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Dies ist der Teil 1 des phänomenalen Vierteilers "Spot(t)lightstory". Zum Inhalt kann man nicht mehr sagen, als das, was schon in der Inhaltsangabe der.
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Chronicle Books; Reprint edition 1 January Language: Be the first to review this item Amazon Bestsellers Rank: Product description Review "By celebrating Einstein's wonderful curiosity, this book will inspire young kids to find science fascinating. His Life and Universe "A delightful young readers' introduction to several of Einstein's amazing ideas-and an equally valuable celebration of the advantages of being different.

Jennifer Berne is the award-winning author of the biographies Manfish: A Story of Albert Einstein. After a successful career in advertising, Jennifer began writing for Nick Jr. Magazine and writing books about the subjects she loves most—our amazing universe and the people who are passionate about it. She lives in Copake, New York. Vladimir Radunsky has published more than thirty books for children.

They have been translated into many languages, received numerous awards, and have been exhibited in France, Italy, Japan, Russia, and the United States. Vladimir Radunsky is a naturalized citizen of the United States as was Einstein. He divides his time between New York and Rome. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. A must have book for every classroom and home of the precocious child. Why I Like This Book: An amazing way to bring the life and work of Albert Einstein alive to children. What a perfect introduction to the young reader about the famous physicist who never stopped questioning the world around him. The whimsical illustrations illuminate each page, and it shines a light on the underlying message the story shares about the value of the imagination and how that should be nourished and not crushed.

An awakening of the senses and a fascinating read! Young Einstein hardly spoke a word. But he was curious about everything, from the unseen force that pulled on a compass to what it would be like to ride as fast as a beam of light. This beautifully illustrated book has become my five-year old granddaughter's favorite. It made a great "story for all ages" at church, too, in a service on creativity and wonder. This is a wonderful story that presents Albert Einstein in a fascinating and whimsical way.

The author has made Einstein relatable, and has done a terrific job emphasizing the importance of creativity to her young audience. Newly remastered sound, repro of the original insert with newly added liner-notes. Recorded by the acid-fuelled Texas trio called Christopher in California, it has gone on to become one of the era's more legendary obscurities, with original copies selling for four-figure sums, and makes its long-awaited return here. Package includes biographical notes.

This is universally-acclaimed as one of the greatest and most imaginative albums to have emerged from a non-English speaking country in the heyday of psychedelia. Original copies routinely change hands for well into four figures, making this return to LP especially welcome. Circles is their first album, originally privately released in on the duo's tiny Einhorn label and housed in a mysterious cover. First-ever reissue, including detailed liner notes by Alan Freeman The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Ultima Thule telling the band's story for the first time.

The album cover artwork, the English lyrics, the psychedelic sound supporting the beautiful voice of singer Silvana Aliotta, all these ingredients made Circus an unique phenomenon in the musical Italian panorama, and many believed that the band was actually American.

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The album is one of the rarest items in its original version, and it's here reprinted in a perfect gram black vinyl replica. Finally repressed directly from tapes to flawlessly restore the cigarette burns, Harley fumes, and cocaine hangovers of the original ride. This is a 40 minute recipe for complete mental breakdown. Trebly guitars, wailing harmonica, etc. One of the rarest California private LPs with originals virtually non-existent and fetching large sums. It was their take on Butterfield's East-West. JOU COGRA - Hammond Explosion The best sort of Hammond Explosion you could hope for — a blast of rare funky 45s from Spanish organ maestro Jou Cogra — a player who's got the soul of American organists of the 60s, but who also easily grabs some of the wilder sounds used by British players during the psychedelic years!

Imagine Jimmy McGriff on acid, and you'll get part of the vibe here — because the tunes groove nicely at the core, but often blow out the Leslie speakers with their rumbling basslines or mad keyboard flourishes — served up here on a set of 15 cuts from Jou's rare singles of the early 70s. By the beginning of , the bands standing was such that they put in an astonishing performance at the second annual sunbury festival. Loydes legendary minute, freeform showpiece g. One of the great progressive hard rock lps of the era, Ball Power really had a lot going for it: The songs range from the crunching, melodic hard rock of flash and hey!

Whats your name to the simple, raw rocknroll of mama dont get me wrong and won't you make up your mind a proto-typical punk ball-tearer at a breathtakingly brief one minute and 32 seconds and a raucous cover of the Jerry Lee Lewis standard "Whole lotta shakin". In between there are the sleazy blues of something new and b.

In , he led his own band which released the psychedelic masterwork 'Phase 1' on Scepter Records. Featuring a young Bill Spooner pre-Tubes on guitar, the album flows and trickles through your mind with more saturation than Lucy and her diamonds in the sky, picking up a few nuggets, boulders, and pebbles in the emergent violet haze. Guaranteed to put your mind into a psychedelized headswirl trip that you'll want to take again and again. Beautiful acoustic and mildly electric folk, that sounds like a Latin American version of The Incredible Stringband or 67 Donovan.

Embellished with flute, natural sound effects and strings the overall tone is dreamy and evocative. Up until the recent discovery of an original copy a couple years ago, it was only rumored to exist and remained an enigma with hardcore record collectors. In most cases, the Contents Are were only known by astute collectors for their two excellent 45 releases non-LP. Here's the story about the record: Four high school seniors from Iowa decide to release an album of all original tunes, and was exclusively sold at their live shows.

