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This presentation will provide an insight about the emerging technologies in contemporary prosthodontics and discuss their possibilities and advantages compared to the conventional approach. Thomas' Hospitals Trust , London. Vesna Barac Furtinger Zagreb, Croatia. Klaus-Dieter Bastendorf Eislingen, Germany. Der Fokus der parodontalen Behandlung lag in vorausgegangenen Jahrhunderten in der Entfernung der vermeintlichen Ursache der parodontalen Erkrankungen, dem supra- und supragingivalen Zahnstein und "infiziertem" Wurzelzement sogenanntes Ursachen-Wirkprinzip. Bei beiden Techniken steht die Substanzschonung im Vordergrund.

Im Seminar werden die wissenschaftlichen Grundlagen des modernen minimalinvasiven Biofilmmanagement vorgestellt. He obtained his PhD based on a thesis entitled: Leuven, and completed a postdoctoral research project on minimally invasive endodontology at the same university. Lars Bergmans worked in private practices in Brussels and Amsterdam. In he started a group practice in Brasschaat, Belgium. Besides his work in private practice Lars Bergmans is visiting professor at the K. Leuven and copromotor of a doctoral thesis on cervical root resorption Drs.

Lars Bergmans gives lectures and hands-on courses both nationally and internationally. Ashwini Bhalerao Mumbai, India. I look forward to achieving and mastering new methods and ways in which I can improve my work and the treatment outcome for my patients. Teaching oral surgery and spreading awareness gives me satisfaction and a chance to give back. Live to learn, Learn to teach, and Treat to heal.

The Book' - a global publication in which 50 leading women dentists from across the world have been invited to pen their experiences. The clinic has 3 operatory, 2 dental chairs, and 1 operating theatre. Work done encompasses trauma cases, oral pathology and tumours, orthognathic surgery, and surgical exodontia. Specialist in oral surgery Since Author or co-author of muliple scientific peer-reviewed articles.

Daniel Buser Bern, Switzerland. Josette has published over papers in peer-reviewed international journals and her work is cited over times. She has been awarded the Louis Grossman Prize by the French Endodontic Society in and is the only female recipient of this prestigious award. Management of tooth tissue loss may involve procedures involving the pulp.

This necessitates the use of materials that will not adversely affect the pulp. A number of materials are available on the market. The materials vary in composition, delivery and presentation. The clinician needs to be able to choose the right material depending on the clinical situation. The aim of this lecture is to discuss materials available for pulp therapy and also considerations for tooth restoration after pulp capping. Sevim Canlar Langenfeld, Germany.

I am passionate at organizing profitable online campaigns, dental events with using facebook as a marketing channel and generating new patients for dental practices with online marketing. Why the obsession with marketing? There are three main reasons I love marketing: Sandra Chmieleck Koblenz, Germany. Endodontics and Principles of Endodontics.

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Oder ist es nicht mehr als die "Big Brother is watching you"-Welt? Bettina Dannewitz Weilburg, Germany. Postdoctoral research fellow of the Medical Faculty, University of Heidelberg. Established dental practice in Weilburg and part-time senior lecturer at the Department of Operative Dentistry, University of Heidelberg. Alessandro Devigus Buelach, Switzerland. Geboren auf Sardinien Italien. Strub Lehrauftrag an der Uni Basel Abt. Lambrecht Forschungsprojekt an der Uni Genf Abt. Redaktor des "Dentist Newsletter" http: Aesthetic dentistry has evolved in many areas in recent years.

In the lecture, developments in materials, digital planning and their clinical implementation will be explained. Didier Dietschi Genf, Switzerland. Didier Dietschi was licensed in and got his doctoral and Privat Docent degrees in and , respectively, at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Dietschi spent 6 years as full time faculty in the departments of Operative Dentistry and Periodontology, at the Geneva dental school where he holds now a senior lecturer position.

He is also adjunct associate professor at Case Western University Cleveland. Dietschi maintains a part time activity in a private office in Geneva, dedicated to esthetic restorative dentistry. Dietschi has published more than 70 clinical and scientific papers and book chapters on adhesive and esthetic restorations; he also co-authored the book "Adhesive Metal-free Restorations", edited in by Quintessence and translated in 7 languages. Eric van Dooren Wilrijk, Belgium. Eric Van Dooren attended the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, where he received his degree in dentistry in After graduating he opened a private practice in Antwerp, Belgium, which is limited to periodontics, fixed prosthodontics, and implants.

