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1. REALITY/FANTASY. EXAMPLE 1: The fish drove the car to the store. This is fantasy. A fish can't drive in real life. EXAMPLE 2: We went to the baseball game.
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When you do all of these things, shady behaviour cannot prevail. It really does start with changing how we feel about us and our habits. The sadness is a natural part of grieving and it will dissipate over time especially the further your life moves on. Yes, we hear what we want to hear at times… but sometimes they say exactly what we need to hear to keep us in the relationship and they do this for that outcome.

I am well out of my situation now and can distinguish my desire to be selective in my hearing from his BS, and he did spout a lot of crappy promises to me. Kmac, I so relate. This is exactly how I feel. How the process of grieving and coming to understand ourselves and what we participated in is clear one day and blurry the next. The missing them is the yearning to be loved, to have love. It is the aching that we feel deep in our being that makes us vulnerable to taking whatever is on offer. I was married for 12 years.. But in truth my gut keeps telling me that these years on my own are not to be resisted, they are actually a gift..

To me this feels right and it actually feels like love…love of self. I really do struggle with this very subject. I have read all your articles Natalie, every last one, and you have me convinced that I really am attracted to emotionally unavailable men, and therefore, must be emotionally unavailable myself. He even led me on, and I had absolutely NO idea he had so many problems until he told me but by then I was already nuts for him!

Marina, Marina, Marina, Marina. These two relationships tell me in no uncertain terms that you have extremely unhealthy love habits. A relationship is more than the beginning and if you look back you will see signs and similarities between your relationships including in your own behaviour and feelings. The gay boyfriend, obviously has his own honesty issues. Find a new purpose Marina — make that purpose you and get as much additional professional support as you can.

Real or Fantasy Sentences

We also were such a perfect match physically were both models , emotionally, and we even have the same job where we met. So naturally I figured if I just gave him time, his feelings for me would develop because we were such good friends in other ways. Which was of course, a big mistake. Marina, being superficial AND a Florence is very dangerous territory. The face of Gillette? You want to get off the crack Marina. I realise your addiction is appearance. Really, what good is to be with a man that advertises razors whose sexual orientation is men?

I would be thrilled if this man gave me the time of day and stopped blowing hot and cold so we could have a real relationship. I would be thrilled if this man left his wife and stopped screwing me behind her back so we could have a real relationship. Being superficial gets you superficial relationships.

He has a lot of other great qualities which makes this even MORE of a shame! I really am going to make an effort to find a man who actually WANTS a relationship, because especially after this last fiasco with the closeted gay man, I am literally weary from the struggle. Thank you for all your insightful articles though! I am still laughing……. Nat, this made my day! Once upon a time I had a huge crush on this guy. I hung all over him like a wet sheet and dripped on him with attention. He said he was gay later on. Did that deter me? He probably could have been a serial killer and I would have made it my mission to be the ONE to make him stop that!

But whatever it was, not too long after he dumps me.

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Fast forward years later, he is married and I guess he is straight now????? Soooooooooo glad he dumped me. Cringe even thinking about what I did now. I hope he figured out his sexual preference. I really have the tendency to get obsessed on one particular man and not move on like a normal, healthy person once I realize something is terribly wrong. And this guy literally told me that he was trouble and that there was something terribly wrong with him! Yet it just goes in one ear, and out the other! Somehow she got the idea not from my actual history, which she knew nothing about that I was projecting my insecurities or past hurts onto the new relationship.

Therefore, she pressured me to do the opposite of everything my instincts were telling me. It was the strangest thing. I had no idea that she had this agenda, and over six sessions I figured it out, but this was also while I was figuring out the non-relationship. Of course this made it easy for EUM to manipulate and use me before dumping me.

I think this therapist was uncomfortable with the idea of some people simply being bad news, a negative influence, so she rejected my concerns. I dont know if you are in the U. And dangerous could be that they are just emotionally unavailable. They do some stuff in Britain too.

