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Look closely at your life and identify what you need most. You can begin by looking at four areas: Recognizing depletion is the first step in soul retrieval — you need to know what is missing before you can retrieve it. In any of these areas, are you lacking a sense of stability, comfort, inspiration, flexibility, or openness?

Notice any feelings of discomfort, sadness, exhaustion, or disconnection. Do you feel at home within yourself? One way to reflect on this is to notice how often you need to be distracted. Do you fill your free time by going online, texting, watching television, or napping? Can you go for a walk, lie on the beach, or take a drive without listening to music or talking on your cell phone? Reflect on the last time you were with a stranger.

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At the time, perhaps you noticed a slight sense of restlessness, tightness, or discomfort in your body or your breathing. Connection to the peaceful, joyful experience of who you are is directly accessible through the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of nature. I know a woman who is always doing chores and caring for her young son, but never takes time for herself. Even when her child has a play date and she is free to do anything she wants, she feels she has to catch up on housework.

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Home could be a source of nourishment and healing for her, but like many people, she finds it hard to be still even in her own home. How do you feel when you are alone? Do you feel comfortable, connected, and renewed in the stillness, silence, and spaciousness?

Or do you feel restless or listless? Maybe you have a negative self-image and seldom find a nourishing space within yourself. Recognizing your discomfort with yourself is the first step in the healing process. Our family can provide a sense of belonging, a foundation that supports and nourishes our life. Some people are fortunate to have a stable, loving family.

Spiritual Food For The Soul

But this is not true for many of us. The pressures of divorce, alcoholism, financial difficulties, health issues, or a child's chronic behavior problems can pose serious challenges to the well-being of families. And when there is any change in the family dynamic, whether through marriage, birth, adoption, or death, every family member is affected. Imagine a man whose mother is chronically depressed, and no matter how much he tries to help her, she pushes him away every time.

Thinking about it drains him. His whole life seems affected by it. It depletes his soul. A woman moves in with a man who at first seems trusting, loving, and giving. Then he grows jealous, angry, and possessive, and starts to physically abuse her. Before this relationship, she experienced a lot of warmth when she was with people, and she was very much in touch with her creativity. Since entering into that relationship, she is no longer open and spontaneous, and has lost her trust in others and even herself. The death of a loved one can be devastating.

During a soul-retrieval workshop, a student told me that she finally understood the impact of losing her grandfather.

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  • Her grandfather had been more important to her than her parents, she explained. He had been like a father, mother, friend — everything. When she lost him, she lost her grounding quality, both in herself and in her relationships with men. Sometimes collective family pain comes down through the generations. But when one person has the strength, confidence, and knowledge to recognize and open to this collective family pain, it is possible to cultivate love and harmony, and break the cycle. The soul-retrieval practices offer such an opportunity. While our stories may be different, their effect on us may be similar.

    Spiritual Food For A Searching Soul

    Like many people, you may feel as if your family relationships deplete you instead of nourish you. Some people are passionate about their work; others are at least satisfied with their jobs. A recent Gallup poll found that more than half of all employees in the United States are not truly engaged at work: One in five workers is unhappy enough with their jobs to share their discontent with others.

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      It is an act of humility that we all need to make in this world of confusion and pride in order to experience the true peace that the Lord came to bring to us. It does not matter if that person is an intellectual, teacher, farmer, housewife etc. The book offers a presentation of our own identity as children of God.

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      It is an aberration that some people call themselves atheists as if they don't believe in God. The irony is that God believes in them and He allows them to be alive and to represent Him on Earth for a particular mission. Confused with the many material things to which they are exposed, those people make the choice not to believe in God. Such a decision is a denial of their own existence because a man or a woman can exist only in relationship with God their Creator.

      No human being on earth can give life to himself. So, this book is a reaffirmation of our faith expressed in a very simple manner without any complication. This book is also a reminder for us to love our Church and to defend it even though there are many things that are causing us disenchantment. We should not be discouraged rather be happy to know the path that leads to peace and salvation. The Church was started with the betrayal of Judas which has caused the cross of Jesus.

      This kind of distraction will continue to be present in our world, in our communities and even in the behavior of our leaders however if God is with us who can be against us?