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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Doch kurz vor seinem Zum Kinderkriegen braucht man eine Frau, und die ist nicht in Sicht. Read more Read less. Kindle Edition File Size: Knaur eBook; 1 edition 25 May Sold by: Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Comment You say it, harambee. I was only trying to start a brain breeze. Comment I was only trying to start a brain breeze.

Yes, that's the right attitude! There should be no taboos at this early stage of plan making. It's not really unknown, especially in written form, but as you assumed it's not really common use. At least not in my neck of the wood. And thank you for the welcome: And as far as I know Goldammer, she would like it, too. Would you mind a doorlet of a GNS? The phrase uses the plural: That's why we're here. Senator status — bezieht sich wohl auf die Lufthansa, oder? Was bekommt man denn, wenn man den Status erreicht? In diesem Sinne — I'm off on to a short trip Brain breeze habe ich zuerst als brain freeze gelesen und deswegen gedacht, du willst ja jedem ein Rieseneis spendieren.

Comment bezieht sich wohl auf die Lufthansa, oder? Advantages are - among others: Comment SD3, I did not, but beer traps are usually lethal for slugs and snails, so I was shocked by Emil's thought! Comment I urgently need holidays, and only 6 working days to go: Maybe I should make an attempt to secure accomodation, but somehow I never get around to do it. Anyway, main season is over, and we are rather flexible in our travel plans, it's all in easy driving distance, so the hotels should find rooms.

On the program are: I'm just happy I was cycling, car tyres would have been a bit more expensive. One more week to go before our holiday the same as for Wik, if I understand correctly. Finally at least almost a full day of sunshine in Stuttgart, and temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius.

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Interesting to read what's behind all those stories and songs I've been following for most of my adult life. I listened to it yesterday evening while cleaning up the kitchen after our guests had gone. Enough of my private life for now. Dein Nick erinnert mich an den Namen einer ehemaligen Vorgesetzten. Heute war's hier sehr warm, und dann hat's ein Gewitter gegeben. Ich freue mich, dass ich ein bisschen arbeiten kann und morgen nicht so viel machen muss. Wie spricht man deinen Nick aus?

Comment Fall has arrived eventually: I can hardly see across the street, the fog is so thick! Vision might be 50 yards. Comment Hi again, this week has been a complete mess for me.

iTunes is the world's easiest way to organize and add to your digital media collection.

But it will be better as the school holidays are coming to an end. So there will be more people around and I won't have to jump in for each and everyone. Zopfi, you probably do not know that Project Gutenberg has audio books as well. The other address I can give you is librivox. Both sites are completely for free as the Authors are long dead and the readers volunteered. At librivox you can also get dramatic reading.

It's not bad but in the only dramatic reading audio book I have the sound quality between the different speakers varies a lot. So listen to whatever you like as long as it's old enough. I've often seen slugs eating them. We can add a little Marmite this would keep most German natives off. Comment Thanks for correcting my , SD3. Just an hour ago the news reported about heavy storms in Northern Michigan and power breakdown in Detroit.

I hope you are not affected; I seem to remember that you live quite a distance away. Some of the snails may remember my poor sight. So I bought an mp3-player the one with the W on it , ripped my books onto the PC, converted them into my favourite format and transferred them to my player, which I can stop at a certain word and go on the next day exactly there.

O It's male, but pronounced still pronounced very close to "Jessie". It's the only sensible way of doing it. An excellent source for English audio books is audible. I'm also a dedicated listener, especially when I'm driving or at the gym. For German audio books, there's the German equivalent audible. Comment Thanks for the hint, Jesse.

I'll have a closer look later on. Willkommen plidsi und Zopfi! Ich gebe euch einen kleinen Hinweis: Auch ich mache jetzt Urlaub -- auf Balkonien! There is, however, the problem that MRT is also used as an abbreviation for "Magnetic Resonance Therapy", a maybe obscure method I don't know much about it and can't judge it that may or may not be more popular in the US than in Germany, although people claim it was developed in Germany.. I do see the general problem, but I also believe that many examples given in relevant media are dubious, to say it in a friendly manner.

And in any case the general problem is not restricted to imaging methods. Are you two serious? I'm giggling so much I can't type That's like BARF, the dog food. I could never work out if that reflected a sense of humour on the part of the inventor or if they simply didn't know the word. Jesse, I just checked out audible. That's not quite what I expected - or did I misread, and there is another way of using the site?