I just happened to start seeing this guy at the time and mentioned some of my concerns — the red flags were starting to pop up — and suddenly it was all about my trust issues. We just never got into it. She just could not or would not accept that I was seeing the situation clearly. Some therapists are just incredibly limited. About a decade ago I saw one for just a few sessions. I mentioned that the guy I was besotted with online often treated me like his mother casting me as authority figure to rebel against.

And it turned out I was spot-on about the guy; a decade of an in-person relationship later I was continually taken aback by being cast as the repressive meanie; sometimes it was like living with a moody adolescent home for summer from college. That is very unusual carry-on and bad enough to experience mind effery in your relationships without paying by the hour for it.

I work at being happy and independent on my own, which for me is lovely. Good to hear from you! It is always tricky when happiness is defined as being you in a relationship. This addresses what I have been going through. I remember the good times and I feel sad and lonely. But then I start asking myself why I left him?

K-12 English - Distinguish reality from fantasy

I start to list all the red flags, disrespectful behavior, broken promises, lack of commitment, flirting with other women, denying me to his children, secret conversations with his wife in another country, lies, the fact that he slept with our neighbor less than 2 weeks after I left and told her I was terrible to him when I was the opposite funny he said I was a good woman to him before I left , valuing his friends opinions over me and faithfulness, and on and on and on… This is the only way I can keep it real and keep myself from ever contacting him again.

My Assclown broke up with me about six weeks ago. We had been together for three years. He broke up with me over the phone; told me there was no one else, and within a week I had discovered through Facebook that he was not only seeing someone else, but that they had moved in together. How does this relate to fantasy? Well, he was one BIG red flag. He lacked no insight; and if things got to hard he would chuck a childish tantrum and give me the silent treatment.

EVERY family member, friend and acquaintance I knew told me that I could do so much better than him; that he was a loser; that I deserved so much more. They practically threw up their hands in relief when he did break up with me, they were so relieved. While I was unhappy for a large part of our relationship, my mind could only recall the good bits. I saw images of him as a strong, rugged masculine man, cooking me meals, telling me how much he loved me. Even though I tried.

I know if I can remove my rose tinted glasses and see him for what he really is, I will finally be able to heal and move on. Since you know intellectually this guy was a loser, I do think it will come to you. What I would suggest—and the most important thing I could suggest—is to go NC completely.

That means not looking him up on Facebook or getting information from mutual friends. Do you have anything you love doing? Are you in therapy? Have you tried cognitive techniques to stop obsessive thoughts when they go on too long? Thanks for the support and suggestions Jupiter23 and FedUp. Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gently bestows upon us a glorious fairy tale…. My fantasy also involves him coming back to me, telling me he loves me and that he was crazy to leave me for her — a form of validation — but I know now that will never happen.

The thing is—what people put on Facebook is usually a bunch of BS. Never once did I put that I was miserable on my Facebook.

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This new girl, she has no prize. And I do think you know this. I have to tell myself this too many times. My ex EUM is with someone new, and when I first found out, it really hurt—even though I was the one to finally cut the cord. I feel your pain, and my heart goes out to you. We broke up at the end of February, and I cut off all remaining contact in early June.

I do still slip back sometimes, but the intensity and duration of the grief is becoming less and less. Though I only saw that in hindsight, of course, having taken off that fur coat of denial. Incidentally, I discovered that his previous ex-gf looked at his profile on FB and saw in photos of us and posts on there that he was, apparently, idyllically and blissfully happy with me. Hopefully the lovely old timers and NML remember me. My ex got involved very quickly after us living together for a year. I had the facebook trauma of the girl he moved onto and in with.

They broke up and he came back telling me a bunch of BS. I was freaking out. The recent ex of his and I share a mutual friend on FB and she actually sent me a note. I ended up speaking on the phone to the ex girlfriend for 2 hours. He screwed her over way worse than he did me. She moved and quit a job for him and 6 weeks later, he dumped her.

What these two actions have in common is they are about him. You need to move the focus away from him. He is not here anymore, but you are. I know it is easier said then done but you can do this. Put a placard up in your home, a post it on your mirrors, phone, a message on your mobile, your screensaver.

