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The S'rîmad Devî Bhâgawatam, Book 5 (The S'rîmad Devî Bhâgawatam) - Kindle edition by Swami Vijñanananda. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks.
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Srimad Devi Bhagawatam

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Customers who viewed this item also viewed. In Praise of the Goddess: The Devimahatmya and Its Meaning. The Song of the Goddess: Spiritual Counsel of the Great Goddess. The Glory of the Goddess. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Not Enabled Word Wise: His two eyes being pricked, the great Muni exceedingly pained, became very wrathful he incessantly gave vent to sorrows and remorse, being restless with pain.

At that instant it happened that the king, ministers, soldiers, elephants, horses, camels, so much so that all the beings that were there, had all their evacuations passing their urines and faeces stopped. All the soldiers came to the King and informed him of the stoppage of their evacuations. The King thought over the cause why this had happened. Cogitating thus, the King returned home. The highsouled aged son of Bhrigu has become specially proficient in his asceticism and has become supreme; I think someone must have injured him. Though I do not know who is that mischievous person that has shown him contempt or like that, this our state at present clearly shews that this is the fit punishment of that.

Thus the King, troubled with cares asked his soldiers, in an angry mood. Next he asked his friends in sweet words. The princess, seeing his father and his soldiers sorrowful, thought of her piercing the two eyes of the Muni with a thorn and thus spoke to the King: While sporting in that forest, I came to see a very hard anthill covered with creepers and shrubs wherein I found two holes, O King! Through those small openings, I saw the two shining things as if they were fireflies and thinking them so I pierced them with thorns.

At this time a faint voice I heard coming from that anthill. The King prostrated flat before the Muni and then with folded hands, praised him with hymns and humbly said to him: My daughter has done this wrong act while sporting; Therefore O high-souled One! What she had done unknowingly, do you forgive out of your own high-hearted-ness and liberality. I have heard that the ascetics are always void of anger; therefore now you have to forgive this daughter of the offence and thus shew your kindness.

I never was angry a bit; your daughter had pained me; yet I am not angry and have not cast on her any curse; you better see, that I am innocent; much pain is felt by me due to my eyes being pricked. It seems that you are sorry and troubled for that sin. On the one hand, I am now worn out by old age, and then, on the other hand, I am deprived of my eyes; what shall be now my means?

Please say, who will take care of the blind man? So kindly forgive the offence of the daughter. I have got many persons who will incessantly take care of you. I do not think that your servants will take care of me. If you think it your duty to please me, then do my word, give me your lotus-eyed daughter to serve me and take care of me. This, if observed, will satisfy me and all the troubles that are now with you and your army will no doubt disappear. Think and grant me your daughter; I am an ascetic observing vows and if you give over your daughter to me, you will not incur any sin nor any fault.

Who is there so stupid and vicious that knowing his good and bad, he for his own selfish happiness wants to deprive his beautiful daughter of the enjoyments of her married life. How will that fair eyebrowed daughter of mine pass her days happily in the company of this aged Muni when she will be overpowered by passion.

The more so when the young beautiful ladies are not able to conquer their passions though possessed of husbands of their own standard and liking, how then can my daughter conquer her passion on getting this old blind husband! Till at last, her husband Gautama finding that action contrary to Dharma, cursed him. What am I to do now? Is it advisable to give over my daughter to the Muni? Or is it better to suffer these pains?

Judge and say what is the best course for me. What shall we say in this critical juncture? How can you bestow your exceedingly beautiful daughter to that ugly unfortunate ascetic? Why are you looking so sad with cares? Perhaps you are very much troubled and sad for me. I have pained that Muni; so I will go and console him; what more than this that I will give up myself at his feet and please him. The Chyavana Muni is blind, aged and of a worn figure, especially of a very irritable temper; and you are a mere girl; how will you be able to serve him in that dreadful forest?

You are like Rati in beauty and loveliness; how can I bestow my daughter to that aged worn out, blind Muni for my own pleasure! The father marries the daughter to him who has got relations, who is of a proper age, strong, who has got unequalled grains and wealth, gems and jewels; never to a man void of wealth. You are exquisitely handsome; and that ascetic is very old; see what an amount of difference lies between you two. The Muni, moreover, has past his marriageable age; so how can I give over my daughter.