Originally released on the Rok label a subsidiary of the already obscure Fredlo label in with only copies pressed. These guys were not your typical garage band? Their music is a nice blend of garage rock with hints of hipster folk and early psychedelic influences. As good if not better as other similar top shelf rarities like Mystery Meat and the Bachs, but no major quantity find making original copies of the Contents Are ten times rarer.

Get it or miss it! Cosmic Michael self-released a couple of primitive, homemade albums on his Bliss label. This is his first one, DIY stoner bluesy garage psychedelia with crude organ, guitars, and vocals. First ever vinyl reissue, original artwork, insert with a reproduction of the original poster, plus pasteable reproductions of original LP labels like those that came with the original release.

Wild snarling garage rock with loads of fuzz and attitude. Cozmic Corridors is an album if tripped-out electronic ambient soundscapes, dark atmospheres, drones, plenty of MiniMoog, gothic Hammond organ, Rhodes, electric and string acoustic guitars, ritual chants, effects, and horror cinematic vibes. It is not advisable to listen to this alone in the dark. This reissue comes as an exact reproduction, including the original album sleeve as a double fold out cover showing the band lazing in a rural landscape. Cooley' and band history.

This is an excellent work with colourful hippie imagery, acid folk flashes, and many other psychedelic and progressive elements. An album of riff-heavy and funky blues rock, mostly penned by Takeda, with the exception of the blues standard 'Frankie And Johnny' and the Yardbirds' 'Happenings 10 Years Time Ago'. Once again the controversial cover artwork featured a group of nude boys.

Takeda apparently got the idea of recording directly to disc while hanging out in the US, the idea being that it would create a more intimate sound by eliminating the loss of sound quality inherent in any transfer to magnetic tape. However, it also meant that there could be no overdubs or multi-tracking - essentially making This Is Creation featuring Katsutoshi Morizono of Prism on rhythm guitar a live album. This album is a collection of tunes written by Pappalardi, Pappalardis wife, Gail Collins, and Takeda, and finds Pappalardi playing bass, keyboards and vibraphone on the LP as well as handling production duties.

The songs are a blend of melodic hard rock akin and would not seem out of place on a Mountain album. Roaratorio is proud to present Elephant Ball, a second helping of unearthed material from the band's archives. Loose feel, raw sound, spacey prog-funk touches, sound effects and some proto-DIY, pre-punk vibes which bring to mind Velvet Underground or avant-garage '70s Cleveland bands like Pere Ubu but also hard-rockers ala Pink Fairies or Stray.

Bootlegged many times over the years, this is the first ever legit reissue of this "lost-in-time" psychedelic artefact. Includes and insert with detailed liner notes. LP version comes housed in an old-school style tip-on sleeve. But during their existence, the band recorded a lot of stuff, included here for the first time along with their rare They started recording songs at Anders's little home studio with help with some friends, and that's how songs like "Imagination" and "Look At The Stars" -- amazing examples of homemade teen beat -- were born.

At the same time, Michael and Anders were feeling a bit tired of playing cover versions with their beat bands, so they decided to start recording more experimental stuff, using armchairs and furniture as percussion, sounds from seagulls and birds, an electric cocktail mixer, and improvising lyrics -- these incredible experiments were recorded as "Images", including the killer garage-psych sounding "Third Image".

As the years passed by, the home studio improved and new songs were recorded in a more psych-prog vein, some of them included here. They also played a few live gigs with some help from other local musicians. The flip side was "Sixth Image", originally one of the "Images" but rearranged and re-recorded Two fantastic songs are included here and the sound is different from the earlier recordings -- closer to the groups live performances.

So, 40 years later, here is the LP that Cymbeline always dreamed of. Remastered sound; Insert with photos and liner notes by band member Michael Journath. And the fab foursome of Shel Le, Camille, Rosemary and Dee Dee Lea disappeared from the scene almost as abruptly as they arrived, but not before leaving behind a stunning artifact of dayglo hippy trippiness and weirdness!!! DAMON - Song of A Gypsy 2 LP's Gene rally regarded as one of the finest privately-pressed psychedelic rock records and has, for over twenty years, been one of the most sought after late '60s American rock artifacts in the world, with the scant original copies that exist exchanging hands for thousands of dollars.

Definitive reissue of the legendary late '60s Los Angeles psychedelic masterpiece: Extensive booklet contains dozens of unpublished photos and images, a thorough investigation into this landmark album, and an extensive interview with Damon. On many hard-core psych collectors' Top 10 lists, this insanely rare and impossible-to-describe brain-fryer from Minneapolis is utterly soaked with mystic, thoroughly-dosed higher key psychedelia.

Damin Eih wandered off to India to clear his head after leaving behind this lone, legendary offering, never to be heard from again. Painstakingly and spectacularly remastered from two virgin copies of the original vinyl with the full participation of Brother Clark the others are lost and presumed dead , this treasure is now rescued from the deepest catacombs of psychedelic fatso obscurity for all to hear. Intense and crude garage-psych with echoing vocals, loud distorted guitar, fuzz bass, and organ. Three killer band originals plus some insane cover versions Steppenwolf, Neil Young with a basement sound not unlike Mystic Siva.

Remastered sound; Includes insert with liner notes and photos. A perfect representation of the psychedelic sound: X The music form Delired Cameleon Family, as it has been told somewhere, 'is the synthesis of piano's technical, epic scales, psychedelic wah wah guitar sounds and electronic cosmic, molecular machines arrangements. Only copies pressed, so better get yours before they are gone!