Write down the list of all of the reasons why the relationship broke down. Read it every day. Does that quality exist NOW? Have you experienced that quality? Does the fantasy contradict the reality of what you know?

Making Sense of Realism and Fantasy

Where the frick would that come from? What is he in this fantasy? Get it out of your head. Get the detail in black and white. This is thought processing as opposed to letting this stuff roll around on spin cycle on a permanent basis. Go through the detail. How much is real? What would it literally take for him to do to become and do these things?

Is he capable of them? Go through them one by one. Anything you deem him capable of, provide evidence to yourself of it. I would also spend some time with a professional and make keeping a written record of your day and thought processes mandatory until you are an honest with yourself again. Oh and I should add — I think his subsequent behaviour after the breakup has only gone to prove that he is actually a man child. All that in six weeks — not something to be taken seriously. I know someone who did exactly the same thing.

Neglected to mention to the new woman that he was cheating. Moved in pretty much immediately. LA, I know where you are and it gets better, trust me, feel all you pain and learn from it, take back your power Also put a rubber band on your wrist, every time you get misty eye about this guy, pull it and let go, ouch it should hurt.

Get a vacation from Facebook. Honestly torturing yourself looking at her profile and thinking — why her and not me — will not help your grief. Some guys — the emotional-avoidant jump from one girl to the next with no breaks because when their level of anxiety reaching toxic level over commitment and facing up to their insecurity. They find a new girl as an escape route they have prepared this for a while even if to you it looks out of the blue hoping for a fresh start with a new girl while never facing up and dealing with their shortcomings because they are scarred shitless.

Take this test and learn http: My cousin dumped his girlfriend on the day she was moving in with him her truck was in the driveway to start a relationship with a barmaid, that his brother was romancing, from his local drinking hole. He texted his girlfriend goodbye as she called him all day to find out where he was and his parents had to picked her up so afraid she was going to ransacked his furniture because of course they would have to pay for a new one He is now a father of a small baby, she is a good person but his gambling habits he feels trapped is making their life miserable.

He is incredible in the sack he slept with so many women so practice makes perfect and would charm the habit off a nun, but boy is he a shit! He is preparing his escape with another unfortunate, you could not talk her out of it. I once met the girlfriend of guy I slept one — flirtation — no mention of girlfriend — drinks — brain cells take a vacation — sex — ignore me and act like total jackass — calling out of the blue for seconds — no thanks.

She did not know who I was or I would have died of shame. She told me he was an angel, her soulmate, the only man she ever truly loved. And I though — come again, are you on crack? Because few weeks previously to add insult to injury I had found out I was not the only woman who had fallen for his crap. Do do wrist band, a lot.

He will still behave like a jerk letting his insecurties rule him, while you will have learned from yours. Natalie has a set of stock-taking questions to ask yourself at the end of the article above…do them, they may help you get perspective? Also, to break after three years by text? A guy that can do that is not someone to give houseroom to.

As Jupiter wisely says… No Contact,absolutely no contact, do not do the Facebook obsession…it is the route to madness. And you are entitled to be sad but you do not deserve to let this asshole make you crazy. You are well out of it. RadioGirl — Looks like we were dating identical twins! Yes, he played the nurturing and loving boyfriend so well. Facebook is a killer. From the sounds of it, she is just as child-like as him, but is giving him the love that he craves. She might be on his level and not expect a lot from him, so it might work out or it will go the way of every other relationship he has had in his life — great at the start and then turns into constant fighting, before he jumps to the next woman.

But in the end, it meant nothing. NML — thank you so much too, for responding. Your questions are great. I shall write the answers to those questions.

This obsession is a way for you to escape your pain of being rejected — of not being that special that he left you out of the blue. That pain needs to be felt, not repressed, learned from and dealt with. I was rejected as a child and a series of emotionally unavailable guys who made me feel special because instead of focusing on my failings plenty. I used all my energy to fixed them, to make them better men ah ah , avoided fixing myself. They were lying, I was lying, I deceived myself as much as they deceived me, we were both in on it.

