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Step-by-Step Manoeuvring in Closed Positions over 2h. The King's Indian Defence over 2h. The Scotch and Giuoco Piano over 2h. Grand Prix and Reti over 2h. Live from Las Vegas National Open over 2h. Nimzovitch's My System Part 1 over 2h. Nimzovitch's My System Part 2 1h 30m. Mastering the Endgame Series - Part 1 4h 10m.

Mastering the Endgame Series - Part 2 4h 10m. Mastering the Opening Series - Repertoire for Black 1 2h. Mastering the Opening Series - Repertoire for Black 2 1h 46m. Repertoire for Black vs. Queen's Gambit 2h 32m. Mastering the Opening Series - 1. The Art of Defence over 1h. Encyclopedia of Chess Openings Vol 1 2h 44m. Encyclopedia of Chess Openings Vol 2 2h 50m.

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Encyclopedia of Chess Openings Vol 3 2h 49m. Encyclopedia of Chess Openings Vol 4 2h 25m. Unsound Openings and How to Exploit Them over 1h. Finding Tactical Solutions in Overwhelming Positions over 1h. Improve Your Ability to Calculate Variations over 2h. Capitalizing on Your Opponent's Weaknesses over 1h. A Tribute to Bobby Fischer 3h. Reverse Openings over 1h. Machine over 1h. Common Endgame Mistakes over 1h. Attacking the Kings Indian Defense with the Samisch over 1h.

Attacking Gambits and Opening Pawn Sacrifices over 1h. Art of Instant Attacks over 1h. Russian School of Chess Part 1 over 1h. Russian School of Chess Part 2 over 1h. Russian School of Chess Part 3 over 1h. Yes, this was a team game, and I got clobbered …. A game against modern opening. Prefering to take a more solid approach than the more aggressive f4 leaving me with the option as to what to do with my dark square bishop and my queens knight.

Na3 is interesting in…. Challenge from luni4av luni4av vs. C33, Kings Gambit Accepted, Bishop's gambit. A less agressive approach would have been No choice, g3 loses a pawn. White can not castle anymore and with the f-pawn offered in the gambit black may have a chance to launch an attack on this side.

To stop the threat at f7 and to …. Team match rosedale17 vs. A few notes on this game. A team match against Rosedale17, I also won the other as White. This was also my first time ever playing against an English opening. After I saw this move I had to do a little research and prepare myself for what was to come. Near the middle game I started grasping at….

Not much to say about this one. Playing black I usually respond to e4 with some variation of the Sicilian. Here White plays to transpose into an English with 2. I formulated a plan early which consisted of aggressively posting my knight on d4 then bearing down on the Queen-side, both points I ….

A interesting fight in the accelerated dragon emres vs. I usually play e4. But sometimes I play Nf3 if I want flexibility. Especially, in OTB games black uses a lot of time to think in their development plan. Until move 6 I won't annotate as it is just theory. I have played dragon with black and white a lot of time. First ten moves for both sides are "by the book".

White is a pinch better, but insignificantly. Hey, he is a half tempo up to start: Nh5, heading for f4. Inviting an early insane position in the opening. Should be a lesson to not follow the DB blindly I did not come out well in this Gains a temp for now but I am stuck with a peice under attack and no way to protect it or move it because I let the opponent get center control while i went pawn…. The first 6 moves of the Benoni 6, which generally favors white by about a third of a pawn or so.

Black's next move is the first one not out of the books: Going for queenside counterplay, but a bit too early probably. King's gabit accepted drekec vs. I usually play d4 first move but recently i saw a beautiful game with a variation in king's gambit that i never saw before: Bc4 instead of Nf3. I thought that in king's gambit not to play 3. I already won 2 or 3 games with this variation and lost only one. I like it very much…. Christopher traning game asf04 vs. Reti Opening, maintaining White's options. Wade defense or Philidor's defense by transposition , quite a passive and conservative choice of a defense by Black.