Before that, I had a full one until I realized there was no chance I could ever hear all of those 1-free-audiobooks per month. I can hardly read, so before I get deeper into the audible. It is mainly used to make cancer cell visible. There is no therapy included, harambee. Comment RenaRd to cut a long story short: I cab hardly read, so before I get deeper into zjre audible. If by "Walkman" you mean "portable mp3 Player", the answer should be yes.

However, I've so far only ever done it with an iPod, i.

Escrementory Grindfuckers - Headliner der Herzen (Full Album)

But it should be possible with other technologies as well. Correction - I just checked it, and you can choose to download in either of the following formats: Apple, Android, Kindle or Windows Phone. What you cannot do is download as a simple mp3 format. Makes sense, because they don't want you to copy the books a hundred times to all of your friends.

It is indeed true that the English acronym is MRI. I know that normal MRI is not used for therapy purposes, but there are people who claim that the method can also be used for repairing cells and tissues. In the Wikipedia article http: I am sceptical about it, but I have not spent much time on the topic, so I'm not a good judge. One reply for RenaRd: It is true that MRI can be used to make cancer cell visible. There are, however, many other applications and I do not agree with the statement that diagnosing cancer is the main application of MRI. It stands for "Victims of Modern Imaging Technology".

As I said above, I won't doubt that findings from imaging technologies can result in unnecessary anxiety and even wrong therapies, but isn't that true as well with many other modern diagnosis tools? Comment No, I hadn't, harambee, thank you. My wifi was so slow yesterday that my patience was just about enough to load LEO pages. Not the same, but the question made me think of finding out if you carry the gene for a certain illness, which is possible with quite a few these days I think. But surely this only makes sense if there is, if not a cure, at least some treatment.

Do I really want to know that I have Huntington's Disease, for example, and will die relatively young and horribly at some point? Thanks to you too, Jessie. I have a tip in return if you don't already know, which I guess you do: You can download lots of podcasts from the BBC. It free and you don't even need to register. I have a walkman, too, RenaRd, and thought it a confusing name. Maybe they thought it was too good to waste on just one decade. Apparently you can swim with it too, but I haven't tried that. Comment I assume "diagnostic tools" is the expression I should have used instead of "diagnosis tools", but maybe there is an even better one?!

Yes, Gibson, genetic testing was one of the methods I had in mind. No, I didn't know that. Comment Wikipedia The therapy can be considered under the alternative medicine as it is not approved by conventional medicine. Es fehlt etwas im obigen Satz! The therapy can be considered under [the] alternative medicine Sobald etwas aber ans Tageslicht kommt, sind weitere Untersuchungen erforderlich.

Wie kommt das denn? Man beachte die Schreibweise: Comment Btw, for those among you interested in world history, I found a website called "Hardcore History" by Dan Carlin: He calls himself a history buff, and his podcasts seem to be extremely well researched as far as I can tell. My favourite so far was "Wrath of the Khans", a history of the Mongols in five instalments. I could not wait to get back to my iPod while listening to it. But there are others, equally excellent.

Entertaining, well-informed, his heart fully on the matter. Highly recommendable, if you're interested in history. Comment What political agenda does Dan Carlin have? I don't believe in the concept of neutral historians. Comment He's as neutral as can one be, in my opinion.

If he has a political agenda at all it's to show that mass murder should never be excused by saying: And btw, why would you take my word on his political agenda, not knowing what my political agenda is ;- If you're interested, try him, and if after an hour of listening he's not what you're looking for I guess you'll know what to do.

Comment I am back from Hamburg. You have been very unsnailishly busy, so I haven't read every detail. But one detail I picked up is that Jesse is from - or at least living in - Stuttgart. Nice to know - we are practically neighbors. Are you still reading them? I am so pleased to meet all those much-loved characters of Three Pines again! Comment Jesse, it seems you saw through my intentions. The words you would have used to describe Carlin's agenda would have shown me enough to complete my memo on you ;-. Comment Sometimes I feel very old-fashioned, but I cannot get used to audio-books, podcasts, informative you-tube videos and all that other stuff.

I prefer printed books, even though I sometimes use an e-reader for the easier logistics. I do have an opinion, but that doesn't necessarily mean I have an agenda not that I am a historian, far from it? Comment I think most of us have a political agenda. Maybe it is not always clear to ourself but there is at least something of a political agenda when I speak my mind about anything related to politics, isn't it? Aren't I'm trying to make the other one think something over when I say I didn't like the decision of party xy? And even when I buy a sports car or buy my organic food there is something of an agenda in it.