You always dwell in beautiful places; how can I now make you dwell for ever in thatched huts?

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O Cuckoo avoiced one! Rather will I and my soldiers die than to bestow you to that blind husband. Let whatever come it may, I will never lose patience; therefore, O One of good hips! I will never give you to that blind man.

Srimad Devi Bhagavatam - The Kundalini Goddess Holy Scripture - Part Seven

Do not trouble yourself for nothing with cares on my account. Give me over now to that best of Munis; then all the persons will be happy, no doubt. I will derive my intense pleasure there in that dense forest by serving with intense devotion my old husband, who is very holy. I have got not the least inclination towards these worldly enjoyments which are the sources of all troubles for nothing, My heart is now quiet. I will become a chaste wife to him and act according to his liking. The Ministers were greatly amazed on hearing these words and the King also became greatly pleased and took her to the presence of the Muni.

Going before him, he bowed down to the Muni and said: Chyavana Muni also became very glad to receive her. Thus the Muni became pleased; immediately the soldiers began to evacuate and were very glad. Seeing this, the King's heart became filled with joy. When the King, thus finishing the betrothal ceremony of his daughter wanted to return home, the thin bodied princess then told her father: Take away all my ornaments and clothings and give me for my use an excellent deer skin and one bark. I will dress myself like the wives of Munis and serve my husband in such a way as will bring to you the unparallelled undying fame in Heaven, Earth and the Nether regions; also I will serve my husband's feet so that I can derive the highest happiness in the next world.

I am now full of youth, especially beautiful; do not think a bit that as I am wedded to an aged ascetic, that my character will be spoilt. As Vas'istha's wife Arundhati has attained celebrity in this world, so I will also attain success; there is no doubt in this. The King could not help weeping, when he saw that his daughter had dressed herself like the daughter of a Muni.

He stood fixed, very sad, on that very spot. All the queens were exceedingly filled with sorrow to see the daughter dressed in bark and deer-skin. Their hearts quivered and they began to weep. He went with a grievous heart and returned to his own city, accompanied by the ministers. When the King S'aryati departed, that virtuous lady devoted her time in serving her husband, and the Fire. She gave to the Muni for his food various delicious roots and fruits. Seat made of the Kus'a grass. You are now to perform your daily rites Nitya Karma.

Next the princess brought fresh ripe fruits and cooked rice, grown without cultivation and gave to the Muni for his food. Next she made him sit on an excellent seat, and with his permission, performed her own bodily purifications. Order me what can I do now for you? If you like, I may shampoo your legs and feet.

At evening when the Homa ceremony was finished, she collecting delicious and soft fruits presented to him to eat. With his permission she, then, ate that were left of the fruits; next she prepared bedding soft to the touch and gladly made him sleep on it. When his dear husband thus laid himself on the bed, she shampooed his feet and legs and in the interval, asked him about the religious duties of the chaste wives of the family.

When the Muni fell asleep in the night, she devotedly laid herself close to his feet and slept. During the summer season when her husband was perspiring, the lady used to fan him with cool breeze. She took off his troubles and thus served her husband. Are you feeling pleasure in this? She kept ready water and earth and stood in readiness at a suitable distance apart.

Have you finished cleaning your teeth? Warm water is ready; may I bring it to you? You better bathe with that, uttering your Mantrams. Do the Homa regularly and worship the Devas. Thus that beautiful-faced princess worshipped gladly Chyavana Muni, serving Fire and the guests daily. At that time the princess, beautiful in all respects, was returning home after her bath in a pure clear stream and came to the sight of the two As'vins.

We are the sons of Devas; we have come to you to ask some questions. Wait for a moment; we request thus to you. Please answer our questions truly and properly. Whose daughter are you? We want to know something; please reply exactly. Your feet are exceedingly gentle; why have you not put on any shoes; why are you walking barefooted? Our hearts are being troubled to see you walking thus barefooted? O Thin bodied One! Your body is very soft that you ought to have gone in a car; why are you thus walking on foot and in such an ordinary dress in this forest?

Why have not hundreds of maid-servants accompanied you? O lovely faced One! Blessed is your mother from whom you are born, blessed is your father. Specially the person with whom you are married, we are unable to describe his fortune. This earth is being sanctified by the movements of your feet; consequently this garden is now purer today than the Devaloka.

