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"Katie Price's Perfect Ponies are a charming series of books that are perfect for every little girl aged five to ten years. The adorable pictures and adventures at the .
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Jeremy Whitley story Jay P. Ted Anderson story Brenda Hickey art. Christina Rice story Agnes Garbowska art. Jeremy Whitley story Brenda Hickey cover artist. Retrieved November 10, Retrieved April 18, — via Amazon. Friendship is Magic Volume 4". Friendship is Magic Volume 6". Friendship is Magic Volume 7". Friendship is Magic Volume 8". Retrieved November 13, — via Amazon. Friends Forever Volume 1". Friends Forever Volume 2".

Retrieved April 18, Friends Forever Volume 3". Friends Forever Volume 4". Friends Forever Volume 5". Friends Forever Volume 6". Nightmare Knights 2 Cover A Fleecs ". Twilight Sparkle, Teacher for a Day Gameloft video game. IDW comics Issues Collectible card game. Equestria Girls a spin-off franchise. Miniseries Summertime Shorts songs. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 6 December , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Return of Queen Chrysalis: Issue 1 released November 28, [1] Issue 2 released January 2, Issue 3 released February 6, Issue 4 released March 6, The Changeling Queen Chrysalis plans to exact revenge on Twilight Sparkle for her defeat by absorbing her magic.

Twilight and her friends discover that changelings have captured and replaced the citizens of Ponyville, and are able to rescue all of them except the Cutie Mark Crusaders, whom Chrysalis has imprisoned in her kingdom. Chrysalis challenges the six friends to save the fillies in three days time. Unable to contact Princess Celestia, Twilight worries that the deadline coincides with the passing of the Secretariat Comet, which will amplify her magic. En route, Chrysalis uses her changelings to cause rifts between the six and separate them.

The six overlook the fight and reach Chrysalis, who traps Twilight's friends with the fillies. Chrysalis decides to make Twilight her pupil instead of absorbing her magic, threatening to kill her friends if she does not accept. Twilight opts to save her friends and, empowered as the comet flies overhead, defeats Chrysalis and her minions with a powerful burst of magic, and traps them in her castle.

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Twilight and the freed ponies are rejoined outside by Princess Celestia and Spike, who have been battling a horde of giant cockatrices in Canterlot. Robbie Robbins lettering, 1—2 Neil Uyetake lettering, 3—4. Issue 5 released March 27, Issue 6 released April 24, Issue 7 released May 15, Issue 8 released June 12, Twilight Sparkle and her friends have been suffering from nightmares for a week, and decide to hold a slumber party together to figure out what is going on.

During the night, Rarity is abducted by a dark miasma. The others learn from Princess Luna that Rarity has been taken by the same forces that transformed her into the evil Nightmare Moon to serve as their queen. Accompanied by Luna and Spike, the five friends venture into the forces' domain to rescue Rarity. When they arrive, they find that Rarity has been transformed into the nightmare forces' new queen, Nightmare Rarity, after being convinced that her friends care little for her.

The friends are overwhelmed by the nightmare forces and locked up. Twilight urges Luna to return to Ponyville to prepare the citizens there. Spike manages to elude Nightmare Rarity as she departs for Ponyville with her forces, and rescues the others. Luna and the other citizens of Ponyville defend themselves against Nightmare Rarity, giving enough time for Twilight, Spike, and the others to arrive. Using the power of their friendship, the friends revert the corrupted nightmare creatures into docile moon creatures.

They turn this and their thoughts of Rarity to Nightmare Rarity, and finally dispel the evil spirit.

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Luna and the moon creatures thank the ponies for their help before leaving, while Rarity is thankful for her friends' support. Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair: July 18, Issue 10 released August 28, Issue 11 released September 25, Issue 12 released October 30, Big McIntosh embarks to the hardware store for nails to repair the farm's gazebo. He is waylaid by several of Ponyville's citizens as he goes through the Summer Wrap-Up fair, only to find that the hardware store is in ruins from the antics of the Cutie Mark Crusaders trying to build their own fireworks launcher.