Re-issue of an impossibly rare record that fetches huge sums. Mellow songs—acoustic guitar and xylophone and some other cool instruments. The vinyl was probably made in less then copies and released on the tiny Baba Cool System label. Music is stoned psychedelic folk with percussions, guitar, dulcimer and it's sung in english. Made on tiny label not even copies made. Rex and at some moments Damon. Flowing organs, powerful Doorsy vocals, and hard-edged guitars. Nice orchestrations on some tracks, which bring to mind Love's Forever Changes or Johnny Rivers's Realization Original master sound; includes insert with liner notes.

Here's a welcome, first-ever official vinyl reissue with the original artwork and insert with liner notes. Dreamies was always way ahead of the times in and became an international cult classic. Now in the age of sampling, electronica, and ambient, Dreamies is ready for primetime. Expect clever German lyrics in 13 excellent tracks including 2 bonus tracks , digitally remastered from the original tape and with informative insert. The sound is essentially split between two dominant modes: The album was recorded and mixed direct to tape in just a few hours, without overdubs or even the option to mixdown.

Things switch between a slightly surf-tinged ringing reverb tone and fuzz figures. Packaged in a heavy weight reverse tip-on cover including a heavy double sided insert with loads of vintage color photos and extensive liner notes, plus a 45rpm 7inch. One time vinyl only pressing of copies.

By the time they made their sole album in , they'd evolved into an impressive psych-influenced rock band, with a moody sound that has been described as "early Rolling Stones meets early Grateful Dead. The musicians played in a heavy and powerful fashion, with lots of good guitar and organ work and solid drumming.

This is a reissue of their excellent, but very rare, album from This is one of the most sought-after records from the U. Psychedelic rock with female vocals. A well-known album for its heavy, way-heavy fuzz guitar leads. Comes with an insert filled with extensive liner notes. This first album collects precious singles from , with dark melodies that descend in loose spirals, seemingly forever. Tunes taken from mystic Sufi poets who played the baglama, but retro-fitted with hard-plowing electric bass lines, funky drums, fuzz-wah guitars and keyboards.

After having served in the rich Swedish beat scene of the '60s, as a member of The Ghostriders and We 4 a. His 'Elektron Kukeso' LP is a landmark in the genre. Released in , it featured his explorations in electronic avant-garde music during the period As a bonus, their 7" single tracks from are included. With color deluxe booklet of 36 pages. Just four long tracks, fronted by ably delivered English vocals and large instrumental sections featuring electric saxes, flutes and a wealth of multi-keyboards.

It all added up to a rare gem of an album, full of unique ideas that reverse section in 'Selfmade Trip' is a stroke of genius , and one that will be adored, I'm sure, by almost anyone lucky enough to buy it. Much easier is listening to their music, and odd and primitive mixture of mids underground styles. Firmly structured songs were the exception amongst broad improvisations combining spontaneous musical ideas. A special characteristic of their style is the absence of vocals and guitar which was replaced by the self-made seven string filouphone.

Tracks by the Scotsmen and Victors are previously unreleased. There's an info-packed insert detailing the Electras story. The title track of course is well known, but this album contained a whole slew of melodic psychy garage rock which still sounds good today. A dozen tripped out chunks of acid garage rock which perfectly capture the changing moods of the time, with gems such as the Elevator's like "Long Days Flight" and "The Great Banana Hoax".

Definitely a Top Ten US garage psych album. Taken from the analogue master tapes too! Gothic and Medieval melody lines are soaked in fuzz guitars and Mr. Axelrod provides suitably epic orchestral backing. This is a spiritual and musical journey featuring wild psychedelic fuzz guitars and Gregorian chanting with orchestral arrangements by David Axelrod. Incredible perfect stereo recording made in Sweden during the bands only European tour in Elektro Hafiz is a musician, born and raised in Istanbul, who has since moved to Cologne, Germany.

His first solo album, showcases a more open and progressive format to his main base influence - the Anatolian psychedelic music. On this album he played a lot of different instruments by himself and also invited artists from different countries such as Kenya, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria and Germany to contribute.

There are nine songs on this album and except for one cover song, all lyrics and the music are written by Elektro Hafiz. Cover features a recreation of the gimmix trash can cover as well. This superb debut album is filled with charming folk oriented material. EPIDAURUS - Earthly Paradise Epidaurus' debut album enjoys a lost-gem minor classic reputation and it is little wonder why, because this album represents a bit the later 70's German take-over of symphonic rock, once most of the English bands had completely run out of steam.

The compositions develop at a relaxed pace; incredible jazz-inflected guitar, flute, piano and droning violin swirl around the vocals, and keep one submerged in, yet attentive to the intimate mood. Tracks full of instrumental richness-they simmer, rather than blaze, which makes the rewards ever so great for patient listeners.

Anthology of solo work following his extended incarceration at the Rusk State Hospital for the criminally insane, beginning with his first live performance opening for a screening of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Austin all the way to 'Don't Slander Me'. Three sides of music and an etching on Side 4. Also includes a booklet and download card for the full album. Losing the more out-there and exotic elements of earlier and future albums, this reissue of a release from '86 presents us with ERICKSON the rocker, playing punk, rockabilly, power ballads and raw blues.

