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A parallel universe is a hypothetical self-contained reality co-existing with one's own. A specific Similarly in Persian literature, "The Adventures of Bulukiya", a tale in the One out to two skeptics that there is no need for the time between the worlds to match up, Comics · Magazines · Novels · Publishers · Short stories.
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X-Universe also reveals the fate of several other individuals. Peter Parker was executed because he was a potential contact for Gwen Stacy. Frank Castle went missing following a mutant raid on a Buddhist temple where he had sought peace after the death of his family. Some characters escape the Age of Apocalypse into the Earth continuity. Before the tenth anniversary, the Age of Apocalypse was considered a dead reality that no longer existed—a fact that was frequently mentioned by timeline escapees, such as Sugar Man and Blink.

However, there were quite a few prequels written that took place before its destruction. Blink was a four issue miniseries intended to reintroduce the Age of Apocalypse version of Blink as a teaser to the Exiles ongoing series. This story takes place prior to the "Age of Apocalypse" main events, but is largely set in the Negative Zone. Blink becomes lost in the Negative Zone after attempting to incite Blastaar towards war with Apocalypse and instead joins a rebellion against Blastaar alongside her lover, who turns out to be a de-evolved version of Annihilus.

The last four pages of the final issue show Blink during the destruction of the Age of Apocalypse and becoming unhinged from time. X-Man , during its run, occasionally re-visited the Age of Apocalypse, both through time travel and flashbacks. X-Man -1 shows Mr. Sinister releasing Nate from his growth vat as a child to check on his progress. In the X-Man Annual, Sugar Man uses a variation on a time machine powered by Nate's psionic force to return to the early years of Apocalypse's rule where he hopes to take control himself. Nate follows and meets up with Forge, Magneto, Morph, and Mastermind, and is surprised to discover that Forge knew that he would be there because an older Nate Grey had time traveled and told Forge about his memories of this event.

On the orders of this older Nate Grey, Forge forces the younger Nate to re-power the machine and return himself and Sugar Man to Earth This leads to a rift between Forge and Magneto, who believed they should have allowed Nate to stay so that he could help them fight Apocalypse.

Later, in X-Man 53 and 54, Nate, Jean Grey, and Cyclops run across a temporal rift that brings an infinite processing plant to Earth In , Marvel published an Age of Apocalypse one-shot and miniseries to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the fan favorite event. The one-shot features stories set before the events depicted in the original "Age of Apocalypse" event, similar in focus to the Tales from the Age of Apocalypse issues. The limited series, which takes place after the nuclear attack in X-Men: Omega , introduced several characters who were not in the original storyline.

Sinister's experiments, are introduced. Newer characters Beak, Icarus , and X are seen along with an alternate version of Xorn. Jean Grey is also revealed to have saved everyone from the nuclear attack by tapping into the Phoenix Force -level powers, and is revived from death by Sinister. X-Force arrives ten years after the X-Men had defeated Mister Sinister , yet it seems the X-Men still face enormous challenges in this harsh setting. The world, which during the previous appearance had seemed to be on the road to recovery, has once again fallen on hard times, similar to when Apocalypse was ruling, with Sentinels now roaming the streets.

As they follow Dark Beast to one of his labs, they are unknowingly followed by Wildchild and Sabretooth Earth Dark Beast finds the life seed but before he could hand it over to the X-Force members, Nightcrawler teleports in and swipes the seed away, figuring that Dark Beast was up to some evil plot after decades of absence. After a brief quarrel which ended with the life seed destroyed by Sunfire , Psylocke recognizes Sabretooth from her time on the Exiles and convinces Wolverine Earth that this version of Sabretooth isn't a bad guy, which ends their battle.

With the life seed destroyed, Dark Beast sneaks over to the portal back to the Marvel Universe and walks in, leaving X-Force stranded in the Age of Apocalypse world. Nightcrawler's team, realizing that the sentinels are descending on their position, evacuates along with X-Force, taking them to the X-Men's new base in Atlantis. It was soon revealed that a new "Heir of Apocalypse" has risen and that's the reason why the world as fallen once again into a dark age that resulted on the apparent extinction of the human race.

Using a version of M. However, as X-Force also learn that the only way to return to the main reality is to seek the help of Gateway who in turn is kept prisoner in the mysterious floating city known as The Sky, the Sentinels soon arrives at Atlantis forcing the group to abandon the complex. He appears using Apocalypse armor and reveals himself to be the Heir of Apocalypse. Meanwhile, unaware of the problems Wolverine and his team are facing in the fortress, Fantomex and his small crew dive into the heart of the deceased Celestial in order to get the life seed they need to free Warren.