Big Mac returns to the fair to locate the hardware store owner, Lugnut, continuing to be waylaid by the other activities of the fair. Although Big Mac is flustered at having wasted the day, Zecora reminds him to think of the happy memories he had from the events. Big Mac eventually finds the store owner, who reports that Apple Bloom had taken all the nails on the farm for their launcher, and gives him the nails he needs as well as a promise for delivery of lumber the next day. Big Mac returns to the farm to find the gazebo in ruins from another errant launch from the Crusaders' launcher.

However, in the concluding photos, the gazebo is repaired by Big Mac with the help of Lugnut and the Crusaders. October 21, [2]. Issue 13 released November 20, Issue 14 released December 18, Issue 15 released January 15, Issue 16 released February 5, The six ponies go to the beach for a vacation, where Fluttershy reluctantly prepares to return a rescued fish named Gil to the ocean. A pirate ship soon washes ashore, its captain Hoofbeard disembarking in search of a crew to help him find a certain treasure. The ponies accept, with Fluttershy hoping to find Gil again after losing him in the waves, eventually reuniting with him.

Over the course of the voyage, the ponies learn that Hoofbeard was mutinied upon by his original crew after becoming obsessed in his search for the "treasure", and grow increasingly suspicious of his intentions. Once he leads them to a windless portion of the seas, the ponies mutiny in an effort to return home. They are attacked en route by a pod of mermares, one of whom Fluttershy realizes is Hoofbeard's "treasure" named Jewel, while the others are trying to keep the two apart.

Fluttershy convinces Hoofbeard and the mermares to make amends by returning Gil to the sea. Twilight casts a spell on Hoofbeard, giving him gills and fins to be with his beloved, and the mermares help the ponies return home. Issue 17 released March 19, Issue 18 released April 30, Issue 19 released May 28, Issue 20 released June 25, Twilight and her friends investigate Princess Celestia's week-long disappearance beyond a magic mirror created by Star Swirl the Bearded.

The ponies learn through Star Swirl's notes that he and Celestia traveled to many different universes through the mirror until Celestia began recklessly using it to visit one particular world. Celestia returns from the mirror and explains that she has been visiting an alternate Equestria ruled by a benevolent King Sombra, whom she is in love with.

She sends the Element bearers to this world to help Sombra defeat her and Luna's evil counterparts. When they fight the evil princesses, however, the six discover that Celestia's overuse of the portal causes any harm they inflict to the evil princesses to affect the good princesses as well.

Eventually, their confrontation causes both worlds to begin merging entirely, bringing the good princesses to battle their counterparts. Celestia requests the others to seal herself and the evil Celestia by combining the Elements of Harmony with Sombra's crystal magic.

Instead, Sombra sacrificially uses the Elements to absorb the evil of his world's princesses, restoring balance to both worlds. Everyone returns to their original worlds and the mirror is destroyed, with a single piece kept by Celestia in memory of Sombra. January 20, [4]. Issue 21 released July 16, Issue 22 released August 13, Issue 23 released September 3, Discord in Time: Issue 24 released October 8, The magician makes the prized Ostlerheimer Diamond disappear as part of her act, but when she fails to reproduce the diamond, the police accuse her of theft.

Applejack and her friends become entangled in the crime when the diamond reappears in Applejack's hat, and they go on the run with Trixie, who explains her magic act had been a trap to lure out a diamond thief named Rough Diamond. The ponies set out to clear their names by catching the real thief at an art museum.

They discover a clue to Rough Diamond's identity and her next target and sneak into the museum to trap her, only to find themselves caught by the police. Babs, who has taken a liking to Trixie due to similarly troubled pasts, realizes one of the officers is acting strangely. The group provides enough of a distraction to reveal the officer as Rough Diamond in disguise, having used her position in the police to frame Trixie for the theft.

