose the technology; they lost funding, they lost the need to go to the moon, and they lost the need for human exploration of the moon. NASA has the technology to go to the Moon and even to Mars, but they are focused on probe-based exploration and, hopefully, in the s they may send mankind on a one-way mission to mars.

When pressure is applied, the O-ring will move toward the low-pressure side of the groove, filling any holes that might be dangerous. At its core, this is the same concept used to seal a DSLR camera in an underwater housing… Of course, the O-Ring grooves on the ISS can be held with extreme precision, but this is a great example of using simple physics to solve complicated problems. Someday intelligence will return to this planet, and on that day a heavy embarrassment will rain down on the world. Also, let me get some peer-reviewed papers that sadly have to prove the world is round in this modern age.

If our planet did not rotate, we would all be dead. And, for you children at home, you can see the round earth yourself. Watch a ship sail off to sea. Watch a lunar eclipse. Climb a tree or go up the highest building you can find at night. If you cannot see the bright lights of a city in a very far away nation, the earth is round. Fly through different time zones.

If day becomes night or night becomes day, the earth is round. Watch the sunset over a clear horizon near a hill or an elevated area. As soon as the sun disappears, hurry to the elevated area. If you see the sun again, the earth is round. Pick two locations a couple hundred miles from each other on the same meridian, grab two sticks of equal length, two tape measures, and a friend.

Both of you take one of each object to the separate locations then measure the shadows. If the shadows are not the same length, the earth is round. This experiment has been around since BCE and was created by the Greek mathematician Eratosthenes. A mathematician — not some homeless guy. I have no hope that humanity will ever recover from this wave of stupidity. The return of eugenics? God, I hope the world ends soon. What I always wondered: I looked around on many sites and discussions but never found any answer to that. If the earth iis not a sphere as generaly is stated, then why would the sun be a sphere and not flat?

Question to FEers … where are the photos your proof that the earth is flat??!

Solar sail

Parker West … where in the Bible does it say the earth is flat? Why would God make all other planets round but not the planet earth?? They can and have of course. It is actually a closed and open system. A with the Sun out? I was an instrument man on a survey crew plotting oil pipelines for many miles, I know the earth is not a ball, there is only topography, no curvature.

But hey we have academia and a criminal gov. As Musk said, its easy to tell its real because it looks so fake. Yeah its easy to tell the earth is spinning because you cant feel it. Wake you sleeping idiots. Earth is fixed and immovable: Earth has 4 Corners and 4 Quarters: Sun Moves, not the Earth: Foundations in this sense are, of course, a metaphor, a figure of speech! And it was so.

And, the earth is definitely not square either! If there were any cover ups about moon landings, satellites not really being up there taking pictures, even full earth pictures; not all are real time photos pieced together; how can people seriously think it would not have come out by now! Everything comes out about everybody eventually now. Even the leaders of the world! God is WAY more amazing that to have created a pancake earth floating or speeding up into nowhere!? All just too ridiculous to even fathom the logic from seemingly intelligent people. Wake up and get into the 21st century.

Who is saying Antarctica is restricted? Tour operator can arrange one day sight seeing tour from Australia. Under a flat earth model, South Africa and Argentina are the two most distant countries from Australia and New Zealand. Q for the FE. And the map as I have seen it has the North pole in the center a frozen wall of ice as the southern boundary. But we see the sun move across us as East to West… On a Flat map the half of the world would see the sun move from East to West… but I am seeing that it would move across us in more of a South to North to South manner in relation to the map.

Perhaps there is someone out there that can help me understand what appear to be discrepancies in the model. The person who wrote this article clearly shows he does not understand the flat earth that is being studied by many but not all as there are various ideas among flat earthers.

And what the author and i guess many other science based people does not understand is the flat earth is not moving through a universe because there is no universe, as science has proposed. The earth is the physical creation with The heavens above and heaven is not another word for universe and below is water and the underworld of the earth.

The sun, moon and stars are lights that keep time and mark seasons etc.. The flat earth does not move, and no one knows for sure the shape of the flat earth. The Bible speaks about this some but does not give a clear cut answer on the shape of the flat earth. The lie of science can only go on for so long but eventually the lie will be exposed whether people believe it or not and people will know, or at least have a better idea of their home, the flat earth.

So science better enjoy their god like position with humanity while they have it, because it will eventually be taken away. ALL knowledge for ALL inventions and findings electricity, indoor plumbing, AC, airplanes, automobiles, rockets, telephones, gravity, magnetic field,etc. Although it does say Circle: You are obviously missing the problems that thinking the earth is FLAT would create!

You are making yourselves look very ignorant and stupid! NO conspiracy could last this long!! I just thank God that the FEers are a very, very, very small percent of the human race! To d taylor, who said there is no universe ;-: I believe God created us to have better common sense than that even if we only had half a brain! Paul has a thought on knowledge science 1 Timothy 6: Guard what was committed to your trust, avoiding the profane and idle babblings and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge— 21 by professing it some have strayed concerning the faith.