After battling some drones, they manage to find only one seed and flee with it, losing Gambit in the battle, while, back in the fortress, Wolverine and his crew try to battle Weapon X and the Black Legion. However, Weapon X proves too powerful, since he had been augmented by the Celestial technology, when the cosmic entities came to judge planet Earth, and while he had ascended in form and power, his mind had become so twisted to the point of creating genetic-powerful warriors to kill Charles Lehnsherr, the infant son of Magneto and Rogue.

Weapon X easily manages to swat them all and take Jean Grey so he could transform her into Death, a horseman of Apocalypse. To perform the ritual he approaches Storm who was enslaved and transform into a blind seer made of living stone. After taking out the Black Legion and freeing Gateway, Wolverine ask Gateway to open a portal to bring forth Fantomex team.

Using Fantomex, they manage to free Jean and open a gateway to their world. Wolverine wants Jean to come too but she refuses and forces them through the gateway with her powers. In the Marvel Point One one-shot, a new team of anti-mutant humans calling themselves the X-Terminated, pledged to combat the rule of the ascended Weapon X and his minions, after X-Force's attempt to stop the genocidal successor of Apocalypse. The group consisted of remaining members of the human race in the Age of Apocalypse who have been pushed to the edge of extinction by mutants.

As Jean Grey and Sabretooth returned from Earth, they meet the human coalition. Jean telepathically nudges clones of the Scarlet Witch to recreate the Decimation and remove all mutants' powers across the globe. However, this was only successful within a radius of 12 feet, so Jean Grey and Sabretooth are both left de-powered while Weapon X and his forces remained powered.

The human coalition distracts Weapon X with a bomb long enough for the group to escape as the city explodes behind them.

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He creates a pamphlet that incites human and mutant riots against Weapon Omega, who is now bringing back deceased mutants like Emplate, Scott Summers and Alex Summers using energies siphoned from the celestial life seed. Harper Simons joins with the X-Terminated. After discovering the resurrected Penance, he ordered his servants Azazel, Cyclops and Colossus to bring her into the fold. She initially refused and undid Colossus' brainwashing causing him to abandon Weapon Omega and serve Penance. A fight broke out but Azazel agreed to leave. He returned with Weapon Omega who demanded that Penance kneel before him which she did.

It was since been revealed that when the Celestials had come to Earth, they tried to resurrect Apocalypse by rewrite his genetic code to form a new body. After a small team of X-Men went investigate the ship they discovered that Apocalypse was already in the form of a child which Weapon X effectively kills despite Jean's pleas. With the death of the child, Weapon X took on the role of the Evolutionary Caretaker in an effort to spare his world from the Celestials wrath. Thus, he restarted the campaigns of extermination perpetrated by Apocalypse against the human race after being corrupted by the Seed.

The X-Terminated later travel to Latveria so they could get the information they need to defeat Weapon Omega, as Doom had apparently managed to create a device capable of storing the Death Seed's powers which they aptly referred to as the "Apocalypse Force" from its host body and empowering it within a new user, however they are approached by the Queen, actually Doom's wife and former member of the Human High Council, Emma Frost, who had her telepathic powers returned to her and was now in league with Weapon Omega.

The X-Terminated eventually gained the information they needed by killing Doom and removed the intel literally from his head. With the information they gained, the X-Terminated build the device, however, Weapon Omega after being alerted that Jean Grey was hiding out in the city, resolved to hunt his wife down himself, and vowed that if her humanity could not be cured, he would kill her himself. Jean Grey was ultimately responsible for removing the power of the Death Seed within her former lover and were absorbed by Jean as the next host.

Thanks to her history with the Phoenix Force, though, Jean was strong enough to reject the power of the Death Seed and displaced it. After everything died down, Weapon Omega emerged from the rubble as Logan once again, his mind now clear of the corrupting force of the Death Seed. Unknown to him or Jean, however, the energies of the seed had in fact been contained by Bolivar Trask in a giant machine under the Nevada Desert. Age of Apocalypse 14, the final issue of the series, [13] will be Part 3 of the event. Following the completion of his quest, Nightcrawler decided it was time to return home.

Even though this world was in a much better state, he still missed his own and he wanted to return to fight Weapon Omega. After managing to avoid Wolverine, who was hunting him down, Nightcrawler eventually tracked down another exile from his world: Dark Beast, however, unbeknownst to them, due to the dimension-hopping activities of various superheroes and villains, the walls in the netherspace have become weak and began to crack.

