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She studied Theology and Education at Homerton, Cambridge. Books and writing have always been a central part ambridge. Books and writing have always been a central part of her life.

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Her first poem was published at the age of 9. Her first book was published in Germany in Kate lives wer first book was published in Germany in Log In to sync your basket across devices. About Meet the Author Series. Kate Chamberlayne Kate Chamberlayne was born in and educated in south-easKate Chamberlayne was born in and educated in south-east England.

Babylon 04 in Dark Chapters Series.

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Available for immediate download. They changed my name, but not my heart. I accepted the label, but not Bel, or Marduk, or any of the others.

Inside I was always Daniel: I never forgot the name of my childhood, though I rarely heard it again. View Product Add eBook. Andrew Smith , Alex Taylor.

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Order now to secure your copy when our stock arrives. Expected to ship in 3 weeks from Australia. View Product Add To Basket. Oncoming Storm 05 in Dark Chapters Series. He was alone, soaked to the skin and terrified. Choking mist and water hammered down in a never-ending torrent. Above the din of the storm there was a new noise: It grew nearer and nearer.

Exactly what this sign is, the apostles have not revealed, but the scriptures give us a clue. Jesus will reappear just as he left, but in reverse. That means he will first be manifested hidden behind a cloud. The clouds of the end will be dark: Within this cloud a sheen of bronze will radiate, and along its edges will be a halo of brilliant light. The sign of the everlasting covenant is a rainbow.

Whenever a rainbow appears in the sky scripture tells us that we are to remember that this is the sign of the Covenant that God made between Himself and every living creature on the face of the earth.

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Since Jesus is the everlasting Covenant, his sign in the heavens at the end will almost certainly involve a rainbow which appears in the clouds. I saw what looked like fire, and a light all round like a rainbow in the clouds on rainy days; that is how the surrounding light appeared. The powerful angel that stood before John in his vision of the world's final days came wrapped in a cloud with a rainbow over his head. When Daniel saw the glorified Christ materialize before him at the Tigris river, he wrote that his body was like beryl and his face shone like lightning and that his arms were fiery torches.

In this same vision, Daniel said that his arms and legs had the gleam of burnished bronze. Ezekiel saw the glorified Christ appear to him in much the same manner: Downwards from what seemed to be his loins was fire, and upwards from his loins he seemed to shine like polished bronze.

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When the sign of Jesus becomes visible in the clouds of the end, this same bronze-like figure surrounded in fire will manifest itself before the sight of the whole world. The glory of the Lord has always been associated with a cloud.

The Sign in the Sky

The cloud which hides God from men's view comes to the earth in two forms: Everywhere we look in these visions we can see the dualism that is always manifest in scripture. When He first appeared on earth Jesus was a dark cloud as far as the Jews were concerned, but out of that cloud came a gentle rain -- the living water of heaven which saved the pagans. Thus he was a cloud of mercy. At the end, the cloud's appearance will be terrifying to the wicked, because for them it will be a cloud of punishment -- a cloud of judgment and wrath.

In the darkness of these terminal clouds will appear flashes of God's lightning and out of them, great hailstones will come hurtling down onto the earth. As we showed in the last chapter, when this cosmic fusillade strikes the planet, the Bible says that it will lay the foundations of the sea bare. Science has discovered that meteoric bombardments of the planet from space have occurred frequently in the past and many have produced catastrophic effects.

Sixty-five million years ago a single meteorite measuring from 6 to 12 miles in diameter struck the Gulf of Mexico with a force equal to 10, times the combined power of all the hydrogen bombs the world has ever made or stockpiled.

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In a single instant it gouged a crater almost miles wide, incinerating much of the Caribbean basin. In the aftermath of the strike so much matter vaporized into the atmosphere that the entire world was plunged into darkness for a period lasting 10 years or more. A great many scientists are convinced that it was this decade of perpetual night which caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

A vast 'dead zone' was created which spread out for thousands of miles around the blast site.

Nothing grew or lived within that zone for about years after the impact -- not even in the seas.