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First released in the UK and US as the b-side of The Beatles' single Can't Buy Me Love, You Can't Do That was a typically confrontational song written by.
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The riff usually appears at the beginning of the song played only by the guitar, after which the rest of the band kicks in to play the remainder of the song. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

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The problem is that Wilson Pickett had not come into his own as of January of when this song was written. Confirmation of where the inspiration actually came from may never be known. Having just returned to London on February 22nd, , from their triumphant first visit to America, The Beatles had a very busy schedule ahead of them.

Their first motion picture, untitled at this time, was due to start shooting on March 2nd and songs for the film needed to be fully recorded before the movie could be started.

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The seven song requirement meant they had to get cracking right away, so after filming a television appearance on February 23rd, they headed to EMI studio two on February 25th ready for work. John's brand new Rickenbacker designed especially for him, George's new Rickenbacker string guitar , and Ringo's second Ludwig drum kit Paul's Hofner bass had been in use in the studio since " I Want To Hold Your Hand ".

John also sang lead vocals live along with the instruments. A decision was made to include backing vocals from Paul and George so by take nine, which ended up being the keeper, all three vocalists were singing live on this basic recording. George Martin wasted no time in creating the mono mix for the song. March 10th saw George Martin and Norman Smith for some unknown reason performed a stereo mix of the song along with six other mixes that was experimental and never used. At the last minute as usual, George Martin oversaw the true stereo mix of the song on June 22nd, This was the only stereo mix of the song released, but not yet in America.

The true stereo mix, however, contains the rhythm track drums, bass and George's guitar mostly in the left channel with John's rhythm guitar and solo mostly in the right channel. All the vocals are centered in the mix. Capitol Records desired to record the group live and release it as a US only album, since George Martin vetoed the idea for the British market. The second day of taped rehearsals in Twickenham Studios on January 3rd, , saw The Beatles go over the song again after nearly four and a half years of it not being touched.

From this, he produced a magnificent version of the song to be used as a bonus track on the long-awaited re-release of "Live At The Hollywood Bowl. Song Structure and Style. A guitar solo section is included following the verse structure, followed by an additional bridge and verse before the song closes.

Tks for the link! I can hear similarities between johns lead phrases on this track and the ones he played on the guitar duel on Abbey Road. I think John purposely told the camera men to not film him when he played a solo…he was too self conscious.

You Can't Do That

I think that is why it seems so confusing on the video tape from Germany or wherever it is on the Anthology documentary. On the TV special they cut it right after Lennin screams before his gtr solo.

But the DVD release has the full song. He cuts it short.. And Iit shows Harrison and McCartney smiling at each other.. Which john was one of those guys who would forget some words or miss a chord more so than the other two.

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I do the same thing. Also to sing that song.. Look it up on YouTube. It would be on the same set as they did the final concert in the film on. He looks like he misses a note toward the end, and he and Paul smile or chuckle at one another. In the recorded version, besides his solo, John plays a great rhythm, and gets a very unique, growling or howling sound of his six-string Rickenbacker. Lennon plsys that solo in the Anthology. George and Paul chuckle knowingly. John did those flubs sometimes. He has to get ready to begin singing again.

But it is a flub.

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John sometimes would forget words or what verse he was singing. So Paul and George are aware of that.. Dont know how dq thinks george is playing the solo in Ausralia. Have just watched it and it looks like he continues playing the riff he plays throughout the song. In any case the 12 string has a distinctive sound and the solo sounds like a six string. Also there are shades of G.

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If the words were cute, rather than mean, if the three singers were girls not boys, if the tempo was a couple of notches faster, allowing the song to bounce rather than growl, then this would be an excellent girl group song. As it is, its something even better. In other words, if it were a completely different song. I guess you could say that about any song, then. He just had a way of getting right to the business, of finding the right thing to play. That was part of that Beatles magic — they all seemed to find the right thing to play. Simple message — typical Lennon — a little self-loathing, but the tune is happy and snappy.

What a great song. My favourite track on the album. Great vocals by John. Great support from Paul and George. This is the best pop song of its era. Forgot to mention the excellent into from George. However, they lip synced the song as all artists on the show did. Lip synch or not ,I believe 1 George. It has his trademark all over it.

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Just holding down the bottom, nothing fancy. The YouTube video shows the crowd dancing enthusiastly. It also counts as another one of those outstanding B sides, that The Beatles had so many of. When asked by Petty how he came up with it, Harrison recalled "I was just standing there [in the studio] and thought, 'I've got to do something! With filming due to begin on A Hard Day's Night , film director Richard Lester needed the Beatles to provide him with original material ahead of production and "You Can't Do That" was selected to be part of the Scala Theatre "live performance" scene in the film, but was dropped from the final cut along with " I'll Cry Instead " and " I Call Your Name.

The filming took place on 31 March at the Scala Theatre , London , but was not used. It also became a part of the group's live repertoire that year, and was the second song in their set—after " Twist And Shout "—during their Australian and North American tours. According to Mark Lewisohn 's The Beatles Recording Sessions book, George Martin overdubbed a piano track to Take 9 on 22 May ostensibly for the album version of this song, but it was never used.

Nilsson re-arranged the song making it somewhat slower. He also worked references to 18 [15] other Beatles tunes in the mix, usually by quoting snippets of Beatles lyrics in the multi-layered backing vocals. The track was Nilsson's first hit as a performer; though it stalled at on the US charts, it hit top 10 in Canada. It also along with the rest of the album established Nilsson as a favourite performer of the Beatles. Famously, Lennon listened to Pandemonium Shadow Show for 36 hours straight after being given a copy by Derek Taylor ; he then called Nilsson to congratulate him, which started a friendship that would last for the rest of Lennon's life.

Later, in a press conference to announce the formation of Apple Corps , Lennon was asked to name his favourite American artist. McCartney was then asked to name his favourite American group. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.