Trixie thanks Babs for her help, and she returns to the stage to finish off her performances. October 1, [5]. The Good, the Bad and the Ponies: Issue 25 released November 19, Issue 26 released December 24, Issue 27 released January 28, Issue 28 released March 18, They meet up with Sheriff Tumbleweed, who says that the town is being ravaged by Cattle Rustlers who really want to gain control of the Peppers' ranch, and do this by intimidating the townsponies and make them give them their food; as such, ponies like Chili Pepper and others have already left town, figuring there's no hope.

They come up with a plan with the help of the other townsfolk, but before they can set it in motion, the Cattle Rustlers create a cow stampede that damages more of the town, and even more of the ponies flee, Sheriff Tumbleweed gives up hope and leaves his badge behind, which AJ takes up and promises to end the Cattle Rustler threat for good. The next day, after learning of AJ's persistence, Longhorn files official paperwork that as the owners of the ranch have abandoned it, the Cattle Rustlers are due to become rightful owners as long as they remain camped on the property for 7 days.

Twilight deems the paper all legitimate and within Equestrian law, but AJ comes up with a plan to dupe the Cattle Rustlers, While Twilight and Fluttershy pose as town officials, noting small mistakes in the signing of the document, forcing Longhorn to leave camp to fix it, the others, along with help of some of the braver townsponies inspired by the Mane 6, distract the other, more dimwitted Rustlers long enough to move their entire camp piece by piece so that it's outside the ranch's property. On the last day, Longhorn and the other Rustlers find the Mane 6 rebuilding the barn, and believing they are still on the ranch property, proceed to destroy it.

However, AJ points out that where they are is no longer on the ranch, and thanks to a few favors Twilight was able to pull with the Princesses, had gotten the barn marked as a historical landmark. Since the Rustlers now have committed a crime within Equestrian law, Twilight willingly steps in with her magic to reconstruct the barn as the town's new jail for the Rustlers. With the threat ended, AJ returns the sheriff's badge to Tumbleweed, who has been re-invigorated by the Mane 6. The Mane 6 ride off into the sunset. October 20, [7]. Issue 29 released March 25, Ponyville Days: Issue 30 released May 20, Issue 31 released June 10, Issue 32 released July 22, Issue 33 released August 19, Cheerilee and the Mane Six visit Manehattan to watch Cheerilee's twin sister, Cherry Blossom, compete in a wrestling tournament.

The two have not seen each other for years, and Cheerilee is nervous about seeing Cherry again. At a welcoming tea party organized by Rarity, the sisters get into an argument and Cheerilee storms out; Cherry follows, but trips and injures her leg severely enough to leave her unable to wrestle in the championship match against her rival, Iron Hock. However, since Cherry wears a mask in the ring, she realizes that Cheerilee could take her place for the match. Cherry and fellow wrestler Cloverleaf train Cheerilee, and Rarity boosts Cheerilee's confidence by pointing out that both sisters strive to cheer up children in their own ways.

Cheerilee defeats Iron Hock to win the championship, then wins a surprise tag team match with a masked Rarity as her partner. Cheerilee and Cherry reconcile, and Cloverleaf reveals herself as Iron Hock, having played a role in the plan to bring the two back together. Siege of the Crystal Empire: Issue 34 released September 16, Issue 35 released October 21, Issue 36 released November 18, Issue 37 released December 16, A cloaked pony starts showing up in Equestria, convincing the Flim-Flam Brothers, Iron Will, Lightning Dust, Queen Chrysalis, and the Changelings to stand by her in exchange for things they want the most.

Meanwhile, the Mane 6 have been assigned to help in the preparation for the next Crystal Faire. One by one, the villains sneak in and distract them; Lightning Dust gets Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy to chase after her while the Flim-Flam Brothers and Changeling army distract Applejack and Twilight once again faces Chrysalis.

Iron Will tries to make off with the heart, but he gets shot by a party cannon courtesy of Pinkie Pie and Rarity and crashes into Chrysalis, defeating her as Applejack manages to tie up the Flim-Flam Brothers. Rainbow and Fluttershy manage to catch Lightning Dust and all the villains are imprisoned. When Shining Armor investigates Iron Will's bag, he finds it to be empty and Chrysalis admits to the whole scuffle being a diversion.