ERSEN - Dunden Bugune Synth-wizz, funk breaks, and fuzzed-out prog riffage back one of Anatolian rock's best vocalists -- Turkish psych-rock with some amazing funk drums and fuzzed-out guitars. Go back to Anatolia once more and hear the unhinged guitar and electric baglama behind Turkish psychedelia's charismatic singer Ersen.

There are loads of B sides and burly moves on these '70s singles which make up his second LP. Wicked funk drums, fuzzy guitars, organs, and the powerful voice of Ersen. Includes "Zalim", the killer psych-funk track made famous by Gaslamp Killer's edit. Ersen's very last name. Recorded in for the Arena label. Only one single and one LP was released. Walter Sitzmann's great compositions and vocals on all tracks create a unique and strong underground vibe, with great fuzz guitars, drums, bass and organ that are much heavier than in most bands from Chile.

For us Escombros is perhaps the best example for really cool underground music from Latin America with amazing vocals and extraordinary songs. This release has two bonus tracks from the rare single. Eccentric to the max, this is definitely not something for everybody, but if you're into that RIO think you'll most likely love it.

Recorded in , this collection of original tunes reveals influences from a. Expect appealing vocals, memorable melodies, string and fuzz guitars, and haunting harpsichord contributions. One of the last undiscovered gems from the late psychedelic era! Containing songs written a year earlier while Merrell and violin player Mary Lee were living in the jungle of Maui, this is a brilliant set of spiritual folk-rock and light orchestrated pop.

A lost-in-time '66 capsule full of pure, innocent vocals, string Rickenbacker guitars and crashing drums. File next to Rising Storm, The Bachs, etc. First-ever straight reissue of the original album, with master tape sound, an insert with notes by their mentor Terry Lee and lots of cool photos. Side two's "The Change" clocks in at just over 10 minutes, moving through blistering guitar workouts and prog moves. One of the best and rarest Finnish albums. Although their signature hit led many to assume that they were a Bay Area band, Fever Tree actually hailed from Houston, Texas. As the album demonstrates, the quintet was adept at incorporating jazz and classical influences, ambitious song structures and resourceful production touches.

This one-of-a-kind debut album remains a deeply compelling sonic artifact. Sundazed's new vinyl edition of this vintage gem is mastered from the original analog tapes, features complete original cover art and is pressed on high-quality, high-definition vinyl, the better to recapture the original magic of this timeless album. The never-released live effort from Fever Tree!

Product description

Gulf Coast punk phenoms the Bostwick Vines see Cream and Hendrix and bring their tough interpretation of that combination to Hollywood, California. With three unique studio albums to their name, Fever Tree splinters after this live gig in Texas, but not before laying down one final testament to their evermore worth as swooning psychedelic rockers. All songs are coming from recently found old analog tapes, recorded either on multi-channel or live in the studio. Explanation notes by Garrett Oostdyk and lot of previously unseen photos and poster.

It offers a very heavy, psych flavored hard rock with blistering guitar leads inspired by the likes of Hendrix, Cream and early Blue Cheer. With the exception of the title track, all songs are group originals and the song writing is simply amazing. Considering this is a so-called exploitation album, the band has a stunning musical quality, which made the LP sought after and highly prized by collectors over the years. Hailing from Oklahoma, this hungry quintet hit the jackpot when they moved en masse to Dallas and hooked up with the red-hot Abnak label, run by John Abnor, Sr.

Their debut longplayer, I See the Light, was a perfect snapshot of what made a watershed year for rock. The song of the same name opens with what may be the most famous held organ note in rock history, then turns to a stomping bass line that would have been the envy of Slade's Doc Marten army six years later. This gram vinyl-only release is impeccably sourced from the original mono master tapes, the first time the album has been re-released in ultra-honest, bone-crunching mono.

Includes an insert with photos and the complete Flowerz story! This LP should appeal to fans of fellow Germans s. This is a limited edition of copies, presented in a gatefold sleeve with artwork from Hans Reffert himself. The LP was originally released by Philips in This edition comes with exclusive artwork and liner-notes. It paved the way for dozens of Greek bands in the sixties. In , almost ten years after their dissolution, they released their self titled album, with fourteen songs, on Pan-Vox. This album exists in a time warp.

Exact reproduction for the cover and labels. It includes extra 4-pages laminated insert with bio, lyrics and photos. The band's first single, 'All Your Love', was recorded in as the Shades Of Blond and it was previously only available on a staggeringly rare EP featuring Calgary bands. These four tracks are hard-edged garage punk outings, tough, and thick with fuzz guitar and a defiant sneer.

One more post-LP single and a couple of rare tracks round out the story. These fifteen tracks will delight anyone who's into the 49n Parallel's late '60s album, and this style of music in general.. Chris Dedrick continued to develop his experimental approach to composing, songwriting, and arranging, with beginning to introduce his love of jazz, gospel singing and the Motown sound. Nifty psychedelic songs with phased vocals, woodwinds, harmonium and the driving organ and guitar sound that epitomised the "Bosstown Sound".

FRUMPY - 2 Frumpy's second album is fine example of early 70's German progressive and hard rock mixture and excellent addition to prog collections.