Get hold of Women who love too much by Robin Norwood or Men who hate women and the women who hate them by Susan Forward and get many Aha moments. Thanks again Natalie for a great post! I forwarded this to a girlfriend that really needs this nOw for scenario 1 and I am still recovering from scenario 3!

Not taking any crap if it should arrive and will flush handle him at the first sign because of what I have learned from you! Thanks for helping and good luck to all wading through this BS we have to face in the relationship world! Today I woke up sick with worry and at the receiving end of some really nasty stuff from him. I can do better, just by myself! I really am having trouble separating the fact from the fiction, the fantasy from the reality. This is really really hard, for every pep talk I have hours of what feels like agony.

People only have to only use the word boundaries on a continuous basis and talk about them being overstepped when they should be getting the hell out. The trouble is that some of us take people not living up to the initial hype or even our own error in judgement seriously to heart — that is what can slow down the grieving and healing process.

Guess you have to go through heartbreak to understand the desire to have the possibility of someone popping into your mind totally wiped away! Austin has just stolen a bunch of toasters from the neighborhood houses to prove to his brother Lee, who has been a petty thief all his life, that he had the nerve to do it.

But then he feels guilty, and says to his brother:. Is that the right psychology? Is that the correct criminal psychology? Not to think of the victims? The victims of crime. Of breaking and entering. I mean is it a prerequisite for a criminal not to have a conscience? This scene, I thought, illustrated so well why we wonder what ACs are thinking, and why they do what they do, when the fact is they live in a completely different reality to ours.

I stayed way longer than I should have because I kept talking to him to try to validate my reality. Only when I was like, well, my reality is this sucks too much to keep going, did I have the clarity to make the break no matter how convincingly he pitched his alternate universe. What I did and still sometimes struggle with is that his status and money and connectedness were real. The improvement in quality of my life was real — I learned a lot, I experienced a lot. What was a fantasy was that it could last.

What was a fantasy was that I would get to genuinely share in what he had built for himself without losing every last shred of who I am. Your hilarious passage reminded me of it: He too had a big job, high status and an image to protect. My final reality with him was torture…the gradual realisation that he had little empathy towards the mounting female carcases he was leaving at his roadside and that he had no compunction about making me one of them. Your post reminded me of how I struggled to make sense of the relationship and how glad I am to be free of him. I wanted to validate that fantacy rather than accept that I have misjudge him.

I am a terrible, terrible one for doing this. I was addicted to his words, he was excellent at talking up a storm. I think what messed me up was my relationship with my father who was an alcoholic. So that I think just pretty much set a pattern. Creating illusions was what got me through my childhood because I had to create illusions to deal with some very harsh realities that as a child I was unprepared to accept or not even capable of accepting.

I think Ivy it would be difficult to avoid not having some of these habits with a father like what you had. Addiction can train you put up with some pretty shady behaviour plus you can find yourself easily charmed and talked into stuff. Heal the old wounds first before you venture into dating again. There is a lot of great support out there so definitely find out what is in your local area. LA- What sort of person leaves a 3 year relationship and moves in with someone else 5 minutes later?! Does the new girlfriend now he just left a 3 year relationship?

Why does no one ever say anything to these people for moving on so quickly? Fed Up, Absolutely right!! What these people do is keep their eyes open for other options when difficulties arise in their relationship. This was the story with my ex.. Who are these bottom feeders masquerading as actual people. I read the book you mention and it was wonderful. The not knowing, and the pain from that.

I read these posts from others and so many of us seem to feel this way and I wonder if it can really truly be any different, and we CAN find ourselves in a happy healthy and committed relationship. Perhaps they happen naturally and organically, when we stop looking for them.

Lessie, I recently broke up with a separated EU man as well. The pain is enormous. I went completely NC with him. It sort of weird to do it at beginning since we work together and I knew others may suspect. The pain is just too much. I am trying to be happy and to feel to be happy and to pretend to by happy. Today is the 3 months date after our breaking up. Though it still affected my mood every single time when I run into him and that made me want to quit my job right away! It is really really hard to woke up from a fantasy world.

