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The more than video lessons are in categories of Ground Work from foundational to Advanced and Ridden Work, from foundational to problem solving. And there is a terrific forum plus a searchable data base of over Questions and Answers from Monty with a handy search bar. April 27, Solvang, California: Along with his wife, Pat, he built and operates Flag Is Up Farms, a renowned horse training facility along the central coast of California near Santa Barbara.

This organization supports the notion that horses should perform in racing without the assistance of drugs. The initials stand for Water, Hay, Oats Alliance. So, recently I decided to seek the advice of many whom I believe to be at the top of their professions to help me analyze the factors for clean racing as proposed by WHOA.

It shocks me to realize that certain statements have been made to me over my years in the horse industry that are absolutely false when it comes to the use of drugs. Lasix sits at the heart of drug use with Thoroughbred horses in the United States. Those of us who travel the world in this industry realize that virtually all of the other racing countries execute their racing under the guidelines proposed by WHOA.

There, the horses race and the industry goes forward, drug free. For the past few decades, one could open the racing program at any track in the United States and see that most of the entries performed with the circled L behind their name. Also, many years ago it came to my attention that Lasix encumbered the testing procedures so as to mask performance-enhancing drugs.

The Man Who Listens to Horses Summary

I am now of the opinion that many people actively engaged in racing have either been misinformed through ignorance or misinformed for monetary reasons. My goal is for us to be as fair with the horses as we possibly can be. After decades of studying the issue and listening to knowledgeable veterinary experts, I have looked at both sides of this issue and I am hereby casting my support to WHOA and its efforts to bring about medication reform.

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It humbles me to be included on the list of these legends of our industry. WHOA has raised awareness that the Thoroughbred industry has public relations issues that will not likely go away without change in the administration of drugs. Traveling to Brazil recently left me with lots of time to fill.

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The back of the seat in front of me provided my inflight safety information rather than the human who usually does, so I was drawn to the selection of entertainment offerings as soon as the flight took off. Movies are fine, TV not so much. But I smiled when I saw audio books and podcasts on the list. When did that become a thing?

Over 35 million people listened to podcasts weekly in The podcast audience is bigger than you think. Podcast growth is being driven by mobility and horse people are mobile! Everyone is the horse industry should have a position in this podcast movement. It happens on your phone, in your ear, at the barn and in your truck. Yes, you have people. You can find specific topics and disciplines to educate and entertain.

One thing we all should know is that Horses are Horses and we can learn from all. Throughout Monty's life, he continues to learn about horses and becomes more and more of an expert. When he is 31 years old, an eccentric millionaire hires him to create and manage a full-scale thoroughbred facility named Flag is Up Farms. This particular experience takes Monty to exciting heights, but also brings him to a major low-point in his life as well. As it turns out, this millionaire has a severe mental illness that provokes him to try to destroy the facility once it has been created.

However, the end result is that through a series of strange and traumatic events, Monty ends up owning the facility. One of the main turning points in Monty's life occurs when he is invited to Buckingham Palace to meet with the Queen of England. The Queen has heard about Monty's unique approach to working with horses, and she wants to see his work for herself. As it turns out, both the Queen and the Queen Mother are extremely impressed with Monty's techniques.

The Man Who Listens to Horses Summary & Study Guide

He ends up becoming close with the Queen and returns to England many times over the years to demonstrate his methods of working with horses. Throughout the book, Monty educates the reader about his techniques as well as his philosophies on the importance of treating horses with kindness and respect. He continuously steers clear of using any real force or violence. Many people, including the Queen of England, are extremely impressed with Monty's ability to convince a high strung horse to accept a saddle and a rider.

Monty is able to use his technique on wild horses as well as those with severe behavior issues. Later in his life, Monty is able to apply the same principles successfully to deer and mustangs as well.

The Man Who Listens to Horses

Read more from the Study Guide. You can't teach anyone anything -- but you can invite them to learn with you, and set up conditions to help them do so. If you whip a horse during a race, it slows down. You can't afford cruelty, even if all you care about is money. Without violence of any sort, Roberts can do more with a green horse in a half hour than a trainer using traditionally cruel methods can accomplish in a week.

Of course, most people care about more than money, and would love to be able to replace coercive relationships with willing and joyful collaboration. Here's a very good start towards learning how.

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