The X-treme X-Men, who had been trying to stop this from happening by killing ten evil Xaviers across various realities before they could use their powers to trigger the event, were able to rescue their Xavier and narrowly defeated Lord Xavier and Nazi Xavier. Unfortunately, the X-treme X-Men did not act quickly enough to save that world, and were forced to make an interdimensional jump, leaving that reality and all its citizens being consumed by the vortex.

Unbeknownst to them, an army of monsters were waiting on the other side of the portal. Using a pair of modified goggles, which Dark Beast explains will allow them to enter the Dreaming Celestial safely in a bid to return home. Kurt teleports them inside, where McCoy attempts to open a portal to their home reality. However, before the portal stabilizes, the machine he was using begins to malfunction. Before he can fix it, the X-Men arrive and the two have to flee, with Nightcrawler teleporting them through the portal. However, once they arrive in their homeworld, the portal doesn't close behind them, which worries the Dark Beast.

The situation is complicated first by Wolverine's team, which comes through the portal to take Kurt back to their reality, and then by Dazzler and her team of X-treme X-Men, who seem keen to close the portal. As Xavier of the X-treme X-Men uses his powers to try and close the portal three huge monsters emerge from it.

Xavier tries to tell them they mean no harm but one of the monsters kills him and dissolves his body to absorb its energy. As it does so, it grows slightly bigger. In response, Dazzler blasts one with her light beams, but it absorbs her energy and grows in size. After trying various methods of attack, the teams realize that the monsters are nearly invulnerable. Karma tries possessing one but it ends up possessing her.

They find out that the monsters were trapped between dimensions by the Celestials and that the constant travelling between worlds has weakened the barriers and freed them. Karma is dying but Iceman freezes the monsters and saves Karma. As the teams regroup to try and figure out what to do, Sage picks up on some thought the monsters are projecting.

As Howlett, Wolverine, Northstar and Hercules go after it, the second monster heads off into New Apocalypse, whilst the third starts to drain energy from the portal itself. After some deliberation, the teams decide to split up with some staying on New Apocalypse and the other going to fight the creature through the portal. Sabretooth and Horror Show sacrifice themselves to provide a distraction whilst Kid Nightcrawler teleports a group of people through the portal. The remaining group in New Apocalypse heads off to formulate a plan of attack as the second monster tears through the city.

In the Age of Apocalypse reality, Jean and her group travel to the Apocalypse power. Fiend radios through from New Apocalypse, where one of the monsters is attacking. After a short conversation, the radio goes silent and Jean realizes her friend is dead. They make their way through some caverns to the room the Apocalypse power is being kept in.

Dark Beast slips away as the others look at the canister the power resides in. In the universe, Howlett and Wolverine try attacking the monster but it just continues attacking the Celestial. Northstar throws Hercules at it and the monster is finally ripped away from it. Wolverine and Howlett are severely injured, so Kid Nightcrawler starts to teleport them away as Hercules continues to fight the monster. The monster kills him before Kurt can get to him in time.

The monster then advances on the Celestial again, which decides to leave. However, the monster uses a grappling hook to prevent it from doing so and, even though the rest of the team manages to separate the two, the monster begins to absorb the energy from the Celestial. The team can only watch as the monster kills the Dreaming Celestial and absorbs all of its energy, continuing to grow in size and power.

In the AoA reality, Jean tells Kurt the plan is for her to use the Apocalypse power herself, as she managed to use the Phoenix Force and resist it. Before she can, though, Dark Beast snatches the canister off her just as one of the monsters finds them and attacks. As Howlett mourns the death of Hercules, the monster in becomes stronger, due to the Celestial it just destroyed.

Northstar creates a vortex around it to stop it being empowered by more energy, whilst Prophet tries to figure out how to kill it. In New Apocalypse on the other side of the portal, Jean is being chased by another monster. Dazzler and her team slow it down and Kurt teleports Prophet and Howlett through the portal.

They see Dark Beast trying to take the power of the Apocalypse seed for himself. Nightcrawler and Jean try to take the seed off him but he fights back.

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Another monster enters and grabs the seed but is hurt by its touch. Dark Beast grabs the seed again and runs off with Jean and Nightcrawler chasing him. Prophet realizes that the monster was hurt by the seed. Kid Nightcrawler tells Dazzler her world is in danger too and Prophet says they have to close the portal and sacrifice one world. Dazzler refuses to do that and comes up with a plan. Whilst the others chase down Jean and the seed, Dazzler and Cyclops head to the portal. Kid Nightcrawler finds them and decides he can do it.

