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Learn how to write fantasy series with examples of using tropes originally from J.K. When writing a fantasy series, it's easy to fall into well-known cliches.
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Fantasy Writing Tips

One ring allows the characters to travel one way, but a different ring is needed to return. Instead, learn how to write fantasy series that bear your own stamp. Even, for example, in their world maps. The map of the world of Middle Earth where Tolkien sets his series, by contrast, is less surreal and more similar to medieval maps:.

Writing a more magical story Post navigation Previous Character archetypes: How to write fantasy series: Know your genre An important part of writing in any genre is knowing a little about its history.

The 5 Steps to Writing a Novel that Sells

If your fantasy series features traditional creatures likes elves and trolls and wizards, you are going to have to do something very original with it: Farm boy saves the day. We need to believe his development. What makes your innocent-turned-hero distinctive? Share this infographic and blog post or save and embed on your own blog. Click or tap to view full size The map of the world of Middle Earth where Tolkien sets his series, by contrast, is less surreal and more similar to medieval maps: Writing a more magical story. Post navigation Previous Character archetypes: How to actually go about it?

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Ultimately, this internal consistency matters much more than realism. To ensure this consistency, Bowman suggests that you always jot everything down. When casting a spell, does it transform the object or create an object from nothing?

How Not to Write a Novel: 7 Things That Will Doom Your Novel

Know the rules of your world what we call physics! The most powerful tool in your world building arsenal is, instead… the question. Where do rivers come from?

How to write an award-winning bestselling first novel - Nathan Filer - [email protected]

I ask these questions. This will make sure that everything is rationally thought-out. Sometimes writers get so caught up in their world that they write block paragraph after block paragraph after block paragraph of description. This is a mistake. That would be boring to the viewers, not to mention meaningless. This is exactly the way you should show your world. Good character creation and development in fantasy is no different from fiction, or any other genre.

Take a minute to think of your favorite characters of all time.

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Mr Bean from Love Actually. What do they all share? Take your character and interview them. What do they fear most? What are their ultimate goals, and where are they willing to go to achieve that goal? Do this with all your characters when you're writing fantasy: Your publisher will thank you.

Looking for the definitive character questionnaire? We got you covered.

13 Kick-Ass Tips For Writing Fantasy From Professional Fantasy Editors

Ever want a corkboard just to keep the characters in a fantasy book straight? But you end up dropping readers that way. Read the books that are classics—they are classics for a reason—and read the books that are bestsellers and read the books that are award winners. Read and read and read, and you'll start to see your own writing improve.

To take specific action, Nieveen suggests picking the 10 books that you most admire. Then, it's just a matter of re-reading them and noting strengths in their plot, dialogue, characters, and scene structure. Learn from the best — and then go forth and tilt the arena again yourself. Did any of these writing tips resonate with you in particular? Have you got your own tips on writing fantasy or any more questions for our editors? Leave them in the comments.

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Our faery aides will pick them right up and bring them to us. Are you ready to unleash the novel inside you? Learn the basics of writing great fiction: I'm doing 2 right now. I totally get it. Writing short stories has helped me tremendously in understanding some fuzzy characters who have been more in the background in my main novel. Writing their story out helps me mold them a little better and write a real person instead of just a cardboard cutout. I have worked with authors who have taken this step and those who haven't - I can always tell the difference. I started my series "Chronicles of the Dragon Nations" by introducing a lot of people at once in the very first drafts years ago.

Now, I introduce wherever they show up, but once. If it's been twenty or so pages since the introduction, I summarize who they were, either by dialogue between two characters or by reiterating who they were. Another rule from above that I use is the "Don't break your own rules. In my books, those in the Mortal Realm cannot shift or fly, due to gravity and the laws of nature.