Black must have went for equal opportunity with 2. Expected by white after reaching Philidor's defense, by…. I've not properly analyzed this game yet so feel free to post comments and correct my mistakes. My current favourite as white, a flexible move that allows me to reach many of my favourite openings whilst avioding those I'm not so keen on. For example i can still reach the sicilian if Black plays…. Dallas Chess Club Me vs. What the heck is this supposed to do?

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Team match ico74 vs. Start the game I don't know Block the black stupid move! Good move Just something attack! This is one of the more interesting games I have played here at Gameknot. It starts from a quiet, double-king pawn opening and becomes a double-edged game with attacking possibilities for both sides. Most of the action is created when we castle on opposite sides, leading to a bit of a race to…. Kevin Lin Annotated by sicilianunleash P go for the checkmate Defending against the Morra loverusrler vs. People don't play it too often here, since altough it is full of traps and zaps for black and gives him lot to think about, it is most probably a little unsound.

This is the Gambit. Your prayers are Flanswered! Flanders and I are on different teams that play each other often, and he's pretty good.

Chess Opening TRICKS to WIN More Games: Tennison Gambit: Secret Traps, Moves, Strategy & Ideas

But in this game, I get the better of him, to even my record with him I went on a kick where I tried opening 1. Challenge from sycilmathai benrous vs. Sycil--here are my thoughts on what I thought were turning points in our game. Please comment if you like. Seeing this opportunity to bully early, I thought I would try to suffocate black by taking over as much territory as possible.

This seemed an interesting way of trying to box black in. Challenge from fireballz zorrox vs. I could do Ng5 from here its all downroad: After this the bishop on c1 is closed and will be hard to bring into the game. I lost much time for this Bb2, and the black figures targeting my king.

The position in material quite equal, but my king is raped and I cannot fight against the black king for …. I don't normally play 1. This game is imperfect like so many of mine, but it was a good slugfest. Analysing it was interesting and I was surprised at the depth of some of the variations. I experimented with ….

Let's play chess reilhan vs. The Main Line, but other moves are playable: A gambit, designed to weaken the pawn on d4, but the more conservative 4. Sicilian Game beorn vs. A while back I wanted to adopt the Sicilian as an opening for black but didn't know that much about it.

Annotated Chess Games

I played mainlines when i was introduced however I mostly came up short against players who had a better grasp of how to play against it. I then decided to take a break from playing as black and…. My main white opening OTB and in correspondence and one in which I have a very good score.

I rarely lose with it so this game is memorable in many ways! Be2 Oddly I have never faced this, despite being a 1. League division D3 skeeterss0 vs. Look at my rating and you will know that this is not an authoritative annotation on this game. It is simply my thoughts as I progressed through the game. As I happened to lose this game, I humbly submit my blunders for others to learn from. Choosing the Sicilian dragon. A very anti-sicilian move…. Rojas vs. CarlCabildo Annotated by nightdweller One of the wrong move Pawns are important Opponent vs.

Totema Annotated by totema I must say that my opponent on this game knew more than just a rules. My opponent had better rating by points compared to me and I had only once from our six encounters reached draw and lost 5 games. This game shows power of pawns and how dangerous those little devils can be if you….

This game was really important for me as I had lost 2 previous games against my opponent as our first game was Najdorf and then next time I thought that I had done my homework so we went to Najdorf again and I lost. This time I was sure that if I play sicilian and try to go for Najdorf he will…. A nice demonstration of the attacking possibilities in this under-rated defence. This used to be my main defence to the king-pawn, but years of praxis in some lines means they feel a bit played out in correspondence.

I actually think this is sound having analysed it, and this is what I would…. Team match nykejog vs. Mon Capitan asked me to annotate a few games. I have chosen this one because I'm expecting to lose it. His ranking has been as high as Queen's gambit coming up. Develop knights, h6 preparation for the huge amount of white material that goes….