I do not think anyone is to blame for having a political agenda. Comment I agree with your basic sentiment, Emily, but 'agenda' does imply that I'm trying to get you where I want you. It's not just having an opinion IMO. Wik, I always thought I would not like e-readers, but it only took one book to turn me into a fan. I really surprised myself. I'm not sure about Mongolian history, of all things, but I do like history, so I'll check out this Dan person, thanks, Jesse sorry for mispelling your name earlier.

I'd probably get Walt h er wrong, too ;. Comment I agree with you Gibson, but for me 'agenda' does not mean I have to convince you in 1 hour. If it takes 10 days or 10 years where is the line? From which point is it an agenda and up to which point only an example? I'm doing all this stuff e. As there is no intention to convert others this is not like having an agenda. But from time to time I find myself looking at customers in the queue before and after me and wonder what they think about my shopping and if my example has any effects on them.

So maybe underneath the surface I have an agenda? I'm sorry but I just cannot answer this question and it gets more and more complicated the longer I think about it. Comment When I wrote my post I did use agenda in the sense Gibson describes it. So, it may be interesting to read what native speakers of English think. Carlin who is an American political commentator, amateur historian, and podcaster according to Wikipedia has an agenda. Comment No problem, harambee - I don't trust my judgement half the time ;- Emily, sorry but I didn't really understand your comment in The first paragraph, I mean.

Can you put it differently? Maybe I'm just tited. I understand "agenda" the way Gibson is it indeed a Gibdaughter? Comment Yes, but you will probably agree that the German words "Tagesordnung" and "Ansichten" do not carry that meaning. So, which of the translations at Dictionary: And if none of the translations carries it, is something missing?

Comment I've just checked: Comment In addition, for me, "Tagesordnung" clearly carries the meaning of things you want to achieve. I do like "Gibdaughter"!! Does one need to have a political agenda? I do have an opinion, but that doesn't necessarily mean I have an agenda, does it not that I am a historian, far from it? Ohne "does it" hat man keine Frage. Ich sehe die Sache wie Wik: Hoffentlich zahlt die Versicherung. Leider habe ich viel zu tun, muss aber schnell weg. Jemand anders muss basteln, denn ich habe bestimmt keine Zeit. A few "minimally invasive" corrections, i. Considering your level of German, this is probably just a typo.

You can't use "bekommen" in this context. The rest is perfect. Comment Does anybody need my two cents? Who came up with the idea it had something to do with convincing other people? To give an example: We had a jour fixe each Thursday to plan activities on certain topics with different parts of the company. I may have a political opinion and it might be very strong sometimes. However, I am almost sure I also heard the term 'agenda' without the 'hidden' in this meaning on TV.

What do ENS say? Comment Did you two read ? I'm not saying that LEO is infallible, but I'm not sure why you're ignoring the entry completely. It's also in the dictionaries: There is no secret agenda to increase taxes. Miller has his own agenda and it has nothing to do with football http: I think we all agree that 'opinon' is different. This is getting quite confusing.

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  • Die Schnapsidee: Roman (German Edition) eBook: Matt Dunn, Wolfgang Seidel: efycymepodor.tk: Kindle Store.

Maybe you're talking about something else and I got lost somewhere ;. Comment Oh gosh, I seem to have opened a can of worms. My apologies, and please let me clarify my post. I was specifically talking about political agenda, understanding "having an political agenda" as "ein politisches Ziel" haben. Now the political part here is where I'm a bit surprised. Why wouldn't a historian publish something without spreading a "political" message? Granted, a lot of them do, but all of them?

Maybe, depending on how you preceive the term "political". It's probably my own rather narrow interpretation of political that made me stop at this statement. Comment Ok, I brought up the term political agenda in , so I should be entitled to savor some of the worms: That's why I think that the way a historian presents history will reveal his political agenda. If he does not have any political agenda, he may be a very boring historian.

But it's probably my own global interpretation of the term "political" that resulted in my statement ;- By the way, where are you, hm -- us? Isn't that a topic for you? Comment Amy, thanks for the corrections. Gibson, when I wrote yesterday I was very much in a hurry as I had to leave at half past six. So maybe I did not really made my point.