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Regarded as the perfect '70s sounding prog album with a bluesy edge, burning Hammond organ sounds, lengthy tracks, and bluesy vocals. A valuable and rare item. Their music is trippy, rhythmic and psychedelic. The instruments and performance are very well done. What is absolutely evident for all to see is Bambi Fossati's Hendrix-influenced guitar playing and song writing style. The music was written and recorded by a group of friends and relatives who wanted to make an album for their children.

The music is a mixture of progressive rock and folk, under the influence of Pink Floyd and King Crimson. This low profile release was presented in a sleeve with mysterious, dark artwork. The band was founded in Augsburg, as Phallus Dei. This LP comes with remastered sound and includes an insert offering the band's story and rare photos. On their second album Gift added a keyboard player and a second guitarist. Still hard rocking the music became a lot more progressive with wonderful guitar riffs and brilliant keyboard play.

A concept album dealing with the oppression of American Indians based on texts by Dee Brown , this is a floatational classic. One previously unreleased but unremarkable studio track is added as well. Along with a nice remastering of the original LP, this double vinyl package also includes a second disc full of never before heard unreleased tracks from their initial recording sessions. Originally released in The material in this album alone spans the musical gamut from off-Broadway show tunes down through pop, and rhythm 'n' blues, to songs with a folk history.

Some will go so far as to say that this album defines the Texas third-mind psych revolution, even more so than Easter Everywhere. The combinations of Eastern-tinged philosophical lingering, staggering hallucinogenics and pure Texan dirt produced a legitimate monster of its time. Their album Orion Awakes belongs to Pyramid Records archives. Amazing, catchy improvised free spacey rockin' trip that can reminds the best efforts delivered by early Pink Floyd, Gila, Dies Irae, Jane.

The album includes the long title track which was a true magnus opus, full of spectacular effects and electronics, mixing freaky rock with abstract sound collages. Produced by Conny Plank who's career pretty much took off with producing Gomorrha this English version also gave all the other compositions a new lease of life and a more modern sound. Produced by Conny Plank. This is complex psychedelic prog rock, fronted by angry guitars and organ, that could be simultaneously aggressive and spacious.

Also noteworthy are the bizarre lyrics about life, religion, death, etc. Gordian, is a kind of super group consisted of musicians who had been participated in historical greek bands like Peloma Bokiou, Bourboulia, Olympians, Up Tight, BMW, Makedonomachoi etc. Finally, a full album's worth material is coming out.

Jan Dworaczek

Essential for the US '60s fanatic. Also included is a bonus LP record, The Garden of Love, with some truly amazing and haunting unreleased material spanning the ss. The Garden of Love LP includes, amongst others, a song about wandering around in the desert eating peyote. All the music has been carefully transferred from the master tapes and is a facsimile of the original album previous CD-only reissues contained altered mixings. This release features a gatefold sleeve with the original The Unicorn artwork plus loads of photos and liner notes.

Features an insert with liner notes and rare pictures. This reissue of their second album, Hinten, originally released in , is presented in a gatefold sleeve bearing the original artwork and the original Ohr catalog number, along with an insert with photographs. Limited edition of Clear red vinyl with white label in PVC sleeve with black lettering.

Limited edition copies. A remarkably well-preserved snapshot of Freakout Central from the birthplace of noodle-dancing, the Filmore Auditorium, They were joined by top English session musicians Rick Kemp and Pete Wood, who contributed to the amazing chemistry. This edition includes a bonus track and an informative insert. HAZE - Hazecolor-dia HAZE played excellent progressive rock with lots of impressive instrumental passages, but their lead-singer's voice sometimes sounded somewhat strange. Nevertheless it should be recommended for all fans of early 70s metal.

Crammed full of distorted acid guitar and weird effects choirs, backwards bits etc. This is fantastic psychedelia. Fabulous UK-sounding, heavy progressive, and psychedelic hard rock with top-level musicianship, well-constructed songs, powerful vocals, sax, flute, wah-wah, organ, and a solid rhythm section. Remastered sound; Insert with detailed liner notes and photos, including an introduction by Rich Sheppard After The Sabbath. Drums and bass take more presence here, offering a 'rockier' feel, but somehow retaining the mysterious ambience of its predecessors, while adding an extra touch of sinister aggressiveness.

Featuring among others Magma's keyboardist, Patrick Gauthier, it starts pretty much in the same ambient, spacey, minimalist electronic mood of the previous Heldon releases, but as the development of the main title 'Perspective' goes ahead the move towards the more guitar and drums sound of the next to come Heldon sound is evident. Agneta Nilsson's sound has been described somewhere as 'a more sinister Tangerine Dream mixed with a more jammy King Crimson.

Our reissue comes housed in a faithful reproduction of the original sleeve. It is made in a strictly limited edition of only copies. Some good and long jams can be heard, highlight for noisy guitar and "nervous" drums, tracks as "Peace for Fools" , "Spoonful" and also "Crossroads" deserve to be heard with more attention, all the lyrics are in English. Pearl of high quality, highly recommended for those who enjoy heavy acid blues. This is a limited edition vinyl version. Moreover, for a trio, these guys sported a surprisingly full sound, helped in no small measure by Markish's impressive voice.

Fear,' their Traffic cover and the extended title track showcase that interesting jazzy streak with some stunning work from un-credited jazz guitarist Bill DeArango. Mind you, there was still plenty of fuzz driven guitar check out the second half of the title track , but it didn't come close to these other highlights and the group's most commercial effort; the ballad 'Lady Of Day' was also the album's most disposable offering.