He is an active member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. Van Dooren lectures nationally and internationally, mainly on esthetics, implants and esthetic periodontal surgery. Simon Doser Maastricht, Netherlands. She is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. The latest, was designed to strengthen and facilitate an interdisciplinary and interprofessional path forward, that benefits clinicians students, residents, private practitioners and most importantly patients.

As an enthusiastic and dedicated Junior Faculty at TUSDM, she has been actively involved with educational and clinical research projects. She is currently the only dentist selected internationally by Harvard University for the Macy Institute Program for Educators in Health Professions. Dragan maintains a private practice limited to periodontology and implant dentistry at Tufts Faculty Practice located in downtown Boston.

Diplomate American Board of Prosthodontics. Fellow, American College of Prosthodontics. Associate Fellow, Academy of Prosthodontics. Fellow, American Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthetics. Fellow, Academy of Prosthodontics. Fellow, Academy of Osseointegration. Director, American Board of Prosthodontics. President, Academy of Osseointegration. President, American Academy of Maxillofacial Prosthetics.

President, Academy of Prosthodontics. He granted his Ph. Peter Eickholz Frankfurt, Germany. He is a specialist in Periodontics UK. He authored more than publications in international peer-reviewed journals and book chapters and gave more than lectures and courses at national and international level. He is currently working as free lance researcher in clinical implant dentistry and periodontology. He is a specialist in Periodontics and authored more than publications and gave over lectures.

This seminar will be particular useful for those planning to submit any manuscript to the International Journal of Oral Implantology and is aimed at introducing the topic of how interpreting and writing scientific clinical papers. The matter may look quite complex for the majority of dentists and researchers but it is of extreme importance if you are really interested in knowing how facts actually are. The seminar will start with a conventional but interactive lecture about different study designs and when they should be used. The basic principles of how sound clinical research should be implemented will be presented and discussed.

Special emphasis will be given to studies evaluating the effectiveness of therapies since this is probably the topic which clinicians and patients could benefit the most. At the end of the lecture, participants are invited to present and discus jointly potential research protocols and related matters to facilitate their tasks in designing simple, effective and feasible clinical studies. At the end of the seminar your critical skills will be potentiated and you should be able to view the whole scientific literature with a different eye.

Wehrdienst als Stabsarzt in Weingarten. Assistenzzeit in freier Praxis. Sailer Vincent Fehmer absolvierte seine zahntechnische Ausbildung in den Jahren von bis in Stuttgart, Deutschland. Federico Ferraris Alessandri, Italy. Studies and dental degree at University Erlangen, Germany. So ist bekannt, dass fast jeder Zweite unter Gingivitis leidet und jeder Zehnte an einer schweren Parodontitis. Fradeani graduated in medicine and surgery from the University of Ancona in , where he then completed a specialization in Dentistry in He is the author of the two-volume series Esthetic Rehabilitation in Fixed Prosthodontics translated in 12 languages.

He runs a private practice limited solely to prosthetics on natural dentition and implants in Pesaro, Italy. Designing full-mouth complex rehabilitations on natural dentition and implants with optimum esthetics requires correct treatment planning, evaluation of the most suitable ceramic material and advanced skills. Today technology validly supports the clinician in the definition of an ideal treatment plan thanks to GETApp Guided Esthetic Treatment Application , an app that automatically analyzes all the values and esthetic and functional information on the patient to determine the best treatment to be chosen in accordance with the patient's and the clinician's needs.

The tool guides the dentist step-by-step through the complete decision-making process, aiding him or her in achieving optimal esthetic and functional results. The two main phases of data collection and processing offer detailed clinical explanations, which contribute to making GETApp a modern educational system for both simple and complex prosthetic rehabilitations. By the clinician following all of the suggested steps and entering all of the requested values and parameters, the app automatically generates a PDF file containing all of the information provided by the clinician.

This allows the dentist to easily share with the dental lab every detail for the fabrication of the ideal prosthetic work. This app is also designed to interact with other available technological tools such as new-generation 3-D face scanners , thus facilitating an entirely digital workflow for prosthetic rehabilitations. Innovative operative protocols such as the MIPP Minimally Invasive Prosthetic Procedures , combined with the use of modern digital systems such as the GETApp, represent a revolution in the approach to prosthetic treatment.

