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Where does Tibetan Buddhism stand regarding dope? Can you get wasted and meditate?.
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All About Buddhism: Alcohol, drugs and recovery

While I personally find all this very interesting and cannot possibly argue against the use of psychedelics in palliative care, I don't think they are appropriate in the context of Buddhist practice. This is especially true for beginners; maybe not so much for advanced practitioners. The experience of jhana or any mystical experience isn't nearly as important as the journey that gets you there. As profound as the insights that issue from a bright, malleable mind can be, they are absolutely secondary to the transformation that is won through the sweat, effort, failure, patience, and resolve that characterizes long term meditation practice.

The bumps and bruises are what transform us. They also better prepare us to receive and make use what wisdom is to be had in the jhana state. The fifth prescept , to abstain from taking indoxication, which causes heedlessness makes clear, that such has no base in the Dhamma and it's practice like taught by the Buddha.

Buddhism and Drugs

Certainty it can be observed that drugs lead many to what is called Buddhism, and usually even monasteries are much populated by heedlessness producing products consuming people as well as Monks and Nuns deriving from this sections, like here , even play around on this matter One does good to follow the advices of the Buddha to keep away from drugs if inyeresed to free and liberate youself from addictions and desires and uproot the cause, food , for it.

The indoxications with youth, health and live, are the first nedded to be seen as not conductive for long lasting happiness. Seeing oldage, sickness and death clealy and having the messenger suggesting psychedelic medicine insteed of helpful healing in for of renouncing and the great Samanas message, is merely the ordinary way to hopless try to escape from suffering, stress and pain.

Let hindrences better be then to test if the Buddha was right on avoiding it and to simply abstain out of convition, at first, from it, till path might be actually taken and suggestiins become clear and no more necessary in on save journey from that on till unbound.

This is a gift of Dhamma and not meant for commercial purpose or other low wordily gains by means of trade and exchange. I assume that a mind-altering drug might be appealing to people who are disatisfied with their perception of reality-as-it-is, and who crave thirst for for something else some alternate reality.

How does Buddhism look upon Marijuana and Alcohol. How about other drugs?

I think Buddhism recommends that you better perceive reality, and avoid views e. I fear that psychedelic drugs will distort your perception of reality And if the effect is only temporary then what's point Using mind-distorting drugs is not what Buddhism recommends Buddhism recommends a Middle Way, ethics, learning dharma, dispassion, and associating with admirable people as friends.

Also psychedelic drugs tend to be disabling, make you less capable than you were. I think the effects tend to be sensual e. Just a wee thought though: I think I sense a very slight tension between your fitting what you want to say into the ridiculously short time available, and wanting to give a kindly, easily understandable and absorbing presentation. At least, that is what I imagine I would feel if I were in your shoes, and what I for one often feel when giving Dharma talks.

I wonder if I am right in this case, or if I am projecting, and the fact of the matter is that you are always completely at ease?

We’re just crazy in general, especially when we’re high

Be that as it may, would that you were given more time for your excellent presentations. In the context of Today, to speak for so long uninterrupted is really quite a long time. Whatever the form, you have to try to match its constraints and I enjoy trying to do that on Thought for the Day. Your email address will not be published.


The real problem, I think most people agree, is a problem of consciousness. We need to change consciousness. So we need to have that conversation. Psychedelics are in the toolkit and we have to find the best way to use those tools in a way that is safe and respectful. Is there a risk here for spiritual materialism -- becoming attached to peak experiences and using them to strengthen the ego, rather than tame it?

I think there is a risk. The ego is so profound and so able to gain things and twist them around and co-opt them.

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So the standard cautions of set, setting and intention are important for your own fulfillment and for being a warrior for change. When do you think we transitioned from viewing altered states as sacred to viewing them as shameful?

But there was a concerted effort in certain periods of history to stamp that out for political reasons. For example, the Nixon administration declared a very special kind of war on substances. That created an atmosphere of repression and fear, and that served their political purposes.