But I knew I will get better. Not in 3 months, maybe in 6 months, maybe in a year, two, …whatever it takes. I am really struggling with this very concept…. So now, I am out of the fantasy and no longer pretenting everything is all rosey — even if he says it is again and has stopped all conversations with his friend. Especially since he is yet to explain anything, show any remorse, be sorry, or do anything to rebuild trust.

Bit my toungue but wanted so badly to say oh what would you classify 8 calls a day to your secret friend as? I most definetly have reconciliation issues and have been very open about them. Entirely different set of rules with a narcissist…. Bewildered, I think you have this all arse backwards. That could be years or never. Asking that and calling him a narcissist is an oxymoron. What the frick are you doing with this man? You have made a decision without sufficient consideration and you have many unanswered questions. The decision is quite frankly screwed as a result.

You might as well have stripped your clothes off and jumped in a pool full of sharks. The only decision you have made is to commit to a narcissist, again an oxymoron. This is such a great post. Yes, perhaps what confounds the emotional fall out from such relationships is that, while we ourselves are thinking a certain way, on one level, the other person AC EU MM is completely devoid of that and is not even approaching thinking on that level at all! I often wonder if I did self sabotage myself in this way…perhaps I did.

And yet, ultimately, just what I had always feared ended up happening: Lessie, for them, blaming everything on someone else is their way of denial or fantasizing. That was the one thing in my last relationship that I really fought with. You see I had already been in therapy for my poor dating skills so I happened to have the wool pulled almost off my eyes.

So when I started to internalize his poor behavior, I would alternate between thinking it was my fault to realizing I had nothing to do with it. Once I realized he was blaming all his actions on his last long term girlfriend, it was like a brick hit me. I finally got out. KMac, yes, very true…this desperation to be loved, often at any cost.

What causes this, I wonder? Is it society, culture, our own inherent needs being human and all that stuff. Adrienne, I relate very much to what you said here about the childhood way of making stuff up, creating the fantasy, as is were, to enable one to exist, much less flourish in an unhealthy environment such as mine. I look back now and realize, this ability was and still is, at times both a blessing and a curse. As a former ballet dancer and then later, English major in school, I was able to use my imagination and passion to help me excell. I am trying to be more aware, to own my responsibility for allowing myself for being in these type of situations at all and…its been very painful but at least now, I think, I hope, that I am slowly building my sense of self and creating healthy boundaries with others.

I was in a casual off and on relationship with a man for about 2 years. There were several signs that I wanted more than he did and eventually I had enough and completely broke off contact with him; I was tired of the lack of commitment. Not even 2 weeks later I found out he started seeing a younger girl.

He once told me he likes dating younger girls because they have no expectations; I should have left then. I will never really know so I need to come to peace with what happened so I can move on. I was always dipping in and out of reality. I went back too may times only to be hurt again. We tend to ignore those glimpses of reality we see because to act on it means leaving and making changes.

Their dysfunctional actions cannot continue without our dysfunction reactions. So, the game goes on. I find that I have shifted the other way these days. I have my eyes wide open. I am learning to take a closer look at things and make sure I am acting on the facts and on my firm boundaries, not on fear or fantasy not easy, I am always checking myself. It is a whole new world for me and I have not mastered it yet but it is such a relief to know now that I have the power in my life.

No one will ever get the chance to treat me so badly again. No more fantasy or denial. No more drama by using our boundaries as a way of life and not as a threat to get them to straighten up. If you live in reality, these future faker and liars cannot get a foothold in your life as they offer nothing but fantasy and games.

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I had a male friend of mine ask me this week why I stayed with a meat head who treated me badly for four years? It was kind of embarrassing that I did stay for four years. The denial I was in was incredible and I was complicit in the whole crap. He treated me bad because I let him. I am not responsible for his bad behavior but I allowed it. Living in illusion or fantasy will always come crashing in on you eventually. Mine was Scenario 3: Claire, I know how you feel, but I really do think that the more time and distance we get from these situations, the easier it is to realize that some good may come out of it.