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I wanted to say that from my point of view the gap between 'just having an opinion' and 'trying to get the other one where I want them' sometimes is very narrow. And personally, sometimes I do not see it at all. But I will stop to try to convince you that there is an agenda in the things we do much more often than we are aware of it. Otherwise you could claim I have one.

Comment Sorry, Gibson , for not referring to you Plan, schedule, to do list. No bad intention, no indoctrination so far, imo. Am I too Latin bound? Are we still talking about the same matter? After reading your I guess know what you mean…. But I will stop [to try] trying to convince you Edit: So maybe I did not really [made] make my point. Comment Great Battle Day today. At or around 8am, unfortunately three people should arrive more or less at the same time: Now, I can handle 3 in between, but 2 will have to go through our house before 1 does, but 1 is usually more punctual.

So I have to coordinate all this, get 1 and 2 going and then leave them alone and should still be at work around 9. To make things not too easy, we're still fighting with our son whether his window should also be cleaned or not, for him it's too much work clearing a path through the mess in his room. There were three pairs left when I arrived. The rest of the working day promises to be more peaceful. Meanwhile, at our house, the cleaning lady Polish and the window cleaner Portuguese are working hand in hand.

Maybe the beginning of a great love story? But my imagination is carrying me away.

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Comment How did the fight with the son end? I was once accused by my elderly - childless - uncle of having totally messed up their education when he saw their rooms with no free space on the floor Is the beautiful word " albeit " ok here, or is it too stilted? Comment I wonder where the general perception comes from that a child's room has to be tidy. A tidy room has no effect whatsoever on whether the kid is going to turn into a hoarder in later life.

I turned back unto a year-old for a second there Comment I'll see this evening how the fight went when I come home to see his window either cleaned or not cleaned. I told the window cleaner to do it unless the door is locked and my son to let him in. As far as keeping his room tidy and clean, we indeed totally messed up his education, whereas in most other respects, he's much better than I was at his age. Comment Jesse, where do you live that you only need to clean your windows once a year?

I didn't know they had houses ;- -- Does anybody know an Internet site that lets me hide my country? I want to see something on youtube that I can't because of Gema. I've tried various proxy servers promising anonymity, but youtube still knows I'm in Germany. I used to use hidemyass and seem to remember that that worked, but apparently you have to register now or become a member or somthing. I live in an area where nobody tells me how often to clean my windows. I decide when I feel they need cleaning, and in some rooms I certainly don't clean them more often than once a year.

Since we have a quite overgrown garden, not many neighbours have a very close look, and if some check and find my windows aren't cleaned often enough, they never told me so and I don't care. Would that be unspoilt Eden with houses? There used to be a Firefox Add-on which allowed to watch Youtube Videos you couldn't watch otherwise, but I forgot what it was called, and maybe this doesn't work any more. I used to have it, but now you mentioned it, I think it isn't there any more - seems to have disappeared with one of the latest FF updates. Not much help, am I?

Comment Where did I say anything about people telling you when to clean your windows? No, because apparently your windows do get dirty. I clean my windows when they bother me I like a clear view to the outside ; prim neighbours never entered my thoughts. So my idea of Eden is that the air is so clean that you don't need to clean your windows, and that's what my question to Jesse referred to as well.

Where I live, things get dirty quite quickly, although it's a lot better than it used to be, but I know that my brother, for example, has much less trouble with dirty rain etc. I appreciate the effort: Comment Gibson, hast du Tor probiert? Das war vor ein paar Monaten. Comment Gibson , sorry, that seems to have been a classical misunderstanding about the cleaning of windows.

I really like the characters, the single stories and the storyline about the internal intrigue which continuously develops through all the books. I couldn't understand why the books don't come out in German any more and asked the people of the publishing company - they answered, the books didn't sell well enough in German, and so they decided against it. I just couldn't believe it Comment I encourage you to continue with the Penny sequels Ja, Goldammer, das tue ich: Comment enigme, thanks for It's horrible to see such obvious mistakes, but please go ahead. Goldammer great to know that I'm not the only one using words simply because they are beautiful.

Sometimes I think this is quite bolt in a non native language. Coming back to England: My Flat there had windows that could not bee cleaned on the outside from the inside??? That is there where windows you couldn't open and it was impossible to clean them without a really long ladder. As I had none, I just didn't clean them and surprisingly: Comment Danke, Emily, dass du indirekt daran erinnert hast, dass keiner bis jetzt Goldammers Frage beantwortet hat.: Sind die Fenster im Zimmer deines Sohnes geputzt worden oder nicht?