Roland Frankenberger Marburg, Germany. Habilitation, Ernennung zum Oberarzt. Forschungspreis der AG Keramik. Stellvertretender Vorsitzender der APW. Editor-in-Chief des Journal of Adhesive Dentistry. Eiji Funakoshi Fukuoka, Japan.

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He has had several academic appointments in periodontics at the above universities as well as at the Nihon University School of Dentistry in Tokyo, Japan, and Kagoshima University School of Dentistry in Kagoshima, Japan. Currently he is a clinical professor in periodontics at Kyushu Dental University in Kitakyushu, Japan. Dr Funakoshi has published more than 50 publications in national and international journals and given more than presentations at national and international meetings.

Our treatment goals for periodontitis usually requires life-long management of periodontally involved teeth and often includes various treatment modality. Periodontal intrabony defects are the most challenging treatment modality when compared to horizontal bony defects. Many studies have shown that it is possible to regenerate periodontal attachment in localized intrabony defects, including the formation of new root cementum, periodontal ligament, and alveolar bone.

This presentation also shows how to save teeth for years that many would prognose as questionable to hopeless. Dr Med Dent Degree. Christiane Gleissner Reichelsheim Wetterau, Germany. Klinische und wissenschaftliche Hauptarbeitsgebiete: Promotion zum Doktor der Medizin. Promotion zum Doktor der Zahnmedizin. Immer wieder sieht man es im Fernsehen. Wie kann so eine Schiene die Leistung eines Sportlers beeinflussen? He continued his education at the University of Kentucky, Department of Prosthodontics.

He received "The Smigel" award in October which is granted biennially by New York University College of Dentistry to honor the best esthetic dentists in the world for the social contribution they create, their support for the improvement of esthetic dentistry,their vision and determination and their ability to present innovative ideas around dentistry globally and the education they provide to the dental health professionals about advanced esthetics, technology and the new techniques in general dentistry.

He has been lecturing on dental aesthetics all over the world and giving post graduate lectures on aesthetics dentistry. He is the author of "The Science and Art of Porcelain Laminate Veneers" published by Quintessence publications in translated into 12 different languages. He has been practicing in his own clinic in Istanbul, specializing in Aesthetic Dentistry, since A renown sportsman, Dr. Manuela Hackenberg Edingen-Neckarhausen, Germany. Anke Handrock Berlin, Germany. Hajime Igarashi Kyoto, Japan. I graduated from Asahi University School of dentistry in My Mentor is Dr.

Smiler in Los Angels for training in implant surgery and prosthodontics. I have placed over immediate loaded implants for complete edentulous patients. Japanese Society of Oral implantology. After losing teeth and using ill-fitting denture for a long period of time, it is not only hard to masticate but also the movement of the masticatory muscles, facial expression muscles and tongue usually degenerate. Occlusal force cannot be fully demonstrated due to the loss of teeth and shortening the occlusal vertical dimension.

Occlusal force exerts by contracting muscles under the presence of teeth. It is necessary to smoothly move the tongue and early recover the chewing and swallowing motions through the superstructure of the immediate loaded implants with an established certain occlusal vertical dimension with myo-functional therapy. Tomohiro Ishikawa Hamamatsu, Japan.

In order to achieve esthetic results with anterior implants, it is necessary to three dimensionally augment bone along the dental arch to not only place the implant inside the bone, but to also support the soft tissue in harmony with the projected crown form. In many situations, not only hard tissue, but soft tissues are also significantly diminished, making soft tissue augmentation necessary.

In addition, grafting of connective tissue and adjustments to the superstructure are needed to create a stable and attractive soft tissue frame. Using several cases, this presentation will demonstrate hard and soft tissue management techniques to achieve natural and esthetic implant treatment results. Bei den Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro sicherte er sich die Goldmedaille, indem er seine Bestmarke auf 13,57 Meter steigerte.

Denn bei allem sportlichen Erfolg hat er seine Bodenhaftung nicht verloren und vertritt in Sport und Gesellschaft eine klare Meinung. To achieve long-term predictable results with implant therapeutics, stable hard and soft tissue around implant are prerequisite. Various approaches had been proposed to solve compromised situations simultaneously or prior to implant placement, however most of proposed new approaches had been diminished due to lack of scientific evidences, technical sensitivity, low patient quality of life during treatment and medico social aspects.