Translated by Swami Vijñanananda

Boundless is the fortune of these deer and birds who can see you whenever they like; what more can we say than this that this forest is rendered very pure. O Fair One with fair eyes! It is needless to praise your beauty; speak truly who is your father and who is your husband; we like very much to see them.

On hearing their words, the exquisitely beautiful princess bespoke to the twin Devas with much bashfulness: I am his chaste dear wife; the Maharsi is staying in this very place. My husband is a blind ascetic and he is very aged. I gladly serve him day and night according to the rules of chastity amongst women. And why have you come here?

The two As'vins heard her and said: Why has your father betrothed you, such a gem, to an old ascetic? It is very strange. In this solitary forest you are shining like a steady lightning; what more can we say than this that we hardly find a beautiful lady like you, even in the Devaloka! The Deva dress and a full set of ornaments and blue dyes look well on you; this deer-skin and barks of trees in no way fit you.

Your eyes are very large; yet the Creator has given you a blind husband; specially a very aged one; and you are wearing away by constantly dwelling with your blind husband in this forest. What more can be wrong for the Creator than this? In vain you have selected him for your husband. At this period of your youth and beauty it does not look at all well to see you with your blind husband.

You are versed in dancing and music; but your husband is blind and aged; when in dancing you will shoot your darts of love, on whom then, will those arrows fall? The Creator is certainly of a very little understanding! Else why would he have made you, so full of youthful vitality, the wife of a blind man? You are never fit for him; select another husband. Your husband is not only blind but an ascetic; so your life is quite useless; we do not consider it fit that you reside in this forest and put on this bark and deer-skin.

Your body and every limb thereof is very beautiful; judge well and make one amongst us your husband. Why are you being so very beautiful, spending your youth in vain in serving this Muni? No good signs are visible in this Muni; he cannot maintain nor protect you even ; why are you, then, serving him in vain? Leave at once this Muni, quite incapable in giving any sort of pleasure, and marry one of us.

How will you spend your time with the aged husband, being brought to so much humiliation and without any dignity and self-respect. You are endowed with all auspicious signs; moreover you are a princess; you are not ignorant of all enjoyments in this world; why then you like to live such an unfortunate life in vain in this forest? Your face is exceedingly beautiful; your eyes are wide and your waist is thin. Your voice is sweet like a cuckoo.

Who is more beautiful than you? Quit now your aged ascetic husband and marry one of us for your happiness; then you will be able to enjoy excellent celestial things in the heavens. What pleasure can you derive by your staying in this forest with your blind husband! It is very painful for you to serve at this young age of yours, to remain in this forest and serve this aged man.

Is it that you like troubles and nothing else. O One with a face lovely like the Moon! We see that you are of a very soft body; so to collect water and fruits is never a duty fit for you. Chapter V On the getting of youth by Chyavana Muni Hearing their words, the princess began to tremble; but holding on patience she spoke to them in reserved terms thus: You ought not to speak to me in the above mannner. Father has betrothed me to the Muni practising the Yoga Dharma; besides I am chaste; how can I behave like a prostitute!

This Sun is the Witness of the actions good or bad of all people; He is therefore looking on our actions also. Besides you both are born in the family of the high-souled Kas'yapa. Thus it is utterly wrong for you to utter such irreligious and infamous words. You know well the course of Dharma, what is religious and what is irreligious in this world which has got nothing substantial; how can a family woman leave her husband and serve another? Go wherever you like, O Sinless Devas!

Otherwise I will curse you. Hearing these words, the As'vins were greatly surprised, and, afraid of the Muni, spoke again: We are very much pleased to see your chastity; therefore, O Beautiful Woman! Ask boon from us; we will grant it for your welfare. We, the physicians of the gods, will certainly make your husband exceedingly beautiful and young, O Smart and Intelligent One! When we three will be exactly the same in figure, age and lustre! I have seen the two Devas and their bright bodies.

Hearing this as strange, I now come to inform you. Now judge and say what I am to do now. The Deva's Maya is very difficult to comprehend; the more so, when I do not know their intentions! I will act as you desire. Go just now, at my word, to the As'vins and bring them, O auspicious One! What more shall I say than this: There is no need to think over this matter. You are the chief gods; now do as you say. I agree to observe what you desire. Next the two As'vins entered into the water of that tank.