He teleports to the monster and then teleports it through the portal. Nightcrawler, Prophet, Howlett and Dark Beast teleport in. She then hands it over to Jean Grey, so they can have her use it on the three monsters at the same time. Jean Grey has taken in the power of Apocalypse and has been transformed into an immensely powerful being. Though she still holds on to her personality, the death powers are already corrupting her. As the monsters feed off the energy from the portal, Jean engages them in combat, blasting them away and drawing their attention.

Howlett mourns the death of Kid Nightcrawler, causing AoA Nightcrawler to face up to what he has done. Prophet tells him to stop pitying himself and says they need Sage and the Celestial black box from the other universe. Nightcrawler teleports through the portal and on his way he sees billions of other monsters descends upon the portal.

In the universe, Wolverine and Northstar are arguing about what to do. Sage manages to connect her mind to the black box and sees the origin of the monsters. The Celestials created life because they were lonely. They decided to create death as well, so they formed the monsters. However, the monsters turned against the Celestials who couldn't kill them so they separated the universe into the Multiverse and bond them in the walls that separated all realities.

The constant traveling between universes weakened the walls and allowed the monsters to escape again. Suddenly, Nightcrawler appears and take Sage back with him. In New Apocalypse, Jean is fighting the monsters but more continue to come through the portal. Slowly, the death seed starts to take her over more and she begins to lose herself. As the carnage spreads, Sage and Nightcrawler appear and Sage tells Prophet she knows what to do. He already knows, though. The monsters need a prison and this universe is the best choice.

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They need to get everyone they can back to her world and then close off the portal. Nightcrawler says he can do both. As Jean continues to fight the monsters in New Apocalypse, Prophet orders everyone to evacuate to the reality. Dazzler objects to leaving, but Prophet tells her sacrificing the AoA reality is the only way. Nightcrawler begins to teleport everyone back, first taking Harper Simmons and then Sage.

However, when he goes to take Iceman, the Dark Beast breaks free of his shackles and goes with them.

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He is quickly knocked out by Gambit on the other side, but not before jamming a nugget of the Apocalypse seed within Iceman to keep it safe. As Nightcrawler next takes Howlett and Cyclops, Dazzler begs Prophet to come with her but he refuses, saying a captain goes down with the ship. However, the decision is made for him when Jean Grey knocks him out and instructs Dazzler to take him back to her world.

Jean goes off to continue her fight as Nightcrawler teleports Dazzler and Prophet away. In the reality, Nightcrawler realizes that if he grabs onto the black swirls in the portal, he can teleport the opening back in on itself. Sage confirms he could close the portal and, before anyone can stop him, he goes.

He manages to close it at the cost of his own life.

The Physics of The Day of Judgement

Afterwards, Howlett and Cyclops decide to travel to Greece to collect Hercules from the underworld. Wolverine offers Dazzler a job at the school but she declines, as she needs a bit of time to herself. A few weeks later, Harper meets Prophet on a beach, where they have a drink to remember their old team. Elsewhere, Dazzler creates a holographic image to make sure everyone remembers her fallen teammates. It has its differences from the original storyline, with two of the main ones being the inclusion of Cypher as a prominent character [22] and Magneto marrying Marvel Girl aka Emma Frost instead of Rogue.

The Age of Apocalypse's location on Battleworld is known as the Domain of Apocalypse, the most ruthless domain of all. To escape the tyranny of Apocalypse, many humans and mutants had fled to the Savage Land, but others, in the likes of fugitives Mandarin, Pepper Potts, and Whiplash, prefer to fled to the neighbors domains, like Old Town. They did this by infiltrating the domain and killing their counterparts. Potts later killed that domain's Tony Stark the only person who could have noticed her facade with one of the Mandarin's daggers and stole a statue both men fought over to further help the incrimination.

These fugitives were however eventually killed with Pepper Potts as the only survivor as she, before she could be caught, managed to escape yet to another domain. Another citizen who left the domain was Iron Fist, who for unknown crimes, was sent to the Shield, where he along his fellow Hel-Ranger, the Punisher from Egyptia, discovered an Ultron in the north side of the Shield. Curious about how that Ultron ended up there, the Punisher went down from the Shield to investigate.

Iron Fist was able to destroy the Ultron easily, which led the Punisher to believe it was modified. They decided to inspect a hole next to the Shield and discovered that the Mole Man of Technopolis had been modifying and using Ultrons to build his undergroung kingdom there.

