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In Cathedral Window Quilting, internationally-renowned quilt designer Lynne Cathedral Window Qulting and millions of other books are available for . The book steps you through from the simplest pincushion project to larger . There are so many different variations of the original Cathedral Windows pattern that I have.
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Thanks for such a great tutorial. Thanks for this great tutorial! I made one today using your tutorial, and it came out great!

Cathedral window pin cushion {tutorial} | Go-Go Kim

A great project and lively colors -- good work and looking forward to more -- I just joined following: Hello Kim, I have made one and put in my blog http: And I will make more! So easy and funny!

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  • Cathedral Window pin cushion tutorial - Today’s Quilter.
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I finally got around to making one today- great tutorial! It turned out so cute- I almost hate to give it away. I saw Jennifer's and had to check this out!!

Cathedral Window pin cushion tutorial

You make it look pretty simple Thanks so very much! I am going to try and make this into a pillow. I will figure out the dementions at a certain point. I am going to do this for a pillow. I am having a little bit of a hard time. Do you fold it twice? There for a pillow 12 inches would need the white 24 inch or the 36 inch?

Any help would be appreciated. These are gorgeous and your wonderful tutorial makes it look achievable!

You will need

Thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to photograph each stage and explain how to make one, I have seen these around and they look so pretty I would love to make one! Thanks again for sharing! I follwed a few links to get here to your tutorial, and I am so excited about trying to make one!! Thanks for the the easy to follow directions. Thank you very much for sharing such great tutorial: Have tried for the very first time and I am happy with the result: I will try to make the pillow cover, too: I always wondered how it was sewed You made it seen so easy! I followed your tutorial, and made 3 great looking pincushions, you can see them here if you are interested.

Thank you for this super tutorial. A Particular thank you for using lots of different fabrics so it is easier to see what is happening. I will be having a go at this later. Kim, this is such a cute and easy pincushon. I have always wanted to make cathedral windows, but was intimidated by them. Breaking it down to a smaller project like this made it impossible for me not to at least try it. I made one and it was easy!!! Thank you for your really nice tutorial with the pictures. Since I am a visual learner, it was very much appreciated. I will be making more of these!

This is so pretty, and useful too. I thank you SO much for this tutorial. I am going to make these for my friends in our sewing group! I know I want to make some for Christmas gifts this season. Thanks much for sharing! Such an easy to understand tutorial! I made one today and it is beautiful and I'll be making more. A wonderful little gift to give my friends who sew! Thank you for this great tutorial! I made my first pincushion yersterday and I love it!!! This is so cute.

I am definitely trying thistoday! Thanks for the great directions with all the pictures. Thanks to your tutorial, it was so easy and so cute. I posted it on my blog, stonesoup I love this pincushion! I have always admired Cathedral Window Quilts, I even have a book on them, but never been brave enough to try until now! Thank You so much!! May I link on my blog? Thanks for such a great tutorial, it made a huge difference to me being able to do this.

I made a pincushion and have blogged about it http: Whenever we think about the meaning of the word love, not only in relations to an intimate marriage using one more, nonetheless to be a sensation which is engendered when you have miltchmonkey an even better romantic relationship on your own way too -- or perhaps being a a feeling of larger unity with the family or maybe humankind - it then turns into more crystal clear that anyone wants in your daily course is certainly really enjoy.

I tried Cathedral window for a cushion. Mine is not as beautiful as yours. Thanks for the lovely and clear tutorial. This is so beautiful! I have one question: If you hadn't added it, what would show through the openings?

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  • How to make the pin cushion.
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Thanks for posting this information Thanks for the super tutorial. I found your page and made three of them -- and would make more if I had time as they are addicting. Anyway I blogged about it and linked back to your page, so maybe traffic has picked up a little for you.

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This is on my list for sure!! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!

Cathedral window pin cushion {tutorial}

I had always wondered how Cathedral Windows was made. From my first reading of your tutorial to a beautiful finished pincushion took about 90 minutes, and I'm a pretty new quilter. These will make great gifts. Thanks for the idea!! I'm thinking of trying this in a larger format to use as a ring bearer pillow for my daughter's wedding. Somewhere in between the pin cushion size and the pellon tutuorial size, which is way too big. About how large does the finished pin cushion measure?

This was a much better explanation about how to make this pincushion and anything I had looked at on the internet. I struggled with understanding that part. AND, your pictures were very clear and helpful. I can't believe you could produce that cushion from such a simple tutorial! The design is stunning. I need to try something bright for my window seat. This would be perfect. Thank you for this great tuto!

I realized a very nice pinchushion! If you like you can see it here: Thank you very much for the tutorial for this pin cushion I love it you have done a fantastic job. I have always been to afraid to try but with your help I will now try, never too old to learn. Home About Kim Free Tutorials. Thursday, December 15, I found a great way to try a cathedral window with one simple useful square! I wanted to make a gift for a sewing friend, a master seamstress you all know I am sure and thought she could use a pincushion. Pull taut and knot several times to secure.

Slide the tassel off the fork and cut along the bottom loop to create individual strands. Loop some more floss through the top of the tassel for attaching. Place the pincushion back on top, right side down. Finally place the two pieces of batting on top aligned with the raw edges. Pin the layers in place. Backstitch at the end to secure. Clip the corners and turn the pincushion right side out through the hole. Stuff the pincushion until it is nice and firm. Turn under the seam allowance on the back and hand stitch it closed with ladder stitch.

Using your thumb and finger, make a divot in the centre of the pincushion. With a long needle and doubled-up thread, stitch a few stitches front to back, right through the centre of the pincushion to draw the centres together. Attach the button to the centre of the front to finish.

A self-covering button made from coordinating fabric gives a professional finish. These come in a range of sizes and all you need is a scrap of fabric cut slightly larger than the button. A self-cover button maker can be purchased to make this step extra easy, but they can still be made without. Sew a line of running stitch around the edge of your scrap, put the button top inside and pull the thread to gather up the edges.

Secure with a knot and then clip on the back of the button to finish. Extra points for fussy-cutting the fabric to showcase a pretty motif! How to make the pin cushion Step one: Making the Cathedral Window Step four: Assembling the pincushion Step