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It seems it was as filthy then as it is now. You also get a feel for the time through the verbiage of the characters, the way they dress, travel and even flirt. You will spend some time binging a few words, but it is worth your time. Starts out a little slow, but morphs into a page turner.

He writes about her as if he had held her close, smelled her skin, kissed her lips. When I finished the book I watched the silent movie "A Fool there was". It was the whipped cream on the sundae of the book. You will like this book.

The Director's Cut - Kiss Me My Fool - The Theda Bara Mystery Series

Oct 28, Anastasia Atelier rated it really liked it. Being a fan of the early cinema, hello I seem to love Fritz Lang's Metropolis for some odd reason, I found this book a treat. Christopher truly loves this era and it shows in his writing as his protagonist Tony Swanson tries to solve a murder.

Mar 03, Lona Manning rated it really liked it.

The Director's Cut: A Theda Bara Mystery

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A lively period mystery. I think I would enjoy it more as a movie than as a book, especially the explosive finale. Great for silent movie fans. Jan 26, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: It's and on the set of a silent film production disaster strikes repeatedly, someone is killed then the sets burn down. The up and coming exotic star Theda Bara actually not from Europe but Cincinnati is counting on this movie to make her a star, so enlists the help of her makeup man Toby to solve the mystery.

Was it murder or an accident? Theda is not just a pretty face and is smart and determined about getting to the bottom of it while fighting to save her film career. It's a very enter It's and on the set of a silent film production disaster strikes repeatedly, someone is killed then the sets burn down. It's a very entertaining read involving the seamy side of the film world, with guns, explosions and narrow escapes. Look forward to the planned sequel. Catherine rated it it was amazing May 06, Dashasia Ohlson rated it it was amazing Aug 16, Theda Bara rated it really liked it Aug 28, Apr 08, J.

That night I ran into my friend Bobby Nixon. He thought he saw me petting an actress and walked over. I looked up to see a stocky man with a mop of frizzy blond hair and a crooked grin, like a pocket Francis X.

The lights are stronger, the sight lines are different — look. Bobby flipped through my book, his eyes going back and forth between my notes and the girl next to me. Finally he gave me that crooked smile again and handed it back. So I hustled over to East 14th and worked for a few months with Griffith. I slapped his hand away as he reached for my stack of coins. Bobby clucked his tongue. I gave him a sidelong look. He crossed his arms. The table erupted in whoops. Her debut movie was an over-the-top melodrama called A Fool There Was, and the studio was selling it like it was the Second Coming.

Bobby shook his head. Maybe you can help him see the light. Everybody knew from the beginning that it was a joke and they were all in on the joke. In the fall of she was an unknown actress. In Theda Bara, William Fox had found a golden goose. He now proceeded, systematically and deliberately, to kill it. In March of , Fool wasstill packing them in when audiences got their next look at Theda Bara. Bara was now chained to an unstoppable treadmill.

Theda Bara in Cleopatra (1917)

For the next four years at Fox she would crank out thirty-seven movies at a rate of nearly one every seven weeks. Bara herself had no better luck with her films; then-schoolgirl Joan Craig remembers 'a lot of reels' stored in the basement of the star's Beverly Hills home. When Bara attempted to show some of them to Craig, she recalled, 'many of the prints were shrunken and cracked.

They were no good at all. Theda went into a tizzy because I guess they might have been the last prints left. Ronald Genini, Theda Bara: A Biography McFarland, Fox's profits translate out to nearly 1 billion dollars today. But by the end of , she was exhausted, mentally, physically and artistically. She wanted a vacation.

She also wanted more money, a not unreasonable demand considering her punishing workload and box-office worth.

Fox refused both requests, though whether out of petulance or because he could sense a shift in popular taste, we do not know. But he refused to renew her contract, and Bara was back where she started — outside the studio gates and out of work. She took a European cruise with her sister, started dating Metro director Charles Brabin and began knocking on the doors of the other Hollywood studios.

To her surprise, they all turned her down. No matter the different roles she had played at Fox, they all saw her as a vamp — and in the new s world of flappers, sheiks and bootleg hooch, who needed a vamp? It did, but put her in a ludicrous thriller, The Blue Flame , playing a virginal heroine killed by a lightning bolt. The Blue Flame began out-of-town tryouts in February of , proving immensely popular during its time on the road.

See a Problem?

Yet in spite of the brickbats, The Blue Flame played to packed houses for two months before going out on tour. And since Bara had negotiated a fifty-percent interest in the play, the receipts from the show made her a very rich woman. But the show also turned her into a very big joke, dashing any hopes she might have had about returning permanently to the stage.

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Not without a trace of sympathy, biographer Eve Golden wrote: Theda Bara was — arguably — a brilliant and talented film actress. But as a stage star, she was hopeless.

In she married Brabin and tried once again to launch a movie comeback. For a while it seemed as though the young turk David O. Selznick would be her savior, but his idea to adapt the Eugene Walters play The Easiest Way foundered, and Bara was adrift again. Finally, in , the struggling Chadwick studio signed her to a film adaptation of the comedic drama The Unchastened Woman , which arrived on screen the following October. A beautifully-shot Bara looked lovelier than she had in years, her lighting and makeup giving her a softer, younger look, and Chadwick spared no expense when it came to sets and costumes.

But the film itself, sad to say, is underwhelming, with a dated plot and indifferent camerawork. Profits were small, and Chadwick let her go.