Grace be with you. Please explain why Joshua commanded the sun and moon to stop moving in Joshua Would you consider a sphere spread out, I do not, spread out is language used with a flat area table. As per FE model, objects going beyond horizon are not visible because those are merely belond human eye viewing power and not due to curvature of Earth. But those objects can be seeing through binoculars.

Example of ship sailing near horizon is normally given by FEer. Can any FEer records and publish video of Sun in which just after sunset Sun can be seen using binoculars? People who believe in a flat earth are very-poorly educated, have little life-experience or are just blind religious fanatics. Explain the moon being ,00 miles out in space. When the moon is seen during the daytime hours.

Go to the harbor

But when asked to created a working model to show that this is true. I have never came across any one who can present that working model. Only excuses, that my request is ridiculous. On the flat model however; there is no short path whether it is an airplane, balloon, or radio wave. Moving from x to y on the outer edges of the flat map would take forever and on the round model, as little as one step. Biblical Hebrew, sometimes called Classical Hebrew, is an archaic form of the Hebrew language. Again, God is WAY too intelligent to create a FLAT earth that could never work for all His miraculous, perfect workings of this globe earth and everything on it, above it and inside it!

God stopped the earth from turning for a day, of course! There are nuuumerous metaphors and parables in the Bible but you must have the common sense to tell what is metaphor or exact meaning! There are many, many good Christian creation believing scientist in the world, who science is NOT God to them. To them He is the creator of the whole round earth and all mankind and animals and all life in this universe! There is nothing more to say to people who choose ignorance over what God has shown us through His miracles. I was not going to reply to your post but you have posted incorrect information.

The New Testament was written in Koine Greek. God has named each star. The Messiah has a star which lead the wise men to the birth of the Messiah. For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him. Paul clearly states that the sun, moon and stars have their own glory and he clearly states that the sun is not grouped in with the stars. The sun is not a star, it is a light as is the moon that is clearly stated in the Bible God created two great light.

He made the stars also. Give it up, the Fe answer to any question about how something that is impossible if the Earth is flat is true is basically magic or conspiracy. The answer to why no fe map exists that works is god magics the distance on the real Earth to the distinct on the fake Fe map.

Did God cause the earth to rotate backwards. The sun ON the dial appears to move but, of course, the earth is moving! Some of what scientists like Darwin tells us is just their junk theories and is ridiculous and has been proven to not be true, plus common sense should prevail. God created the scientists too! He gave them genius minds to unleash all the wonder we know today. With their discoveries He gave them we know how intricate every living thing is, which proves we were made by someone MUCH greater than any big bang or any other event could ever create.

It is more stupidity to group ALL science as false! Everyone who reads the Bible knows exactly what it says! MOST of us are intelligent enough to discern what is literal and what is not! I think what is Satanic is closed eyes to seeing the truths the Lord has shown us for a couple of thousand years and more!

Flat earth is a fallacy it came from myths and legends that people have expanded apon. Take the silly no gravity for instance. Just because we dont know how it something works doesnt mean its false. We know its there and we know its causality. Doesnt mean its fake.

Quantum Sails Star Mast Up Tuning

I had this same arguement with my brother last night. I was like of course it wont. Firstly were already in our own earths gravitational field and would need to go to deep space for this hypothesis to even stand a remote chance not only that but you wpuld need minerals and an atmosphere and mass plays a big role so i told him to find i giant ball of different rocks and minerals that give off its own magnetic field then go into deep space to prove this.

Now back to flat earth not being flat. Ive seen four maps that are supposed to be true. And on each of them the americas and europe are opposite so it would be impossible to travel across the pacific on the western americas to europe but people do it all the time in oceanic navigation challenges. Not to mention documentaries and fishing vessels. I just realized my math was way off and I need a lot of sleep. They go way too far without the true facts, yet may make some good points about the lies we are told about the heavens. It is just that the heliocentric view is a lie.

The lies are so confusing or wicked that people might end up believing anything if they just accept what they are told. Basic observation will show however that the earth is fixed and that the heavenly bodies rotate around the earth and that the earth is not flat. In the Bible zero references to a globe earth that is rotating in an unending universe with other planets, galaxies, star as other suns with planets revolving around the starsuns. In between to bodies of water one body of water above the raqia and another below the oceans. That move over the earth in a circuit.

Daniel Arenson -

There over 80 verses in some way that speak to this description. Because the world is filled with people like you, who easily take the word of men over the word of God. This person is not a flat earth believer, but at least he does question some of sciences lies.

Also Gerrard Hickson Kings Dethroned https: That is in the Old Testament. You can spin it however you want to but it is NOT there!