The pain may shock you into realizing some things about yourself and your relationship patterns, and change your life for the better in the long run. We are co-workers in a cery small space. We had taken the same week off at work supposedly to go away together. There is no need to keep twisting it. Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated. TRL, that is hard one. Act like if he was hit by a meteorite in front of you, you could not care less. Act like he is kryotonite and you are Superwoman.

You may have to find another job, but do not do so unless it is better than this one. He has no power over you. I feel your pain — my MM and I work together too, and it has kept me from doing my job more days than I care to share. Is that possible for you? Being around him not only prolongs your pain, but in my case, it has prompted him to come back and fall into old patterns.

Yep, I can relate to all of this.. Ended 14 month relationship with a very verbally abusive, angry and manipulative AC two months ago. I must have been in a crazed state or something…and I really regret it now! We had a huge text war we did that during the entire relationship.. The reason we broke up is because he verbally abused me, blew up at me almost daily, threw my personal belongings on the floor when angry and threatened to hurt my cat…that is why. Sure, I got depressed after dealing with months of abuse and my self esteem plummeted in the end, and I asked nagged him to take anger management classes… but the fact is he was still in denial..

Nothing changed a bit. I almost expected when I e-mailed him after the NC that he would have told me how sorry he was, how wrong he was and how terribly he missed me and that he would do anything to stay with me..

BBC World Service - UFO - Fact, Fiction, Or Fantasy ?

So the moral of the story is: What a crock, so here I am, again in NC, but this time determined to stay that way, no matter what. I see that I need to work on my issues, namely, why I allowed myself to be treated in such a way for so long and work on my own self esteem and depression issues. Getting out of this abusive relationship has been one of the hardest things for me to do. Honestly, I think sometimes it is just easier to stay with an abuser because it keeps you so busy and drama filled that you hardly have time to even look at your own life or problems.

I was suffering from very deep depression and severe anxiety attacks during the final few months of my last relationship. But then something strange happened after we broke up. Even with my heart having been ripped into shreds, and then stamped all over and ground into the floor by a brief post-breakup faux-friendship — my depression and panic attacks stopped soon after I went NC, and they have never come back. I know now that they were caused by my not being fully-expressed in the relationship, and by my identity being completely lost in the maelstrom life of a self-centred and emotionally immature man.

Hope that makes sense? Inside the Minds of Angry and controlling men by Lundy Bancroft which helped me a lot. Like you, my guy had a fallback and dating sites lined up whilst professing deep love and commitment to me and a deep desire to maintain the illusion that he was a reputable person. It ended for me when it became clear he would never take responsibility for his hurtful words and actions and when I woke up to the fact that it was easier for him to move on with someone else rather that stay with me. Stick with the N. C, thinking of you.

That is known abusive, controlling, fear-installing, bullying behavior, and the grotesque truth is that people who would even let that thought enter their minds, let alone express it, are totally damaged and often go on to physical violence against possessions, pets, and partner. In a way this completely frees you from what-iffing and rose-colored-glasses nostalgia.

You are so blessedly off the hook now of having to help him see the light and getting blamed for his issues. Magnolia I love Cloud and Townsend! I got to meet Henry Cloud once. All their stuff is good. One of my favorite books of theirs, Safe People, good read. I was so stuck in the fantasy well really because who wants to face that painful reality? I bought into his fantasy big time.

Oh, this was after he asked me what I was doing for lunch hour at work. Not because he wanted to have lunch with me. I am disgusted and appalled yes with him but of course with myself for pouring so much love, energy, and attention into someone like that. I love this blog!

It has helped me tremendously over the last few months and it was by accident I found it via a comment left by NML on another blog I read Single filez. I honestly think I was meant to find it, I cannot explain how succintly this blog and book has explained the situation I was in on and off for the past 6 years….. I have been no contact since January The ex EUM added me on Facebook last week….. I declined his friendship request. I had a bit of a wobble and yes I can admit I fantasised about what it would be like to see him again blah blah….. I am not going to contact him and allow him to press the re-set button as per usual.

