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A photographic celebration of Obama's warmth and compassion America needs a hug from Start reading Hugs from Obama on your Kindle in under a minute.
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Lizza, Ryan September Davey, Monica July 26, Leibovich, Mark July 27, Milligan, Susan July 27, Archived from the original on June 24, The Los Angeles Times.

The politics minute: Obama backs progressive Gillum in Florida

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Retrieved December 2, Retrieved August 21, Performances outshine writing in vivid activist play". Retrieved October 1, Altschuller December 1, Retrieved July 19, The rallies will go on all week and are likely to produce a flood of headlines.

What will it look like? What does it mean? The New Jersey seat should be a safe one for a Democratic incumbent: Menendez is vulnerable after he was charged and tried on corruption allegations. It will have topped a small mountain one-mile high. By the 13 th bounce it will have crested the Summit of Everest and be approaching the ceiling of commercial air traffic. At 20 bounces our ball is approaching low earth orbit, after 28 we've passed by Earth's moon.

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On the 44 th bounce NASA might pick up its faint signal as it whizzes past the first Voyager spacecraft nearly 17 billion miles into deep space. After 88 bounces you'll never see the ball again since it would now be outside of the visible universe.

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I expected you might not be, after all, we've become somewhat immune to large numbers when it comes to the trajectory of technology. But I need to make a confession. I'm not trying to impress you with how fast a doubling phenomenon can scale. My objective is in how we cannot intuitively perceive geometric or exponential scale.

Incredibly, just seven more bounces than if we'd started with an initial 10 foot bounce! In fact, if we'd started with a ball that bounced a full mile the first time times as much as our original super-ball our 10ft-bounce ball would take less than 10 bounces to catch up with the mile-high super-ball. The math works, but it's far from intuitive.

When anything progresses geometrically and this isn't even exponential growth you very quickly get to a stage where the numbers are so large that it almost doesn't matter where you start.