It was then that the Ultrons went rogue and started to attack them, but they were able to destroy them all. The Punisher allowed the Mole Man to go back to his kingdom, while he and Iron Fist returned to their post, watching over both sides of the Shield should something alike happen again. Kitty Pryde also had left the Domain of Apocalypse and is now residing in Doomstadt, where she works for Valeria's Future Foundation, in the search for items that aren't from Battleworld. Those who had fled to the Savage eventually build a sanctuary where they could coexist, yet they saw that dream die when Holocaust and Baron Nur's Infinite Soldiers invaded it while searching for Cypher.

Holocaust burns down the Savage Land and kills Destiny to find the young mutant, but a team of X-Men consisting of Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, Dazzler, Iceman and Exodus also had converged in the Savage Land to search for the mutant. A fight erupts between the two factions with Storm, Colossus, Dazzler, Iceman and Exodus leading the charge against Holocaust while Nightcrawler and Cypher make a run for it.

The X-Men manage to damage Holocaust's containment suit which allows Iceman to freeze Holocaust at the subatomic level, but by doing this instead of subduing Holocaust, the X-Men just made him detonated, blowing up the entire Savage Land forcing Nightcrawler to teleport way out of explosion's range to save Cypher, but the strain of such long teleportation nevertheless kills him instantly. Afterwards, Cypher was found barely alive by Apocalypse's servants on the outskirts of the blast perimeter and was taken to New Cairo, where he was healed and interrogated by Sinister's Prelates, the Summers Brothers.

As the interrogation didn't prove to be successful, Cypher was taken to the Human Compound and, listening carefully to the conversation between the Summers Brothers and the humans representatives Dr. Peter Corbeau and Carol Danvers, discovered what the humans were hiding and the mutants afraid of: After rescuing Cypher and capturing Cyclops, Magneto and his X-Men fled from the battle site to their underground hideout.

In their hideout, Magneto told Cypher that he needed him to convince the Horsemen to help them stop Apocalypse before he could destroy mutants and humans alike. Meanwhile, as Creed investigated the Friends of Humanity, the other Horsemen were summoned by Apocalypse to prepare to battle the humans before they could use their secret weapon against them.

As Danvers was interrogated by Apocalypse's men, Magneto told Cypher about how the situation in the Domain of Apocalypse went from bad to worse and that it was all his fault for not having acted sooner. Afterwards, Magneto turned his attention to Cyclops, who hadn't say anything valuable to them. Suddenly, Rogue showed up and said to Magneto that there was something wrong with his wife, Emma Frost. Emma, who had connected her mind with Jean Grey's while Doctor Nemesis tampered with it, discovered the existence of the virus and alerted her fellow X-Men. Then, the X-Men headed to the Human Communal Village to prevent the humans from using said virus, and take it so it couldn't end up in the wrong hands.

They tried to retrieve the virus from Dark Beast, even succeeding in knocking him out, but they were all easily beaten by the newcomer Apocalypse, who revealed his true intentions by releasing the virus in order to see who was fit to survive. As some mutants started to die for being infected by the virus and Apocalypse confronted the X-Men, Iceman, the only X-Men who managed to survive Holocaust's explosion, showed up and used his powers to freeze the entire area as well as Apocalypse to keep the airborne virus contained. Meanwhile, Weapon X, Burner and Cyclops went to the gene lab of Dark Beast in order to find and rescue Jean Grey, and were confronted by Cyclops' brother, Havok, but managed to convince him to help them in their mission.

In this sense, tongues, hands, and feet, will become witnesses against them in front of the angels and God, and they will not be able to deny any of their wrong doings. Testify against them as to what they used to do. A day when a man will look on that his own hand has sent before, and the non-believers will cry: Man is given free will and the criteria of right and wrong to choose between good and evil in the expanding universe, that is, when all his deeds are recorded in time.

In the contracting universe time will be playing back therefore there will be no free will. No one will have power to do harm or good to others, or change anything that they had done in their previous earthly life. To an inquiring mind, it may occur that the reversal of time can cause us to rise from the grave and become alive again.

If this process remained unchecked then we will continue to grow younger, pass through our childhood and regress into nothingness in our mother's wombs. This is also what time reversal theories say, again a purposeless exercise. Well not quite so! The thought of the great and final earthquake may instill fear into our hearts, but the real purpose is to make the higher dimensions accessible for escape from the collapsing universe and the regressive effect of time reversal. Allah has designed the universe with great precision.