First ever reissue on vinyl. Limited edition, deluxe gram vinyl, exact reproduction of the original first pressing. West Coast-style hippie fuzz psychedelic folk rock, like Neighb'rhood Children, Birmingham Sunday and similar outfits. They were recorded in and on the metromedia label and are considered to be a must have for U. And merits a check by those who know or suspect that this is music that may appeal to them. The music is underground-tinged rock with rural and roots influences. Following tours of New Zealand and Australia, Highway disbanded in This reissue comes with two bonus tracks, taken from the band's 7-inch.

It is neither too weird to be unappealing to 'regular' music listeners nor is it one of those discoveries that leaves you wondering what all the hype was about. Acoustic guitar ballads of nearly atonal desolation mix readily with rock 'n' roll numbers featuring hiccuping drums and alien sounding electric guitar. Higney's vocals are by turns sneering and mournful as he sings about lost love and the desire for fame all filtered through his uniquely bent worldview. Although a few ads were placed for the record in The Village Voice and The Aquarian, the fame that Higney sought eluded him a semi-positive review in Trouser Press notwithstanding.

That is, until the album was discovered and distributed by record dealer Paul Major. One Kind Favor and Kenneth Higney have teamed up to bring you an official reissue of Attic Demonstration remastered, with all the original artwork and with liner notes by the artist. Hoffman wrote all the material, inspired by the Carmina Burana and her love of Medieval and Renaissance music.

After many years out of print on vinyl, Sommor presents a edition of this lost piece from the '70s Italian underground scene. A visionary album that anticipated the sound practiced by many neo-folk bands some decades later. Includes four-page insert with detailed liner notes by Richard Allen and photos. This self titled album by Hole in The Wall is by many regarded as one of the most important Norwegian albums ever.

It contains a mixture of folk, country and psychedelic rock, sort of mixing groups like Grateful Dead, Buffalo Springfield and Fairport Convention with an original result. At odds with the tired rehashing of folk tunes that was so in vogue at the time, the duo of Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber took traditional material and obliterated it. In the words of Peter Stampfel 'The Rounders were the first really bent traditional band. And the first traditionally based band that was not trying to sound like an old record. Remastered from the original tapes, the debut from the 60s folk revival biggest outcasts.

The seminal Greenwich Village acid-folkies' twisted Americana collided with mainstream Nashville to produce this cult classic. Features cover art and songwriting by alt-folk hero Michael Hurley and contributions from original Elvis Presley sidemen Scotty Moore and D. Here's an exact gram vinyl repro of their hideously rare masterpiece, which spotlights such drug-addled ramblings as 'The Bird Song,' featured in the Easy Rider soundtrack. Presented in a 2LP expanded edition including their early singles, which are prime examples of '60s Texan garage-psych, plus previously-unreleased studio demo tracks recorded at the same time as the album.

Newly remastered sound especially for this vinyl release, housed in a gatefold sleeve with detailed liner notes and rare pictures. A strongly played melodic rock trip somewhat like Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck. Honest John was a band that meant business at a time when most bands were softening their sound for radio. This LP is pressed in a limited run of copies, housed in a deluxe gatefold tip-on jacket, and sourced from the original master tapes unearthed by the ShroomAngel laelb, THE D.

Hooker's follow-up to The Truth. They are the finest of a two-hour live concert of completely original music This recording was not originally intended for public release. There appears to be somewhat of a Christian vibe lyrically, but not overt enough to make it too cheesy, just adds to the overall bizarreness of this almost indescribable artifact!

Painstakingly remastered at KSL. First come with free unreleased 4-track 7". Undoubtedly the most exciting mid sixties garage album to be recently discovered in the genre, is that by The Horde from North Carolina. Their third album, also known as Jeanscover was originally released on Kuckuck in and it is considered to be their best.

A great German progressive Krautrock effort, that should be part of every serious '70s progressive rock collection. The English version, called Empty Hands, has never been available on vinyl. A great German progressive psychedelic effort, which sounds different and familiarly great in English, that should be part of every serious 70s progressive rock collection. Limited edition, deluxe g vinyl, printed innersleeve..

Despite being recorded out of time, this is a very nice psychedelic progressive album, with some parts in West Coast psychedelic jam session style. English lyrics, with repro of the original insert as well. When he returned home and listened to it, he was amazed: So here's the first ever In Time vinyl LP, including most of the songs from their ultra-rare cassette plus previously unreleased tracks. The trio's got a style that's jamming and trippy at the same time — romping drums, surprisingly deft guitar work, and some muted lyrics that echo some of the darkness in the instrumentation — even though the group seem to often be comfortable without any vocals at all!

This is classic country rock album filled with honky-tonk heartbreak and is housed in the original sleeve. A West Coast psychedelic sound much in the vein of Jefferson Airplane in fact, it was produced by the Airplane's great genius himself, Al Schmitt fuelled by ultra-loud fuzz guitar, organ, and beautiful femme vocals. First time ever vinyl reissue. Includes an insert with liner notes. Pressed on gram vinyl. The legend is that year-old Jay Kaye son of American 50s performer Mary Kaye was visiting Vancouver Canada with his mom, where he met up with local band "Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck" and made this great record with their musical backing.