In this lecture, emphases will be made the efficacy of various approaches by reviewing long-term clinical results, especially solution to posterior maxilla, anterior maxilla and extended edentulous situations. In addition, the transition of the treatment concepts in 20 years and current trends of site development with minimal invasive approaches will be discussed. Matthias Kern Kiel, Germany. Studying Dentistry at the University of Freiburg i.

7 Decades of Quintessence Publishing - Speakers

President Schleswig-Holstein Society for Dentistry. Resin-bonded fixed dental prostheses RBFDPs, so-called Maryland bridges with two metal retainer wings have been introduced over 30 years ago for a minimal invasive replacement of missing teeth. However RBFDPs are still not considered a comparable treatment modality to implants by most of the dentists. In the meantime execellent long-term data of this minimal invasive treatment option are available. Similar concepts are now also implemented for the replacement of posterior teeth that show promising medium-term outcomes comparable to single tooth implants.

This lecture summarizes when zirconia ceramic RBFDPs present a favorable, minimally invasive and less costly treatment alternative to single tooth implants. Fouad Khoury Olsberg, Germany. Studium der Zahnmedizin an der St. Marko Knauf Freiburg, Germany. Ralf Kohal Freiburg, Germany.

Stefen Koubi Marseille, France. Dominik Kruchen Berlin, Germany. Since she was granted the degree of Doctor Medic. Thomas Malik Allershausen, Germany. National Sales Manager int. Philips Oral Healthcare, Hamburg. Siegfried Marquardt Tegernsee, Germany. He was a two-year assistant of Prof. Marquardt is founder and CEO of the Z. Fortbildungs GmbH, which organizes and promotes international dental symposia and practical courses.

He is an active member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry EAED , as well as numerous other national and international specialist associations. He take care of individual professional sport athlete and is the dental cooperation partner of the German Ski Association DSV. Zudem werden erste Studienergebnisse die Relevanz auf den Spitzensport darstellen. Modern implantology is becoming established as a routine treatment in daily practice.

Also full ceramic restorations are a matter of course in modern dentistry. There is an allegedly high degree of predictability and patients enter our practices with high expectations. However, despite the progress that has been made in many areas, what is often overlooked is the fact that implantology and high level restorations has not got any easier: The lecture will show the successful application of structured treatment planning, how to integrate the latest advances in implantology on the one hand and full ceramic restorations on the other hand into daily practice and how to solve even complex challenges by consistent involvement of functional aspects.

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Bart Van Meerbeek Leuven, Belgium. In , he became Full Professor and teaches Biomaterial Sciences since His primary research interest involves studies related to the adhesion of restorative materials to tooth tissue and more recently also on dental zirconia, remineralization and pulp-capping. This lecture aims to provide an update on modern adhesive technology to directly restore teeth. Composites can be bonded according to an 'etch-and-rinse' or 'self-etch' bonding protocol. Enamel requires phosphoric acid for durable adhesion, while phosphoric acid onto dentin is today less preferred.

Self-etch adhesives make use of chemical interaction and nano-technology. This lecture provides a full update on dental adhesives from molecular-level interaction at the adhesive-tooth interface to laboratory and clinical performance, with a clear practice-oriented message how to bond most durably to enamel and dentin.

Kathleen Menzel Hamburg, Germany. Insbesondere dann, wenn es sich um einen Kassenpatienten handelt. Hier gibt es einiges zu bedenken, damit die Planung glatt durch das Genehmigungsverfahren der Krankenkasse geht. Theoretisch ist das ja alles kein Problem, eine Interimsversorgung ist durchaus auch bei Kassenpatienten vorgesehen - aber praktisch? Eine richtliniengerechte Planung sichert den Abrechnungserfolg!

Rakushikai Healthcare Corporation Chief Exective. The pursuit of aesthetics in implant treatment catches the hearts of many implant logistics and doesn't hand away. The reason is that when many factors correlate with each other, even if one part of them is missing, the result is greatly affected. And there is a difficulty to reach the ideal goal. Particularly in aesthetically important parts, as shown by the concept of "Esthetic Triangle" by Zetu, Wang et al.

In addition, by applying advanced prosthetic technology, the aesthetics in implant treatment are achieved for the first time. In recent trends, we will examine biomaterials and new surgical procedures used for soft tissue formation for improving the aesthetics of implants.