A few minutes after, the three persons came out of the tank. All were equally bright, equally beautiful, equally young and their limbs were decorated equally with earrings and various other ornaments. They all spoke simultaneously: There is no other woman beautiful like you, especially your face is very clean and fair; therefore select any one of us three as your husband. Whomever you love most, choose him. She became doubtful on seeing their equal appearances.

The princess, not being able to distinguish her husband, became very anxious and thought: They are exactly the same.

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I cannot distinguish who is my real husband? This may be the magic set up by the two As'vins. However, I am put to a great crisis. I won't ever select another who is not my husband. Therefore my death is well nigh; what to do now? The third form seen now may be also a Deva's son. Under most painful circumstances I take refuge unto Thee; preserve my chastity; I bow down to Thy feet. Salutations to Thee, born of lotus.

O Thou, the dear consort of S'ankara! Salutations to Thee, Thou hast created the world, moving and unmoving; Thou art preserving it without being least excited; again Thou art swallowing it for the peace and well-being of all. Thou grantest Bhukti enjoyment and Mukti freedom to the souls that are cleansed and pure; Thou givest pain to those that are entirely void of knowledge and Thou grantest happiness to those that are endowed with Sattva Guna. Thou bestowest Siddhi the success, the eight supernatural powers , fame, and victory to the Yogis! Being merged in an ocean of bewilderment, I come now to take refuge unto Thee.

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Save me by showing my real husband. Knowing my vow of chastity dost Thou enlighten me so that I can know my husband. She then looked again at the three personages, and though they were similar in appearance and beauty, instantly she recognised mentally her husband and chose him. You have done much good to me. I used to feel pain every day, in spite of my having this wife having good hairs! But owing to your mercy, I cannot describe how happy I am now in this world of woes and troubles. Therefore, O twin Devas!

I desire to do something good to you in return. Fie on him, who does not return anything for the good that he has received from a beneficent friend. That man remains indebted for ever in this world; therefore I am desirous to give you two now whatever you want. Even if the Devas or the Asuras find it difficult to attain, I will give that to you to free myself of the debt I owe to you. I am greatly pleased at your good deed; therefore be kind enough to speak out whatever you desire. We have got all our desires by the grace of Father! Still it is difficult for us to drink some libation along with the other Devas and we thirst after that very strongly.

Therefore, O Knower of Dharma! You will certainly do us a great favour if you can make us drink the Soma juice; we would be very glad and have our desires satisfied. I was blind and aged; but now I am become a young and beautiful man, and it is by your grace that I have got back my wife. Hearing these words of the Muni, the twin As'vins were greatly pleased and went back to the world of the Devas. How did Maharsi Chyavana make these twin Devas drink Soma and how his words came out to be true. Human strength is insignificant compared to Indra's strength. Indra forbade the physicians, the As'vins, to drink the Soma juice.

How then could the Muni give the right thereof. This is very wonderful. Therefore, O Thou, devoted to Dharma! Describe in detail the doings of this Maharsi Chyavana. I am very anxious to hear it. I am now narrating to you his entirely wonderful character. Now, once on an occasion, the wife of S'aryati became very anxious and trembling said to her husband weeping: You have betrothed your daughter to the blind Muni Chyavana; now it is your duty to go and enquire whether the daughter is living or is dead.

What is my beautiful daughter doing with that husband. I always burn in pain and agony when I think of her. She is suffering an everlasting pain from having an aged blind husband; and it is quite likely she has become very lean and thin, I am anxious, therefore, to see my daughter lean and thin who is wearing barks of trees as her dress. I am going gladly just now to see my dear daughter and that Muni of severe vows. On reaching there, he saw the Maharsi Chyavana like a Deva's son. Seeing his body like that of Deva, the King became bewildered and began to think thus: Has my daughter done such an ugly act, blameable in the society!

That Muni was very calm and quiet, penniless and very old; my daughter, perhaps, being overpowered with passion, killed him and has taken, no doubt, another husband. It is indeed difficult to control the God of Love, armed with his flowery bow: So this daughter impelled by lust has thrown a dreadful stigma on the clear name of the family of the great Manu.