After the resurrection, arrangements have been made, to escape the unrelenting effect of time reversal, to beyond this universe. Portals or gates will open in the sky, a concept similar to the black holes. To understand this peculiar phenomenon we will briefly look at the concept of higher dimensions. Mathematically there are an infinite number of dimensions, we however live in a three dimensional space.

Every object in our daily lives has a length, width, and height. The concept that there are more than three dimensions is difficult to imagine. Higher dimensions do exist as it can be shown that intense gravity near the sun causes the space to curve in an extra higher dimension. Einstein considered this for the first time and was able to accurately calculate the orbit of the inner planet Mercury. Einstein's theory of general relativity and all modern particle theories of physics are based on the concept of higher dimensions.

We may gain some insight into the concept of higher dimensions by studying the conceptual problems faced by people in the past. There was a time when people believed that the earth is flat. They were afraid of the possibility of falling off the earth if they traveled too far. This cannot happen because the surface of the earth is curved and continuous like that of a sphere. To get off the earth we just need to move in a dimension direction that is perpendicular to the surface. That is straight up, from anywhere we are. We face a similar conceptual problem in understanding the higher dimensions.

We may imagine that we can leave the universe only by traveling very far, but that is also not true. Even if we traveled billions of miles, we will remain within the confines of our three dimensional space. The only way to go beyond the universe is by moving into a higher dimension in a direction that is perpendicular to our three dimensional space, right from where we are.

In the present expanding universe this is not possible, as our space is not continuous with the higher dimensions. For that to happen, our space will have to literally be torn apart first and then be connected to the higher dimensions. This can happen in the center of the black holes.

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The opening of gates in the sky is a concept similar to that of black holes. Such openings can be the gateways to beyond the universe through the higher dimensions. Massive stars, which collapse due to gravity under their own weight, can curve space to form black holes. Gravity in such objects is so strong that even light cannot escape and they become invisible; hence, the name black holes. Some physicists believe that space-time may be ripped apart in the black holes, producing gateways to beyond this universe.

The curvature producing mass of the black hole in our present expanding universe however also blocks the opening , thus preventing anything from escaping to the higher dimensions. In the contracting universe, the problem of blocked black holes should not exist. The reversal of gravity in the contracting phase will change all large masses like earth and planets into massive hollow structures with empty skies in their center.

In the expanding universe time appears to be linked to the expansion of space and gravity tends to slow the expansion. In the contracting universe time will be linked to the contraction of space and the gravity of the earth that is focused toward its center sky will cause the space to contract faster. This will cause faster passage of time leading to further faster contraction of space a runaway effect causing fabric of space-time to be torn apart, forming portals or gateways to the higher dimensions.

The weakness of space time in the contracting universe is mentioned in the following verses:. Mankind will rise from the grave inside the hollow structure of the earth to observe many strange things. When sight is confounded. Both the sun and the moon will not be visible from within the hollow earth; however the scene will be that of a lunar eclipse as there will be reduced light due to complete absence of the sun.

The moon will be completely hidden from view being located outside the earth's hollow structure. The moon is eclipsed. The gateways to beyond the universe will form in the center-sky, and will be visible continuously as a single light. This may cause us to wonder whether the sun and the moon have become one: The sun and moon are united.

It is interesting how this dilemma is mentioned in the following verses in the Quran beginning with "When sight is confounded," indicating that what will be seen will be confusing. Appear as one light " Qur'an During a lunar eclipse the earth casts a shadow on the moon however the sun and moon are not united as sun is on the opposite side of the earth.

While in a solar eclipse moon blocks the light of the sun by coming in front of it and sun and moon may appear to merge united in the sky but it is the sun that is eclipsed. The description in the above verses does not fit either the lunar or solar eclipse. The verses can be explained only by the unusual observation from within the hollow earth on the Day of Judgment when only one light will be continuously present in the center sky representing the openings to the beyond.

The light will not move across the sky as sun and moon normally do and it will appear that sun and moon have become one. The twilight appearance will give a scenario of a lunar eclipse. Similarly the stars will also disappear from the sky as they will not be visible from within the hollow structure of the earth.

As the reversed gravity in the contracting universe opens gates in the center-sky of the hollowed earth, a spectacular site will be seen a grand descent as thousands of angels descend down to accomplish the task assigned to them on the Day of Judgment. A day when the heaven with the clouds will be rent asunder. The collapsing universe will ultimately be destroyed in a fireball which physicists call the "Big Crunch.

The angels of "The grand descent" may accomplish the gathering and removal of humans to "The beyond".