Meanwhile, the cloaked figure makes her way down to King Sombra's study, where she is revealed to be Radiant Hope, Sombra's best friend from their childhood. Discovering Sombra's horn on the ground and that his essence still lives within it, she casts a spell that restores him to his original form.

Stage Fright! (Perfect Ponies, #10) by Katie Price

Radiant Hope's history is then more fully detailed, including how she left Canterlot after the Crystal Empire's disappearance and entered into an alliance with Sombra's people, the Umbrum or shadow ponies. With the Crystal Heart in Hope's possession, Sombra launches an attack to retake the empire, freeing the villains to aid him. Princesses Celestia and Luna then arrive in response to Cadance's summons and engage Sombra and Chrysalis, but Hope acts to prevent them from harming Sombra, allowing him to turn them into stone. Upon discovering that Sombra intends to release the umbrum hidden away centuries before, Chrysalis flees with her Changelings after Sombra retreats to his study, while Lightning Dust, Iron Will, and the Flim-Flam Brothers begin to realize that they may have been in over their heads.

Before leaving, Chrysalis inadvertently frees Twilight, whose magical abilities are restored by the inert magic of friendship from Shining Armor, Spike, and the rest of the Mane 6. Meanwhile, Cadance confronts Hope and she takes her to the umbrum's home, where Cadence's love magic reveals them to be the monsters they really are; the umbrum having deceived Hope into serving them. Cadence and Hope manage to escape and end up in Sombra's study, where the Mane 6, Spike, and Shining Armor arrive to confront him.

Hope, still believing there to be good inside of Sombra, takes a magic blast from Twilight to save Sombra and is knocked out.

Stage Fright!

Enraged, Sombra opens a secret door in the study and unleashes the umbrum at long last. With the umbrum, Sombra finally retakes the Empire, capturing Twilight, Cadance, and Shining Armor while the rest of the heroes escape. After Shining Armor is turned to stone, Sombra visits a recovering Hope, who resents him for his decisions.

Katie Price's Pony Club S1E1 - The Mock Hunt

As Twilight and Cadance are about to be turned to stone in the dais where the Crystal Heart once stood, the rest of the Mane 6 return with reinforcements which include Derpy, Discord, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Realizing that Hope will never be happy with him so long as he remains with the umbrum, Sombra reactivates the Crystal Heart hidden in Hope's saddlebag since the beginning of the story and uses it to banish the umbrum back to their homeland.

Without the presence of their dark magic, Celestia, Luna, and Shining are freed from their stone imprisonment. As Sombra is about to be killed by the Crystal Heart's energies, the princesses turn him into a unicorn so he can be with Hope. Sombra apologizes for everything he's done and he and Hope leave to find the pieces of Princess Amore, the former ruler of the Crystal Empire, who was turned into a crystal statue back when Sombra originally became ruler of the Crystal Empire, hoping to restore her so Sombra can make amends with her.

June 21, [8]. Issue 40 released March 16, Issue 42 released May 11, Cherilee, along with Applejack and Rarity, lead the students on a wilderness hike. The conflict between the Crusaders and Diamond Tiara prove no luck to find their way back, and then they are further chased off the main path when a bear finds them. After the group takes shelter and waits for the bear to leave, they try to figure out how to get back.

Unfortunately, Sweetie Belle, Snips, and Snails' magic is too weak to send off a signal flare, and Scootaloo is unable to fly high enough to get a lay of the land. When Silver Spoon decides to go with the others, Diamond Tiara eventually relents and races to catch up with the others. She trips and falls over a cliff-face, hanging for her life off a tree branch. The others all try to rescue her, and Apple Bloom ends up falling over the edge as well, handing onto Diamond Tiara.

After pulling them back up, the group takes shelter in a cave for the night where the CMC start to find some understanding with the others. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon claim that because they come from the richest families in Ponyville, they have to keep up their appearances, while Snips and Snails complain that they aren't as stupid as everyone thinks they are.