Und was ist mit der Putzfrau und dem Fensterputzer — hat es gefunkt? No idea - they both had left before we were back home. The bags are packed, the car a small campervan, Viano Marco Polo is impatiently waiting to take off tomorrow morning, we have no bookings whatsoever, so tomorrow we may go up to somewhere around Chiemsee, then onwards to Italy, and Wednesday or Thursday arrive in Livorno to catch the ferry to Corsica.

Unless we change our minds en route and go to He'll stay in his room with no daylight coming through the dirty window. He's 19, btw, so there's a good chance he will survive without us. Die Geschichten um Armand Gemache und Three Pines sind nie ganz abgeschlossen, aber wenigstens war bis jetzt die Ermittelung des Mordes immer im selben Roman zum Schluss gebracht. Selbst die Helden benehmen sich sehr oft nicht besonders heldenhaft. So viele "troubled souls". Ihr seid wahrhaftig frei und ungebunden oder wie wir sagen: Comment bold vs bolt: I was unsure if I wanted the word with the d or the t, have checked both in the dictionary and have changed it.

From the voice in the off you learn that camping means ultimate freedom. Why should I spend my prescious holidays in a habitat less comfortable than my home and call it FREEdom?? Comment I don't have the time for the link, but I'd like to briefly answer you: I don't see any potential for strong disagreement in your posting. The very simple point is that nobody can claim to have "The Ultimate Definition" of what ultimate freedom means. For camping lovers, it may be camping where you can move on from one day to the next, like from Brittany to Lake Garda if the weather is ghastly up there which friends of mine have done, for example , can decide freely what you eat and when, don't have to change into "decent outfit" before dinner etc.

For others, your definition may be more appropriate. My mother could never understand why anyone would go camping with the family. She was right, too, of course. If so, I'd like to know what you think about this coming Thursday's Referendum. Will the outcome be an "Aye" or a "No"? Comment Sorry, folks, I'm transferring my question to the "Land und Leute" thread.

Well, I don't know if more often than you, but I'd give you a run run for your money, and I still like Camping Even though the term " ultimate definition of freedom" wouldn't nave crossed my mind in this context. Greetings from a nice camping just south of Livorno, where I can hear the cicadas and smell the pine-trees, which brings back memories A good place to stay.

Comment I can't believe the referendum is actually happening. This is so strange. How can Scotland not be a part of the UK anymore? It's like something from a book. Comment I wonder if the Scots are going to build a wall like the Ukrainians want to Sounds not nice for app. Comment I hope nobody will ever again build a wall to separate peoples or countries.

Comment Well Jesse , what I wanted to stress out was that IMO there might be more freedom living in luxury except the dress code than sharing the evenings with your neighbour in his sweaty muscle shirt on his hairy shoulders telling you every detail of his divorce. Comment A few times, during our "camping era", we had quite nice tent neighbours, and, to be honest, never any sweaty, gossipping divorcees. So, "there might be more freedom in luxury" is a statement that doesn't make sense to me; neither would "there is more freedom in camping" I also think that camping vs hotel isn't a mutually exclusive preference - you can like and practice both, can't you?

This is my two cents to your topic, RenaRd, although you haven't addressed me and seem to ignore my contribution - probably because it isn't controversial enough and you want discussion and not someone deflating your argument Comment A big nod to Goldammer's post, I agree. And here we are at the next camping site in Northern Corsica. Heavy rain last night, but today is fine. D Does any of you snails have experience with translation fees - or do you know someone who does? I was offered an assignment and need to submit a quotation? Sorry for making myself so scarce for a long while already.

I actually think of you guys quite frequently. Meanwhile we need one for five people - doesn't exactly speed up the decision process. Comment Hi Lore, I guess that answers will come by PM rather than here, but it would help if you gave some more information about the translation here so we don't have to ask individually in our PMs. How much is it, what kind of text fiction or not, specialist vocab or not etc.

Die Schnapsidee

It's not a big job, but it is sort of a test run for a big editing job. I was asked to translate a brochure of a quite specialised scientific project. Actually, I had to put down a number in the meantime, but I still would like to know if I am far out of range. I found fees per line for "normal" text.

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