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  7. Anyone remaining behind could regress to nothingness, as time will be running backwards. In our final journey through the gates that will open in the center sky, we may cross many planes or dimensions. The word "ride" is used in the Quran, as if this journey will be accomplished by riding on "something. As we leave this universe we may be collected together on some vast plane in another dimension, everyone will come from all times and places in history to face the judgment of their deeds and heaven and hell.

    And if a term had not been appointed, the doom would have definitely come on them. And it will come upon them suddenly when they perceive not. Superficially, it seems that if we knew the rate at which the expansion of the universe is slowing, then we should be able to predict when the Day of Judgment will begin.

    However, if time is related to the expansion of space, we cannot observe the slowing of the expansion. This would be like attempting to measure the speed of a car with a clock that is connected to its wheels, so that the speed of time would depend on the speed of the car. If the car slowed-down the time will also slowdown and speed of the car would always appear the same. Similarly as the expansion of the universe slows time and motion will also slowdown and the rate of expansion will appear the same.

    Are you surprised then at this statement? Paradoxically the far-reaches of space may even seem to expand faster when measurements are made with our local slowing time, and this anomaly was discovered by two groups of astronomers in The nature of time is such that slowing of time cannot be perceived locally. This of course means that the beginning of the Day of Judgment cannot be predicted and may come at any time.

    Only God, who is beyond our time, knows of the real timing of the Day of Judgment. In the Quran, the soul is compared to consciousness and death is compared to sleep. Once death overcomes us there is no perception of the passage of time and the next thing we see will be the Day of Judgment.

    That they remained dead but for an hour, thus they were ever deceived. But to those to whom knowledge and faith are given will say: The truth is that you have remained until the Day of Resurrection by God's decree. This is the Day of Resurrection, but you used not to know. Those who were not guided and denied the meeting with God will perish. On The Day of Judgment, the reality of afterlife and the true religion Islam will become clear to everyone. Those who had indulged in evil deeds and followed false beliefs will wish that they had never existed; but they will have to face the final justice.

    May God have mercy on all of us. When the Hour rises, those who followed falsehood will be lost. The following verses describe the Day of Judgment in a comprehensive manner. The Day of Judgment will start with the final earthquake causing the earth to literally explode and throw out all its insides to transform into a massive hollow sphere. The hollowed earth will have the sky towards its center.

    Time would be running backward and mankind will begin to rise from the graves coming back alive, one after another, "in scattered groups". The history of nations will be played back with the reversal of time. Nations as well as people will be totally powerless caught in the backward flow of time. They will helplessly reenact and witness their own deeds of the past. This process will continue until each one of us is removed to beyond the dying universe through the gates in the sky by angels of the grand decent. And Earth yields up her burdens, and man says: That day she will relate her chronicles, because your Creator inspires her.

    That day mankind will issue forth in scattered groups to be shown their deeds.

    Parallel universes in fiction - Wikipedia

    And who so does good an atom's weight will see it, And who so does ill an atom's weight will see it. You will be surprised to learn that the religious contention that man will rise from the grave is not just a myth or wishful thinking but is based on real scientific principles.

    The world but not the universe can end because of earthquake, tsunami, meteor strike, nuclear war, supernova, and some other natural or manmade disaster. These are however just local ends that have nothing to do with Day of Judgment. End will not happen on any arbitrary date predicted by someone. The end of the universe is an entirely different phenomenon that has been built into the laws of the universe by the creator. With the tremendous scientific advancements of the twentieth century, we have placed our trust in science and technology to solve all our problems.

    Dazzled by the ability of technology to produce quick results, our faith in God has become weak. Our actions are for worldly goals, although a stronger belief in God and fear of accountability in the afterlife could make us better people. We can see the consequences of lacking these in the moral decay that is afflicting many societies all over the world. God has sent guidance to human beings according to the conditions existing at that moment in history. When the Pharaohs ruled, magic was a very popular pastime. Then Moses Peace be on him came with miracles from God and defeated the magicians of the Pharaoh's court.

    The people at the time of Jesus Peace be on him were similarly deep into miracles, and we can see that the life of Jesus is full of miracles. When Mohammad Peace be on him came, the Arabic language and poetry was at the height of its development. The Quran with its clear message was revealed in the most eloquent poetry with a style unique and unmatched. Many verses in the Quran describe the Day of Judgment.