Breakthrough Starshot

We definitely have the advanced equipment to be able to do any of this now and have for years and years! And the conspiracy and all lies theory is idiotic! ALL craaaaaziness and lunacy! When he set a circle upon the face of the deep. When did photos and video become fact. Not only does the Bible never mention a ball earth, science can not produce any factual evidence the earth is a sphere rotating through an outer space. Even their faking of the trip to the moon, was so bad it is obvious to any one does not just take every word out of NASA etc..

Why are there no photos of a complete flat earth because no one can go high enough, no one can go past the top of the raqia, which is holding back the waters above. As for Isaiah, if God sits above a ball earth why did Isaiah use chug circle, circuit, compass, vault and not use dur ball, encircling, pile Isaiah The only reason and i really do mean the only reason that anyone believes the earth is round, is because we are told and taught and trained to think it is, by those demonic entities disguised as human beings….

The only reason anyone believes the earth is round, is because we are constantly taught to think it is and constantly trained to believe it is and constantly told to accept it is as truth…. Continuous delusion inducing bombardments of brainwashing illusions and mindbending manipulations by the evil powers that be and their strictly and currently enforced belief structures…. Which are mostly insidious lies and always have been, diabolically designed to keep the greed driven sheeple as far away from the horrible truth as possible….

For we are trapped beneath a heat lamp sun and nite lite moon, below a revolving shroud of holographic stars…. The images can be made public and shared with everyone. Lets us work together, be friends without internal fighting. NASA and all governmental agencies must be held accountable and not mis-lead its citizens. Space-X what a joke, You might as well, said star wars has shown images of earth.

If the images were live, where is the rotation of the earth, it was mighty still in those live images. The Nile flows for 4. Buoyancy exlains what the theory of gravity cant ,and underline theory of big bang. We evolved, for who knows how long, beneath and within the suns light and because its so intensely and blindingly bright, we cant even look at it for even a few seconds without suffering extreme and permanent eye damage…. The sun and moon are a heluva lost closer and a huluva lot smaller that we are insidiously misled to think and believe…. Like them or not, believe them or not, my hard to face comments are faith shattering soul crushing revelations, designed to expose the brutal truth, without delusional denial….

Please just go to any harbour and watch the boats sail over the horizon. And then book yourself on to an around the world flight. Planes flying upside down, the only reason you say that is because we always have the south on the bottom of a globe. Our concept of up and down is relative to the pull of gravity, from space that concept becomes meaningless. Also even assuming NASA had cameras with high enough resolution why would they waste money showing planes flying in the southern hemisphere.

What exactly does buoyancy explain that gravity cant. You obviously do not understand how buoyancy works, it depends on gravity. No gravity no buoyancy. I am not going to do your homework for you perhaps you should have done it when you were at school go and google buoyancy and start learning something instead of making idiot comments. That makes no sense? Evolution is beyond proven. So religious people can simply say God created Earth and he intended for evolution to happen. Flat Earthers- water stays in place because of gravity.

The gravitational equations predict that the moons gravity would cause the exact tides we see happen. The equations predict that the weight of the earth would produce 1 G of gravity, which is exactly what we see. Yet the gravitational equations are used for space travel and they predicted the slight error in Mercurys orbit and they predicted gravitational lensing which we observed as well and gravitational waves which we observed. Many try to say the Bible is not a science book, of course it is not, science is full of lies.

Flat earth distance would be about 45, miles which a commercial flight non stop would be impossible not to mention 8 times longer. Even with A flat earth concept you would not have an unlimited field of vision you would be able to see to the vanishing point of the horizon. Same thing at the ocean you can watch a ship sail out of sight or the horizon vanishing point then grab a telescope and bring the ship back into your sight through the telescope. So if the earth is round where is the curvature? If there was a force the object would speed up immediately, it would not take as long as it does to reach maximum velocity.

Example the firing of a bullet the force immediately reaches maximum speed, that is an example of a force acting up on an object, not the imaginary force of gravity on an object falling. Couple of simple points. Infact, so far no one seems to have captured a image of flat earth. Forget NASA — most of the worlds nations many who are against the Western ideology or have a different culture altogether have sent items in space — all their pictures seem to show a spherical earth.

There is no data like this before none of them know how to do these things or have any idea about advanced mathematics. However, what about the Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Pakistanis, Arabians, Europeans who have sent vehicles into space, to the moon with photographic evidence — are they all in on the big lie aswell? Thats a lot of liars. What motivates those nations some who have never even heard of the flat earth theory to keep pretending that its a sphere. What motivated the early Russian cosmonauts to and engineers before photoshop days to keep up this lie?

