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Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Wiki Guide. Sly can then enter the doorway to Muggshot's lair.) With the boss incapacitated, Sly takes back an important piece of the Thievius Raccoonus.
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After acknowledging that Sly is a member of the Cooper Clan , Muggshot tells him that his " Thingus Raccamagoocus " had some nice pictures, but way too many big words. Since has he has no use for the pages of the ancient book, Sly asks if he can take it back. Muggshot laughs and says that he feels transgressed and violated after Sly trashed his turf, and the fight begins.

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The first part of the fight has Sly dodging between crystals that are embedded into the ground, as Muggshot chases him, shooting at any chance he gets. Sly hits mirrors that surround the room with his cane , reflecting light that comes down from the ceiling into the crystals.

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After all of the mirrors are flipped, the light focuses and hits Muggshot, burning him and destroying his machine guns. He retreats to an elevator, claiming that he has another pair upstairs. The second part of the fight is similar to the first, with Sly hitting mirrors to reflect the light into crystals that surround the room, but the floor layout is different, with holes that prevent both Sly and Muggshot from crossing them, causing more difficult traversal of the floor.

After all of the mirrors have been flipped, Muggshot is again damaged by the reflected light and his guns are destroyed. He rides the elevator up one more floor, and Sly follows.

Sunrise on Fifth

Armed with twin automatic pistols, Muggshot will attempt to blast Sly over a total of three phases. Sly cannot harm Muggshot by swinging his cane at him; the brute is simply too strong. However, if Sly flips all the mirrors within a phase by striking them , Muggshot retreats to a higher floor, and the next phase will kick in. There are no checkpoints. For the first phase, Muggshot "walks" around, following Sly. As soon as the boss obtains a clear line of fire, he will pull out his pistols and release a short barrage of lead.

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Scattered about the area are crystal structures. To avoid Muggshot's gunfire, Sly can use the crystals for cover or he can simply double jump over the bullets the latter requires good timing.

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There are eight mirrors in all, and they are arranged along the outer perimeter of the room. For the second phase, things are the same as the first, only the floor layout is more complex. Sly has to hit another eight mirrors.

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Remember to hide behind the structures or jump to avoid Muggshot's fire. For the third and final phase, Sly must do some serious spire jumping.

Tommy Cooper's last act fooled us all, says Jimmy Tarbuck

This is actually the easiest phase, if Sly knows what to do. Spire jump across the points on the ropes to get to the six mirrors. These mirrors are the only means of protection Sly has against Muggshot's bullets. Again, flip them all to beat Muggshot, who now constantly aims towards Sly's direction.