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The Fruit of the Holy Spirit is a biblical term that sums up nine attributes of a person or . The apostle Paul uses this word to depict God's incomprehensible kindness for people who are unsaved (see Romans ; Ephesians ; Titus 3 :4).
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My next question is: And do I stand a better chance of obtaining that than I do of obtaining gold and silver? Gold is gold right?

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The first gold mentioned here is charaz which literally means to cut or sharpen, decide or determine. This type of gold could be one of two things, gold dust or powder i.

Gold in the rough, unrefined state. The second gold mentioned is pure gold or as some translations say fine gold.

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Bet you can guess what word comes from that? This is gold which has been refined and shaped into something artistic such as jewelry, vessels, or certain type of decoration. Not only does this gold have its inherent value but now has some artistic value as well. This gold represents extravagance or materialism. In other words, you need a cup to drink water.

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The word for fruit in Hebrew is pireyiy. It is from the root word parah. It comes from a Semitic root meaning to form, it is results, rewards or product. That is why fruit is often referred to as produce, it is the product of the tree or vine. So what is the product of God? It can only be received as a divine gift from God after one believes the truth of the Bible, repents of his sins and is baptized for the forgiveness of sins Acts 2: Secondly, contrary to popular tradition, the Bible reveals that the Holy Spirit is not a third person in a Trinity.

It is hardly mentioned in historical records until about three centuries after the writing of the Bible was finished!

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These comparisons would not make sense were the Holy Spirit a person. Or where can I flee from Your presence?

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We can enjoy sights and sounds in our own homes as much as if we were in the faraway TV studio. Ever since creation, God has used His Spirit to sustain and maintain the universe — everything from the largest galaxies to the smallest subatomic particles. All creation functions perfectly according to the laws of nature — which God put in force and keeps in force. God not only disseminates knowledge by His Spirit, but His Spirit brings Him awareness of all things.

Thus, by His Spirit God is omniscient, which means God has total knowledge! And God is omnipotent — having universal and unlimited power!

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God is El Shaddai — God Almighty. With every miracle, God is using the infinite power of His Spirit. Perhaps the most far-reaching miracle was the incarnation of God when the Creator sent His Spirit to impregnate a young virgin named Mary Matthew 1: This spiritual conversion is taking place in the people God has called and who are submitting and committing their lives to God. Compared to instantaneous miracles, it is a slow process because God has given human beings free will — freedom of choice.

Like a master potter with his clay, God patiently forms His nature in us as we yield to Him.

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Everyone has spiritual heart trouble, and everyone needs a spiritual heart transplant! Through His prophet Ezekiel, God said: Just as a fruit grower demands more than pretty leaves, God will not be pleased if we are merely religious and nice. God wants productive servants who are growing spiritually and at the same time serving God and their fellow man with every opportunity. And when Christ lives in you, He changes you. His work is a complete remodeling job, to make your character a replica of His own.