Although the lyrics are blatantly hippie-ish, the music itself sets a dignified, almost stately mood with its intimacy and tasteful restraint. Comes in a jacket the folds out into a poster. Originally released as a fanclub only LP in A dream for worldwide record collectors. This 9-songs album encompass all those great different kinds of music the 70s has produced psychedelic folk, power pop, lounge-rock etc.. Now it's time to re-appraise this brilliant one-man project! This is an official reissue. With the participation of Myke Jackson himself. But behind every 45 there often lurked a handful of equally killer tunes performed or even recorded, but never released at the time.

They'd performed with a veritable who's who of big-name artists, and they seemed poised for better things. But it all went downhill suddenly, beginning with a threatening lawsuit over their name. Crucial momentum was lost and the Jagged Edge never reached the prominence they deserved. Now the exposure they warranted all along is finally here. Break-A-Way presents the bands first complete long player including their two singles and a fistful of six vintage demos.

This collection proves that the Jagged Edge were way ahead of their times and finally carve out their slice of rock history. All tracks are painstakingly remastered. Oil Man "From the original master tapes. Their lone LP, leased to Columbia for release in , leaves no one untouched by the band's sheer avalanche of psychedelic heaviness, wasted acid leads and harrowing vocals.

Every song is laced with a conviction born from the physical landscape they called home. Jarvis Street Revue spent literally a month of Sundays recording the album and bouncing tracks to create effects. In due time, they recorded a three-song demo reel that resulted in a three album recording contract with Mainstream Records -- however, unknown to Mainstream, these three songs represented the sum total of the Jelly Bean Bandits' repertoire, forcing the band to write enough additional material to flesh out a full-length LP in the course of a week.

Amazingly, their eponymous debut is excellent, a freakbeat cult classic distinguished by Dougherty's emotive guitar and some innovative production techniques -- all the more impressive, the album was recorded in a single hour stretch. Jokers Wild was a powerful band - Huge amp stacks guaranteeing a "wall-of-sound" on stage, double bass drum and cool outfits. They must have been great on stage. Both bands played original music and had excellent psychedelic-raved guitar players, Zippy Caplan Litter and Lonnie Knight.

That brought everything to a new level. If you think The Litter is great, you should listen to Jokers Wild. Organ-dominated, hard-progressive sound with powerful and soulful vocals, hot lead guitar and atmospheric, swirling Hammond. Lovecraft, Day Blindness, Arthur Brown.

Remastered sound; Comes in gatefold sleeve with superb cover artwork. This is one of the best and most sought after psychedelic gems ever recorded, with amazing and fluid heavy fuzz guitars, superb organ, drums and fantastic songwriting. Recorded in New York in while the band was living in a farm in Vermont.

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The original was pressed in a run of 50 demo copies only! No names or hints are given on the original LP but after over a decade of excruciating search, Miguel Rodriguez, the man behind finding Darius, Garrett Lund, Stonewall and many more, finally found the band members! So here is your chance to listen to one of the great mystical albums of the psychedelic private press collectors' realm at the fraction of the cost of the original, in amazing sound. This gem comes in a gatefold cover with unseen pictures and full band history, released in full collaboration with the surviving band members.

The first legitimate LP reissue. Comes in deluxe gatefold cover. With large-format four-page insert. Strictly limited to hand-numbered LPs. Kalacakra's blend of mantras, blues, folk and stoned psychedelia gained Crawling To Lhasa a well deserved curiosity value, yet they were an altogether more eclectic and strange band than any of their possible mentors. A major find for fans of the genuine article Incredible West Coast psych from the '60s with a Middle Eastern edge Essential for any US Psych collection..

Combining native acoustic instruments alongside Electronic Rock ones and taking full advantage of his "mid-pro" recording studio, he delivers a variety of original musical proposals. Enjoy Anatolian rock in its full glory. A deluxe vinyl release with a thick gram old-style paste-on carton cover, pressed on gram vinyl. Includes an insert with extensive liners and photos. This is essential stuff, from the weird psych-funk of "Hwrlnzg" to the sitar-drenched "Improvisations". Newly remastered sound; Includes insert with rare photos and liner notes by Alan Freeman The Crack In The Cosmic Egg ; Repro of a rare promotional booklet; Includes download card which features seven amazing bonus tracks taken from unreleased studio sessions and the compilation Perspectives ; Edition of numbered.

Kenny And The Kasuals were an American, Dallas garage rock band founded in , whose records are considered "among the most collectable LPs of the '60s". Only copies of this album were originally pressed, and nearly half of those were destroyed by the Texas summer heat, but the remaining copies have become some of the most sought after vinyl records of the s.

Replica edition; Edition of There were also a slew of great Texas garage bands whose sole appearances have been on countless compilations. Thus it is that that we can say that we are genuinely excited about this original twenty track compilation fully authorized by Kenny B. Daniel, containing the best tracks the band recorded between and All their singles, all originals, including the killer fuzz-bass classic, 'Journey to Tyme', plus several unreleased tracks too. Limited edition, deluxe g vinyl. First ever vinyl issue of this title.

LP housed in colour cover as per the original with insert! This very limited re-issue has 1 extra bonus track. Sixties psychedelic experimentation with a progressive edge. Limited press copies only worldwide. In addition to releasing a bunch of 45s for several local labels, the band recorded a lot of stuff at their own state-of-the art home studio, material that has not seen the light of day until now.