The next morning, Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara see a rare and legendary bird fly past them and moments later, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Bulk Biceps, and the Wonderbolts arrive and rescue the full group, bringing them back to Ponyville where they are welcomed with open arms. Issue 46 released September 28, Issue 47 released October 19, After saving a country from Ursas, the Mane 6 discover a series of springs that has erupted from the ground and decide to reward themselves by spending time in the water.

The next day, Twilight suddenly begins draining the IQ of the Ponyville citizens to make herself stronger and smarter. The following day, Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders discover that all of the Mane 6 are acting strangely; Applejack is acting like a mean-spirited business magnate, Twilight declares herself empress of Ponyville, Rainbow Dash keeps flying around creating Sonic Rainbooms, and Rarity plans to usurp Twilight as ruler of Ponyville.

The group reasons that the water in the springs turned them into darker versions of themselves. Celestia gets word of what has happened and sends Luna in to help Spike and the CMC investigate the situation. She arrives in time to help them as Applejack is terrorizing them, but when Luna tries to sap the dark magic out of her, it fails and she runs off. They're chased to Zecora's hut, where they tell her what's happening and escape as Fluttershy and her animals close in on them.

Luna finds Rarity and a fight ensues that spills into the theater where Pinkie Pie, dressed as a clown, is holding several citizens hostage. Rarity leaves to depose Twilight as "Empress of Ponyville" as Pinkie wrecks the theater with her party cannon now using actual ammunition and Zecora and the CMC arrive.

Learning that Spike was also exposed to the water, but is strangely unaffected, Zecora decides to examine him while Pinkie collects water from the springs and starts throwing it in balloons at the Ponyville citizens, turning them evil as well. Unfortunately, one of the balloons hits Luna, transforming her back into Nightmare Moon. Using the antidote, Rainbow creates a storm that turns the townspeople, Fluttershy, and her animals affected by the evil water back to normal, including Luna. She tricks Rarity into drinking the water, but Twilight, having absorbed all the intelligence in Ponyville, sees through the deception and reveals Luna has already been cured by the storm and she predicted the whole situation.

So Pinkie Pie uses the element of surprise on Twilight and manages to cure her with the antidote. Twilight returns all the IQ she stole from Ponyville's citizens and the Mane 6 set to work repairing the damage they caused. Visiting the springs, Zecora determines that years of exposure to Equestrian magic have tainted it, so she casts a spell that turns it to normal. Luna then takes her leave, commenting that had the Mane 6 been united after being tainted by the water, they would have been purely unstoppable.

Collection of Issues 43 through 45 of the "Ponies of Darkwater" Arc in an oversized treasury. Issue 48 released November 9, Issue 49 released December 21, Issue 50 released February 1, The Mane 6 and Starlight Glimmer go stargazing on the night of a rare astrological event called the Cosmic Convergence Conjunction.

At first, Discord appears and tries to tag along and make himself the center of attention, but leaves after Applejack tells him off. After the Conjunction begins, Starlight notices a weird glow and the group finds that Discord has transformed into an unusual-looking egg. The egg is taken back to the castle where it hatches while Twilight examines it. Discord emerges wearing a fancy suit and a monocle and bearing combed hair and a moustache. He explains that he was affected by the Conjunction and now is a being of pure order; Twilight promptly dubs him "Accord" after he disowns his original name.

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The Mane 6 with the exception of Fluttershy immediately take to Accord, deciding to put him to good use helping Ponyville. Asked by Mayor Mare to finish the construction of a hotel that two architects are fighting over, Accord uses his magic to make them agree, which disturbs Starlight as the action reminds her of her past villainy.

The next day, the Mane 6, Spike, Accord, and Starlight are invited to a dinner with Celestia and Luna, during which Starlight calls out Accord's actions from the previous day, telling him that he can't force others to agree. Accord disagrees, telling them that while he cannot make every pony the same, he can use his magic to make them think the same way.