Fie on him whose daughter in this world is of a vicious character! It seems that daughters are born for the expiation of all the sins committed by their fathers. But what an unjust act have I committed for my own selfish ends? If I kill my daughter, vicious and unchaste, I will incur sin due to killing a woman and moreover my daughter. I am the cause of this stain on Muni's line of descent. On the one hand, the scandal on one is very powerful; and the affection for a daughter is strong on the other. How is it that your face has become so pale with anxious thoughts, seeing the Muni sitting in front of you, a young man with lotus-eyes.

What are you thinking? You belong to the famous Manu's family; besides, you are a high-minded man; you ought not to be sad so suddenly; come quickly and bow your head down before my husband. Hearing thus the daughter's words, the King became impatient with anger and began to speak to her: Where is that aged blind ascetic Muni Chyavana and who is this youth intoxicated with lust? A great doubt has arisen in my mind. Have you slain that Chyavana Muni and engaged yourself in such a sinful act?

O You, a Disgrace to your family! Have you accepted another husband out of your desire of lust? Now I don't see the Muni; but instead of him, I see this bright person. And thus it is on account of your sinful behaviour that my mind is drowned in the ocean of cares. He is your son-in-law; He is the same Chyavana Muni; there is no doubt here. The twin As'vins have given him this beautiful lustre and lotus-like eyes.

I am not your that daughter that will do a vicious act as you think, beguiled by this beautiful form of the Muni. Bow down before the Chyavana Muni. Ask him and he will tell you everything. How have you got your eyes back? Where has your old age gone? Kindly narrate all your details as early as possible. Seeing your exquisitely beautiful form, a great doubt has arisen in me; so tell me everything in detail; I will be very glad, no doubt.

The two As'vins, the physicians of the Gods, came here on their own account and have done me this good out of their mercy. Thus I have got these beautiful eyes and the new youth; therefore, O King! Collect yourself and sit in the holy sacrificial seat. I have promised to the As'vins that certainly I will make them drink the Soma juice. I will have to carry that out in your sacrifice. The King then shewed respects to the Muni and, with a pleasant attitude of mind, returned to his city with his wife, all the while talking of the Muni on the way. On a good auspicious day he, possessed of enormous wealth and prosperity prepared an excellent place for the performance of the sacrifice.

At the commencement of the sacrifice, Indra and the other Devas and the two As'vins all came to the sacrifice to drink Soma. Who has brought them hither at this great Agnistoma Sacrifice? The Devas remained all silent. Chyavana Muni then became ready to offer Soma to the As'vins and Indra immediately stopped him saying: O Lord of the Devas! What is the fault then, of the As'vins, the physicians, that they be prohibited to drink Soma juice. This point must be settled by all the Devas here.

I have promised to make them drink the Soma juice in this sacrifice. To keep my word I have initiated the King in this sacrifice.

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  • I will have my word fulfilled; there is no doubt in this. They have given me my youth and bestowed my eyes and have done me great good. I will also do good to them to my best. You need not make them drink Soma. This is quite impossible. On the springing of this dispute, no body spoke to Indra. When the vessel filled with the Soma juice was given to the two As'vins, Indra became very angry and showing his strength, spoke thus to the Muni Chyavana.

    Never will you be able to endow him with such a high honour. Do not insult the two highsouled As'vins. They have given me beauty, youth and lustre and made me look like a second Deva. Just as the other Devas can take the vessel of Soma excluding you, so the two powerful As'vins can do the same towards you. I will just now sever your head. At these words of Indra, the Muni made the As'vins accept the Soma cup, thus highly insulting, as it were, Indra and not taking any notice of his words. Indra, too, angrily hurled thunderbolt on him in the presence of all the Devas.

    The weapon shed lustre like million Suns. Seeing the thunderbolt hurled on him, the powerful Muni made the Indra's thunderbolt stand stock still by virtue of his Tapas. The powerful Muni then adopted black magic to kill Indra and offered oblations of clarified butter and grains, purified by Mantrams, in the Fire. The horrible Demon, named Mada, was terrifying to all the beings. His body was huge like a mountain, teeth very sharp and terrible. Four teeth were hundred Yojanas long each, and his other teeth were ten Yojanas long. His arms were like mountains, very long and fierce; tongue, horrible, rough and so very long that it reached up to the heavens.