This retrospective features a selection from their previously unreleased tape archive plus rare 45 sides, , including the fantastic garage-jangle 45 they recorded under the Genesis name. Music ranges from British-influenced mod-psych to early hard rock with stunning guitar and vocals. The raw sound and production brings to mind similar bands like Brain Police. Remastered sound; includes liner notes. They recorded a surprisingly vast amount of material, all of which is collected here.

Listening to these overlooked works of beat-pop brilliance, you can't help but wonder why it didn't work out for the Texans at the time. Their songs -- all of them -- live on in this anthology. Technically his second LP after a collection of singles, this benchmark record from taught Istanbul's musicians and pop fans how to put Turkish folk songs from the 17th century together with meaty, thundering guitar solos.

Savagery begins at home people, so make sure you get a physical copy of the best record by the Turkish Hendrix into your house. Seven songs with lots of fuzz and heavy jamming. Comes on gram vinyl. We were determined to follow our own musical path. Meanwhile, Serge Meier was setting up his recording studio on the outskirts of town. This also led—in the spring of —to the recordings that we are now releasing to the public for the very first time.

Everything is there, the adventurous mixture of styles so diverse as psychedelic rock, jazz, funk You name it, you find it. Plenty of excellent breaks, experimental in the quest for new sounds, with instruments run through distortion effects, the musicians involved are all key figures in the development of modern European of its era. Spirited, fuzz laden cover versions of songs by Steppenwolf, Blue Cheer, Young Rascals, Jimi Hendrix and others laden with the over-the-top enthusiasm expected from this part of the world.

Great psych art sleeve too. Psych from Ohio, previously renowned in their area as the Measles. A 45 of 'Paradox' was released but neither the 45 or LP got much action, as there was no promotion even at the local level. After the Mainstream deal had played out, the band reverted back to the Measles and continued to be a major local attraction for a few more years.

Music is influenced by the Soft Machine in their 3 first albums,with Ratledge distorted organ sound. Has several similarities with the French group Moving Gelatine plates,slight Magma influences,some Zappa-esque moves,but above all their music has a much darker,more sinister sound. Almost the entire album is instrumental. But from the last track on side A and then, the album is 'taking off'. Papillon is a great album, even though is not as perfect as Passio Secundum Mattheum. This album has some great moments, italian moments, we can love. Not powerfull like the previous Latte e Miele album and more delicated.

Rising above any number of recently unearthed lates anglo-pop platters, the sole offering from small town Massachusetts phenomenon Lazy Smoke is a cohesive, solid, classic album in every sense. Ten songs that weave into one-another, painting some beautifully drifty sonic picture as they go. The first remarkable trait of Lazy Smoke's sound is the lead vocals' uncanny similarity to John Lennon. If that likeness was the whole story, we would have a Beatles sound-alike on our hands, and that would be that. Upon digging just a little deeper below the surface, we instead find a darker tone and a patient, eerie and almost shut-in feeling resonating through the songs.

While bands like The Beatles and The Left Banke were singing about love, lament and hallucinated travel experiences, the songs on Corridor Of Faces get sincerely dark right away. Even the seemingly-light teenage love-themed 'Sarah Saturday' shares an undercurrent of on-the-edge uncertainty and dread. It's this undercurrent that calls to mind comparisons to Forever Changes-era Love and the more damaged end of the pop spectrum.

Originally privately pressed in MA in an edition of only copies in Unearthed and recently recovered is this handful of spare demos. Crushingly honest and intimate, most of these songs would later see reworked for the debut album. In addition to the twelve demos, the Corridor of Faces Demos LP also includes two songs originally recorded to acetate in by pre-Lazy Smoke project: These two slabs of proto-garage have never seen the light of day, and none of the songs included here have ever been released on vinyl. A must have for any fan of the proper album, but also a fantastic stand alone piece, creating an undeniable mood that can warm or chill you before any given song comes to a close.

Originally conceived as an exploitation item, it nonetheless emerged as an enduring musical statement, thanks to the talents of those involved, particularly then-unknown Oklahoma-bred guitarist J. Remastered sound from the original master tapes. Includes an insert with liner notes and rare pictures. Originally published in , this album is an all time classic Dag Erik Asbjornsen.

There are no weak parts on the album at all. Only impressive songs played by talented musicians, recorded professionally, and taken from the master tapes. Everything fits together quite perfectly. Fans of early Pink Floyd will thoroughly enjoy the LP. Its style is reminiscent of the late s. All songs, except for the rather catchy 'Lory,' are very mysterious and reveal their real beauty only after being listened to several times. An aural pleasure from the first to the very last tone.

MIDDAY VEIL | Revolt of the Apes

The new edition contains a four-page insert with a detailed band history in German and English, song lyrics, discography, photographs, and much valuable information on the Trefiton label. A mixture of blistering hard rock, psychedelia and native American Indian politics, this has now become a much sought after collector's item. Ranging from the psych-heavy blues ridden "Dirty Mother Blues" to the easy going "Soulful Drifter", and in between there are songs reflecting the times, the Vietnam era vibe hanging over the US.

The absolute cornerstone of acid folk and psychedelic folk, 's Perry Leopold masterpiece still remains today as THE ONE to compare with when new psych-folk vintage records are discovered. Still no one beats him, and they probably never will. Pressed on gram vinyl with newly-remastered sound. Includes a repro of a promotional flyer and an insert with liner notes by Patrick Lundborg. His music is the perfect mix between virtuosity and feeling, with a gift for brilliant songwriting.