He then uses his magic to brainwash all the Canterlot Castle servants and declares his intent on turning Equestria into a land of pure order. While Starlight, Celestia, and the rest of the Mane 6 set about evacuating Canterlot as Accord's magic begins to affect the city's citizens, Twilight and Luna enter Accord's mind to find it nothing like Discord's; it is devoid of color and organized like a stereotypical office. Twilight discovers the true Discord in a snow globe and learns that Discord becoming Accord had nothing to do with the Conjunction; he transformed himself into Accord voluntarily, feeling that the Mane 6 didn't appreciate his chaotic nature.

All three of them are then overrun by the Accord clones running amok inside Accord's mind. Starlight's group soon finds that Accord doesn't just aim to turn all of Equestria into a land of pure order by brainwashing other ponies, but rather he's turning them into him. As the group heads to the train station to evacuate the citizens unaffected by Accord's magic, Luna and Twilight arrive, both under Accord's control.

While on the train, Starlight tries to lift Celestia's spirits by reminding her about the "Reflections" incident and the recent "Dark Water" incident. Returning to Ponyville, they find that it has yet to be taken over and Celestia orders Spike to retrieve the Elements of Harmony from the Tree of Harmony.

Accord soon arrives after learning teleportation magic. When hoping that she can still bond with the element of magic, Celestia puts it on, but since the Elements of Harmony make order when there's none, and Accord is a creature of pure order, he spreads his magic to the Mane Six and Celestia. With Starlight being the only pony left uncontrolled, she tries to convince Accord by playing a game that of if there is a good reason that Accord has controlled them, that Starlight joins him by choice. But Starlight convinces him that he has no friends and that friendship isn't order, so Accord agrees to become Discord again, and they all celebrate the 50th issue of My Little Pony: The story is followed by a ten-page short story about Discord giving Celestia a day as a normal pony by turning her into a pegasus.

March 13, [9]. Issue 54 released May 24, Wings Over Yakyakistan: Issue 55 released June 21, Issue 56 released July 12, Issue 58 released September 13, Taking place at the same time as the season 7 episode Fluttershy Leans In , Fluttershy has Angel Bunny look after some animals while she and her friends take part in building the animal sanctuary. Unable to keep them under control at first, Angel recruits the rest of the Mane 6's pets and the CMC to help him. At first, they all try to control the animals as one group, but the effort proves unsuccessful.

Angel eventually gets the idea to have everyone split up into groups, which has much more success. When she returns from building the sanctuary, Fluttershy congratulates Angel on a job well done, only for Angel to discover that he will have to put up with the animals for a few more days. Pie in the Sky: Issue 60 released November 8, Convocation of the Creatures! Issue 63 released February 21, Following the events of the episode "Secrets and Pies," Pinkie Pie comes to believe that Rainbow Dash's dislike of pie stems from the fact that she has yet to find one that she actually likes.

Pinkie bakes hundreds of pies and makes Rainbow Dash sample one after the other, trying to find a recipe she likes, but Rainbow Dash eventually gets fed up and storms off. After talking with Twilight Sparkle, she decides to turn the tables by making Pinkie do things that are boring to her: Pinkie eventually realizes that just because two ponies might like different things, neither should try to force their own preferences on the other.

She gives away all the spare pies and offers a chocolate cake to Rainbow Dash, who happily accepts it as an apology. Issue 65 released April 18, Applewood Follies: Issue 66 released May 16, Issue 67 released July 4, Issue 68 released July 25, Joining Fluttershy on a trip to Manehattan where her friend is attending an animal shelter seminar, Rarity discovers with horror that fashions have cycled back through to what was popular in her early designer days, something she finds repulsive.

As Rarity despairs over feeling forced to follow the trend she hates, Fluttershy finds her own difficulties at the seminar when she learns about aspects of running a shelter she was ignorant of. The two eventually meet up with Rarity's friend Coco Pommel, and as the two from Ponyville share their concerns Rarity is inspired. With help from her friends, she recreates her old designs using the experience she has now accumulated, with Fluttershy serving as a model. Rarity then returns the favor by encouraging Fluttershy to share her own new ideas with other shelter owners about supporting new projects.

