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GLPI is a free IT Asset Management, issue tracking system and service desk system. This open Major releases[edit]. Since , GLPI has been developed through more than 80 versions. Major releases include.
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OCS Inventory Tools

Massive action contract Feature Show last updates on knowledge base Feature Visibility for KB Feature Multiple suppliers on tickets Feature Permit to hide crtiterias of search engine Feature Permit to massive solve tickets from problem Feature Massive action document Feature Improve show Hide form: Propose use to check its pref before creating a new ticket Feature Expired licenses do still count Feature Add column Number of linked documents Feature Add bar for due date of a ticket in list of tickets Feature Add item list tags for contract notifications Feature Report libraries in system information Feature Review group tab on user form Feature Improve Task frequency make it accurate Feature Add timeout on autocomplete search Feature Add number of tickets and problems on itil category list Feature Add a new hook for plugin Feature Multi-actors from Rule engines Feature See Number of linked problems on Tickets list Feature Block solution edition on closed status Feature Permit to use email date instead of import date to create ticket Feature Add tag for ticket notifications: Add warranty information on tickets Feature Improve other auth Feature Double confirmation on restore DB to avoid wrong actions.

Assign entity using regex Feature Add warning on delete last profile with profile,w right Feature Do not use days for display of total durations Feature Step for times allowed in a task Feature Permit to search on ancestors groups in ticket searcg engine Feature Add new tag for notification Feature Add an option to searchoption for disable displaypreference display Task Move Prerequisite to PHP 5. Review component display Task Review locks Task Put at the end of the list of params in search engine: All and Viewed items Task Clean clone system for all link item on creation based on template Task Review punctuation rules used in gettext strings Task Drop cache system for rules engine Task Review import software and rule engines Task Review massive action management Task Review reservation repeat system Task Upgrade Zend library for gettext Task Clean Headers Task Review ticket template load system Task Add plugin hook for status.

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CommonDevice and import function Task Drop Cache Lite library Task See changelog for more details http: To allow the Agent to authenticate with the Server, you need to copy the cacert. This is a quick and a simple method. Skip to next section! If you've followed this howto to create a valid certificate, you can use this certificate with OCS Deployment feature.

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Open OCS' web interface and click on Deployment icon. Deployment packages can be either.

There are many options to deploy packages, for an overview see the ocs website for detail see section 8. After creating the deployment package, you should get this successful screen: Once a package is added, you need to activate it. Provide paths to download folder. Don't pay attention to the warning messages when activating, Just click Yes. Here you will be able to see activated packages Open the desired computer's inventory on click on Config icon and add a new package. You should see all activated packages, affect the one you want and confirm changes.

GLPI Project localization

Back at Config page, you should now see affected packages and their states. Next time the Agent contacts the server, it is notified of the package, and sometime later should be deployed! As usual, you can manually launch the agent to force the update. GLPI's web interface can be reached at http: Then clic on External Authentications.

Settings are on the screenshot: Logout and login with an existing SME account: The information on this page maybe no longer relevant.

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This contribs is only available on SME7 and has not been updated since Re-apply your changes with following command: For security-reasons, change admin's password after your first login, top right icon next to logout! For security-reasons, change admin's password after your first login!


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