If the Bible was a programming language designed by God, and modern cosmology was the input, nothing in Genesis 1 and 2 would run, but everything in Chapter 3 would compile flawlessly! I need one simple thing explained to me. The Earth is a disc. The Sun is a moving light that rotates in circles above the disc. The Sun spirals on Northern and Southern paths to create seasons. This model is fine at a basic level. Sun gets closer, Summer happens. Sun moves away, Winter happens. I can see how this would make sense. The problem arises for me when I add that a solar day is roughly 24 hours.

If the Earth is a disc and the Sun is moving in circles around the North Pole, I imagine the path over the northern continents could be much shorter than the path over the southern continents. The closer to the center of a circle, the smaller the distance to travel around that center, right? If not, can someone direct me to an explanation of how the Sun works under that criteria? The earth is a disc, that has not been proven. The truth about the flat earth is that no body knows the true shape. One miss applied term to this flat earth, is the heliocentric vs geocentric ideas.

Meaning that the earth is not a flat circular creation moving through an outer space. In a true explanation of the flat earth there is no outer space, the earth along with what has been created below hades and above the heavens which is actually one creation altogether, is it. And nobody goes anywhere man may have been 20,25 miles up but i believe that is about the limit.

All this talk and none of us were there in the beginning; None of us will be here in the end. No one can live in the past, and no one can predict the future. In this moment is all there is. If our earth was flat how would you explain the molten moving core thats cause our magnetic pull? And with no magnetic field on our earth we all would be dust in the air, no cells or molecules could stay together lol WOW!!!!

I think the earth is round, because trees grow in the opposite direction of gravity, so if erth was flat, we have sideways trees. If the earth is flat, then the world should have the same time. Its obvious that the earth is round because of the time zone diffrence. As the sun rises from the east the whole world should see it rising at the same time regardless of which location or country you are located. Assuming according to your claim that the earth is covered like a dome as seen in the movie hunger games, as the sun moves from east to west then again daylight should be world wide.

Next if the earth is flat and does not revolve around the sun, why is it that every day you wake up the sun still rising from the east? You are all wrong, enlighten yourselves: Do not believe the earth is FLAT. Now the red bull jump at 20 miles https: Kacie, Thank you for an intelligent non biased comment.

I too have felt I was still swimming in the Ocean when I returned home and closed my eyes to sleep. Movement affects our bodies and its senses. Is it due to the Ocean being a formidable force of sorts or just a side effect.

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  7. Does make it questionable! It is from the Pole South pole from Middle America! He circumnavigated it as he knew it was the size of North America. Longines series on You Tube. Keep our eyes open OO. For most of you pen pushers, whether the world is flat or a globe makes no difference as you walk along the flat sidewalk between Starbucks and your office. For some people however, it makes a world of difference. At the moment there are approximately , airline pilots in the world globally.

    The most numerous is the USA of course. United has 12, pilots. American Airlines has 15, pilots. Delta is 14, pilots etc…. To become an airline pilot a person must be theoretically tested in navigation at least three times. In all of the exams, the earth is considered a globe. When we fly, day to day we navigate in the air, over a globe! No question about it. I have flown over the north pole many times. I know pilots who have flown over the south pole. We can plan a flight literally half way around the world as if the world is a globe and then execute the flight.

    So my challenge to you is to find an airline pilot who will testify, in uniform, that the world is flat, and that , airline pilots are part of a conspiracy. I would then like him or her, to explain the GPS system and how it works. VHF radio range and how it is calculated. One speaker, Manchester-based musician Darren Nesbitt, dismisses the circular model of the Earth entirely, correctly critiquing that the Sun would have to travel faster in the South to make it around the outer-edge of the circle, which does not match our observations.

    This version, he explains, fits the evidence better, and is supported by the Bible, in the book of Job. To their credit, there are members of the Flat Earth community who are determined to disprove the globe model through scientific experiments: Although the ideas have persisted for generations, the modern Flat Earth phenomena is surprisingly recent. When I first encountered the community in , Flat Earth arguments played out on a fringe messageboard , with some dispute over whether proponents actually believed in the theories they espoused or whether they simply enjoyed the intellectual pursuit of arguing an untenable position.

    However, if there were disbelievers among the attendees at the conference, they were exceptionally convincing; there seems little doubt over the sincerity of modern Flat Earth proponents. Almost all of the speakers came to the Flat Earth within the last five years: Almost all — speakers and attendees alike — credit their conversion to the Flat Earth to YouTube, watching videos like those produced by American Flat Earth star Mark Sargent.

    Sargent was booked to speak at the conference, before he gave interviews to the BBC and Good Morning Britain , in which he espoused his belief that the Earth exists under a dome, like a snowglobe. These interviews reflected badly on the community, Gary explained to me during lunch, so he contacted Sargent to air his concerns over the interviews, and how they were perceived by members of the Flat Earth community. In response, Sargent publicly and acrimoniously withdrew from the conference.

    Gone was his confident swagger as he poked holes in theories the audience might hold dear.