With that encouragement, Fluttershy proposes new programs at the seminar to encourage newcomers into the field and finds the attendees are most impressed and receptive to her ideas. Issue 69 released August 8, TBA: Issue 70 released September 5, Happy Haunts: Issue 71 released October 3, Issue 72 released November 7, TBA: Issue 73 released TBA. After experiencing disappointment that her parties can't last forever, Pinkie Pie eats the legendary Golden Apple from Sweet Apple Acres. Infused with its magical powers, she begins granting ponies' wishes around Ponyville in hopes of making them happy, but ends up causing chaos instead.

Twilight and the others attempt to convince her of the error of her ways, and eventually succeed after Pinkie starts to recognize the consequences of her powers.

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  • Katie Price's Perfect Ponies: Stage Fright! Book 10;

After organizing an effort to put out a fire caused by her actions, Pinkie wishes for her powers to disappear, which also undoes all the wishes she made. She then throws a party to apologize to her friends for all the chaos. Summer is reluctant for help until Twilight lies about her possibly being replaced if she doesn't accept the help.

Summer's demands for shelving are strict, and orders Twilight to stay out of her office. Despite Summer's coldness, Twilight finds she and Summer share a love of books, including the solitary work of author Jade Singer, who since disappeared after its publication. One day, Twilight is caught peeking into Summer's office, and Summer orders her away until Twilight reveals that she has known Summer to be really Jade Singer for some time.

Jade admits she hid herself away at the Archives, afraid to release another book that would fail to meet the expectations from her first, but Twilight explains that as Celestia's student, she has to live with that every day but is supported by her Ponyville friends and offers the same friendship to Jade.

Inspired, Jade publishes her next book with great success, and Celestia thanks Twilight for helping her old friend.

Katie Price's Perfect Ponies: Stage Fright!

Thomas Zahler story, art, lettering Ronda Pattison coloring. Two cloud gremlins bring in a thundercloud during Ponyville's Summerfell Festival, and when Rainbow Dash tries to dispel it, the gremlins are able to stop her, injuring her wings in the process. A month later after Rainbow's wings are healed, with the cloud still over Ponyville and depressing its residents, Rainbow Dash tries other means to get rid of the gremlins, but they are able to feed off the negative emotions in town.

Inspired, Rainbow pushes herself to dangerous speeds to create a Sonic Double Rainboom, cheering up the residents and breaking the gremlins' spell, allowing Rainbow to finally get rid of the cloud. However, this severely injures her wings, and she believes she won't fly again. Applejack gets her to help with selling apple dishes made from apples infused with the magic from the Double Rainboom and tricks Rainbow into showing that she can fly again, cheering the pegasus up. Lindsay story Tony Fleecs art. Prior to a big fashion show in Canterlot, Applejack arranges a rural spa retreat for Rarity to help her relax.

Written by Katie Price. Vicki decides to have an open day at the stables and she plans a show-jumping demonstration, refreshments - and a play. All the girls are really looking forward to spending their summer holiday rehearsing together. But Cara is terrified. Even if Taffy is with her, she couldn't possibly act in front of everybody. Katie Price is one of the UK's top celebrities. She was formerly the glamour model Jordan and is now a bestselling author, successful businesswoman and star of her own reality TV show. In , Katie won Celebrity Big Brother.

Perfect Ponies 10 by Katie Price ,. Vicki's decided to hold an open day at the stables! She's planned a show-jumping demonstration, refreshments - and a play All the girls are really looking forward to spending their summer holiday rehearsing together. But Cara is terrified. Even if Taffy is with her, she couldn't possibly act in front of everybody Paperback , pages. Published February 5th by Bantam Books first published January 1st To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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Nimmika rated it it was amazing Feb 06, Dionne Holmans rated it liked it Mar 08, Ghalia Al-Sulaiti rated it really liked it Mar 13, Shona Milne rated it really liked it Mar 04, Rolisha rated it it was amazing Dec 17, Paris added it Jul 21, Ribena marked it as to-read Jan 12,