    His throat was like a mountain peak hard and of a furious appearance; nails resembled tiger's, hairs horrible. His body was jet black like lamp black; face very terrible, eyes bright like the conflagration fire and awful. One of his jaws touched the ground and the other touched the heaven.

    Thus was born the Demon, named Mada, of huge form. Looking at him, the Devas became suddenly frightened; Indra, too, got very much terrified at the sight of him and did not want to have any more fight. The Demon swallowed Indra's thunderbolt, looked at the sky, and stood up as if to swallow at once the whole Universe. He became infuriated with rage and pursued Indra to devour him.

    Seeing this, the Devas cried aloud: The Lord of the Devas, then, with thunderbolt in his hand, looked on the Demon as Death personified and remembered his Guru, skilled in the knowledge which is the proper time to perform a certain thing. The liberal-minded Brihaspati knowing the time of imminent danger, and that he is remembered by Indra, at once came to the spot. He then judged what to do in the present crisis and told Indra: This cannot be averted even by Mantrams; what to speak of thunderbolt! This powerful Asura Mada has arisen from the sacrificial hearth by virtue of the Tapas of the Chyavana Muni.

    The Muni's power is especially felt here. Nobody, You, I, nor any other Deva will be able to resist him. So no other body is able to defeat him. There is no doubt in this. So it is better for you now to take the shelter of the Muni. Hearing thus from his Guru, Indra went to the Muni and bowed down shuddering, before him. Forgive me and stop the Asura from his intention to slay the Devas. O All knowing One! Be pleased, I will keep your words.

    The two As'vins will, from this day, have the right to drink the Some juice. This I speak out to you in truth. Be graciously pleased unto me. Your intention will never be baffled. Especially I know you to be a knower of Dharma; so, you will never be able to make your word swerve from truth. Know that what I have done is simply to test your prowess in Tapas. Now do this favour to me and take back your, this Demon Mada, sprung from your sacrificial hearth and thus do good to all the Devas.

    Then the Maharsi Chyavana consoled the Devas that were very much perplexed and anxious out of terror of the Demon named Mada and divided the Asura into four parts 1 female sex, 2 drinking, 3 gambling and 4 hunting animals. When Mada was thus divided into four parts, the terror stricken Devas felt themselves relieved and saved and got consoled. Chyavana then placed the Devas in their respective stations and completed the sacrifice. Revata had one hundred sons of whom Kakudmi was the eldest and of pure character. When the daughter reached a marriageable age, the King began to think where he could get a prince of a good noble family.

    I entertain a great doubt on this point. Man, when he discards his body, can go to the Heavens. In ancient times, the Kings Kakutstha and others went to Indraloka, in their human bodies. Even the powerful Daityas used to conquer the Indraloka and resided there at their will and pleasure. On the way the King saw Her. It is only the abundance of good merits that is the only cause of going to Heavens. So you ought not to entertain any doubts on this.

    Speak out all these in details to me now. This good daughter is mine; now kindly say who will be her bridegroom. To whom shall I betroth this daughter? I have come to you to ask on this point I have searched for many princes and seen also a good many of them and none of them is to my liking and so my mind is not at rest. Therefore I have come to you. Kindly select one bridegroom for her. This is my prayer. The princes that you thought would become the bridegroom of your daughter, all died; their sons and grandsons and their friends even have all passed away.

    The Daityas sacked your city. Becoming very haughty, he began to govern himself the countries of other kings and began to tyrranise over the subjects. The Earth became so much troubled by the armies of the wicked Demon Kings, that She became quite unable to bear further loads. He has slain that vicious wicked Kansa and has installed Ugrasena in his place. Then he went alone to the camp of Yavana and led him away to a mountain cave where was sleeping the King Muchu Kunda and had then the Yavana King slain by Muchukunda. Krisna brought together the artists and got built exquisitely the beautiful palaces, forts, and markets and stalls, etc.

    His elder brother Baladeva, the carrier of the plough, is celebrated. Thus he with Musala in his hands is a great warrior and the part incarnation of Ananta Deva. He is the fit bridegroom of your daughter. So give your daughter in marriage, without any delay, according to the rules of the marriage ceremony to Sankarsana Balabhadra.

    That sacred retreat is the park recreation ground of the Devas, holy and yielding to human beings the objects of their desires. Reaching there he gave over his all auspicious daughter in marriage to Bala Deva duly according to the rules and regulations. You have uttered one wonderful thing. How could this be! How could they have lived so long!

