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From bestselling author Ginny Baird, a New York Times and USA Today best seller! The Holiday Brides Collection (Books 1- 4), a magical, heartwarming.
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I loved this story!! It's a wonderful holiday tale that's perfect for taking a break from the crazy and remembering the true meaning of the season. Mark Holiday is looking forward to a little downtime and some peace and quiet over the holidays. This is the first time in years he hasn't worked and he can't wait to get started.

Then his plans are shattered when he finds to bundles of joy that have been left on his doorstep. Great read that should be on everyone's holiday reading list. This was one of the sweetest books. Mark Holiday ends up with 2 surprises on Christmas Day. Will these surprises make him merry and bright? Natalie Church comes to his rescue. Loved all the names associated with the holiday. I found it odd that no one believed Mark at first. The doorbell jingles at the home of Mark Holiday, ER physician who has taken a staycation for the Christmas holiday.

Upon opening the door, Mark discovers a set of babies wearing little red Santa hats. A card introduces them as Mary and Bryte, a set of twin girls.

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The CPS is notified. The one on call is Natalie Church who is sick of deadbeat dads. Getting to know Mark as they care for the twins, she begins to believe Mark is really in shock about the babies but his name is on their birth certificates??

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This is a Christmas magic story. Lots of flavor to this story plus well defined, realistic characters situated in a vividly described setting. You will feel as if you are right there shadowing the characters. A surprising magical, sweet and enjoyable read!!! A highly recommended read!!

Mark Holiday and social worker Natalie Church. Mark and Natalie meet when twin girls end up on his doorstep. The paperwork lists Mark as the father of the twin girls. It was fun watching Natalie and Mark try to figure out this situation. There were some really funny, sweet, and heartwarming moments. I fell in love with the characters from the start.

This is a great story to kick back and escape from everyday hassles. This is a sweet and fun romance. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. I thought this was just the sweetest Christmas story!!

Mark Holiday finds twins on his doorstep and has no idea why. Natalie is a child services worker helping to find out what's going on. When a blizzard strands the two of them together with the babies, Christmas magic happens. They fins themselves attracted to one another. And he is so good with the babies she doesn't see how he can't be their father. Young girls are often desperate to emigrate to escape mundane village life and aspire to settle overseas - but many unions last just days. Dubbed as "holiday brides", the women are unable to marry again, feel guilty for being a burden on their parents, and often hold onto the distant hope that their husbands will change their minds and rescue them.

The grooms never come back to the village, fearing that they would be arrested or beaten up by the villagers," said Radha Navin, a bride abandoned by an English-Indian man in She now runs a tailoring business staffed by abandoned women in Punjab's capital city, Chandigarh.

Navin tells how, just days after her wedding, her husband said he had a European girlfriend and that he would only help with her visa if Navin agreed to live with the "other woman" in the same house in Southall in London. Other stories recount how the groom leaves India and then demands more and more cash from the bride's family, saying that unless the money is paid he will never collect her. A report by the Punjab University stated that about 25, abandoned women in Punjab alone faced an uphill battle against a legal system which provides little hope of justice.

It suggested the Indian government should stamp the marital status of NRIs in their passports and bring in new laws to protect vulnerable women. But Navin said there was a reluctance for politicians in Punjab to tackle the issue as many of the expatriate grooms involved come from families who provide parties with donations.

For some NRIs marriages are not made in heaven but on the basis of money," she said. Sign up to get the latest news and advice - including money, property, health and pre-departure - twice a week.

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The only way to eliminate is parents should do proper verification. Its much better for them marry their daughters to hard working INdian boys which are properly verified than marrying them to unknown rich NRI because they themself have dreams of immigrating to Canada ,USA,UK. At the other end one know of several woman who have had the best of both worlds in Punjab and in the West.

Womans may try to potray themselves as victims; but in the end they are alway the winners given their genetic endowment. I completely agree that this trend of holiday's brides is quite sickening and my heart goes out to all those affected by this. Also important to note, is the rising number of girls from punjab that marry just for the sake of getting citizenship in the west and then leave once they get it.

To be honest, i feel this is way more prevalent than the 'holiday brides' situation. To date, i have never heard of a 'holiday bride' case from all of my family and friends…but I can name numerous cases where girls have ran away as soon as they got citizenship. PS, i'm not saying one is worser than the other holiday brides probably is worser , just that one is happening more in my opnion but isn't getting as much press.

I have to say, I find the figure of 20, a little unbelievable. It may be that these figures are in total for the whole of the Sikh diaspora. However, having said that, this is obviously a repulsive practice, and I would encourage the authorities in India and the UK to not only prosecute and if nessecary extradite offenders, but to publically name and shame the people who do this in newspapers and advertising campaigns. It needs to be stamped out. Considering that there is gender disparity caused by female selective abortion, and women are on the sharp end of domestic violence, this clearly is just wishful thinking.

The Holiday Brides Collection: Books by Ginny Baird

Just to clarify, the article stated that there were between 15, — 20, abandoned brides in India. It does not state that these brides are soley Sikh. Another article from states the same statistic: Whether 20, women have been abanonded or 20, it is still wrong and so i'm a little baffled as to why this conversation is focused on the statistic rather than the issue at hand. It is clearly a problem and the number should not distract from the impact it has on a young woman's life, her family and her future. Sundari, I was just relating to my own experience relating to the figures, that is all. And I did say in my post that these cases are obscene and extradition to India for the culprits should be looked at — put them in prison and it will soon end.

In a wider way, this is what happens when power dynamics are so skewed — those immoral people living with wealth in the west can exploit those in India so easily because of their desire to move out on the basis of a marriage. Jay, your point is well taken — and i agree that there needs to be some accountability in place and it needs to be enforced. There are so many elements to this issue: There are plenty of hard working indian men who live in India.

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Think of NRI boy as poison. Now you know the poison kills then why would I complaint after eating it. We know the facts very well. In other words, there has been numerous stories about NRI marriage fraud then why these girls continue to marry NRI boys. Most girls in Punjab have boyfriends and they take sex education in the corn fields near their villages. I know this will never get published but it is the truth. I've heard about these "runaway grooms" and to a lesser extent, "runaway brides" who have basically been paid for their visa services green card in the US.

The main question that arises though is this: Why not take that money and use it to their benefit in Punjab rather than spending all that money marrying their meal ticket?

The Holiday Bride Holiday Brides Series

People who are willing to sell their daughters themselves? India's culture is marked by a high degree of syncretism and cultural pluralism. It has managed to preserve established traditions while absorbing new customs, traditions, and ideas from invaders and immigrants and spreading its cultural influence to other parts of Asia. Traditional Indian society is defined by relatively strict social hierarchy. It's exactly what you think it is, the bride wants to make sure the wedding gets her the most amount of attention possible and the best way to do that is to not allow anyone else to focus on anything other than the wedding.

Holdiay's come every year so while it may be a bit inconvenient to give it up to attend a friend's wedding, you should still go. A wedding is once in a lifetime and if you miss it for something that comes every year you risk ruining the relationship. Email Facebook Twitter Google Reddit.