Best Short Games of Chess

Challenge from richquaker richquaker vs. I'm more accustomed to playing Bb5 in this position. But Bc4 seems good. I don't like the Bishop pinning my Knight down on f3. So with h3 I attempt to drive it away. The bishop is still pinning my Knight, so I try again to drive it away. Team match dafool vs. Oh, how I hate Sicilian, it is 3rd on my list of openings I do not wish to face. Bc4 Chessbase live found more than games with these moves. Now we are down to a mere games. Gameknot's database also starts to give equal "chances" for both white and black. This was a bit…. Let's play chess chris16 vs.

This reply to Bird's opening allows Black the option of placing a pawn on d6 to prevent a White knight from reaching e5. The main line is D scholars mate, coming up. Challenge from sf sf vs. This is my game against tag I must admit that because I knew that the game was going to be annotated on my request before the game I thought for a lot longer than I usally do, sometimes 15 minutes on a move. The Caro-Kann, a safe but passive opening This is the advance variation which aims ….

This is the starting position of the Tchigorin Defence. Revived lastly by the top GM Alexander Morozevich. Much less explored than the Slav I very much like the development of the Nc6 here as it is quite justified…. Tutoring game yanm vs. This is a tutoring game where I write down my thoughts as the game unfolds. I would like to thanks Brad for accepting the tutor's role. At the moment, I am reading "The Amateur's Mind: I find it quite good and I will try to…. Team match threefingers vs. Almost always go king or queens pawn.

King's pawn opened up an attack on the pawn if he decided to move rook out.

Cheap king pawn deals

Looking for an angle on the other rook. A wise counter Protecting the pawn, since that queen is going to have to move. Moving the queen out of diagonal, but still protected. Hey Ben Like my other annotation, these observations are cursory, but my honest assessment so far. Kind of a good practice as it helps uproot weaknesses in my own play. Not sure of white's play found on google a line called the "MacCutcheon, Grigoriev Variation", eco C12 that has h4 , but a….

Kingbench Annotated by nightdweller Part of the tactics is the Rf The terrible pressure in the Kingside The attack that brought the downfall The attack that can lead to a mate after few…. Let's play chess dmaestro vs.

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White invites this check, producing complications. Black's attempts for an early checkmate thwarted, now white begins the counterattack.


Whte decides to exploit an edge in development and space White has provoked Black into allowing a strong N outpost while Black's queen is vulnerable to being…. Dubious novelty against the accelerated dragon icehawk vs. This game was perhaps not the most exciting from an artistic point of view, but there was a lot of tension and fighting spirit. The quality of play was higher than in most of my games, with no side making any serious mistake.

The accelerated dragon is understandably very popular nowadays. Sicilian, Najdorf mybookrunsdeep vs. The action gets going quickly out of the opening with an opposite side castling situation and direct attacks against the kings. As usual, my annotations assume some prior knowledge of chess, …. Greco Sacrifice swarmoflocusts vs. Yates-Doerr Annotated by swarmoflocusts French Defense, wing gambit [C02] The combination in this game is reminiscent of the great Polish Immortal game Glucksberg vs. Najdorf which I have also annotated here.

The Bxh7 "Greek Gift" sacrifice was first described by Greco in the 's? Team match james vs. King's gambit offered, and accepted Black advances g5, which can lead to the "Muzio" opening. It is a favourite opening of mine, but is rarely offered by opposition. Bring out the bishop, allowing Offering the Knight in exchange for position.

Black accepts the Muzio. Let's play chess eddieleggs vs. This is a very satisfying win against an opponent who played on a queen down, taking several postponements before resigning. The opening is a mainline Richter-Rauzer Sicilian with Bd7 B69 where Black castles long after playing a6 and b5. The opening offers nothing new, following theory….

League division C1 silkenfist vs. I have not computer with me so may be I have some bad analyses here.

Here most of the players prefer c4 Nf6 I believe that this move is unnecessary and passive now. It can be played later. Let's play chess beld vs. Nc6 would have been better. I don't mind getting more control in the center, therefore I push my pawn forward to d4.

Lost but where, exactly?