Bosten, United States of America. This presentation will provide an update on minimally invasive esthetic implant surgery. The use of growth factors such a biotechnology-engineered Platelet-Derived Growth Factor has improved the ability to regenerate bone with less invasive procedures. Novel implant designs are improving our ability to load implants at the time of surgery.

A novel system will be presented including a one-year immediate loading study. The indications and contraindications for immediate loading will be presented. Understand minimally invasive grafting with growth factors 2. Learn various options for techniques and timing of soft tissue grafting in the esthetic zone.

Understand how novel implant designs can improve the predictability of immediate loading protocols. Graduated Tohoku Dental University of Dentistry. Merkst du bereits den Unterschied? Und heute soll es um genau diesen emotionalen Zugang zum Essen gehen. Isst du aus L. In dieser Episode zeige ich dir eine sehr effektive Methode um Stress abzubauen.

Lass dich darauf ein und gutes Entspannen! E02 - Befehl und Gehorsam. E01 - Borgen und Beugen. Ihr kennt sicherlich den Frucht-Smoothie. Was darf nicht rein? Welche gesundheitlichen Vorteile habe ich? Welchen Mixer brauche ich dazu? Oft sind wir in bestimmten Situationen oder sprechen mit den unterschiedlichsten Menschen. Wie treten wir mit diesen in Kontakt? Das und vieles mehr beantworte ich in dieser Folge.

Was verstehen wir unter Beweglichkeit? Was sind die Vorteile des Beweglichkeitstrainings? Ich werde einige Dehnmythen entlarven. Was versteht man unter dem Anspannungs-Entspannungs-Dehnen? Dies und vieles mehr beantworte ich in dieser Folge. In dieser Folge gebe ich euch einen Einblick in mein neues E-Book. Was nutzt es uns, wenn wir diese an uns selbst erkennen? Wie funktioniert unser Herz?

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Was ist ein Hoch- und Niederdrucksystem? Wie gelangt der Sauerstoff von der Luft an unsere Zellen? Diese Episode handelt von unserem Stoffwechselsystem. Was ist der Grund- und Arbeitsumsatz? Was verstehen wir unter dem Betriebs- und Baustoffwechsel?

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Wie stellt der Muskel Energie bereit? In dieser Episode geht es den Muskel und seine Steuerung. Wie steuern wir bewusst unsere Bewegungen? Wie arbeitet unsere Muskulatur? Diese Fragen beantworte ich in dieser Episode. Auch berichte ich, was Synergisten oder Agonisten sind. Und … was hat ein Haile Gebrselassie mit Usain Bolt gemeinsam? In dieser Folge geht es um unseren passiven Bewegungsapparat. Wie sind wir in der Lage uns fortzubewegen? Wie ist der Knochen aufgebaut? Welche unterschiedlichen Gelenkarten gibt es?

Diese Episode handelt von unserem Getreide. In dieser Episode geht es um den industriell hergestellten Zucker. Einige behaupten, Zucker macht krank und dick. Mit Zucker lacht eben das Leben, oder? Jede Veraenderung bedeutet Unsicherheit, Angst und Stress. Diese Ausgabe handelt vom Shoppen im Supermarkt. Im Supermarkt um die Ecke lauern oft Gefahren auf uns. Wusstet ihr, dass wir im Supermarkt mit Absicht manipuliert werden? In dieser Episode zeige ich euch, wo diese Gefahren lauern und gebe euch effektive Abwehrstrategien an die Hand.

Jeder hat sie, jeder braucht sie. Wenn wir hunger haben. Wann essen wir nicht? Wenn wir satt sind. Klingt logisch, aber warum ist das so? In dieser Episode blicken wir gemeinsam hinter die Kulissen dieser scheinbar einfachen physiologischen Prozesse. Und welche Rolle spielt die Psyche dabei? In dieser Episode geht es um das langsame und genussvolle Essen.

Man ist nicht nur das was man isst, sondern auch wie man isst. In dieser Episode gehe ich dem pH-Wert auf den Grund. Was versteht man darunter? Was passiert, wenn der pH-Wert nicht im Gleichgewicht ist? In welchen Lebensmitteln stecken Mikronaehrstoffe drin? In dieser Audgabe gehe ich der Frage nach, was man unter den Begriffen aerob und anaerob versteht. Gibt es ihn denn, den optimalen Fettverbrennungspuls und was ist wirklich dran?

In dieser Folge erfahrt ihr unter anderem Folgendes: