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How to Manage Homeschooling Multiple Ages…Whatever Your Homeschooling Style

Keep educational toys and manipulatives on hand so that younger children can use these while you work one-on-one with older children. Educational toys, puzzles, and art supplies can keep younger children busy and learning while you are working on book work with older students.

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My children have always loved wooden magnet sets, large floor puzzles, math counters, and other learning toys like these. PlayDoh, crayons, markers, and other art supplies are also things that younger children can use independently.

No matter what homeschooling method you prefer, there are some general tips to make homeschooling multiple ages a little easier. Some homeschool moms prefer a structured schedule. Others- like me- prefer more flexible routines.

Homeschooling Multiple Ages Tips for Unit Study Homeschoolers

Whichever fits your personality, sticking with a schedule or your routines can be a life-saver when it comes to homeschooling multiple ages. One of the biggest helps to homeschooling multiple ages can be having kids who know how to work independently.

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This is a skill that can be taught beginning with young children. As children learn to manage their own time and to move from one task to another on their own, they will need your individual teaching less. As children get older, you can become more of an overseer of each student. This will make homeschooling multiple ages much easier for you. Leah Courtney is a child of God, wife, mother, and homeschooling mama. In her very rare free time, Leah loves to read and color complicated pictures while listening to audio books.

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Our Preschool Schedule -- How I Homeschool Multiple Ages At Once

About the Author Latest Posts. See why a flow chart works for me. Grab a clipboard and make it mobile. Is it possible to double-up on subjects or teach most of your kids at the same time? Why teach different periods of history to kids in different grade levels when you can teach everyone the same information, expecting different levels of work and understanding? Create a group teaching time, or what we have always called Circle Time in our home. All ages, a wide variety of subjects, and a lot of fun! Wondering what exactly Circle Time is?

Tips for Homeschooling Multiple Ages

Needing Circle Time Resources? My husband and I have a helpful and fun weekly podcast and we touch on all of the topics that concern a homeschooling family, including how homeschooling affects a marriage, how to talk to your kids about sex, and financial concerns. We recently did an episode with Christian psychiatrist and homeschooling mom of 6, Dr. Melanie Wilson, on the plausibility of "me time".

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Are you taking care of yourself? Sometimes it takes a little salesmanship to get a plan rolling.

How to Manage Homeschooling Multiple AgesWhatever Your Homeschooling Style - iHomeschool Network

Do some brainstorming with your students about all the things they are able to manage on their own already. You are fostering independent learners, so help them create their own plans for the times you are committed to a guided work time with someone else. As you are modifying and implementing your plan, remember to allow students as much choice as possible in their activities. Taking breaks to play outside or with a board game, or just decompressing from a busy morning all come under the benefits of homeschooling.

Some first graders still profit from an afternoon nap or some quiet time on their own, as do some older students. Having extra time to read a book or research a favorite topic is food for the mind and the spirit. Time spent building relationships with siblings will reap lifelong rewards.