    We live in a universe that has been expanding since its creation billions of years ago. Both the birth of the universe with the "Big Bang" and its expansion are described in the Quran. Physicists and astronomers have recently discovered that the expansion of the universe appears to be accelerating. This anomalous finding is expected if the expansion of space is linked to time. The verses of the Quran suggest that the universe will not expand forever and that the Day of Judgment will begin with the contraction of the universe. It appears that time and gravity will reverse when the universe begins to contract.

    Reversal of time will bring about the resurrection from the grave. In this time and gravity reversed and transformed world we will come across all the good and evil that we did in our lives. Reversal of gravity will be the cause of the final earthquake mentioned in the Quran. This will change the earth so that it will be turned inside out and transformed into a giant hollow sphere with the sky towards its center.

    The reversed gravity focused towards the "earth's center-sky" will have a runaway effect on space. The space in the center-sky will be literally torn apart to produce openings or gates to the higher dimensions that are beyond our universe. Through these openings, we will be removed from the collapsing universe.

    Everyone will be taken away to escape the unrelenting effect of time reversal that could regress us to nothingness in our mother's wombs. In some higher dimension or plane mankind will be brought together from all times and places in history, to face the judgment for their deeds and hell or heaven. From the Quran, it appears that the timing of the Day of Judgment will never be known and it may come at any time.

    We should be aware that The Day of Judgment is very near to every one of us as there is no perception of passage of time after death. As we go through our daily life we should keep in mind that everything big and small that we do is being recorded in time. If we do not take steps to protect ourselves from evil, in addition to the threat of severe punishment, we stand the chance of great embarrassment on the Day of Judgment. The reversal of time will expose all our secrets.

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    I hope this article will serve as a source of warning as well as encouragement to the believers. They will realize that, The Day of Judgment is a religious, scientific truth which everyone will have to face; and our deeds in this world will determine our fate in the eternal life. There is no doubt however, that the real knowledge of the Day of Judgment is with Allah only. The non-Muslims hopefully, will appreciate that the religion of Islam is more than just another belief and they will be stimulated to further investigate the world of Islam.

    His website is at: He can be reached at drkhan endphysics. Related posts from similar topics: Synchronize with the Will of Allah Science in Quran: Megacity of the Middle East Disclaimer The opinions expressed herein, through this post or comments, contain positions and viewpoints that are not necessarily those of IslamiCity.

    These are offered as a means for IslamiCity to stimulate dialogue and discussion in our continuing mission of being an educational organization. The IslamiCity site may occasionally contain copyrighted material the use of which may not always have been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. IslamiCity is making such material available in its effort to advance understanding of humanitarian, education, democracy, and social justice issues, etc.

    We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U. Section , and such and all material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: In or under the circumstances As I see it, is there a no conflict between science and religious through that physical nature of the universe.

    God is omnivorous i. Again as I see it, energy or ray is the presence of singular dimension, the last position of matter in artificial experiment and test. We found the reality of big bang in the law of single dimension of the physical worlds. Again, we found the influence of gravitational force or universal ray; it proves the partial division of dark energy or black body. Again, the last state of physics is power or ray and there have been the concept that the output of moving of unit energy dimension is everything of the world.

    Again, just at this time we are looking- location of dark energy is near about 14 billion light years- from our location, yet same event or very moment, from the black body- it is again we are in the dark energy i. I think it would be of interest for all people interested in Islamic religion. The blog claims that Resurrection Day is the same big bang day. I don't believe I have read words more imbued with absurdity than this, at least in a long while.

    The modern world is a mesh mash of political, military, economic, and yes scientific deception and lies. Should I reference the evolutionary frauds of the recent past manufactured fossils , pat Robertson's more evil brother Richard Dawkins, who never takes a breath or utters a word without preaching his own religion of Atheism, or the fact that fairy tales like "multi verse", for which not an iota of evidence exists, yet are slowly turning into scientific princples?.

    Most scientists at least in western nations are Atheists, and that did not happen because they are aware of some truth the rest of us are not; they are victims of a system which inculcates in their minds that to be scientific, you must disown religion. I will just keep this short. Anyways, what a chuckle.

    As a moslem, that is a true message cause come from verse of Holly Quran. Is any other credible source could counter this, rather than verse - in hand with - science? This is pure Scientific speculation, and an incorrect one at that. I wonder if the writer is arguing for God's power - which overwhelms Science - or Science's power? It is simply superb, Awesome!!!!! It is a great sign for the non muslims who deny the resurrection as well as for us muslims who are leading our lives without any sense of accountability.

    This document is a proof that the Words of the Quran are the words from the creator himself. May Allah lead us to the straight path , a path which would please Him and lead us to paradise.