Ok, I got it. Or close to getting it. His words most definitely did not match his actions. Yet it turned out to be all smoke and mirrors. Or part of it was. I was seduced by the illusions to create the dream in my mind that this was finally our time.

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  8. So, at this juncture, where does one find peace with erroneous choices made? Yes, time to restore self-esteem, boundaries, and a focus on creating a more lively, productive, dare I say useful life, one not consumed with the thoughts and actions of one quintessential emotionally unavailable man. Live and learn, move forward. So, now, just a few months away from the usually dreaded 50 years of age, I question where I find peace within myself and my place in life. When I think of all the time and energy lost over the last couple of years, I cringe. I could have been cultivating so much more with friends, volunteering, travel, business, etc.

    So, after all that, I wonder, is there truly a deep sense of peace to be found, having screwed up SO much, at a later point in life. This is a fantastic post, Natalie. Folks are totally on fire and every comment has made me think about how deep in denial and fantasy I was.

    I could cite so many examples but this fantasy illustrates how difficult it was for me to distinquish between what was real and what was fake. Worse than his miserable response was my dreamy, dellusional, Disneyland fantasy: I swear to god, I think I remember planning the menu and wondering if I could afford all the presents so I better start saving now. Dear lord, what an idiot I was. Of course, things blew sky high last X-mas as there was absolutely no way I could avoid reality. He was in the exact same spot a year later, all messed up but planning a cozy little X-Mas with his wife and family.

    I was in the exact same spot a year later as well, a mistress. Recognizing the vast discrepancy between what was reality vs my fantasy sometimes leaves me afraid to walk out of the door in the morning. Thank you Natalie and everybody for the reality check. And Happy Birthday Radio. As Fearless once said: It can only get better, right? Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, Runner and well-remembered! I woke up on my birthday thankful that I am now truly getting to know, for what feels like the first time, the person that I will be able to count on for the rest of my life.

    I had a calm and relaxed birthday spent with my lovely family this weekend. Belated happy birthday RadioGirl! Big squeezy hugs and so glad to hear you had a great birthday — keep moving and looking forward. Life is good xxx. Thanks very much, Natalie — yes, life is just beginning to feel good again now. Direct the students to identify which sentences show realism and which sentences show fantasy. Tell the students that they should explain and give the reason for their answer in the space below each sentence.

    Encourage students to write their own stories that include elements of reality and fantasy. Have students create illustrations that match the sentences and ask the students if it would be possible to see the action. Have students create a digital drawing that portrays either realism or fantasy and create a story that goes along with the picture. Utilize interactive whiteboard software for students to sort events that fit under realism or fantasy. Distribute index cards or exit slips. Have the students name several examples of realism and fantasy using texts of their choice.

    These could be leveled readers, library books, or any texts that the students access. Invite students to share their examples of realism and fantasy with the group. Encourage students to compare and contrast ideas as well as give reasons for their thinking. This lesson introduces students to the literary concepts of realism and fantasy. With this worksheet, students will practice determining if the sentences fit under the category of fantasy or realism. Use this exercise with your students as they work through the realms of realism and fantasy. The Lion and the Mouse.

    Use this resource with your students to give them practice reading a fable and categorizing sentences as either examples of realism or fantasy. What Makes a Fantasy? This graphic organizer will help your students reflect on important story elements in their fantasy texts, as well as focus on the key details of their stories. Have her examine the rhyme scheme of this silly limerick, and soon she'll be making her own!

    Green Eggs and Ham Recipe! Get familiar with some types of poetry in this worksheet that covers different poetry structures. The Story of Rapunzel. Your kid may have seen the movie, but has he ever read the story of Rapunzel? The Soldier and the Stranger. Could this be the dark figure that townsfolk have seen darting in and out of the shadows? The Ghost of Fred Fisher. In this reading worksheet, just in time for Halloween, kids can read all about Fred Fisher, the star of Australia's most famous ghost story. Pick a Peck of Poetry. Kids will hone reading and writing skills with this book, from a simple syllable counting exercise to inventing rhymes and tangling with the Jabberwocky!

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