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Tommyhawk's Fantasies: Historical Stories (Expanded Version) - Kindle Going Straight to Gay Kindle Edition Tommyhawk's Fantasies: No Longer Straight.
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He's right here beside me, right now. Now you see me, now you don't. Chakotay tried to fend him off, but his hands were unable to quite grasp and he found himself suddenly erect and his cock ensconced in Paris' ass. And he was fully clothed! Paris began to bounce up and down on his cock and Chakotay groaned. Get someone to help me! Please, get it away from me! Commander, where is the alien? I'm a part of you, now. We're going to share each other for the rest of our lives. Well, the rest of your life, anyway.

Too bad it's such a short lifespan, but you'll be very, very happy for that length of time. I want all of it.

Again and again and again. I need your essence.

See a Problem?

We just have to figure out how to see it. She played a light beam over Chakotay, who was now making only incoherent sounds of joy. I figure you can last me at least a few months before I'll have to find someone else. Standing right in front of you, Flanders. I'm already scanning in X-ray frequencies. I just hope it leaves you alone long enough to let you recover. I'll walk you back to your quarters so you can get cleaned up. It said it had adjusted to me.

Tommyhawk's Fantasies: Historical Stories (Expanded Version)

And it's going to keep coming back again and again and again. We got some readings on it this time and we'll get more. I'm going to stick with you until we get this resolved.

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Flanders, let me borrow that tricorder once you've uploaded the readings. No imagination, no matter how vivid, could do that to your body. No, you're the victim of some force or other and that means we can find an answer. You've got friends who will watch out for you. And as I said, your crew already knows you're human. With his help, Chakotay made it to Sickbay under his own power. Naturally he'd have to be the one undress me, he moaned to himself. Swabbed a patch of pearl-colored jism from his pubic hair and dabbled it on the slide, handed it to the Doctor.

That is four percent lower than you were when I released you last time. You must avoid any further drain on your body for at least twenty-four hours. I am ordering you back to your quarters and straight to bed. I feel completely drained.

Tommyhawk's Fantasies: Historical Stories by Milford Slabaugh

He reached for his waistband and re-covered his crotch and fastened his trousers. To hell with my dignity, this is my life we're talking about. It's being siphoned off me a little at a time. Oh, that the hand signals designed to be private really aren't? This is a small ship with very few diversions available, and suddenly we had a genuine mystery to solve. So next time you used the signal, a visiting ensign took the opportunity to get on the turbolift with you and see where you went.

So we stationed a spy for the next trip. We were hoping for something much more elaborate and entertaining. I personally think so. It's not like you have that much distance between you and the crew the rest of the time. The soundproofing on that door is abominable, you know that. The Captain and I have to stand in as your de facto leaders, counselors, guides and parent-figures. What else can we do but hide our human frailties as much as we can?

After that, you can take the proper value of your leaders.

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I don't know a man on this ship, Chakotay, who wouldn't follow you right into certain death. And a stink coming from the lavatory after you use it isn't going to change that, no matter what you think. He stripped under Paris' careful watch and noted Paris' eyes trailing over his body. He felt so grateful for the gentle friendship Paris had shown that he actually didn't mind, he let him look all he wanted to, even thought of putting on a show. But that would have been too obvious, and he wasn't some Rigellian stripper, anyway.

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straight(ish) guys

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