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Young man sitting on the old green jeep parked in wild area with mountains on the background, Altai. Travel concept. Download this high-resolution stock photo .
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Iron Man, The 5 Year Jeep Wrangler Build - Walk Around

One elk was across the hood. How Dad saw out the windows, I will never know, because we had another quartered in the back and another across the back. As a side note, when we got home we jerked all of those elk. Took string around the poles in the cold storage room about a foot or so apart and hung the meat on the string to dry. There was a lot of it. I also took it elk hunting.

I borrowed a single-horse trailer and pulled it with the Jeep. I took with me a black horse I called Smokey. As I recall, Mom was really fond of the green Jeep.

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It had a cloth top and I can still see him driving it, peddle to the metal. He would fly up and down the dirt road on the hill to his house, dust flying up everywhere. After Granddad died, Dad took the jeep to New Mexico. I think Dad and Mom put the white top on it that it has now. I believe Dad used it in the winter time to carry his pruning things in.

Mark A Smith: Aka Jeep Off-Road Man

Later he would add a generator to run an electric saw. Some of my memories with the Jeeps began when I was a child and we would visit my grandmother and granddad at the ranch. I always looked forward to banging around in both Jeeps with my granddad or dad all over the ranch property. When I went down to the ranch at age 18 to work with Granddad, we used the Green Jeep for our ranch vehicle.

Later on, pick-ups were bought to replace the use of the Jeeps as the ranch vehicles. When Jim and I were first married, we had a lot of elk problems on the orchard. One time, my granddad took Jim, myself, and a man from the game department all over the place in the Jeep.

Granddad took us places that I never dreamed of going in that Jeep, through arroyos, over brush, through creeks and streams crossings, you name it, it went everywhere!

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I always loved going with my granddad in the jeep, laughing, and having fun. He was not afraid to go anywhere with it. For the faint-hearted, the views are still enough to take your breath away. Another highlight is the viewpoint at Eira do Serrado, which overlooks the beautiful Nuns Valley, a village nestling hundreds of feet below.

So you love adventure. Do you want to try our tours? Rising Sun - Santo da Serra. Northwest — Enchanted terraces. Northeast — Scents and Flavours. Southwest - Craters of Fire.

Tewksbury Driver Injured When Falling Tree Crushes Jeep

Southeast — Country Delights. East - Madeira Peaks. Trusted by more than customers and growing Brilliant day with Hugo who is very good and very informative. Learnt about the island and the people and the colourful history!


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