    Were their longevities ordained to be such a long period! So what doubt there can be that the people there will be long-lived, free from old age and death! He spread the Solar dynasty and became celebrated. That high-souled monarch sent also other eight sons to govern the countries in the South. He kept the remaining two sons by his side for his own service. He hunted in the forest lots of boars, pigs, deer, and hare. The remaining excellent meat he brought and handed over to his father.

    When that meat was brought to be sprinkled for purification, the family priest Vas'istha, on seeing it, at once came to know that some portion had already been eaten and it was the remaining part. Vas'istha informed the King of this defect in the food. In accordance with the Guru's advice, the King coming to know thus the violation of the rule by his son, became very angry and banished his son from his kingdom.

    He gladly passed his time absorbed in religion and sustained his life on forest fruits and roots. After sometime when his father died, he inherited his kingdom. How and why was the prince named Kakutstha. Why was he known by the two other names? Speak all this to me. That religious king then began to govern the country of his father and grandfather with an authority supported by a powerful arm.

    The eternal great Visnu full of intelligence and bliss then addressed the Devas: He will be your ally and kill all the Demons. That King is religious; especially he is a worshipper of the Highest S'akti. He is a good archer and will come to help you. His strength is immense. Seeing the Devas at his palace, the king worshipped them duly and with great care and he asked them why they had come there.

    When you have favoured me by your presence here, I am blessed and sanctified; my life is crowned with success. Say what I can do for you; I will carry it out even if it be very hard for me to perform. Please help and back us and defeat the Daityas, invincible by the Devas and form an alliance with Indra. By the grace of the Highest S'akti, you have nothing unattained anywhere; so we have come to you by the order of Visnu.

    I can back you and become your ally if Indra carries me on his back in the time of war. I will fight now with the Daityas for the Devas; but I will go to the battle-field on Indra's back; this I speak to you truly. The Devas then spoke to Indra: It is now your bounden duty to do this; so quitting shame, be a carrier to this King. The King mounted on that bull to go to the war; he fought while taking his seat on the hump on the shoulders of the bull Kakud ; therefore he was named Kakutstha.

    He bade farewell to the Devas and returned to his own kingdom. Thus the alliance was formed with Indra. Kakutstha became very celebrated on this earth; his descendants became kings and were known as Kakutsthas and were all very famous here on this Earth. Prithu was the part incarnation personified of Visnu, and worshipper of the feet of the Supreme S'akti.

    His son was Visvarandhi; he became king and governed the kingdom. His son was Chandra; he came to be king, governed his subjects and multiplied very much his issues. He became the Lord of the earth by the power of his arms. His son was Nikumbha; he became the King. His son was the powerful Parasenajit; his son's prowess knew no bounds. Then the ministers tore asunder the belly of his father and got him out. What you said was never seen nor heard ever before since. This sort of birth is highly improbable.

    How was that beautiful son born in the belly of his father? Describe this in detail and satisfy my curiosity. The King always thought much about his son. Once the King, sorry and desirous of a son, went to the holy retreats of the Risis. On arriving there, he began frequently to respire heavily before the ascetics. The Risis became filled with pity on seeing his sorrowful condition.

    Why are you thus sorrowful and distressed? What is your sorrow that is troubling your heart? We will surely redress your grievance. I have got the kingdom wealth, excellent horses, one hundred illustrious chaste wives. I have no enemies in the three worlds; no one is stronger than me. All the Kings and ministers are obedient to my call. I have no son; this my sonless state is the only cause of my pain and sorrow. It has marred all my happiness.

    The persons that have no son cannot in any way go to Heavens. Therefore I am always being pained for this. So kindly order me what sacrifice is fit for me to have a son. If you feel any pity for me, kindly perform this good work for me. Hearing the words of the King they were all filled with pity; and, with fulness of mind, made him to perform the sacrifice whose presiding deity was Indra. When they came to know that the King himself drank the water, the Munis thought this to he an act of Daiva Fate and completing the sacrifice returned to their abodes.

    Then the King became pregnant by the power of the sacrificial Mantrams. After some time, the son became fully developed. Then the King's ministers, cutting his right bowel, got the son out. Out of the God's favour, the King did not die. Chapter X On the story of Satyavrata Her limbs were proportioned and perfect and so she was very beautiful. Purukutstha had his son Anaranya; this prince was celebrated by the name of Brihadas'va. He was very religious and deeply devoted to his father.

    His son was Haryas'va; he was religious and knew the Highest Reality. Aruna's son was Satyavrata; he was very avaricious, lustful, wicked and wilful. What harm has been done to you by my son. You are the foremost of the powerful. So your son is like you. You have rendered to-day your name useless by perpetrating this evil act. Get away from my house! You will never be able to live in my territory! Where shall I go? Go and live with them happily. O Disgrace to your family! I don't like to get issues through you: When he was banished by his liberal minded angry father the Guru Vas'istha instigated the King to the above purpose.

    His father, then, owing to some inexplicable cause, quitted the city and, for the sake of his son, went to the forest to practise austerities. Owing to that sinful act, Indra did not rain at all in his kingdom for twelve years. The beautiful wife of Kus'ika then fell into great trouble how she could maintain the family.

    Customers who bought this item also bought

    The chaste wife of Kaus'ika became very much troubled seeing all this. The husband is not also near; so who would protect my children? The boys are incessantly crying. Fie therefore to my life! He does not know these, though he is quite able. Save my husband, who else will support my sons? They will all die now of starvation. I ought not to do otherwise and kill all my children; so I will now sell one of my sons to support the others. The Muni's wife, for the sake of the other children, fastened the middle son by a cord and got out of her house.

    The prince Satyavrata saw her distressed with pain and sorrow and asked: What are you now going to do? This boy is crying; Why have you tied him by a rope round his neck? Speak out truly to me the cause of all this. These are my sons. I am now going, for want of food, to sell one of these out of my own accord. There is no food in the house; so I will sell one to support the other sons. I will bring to you your articles of food from the forest till your husband does not come here. This I speak truly. He became a great Risi afterwards. He used to hunt wild boars, deer, buffaloes, etc.

    The Risi's wife used to give those to her children. Thus getting excellent food, she felt very happy. Satyavrata, too, used to sustain his livelihood daily by hunting, accordig to his father's order; and abiding by Dharma, lived in the forest outside the city. Satyavrata cherished always in his heart, for some cause, a feeling of anger towards Vas'istha.

    When his father banished his religious son, Vas'istha did not prevent his father. This is the cause of Satyavrata's anger. The virtuous Vas'istha knew that; yet he did not prevent the King. One day the prince did not find anything for hunting; he saw in the forest the cow of Vas'istha giving milk. Very much distressed by hunger, the King killed the cow like a dacoit, partly out of anger and partly out of delusion.

    O One of good vows! Kindly hear me; I with my head bowed down pray to you, that you all be my priests Ritt-vigs. You are all versed in the Vedas; so kindly do for me duly the Homa ceremony equal to one-tenth part of Japam, for my success. My name is Satyavrata; I am a prince; you ought to do this work for me for my welfare. You are cursed by your Guru and you are now turned into a demoniacal state. What shall I do now in living even in the forest. She manifested Henself before him and spoke in a voice deep like a rain-cloud. What have you settled all these? Never throw yourself in fire; be patient.

    Do leave your depression of spirits. Tomorrow the ministers of your father will came to you to take you there. The virtuous King, grieved at heart, for his son, said to his ministers: I have forsaken my intelligent son Satyavrata; though he was very spiritual and worthy to get the kingdom; yet, at my command, he instantaneously went away to the forest. So go hurriedly and, consoling my powerful eldest son, bring him at once to me. My son is now capable to govern the subjects; I will now install my son on the throne and retire to the forest.

    What a cruel act have I done, though I know everything about religion, in banishing my intelligent son, quite fit to govern my kingdom. The King, versed in politics, then began to speak gladly with suffocated feelings of love to his son sitting by the side of him. Never speak falsely anywhere nor follow any bad course in any way.

    Rather the words of the spiritual good persons ought to be fully observed; the ascetics ought to be worshipped. Senses must be controlled and the wicked cruel robbers are certainly to be slain. Any enemy howsoever insignificant he may be, a clever King should never overlook him. Spies should be kept to watch friends and foes alike. Show your living regards to the religion always, and make charitable gifts. One ought not to argue in vain and always avoid the company of the wicked.

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