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In His Hands, Joplin, Missouri. likes · 29 talking about this · 84 were here. In His Hands is a women's discipleship house for women trapped in.
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From the moment when my mother died To the first breath of my baby boy I felt God, He was with me there Through the heartache and in the joy Yes, every tear that we cry God is with us, by our side. This was such an amazing weekend offered to high school youth by the Diocese Of Madison. For the first time I felt connected to God.

Sense then I slowly grew farther from him until I came across your station. I feel happy and bright when I listen. Healthy relationship expectations and learning to communicate what your expectations are can lead to much happier and healthier relationships overall. His life has not been the easiest. His love of the land, the grapes and need to tend to them made him awkward with people.

He didn't do well with them and they, him. He liked the solitude Here on this mountain for these last few years, nurturing this vineyard, Luc stayed the course He was aware of the strange neighbors he had He tended to keep to himself. He instinctively knew to stay away from there. Luc did not know there had been someone watching him since he arrived. He did not know of the woman who watched how he used seasonal workers to help with the vines or how she wished she could be one of those workers herself.

Abby Merkley had been brought to the compound as a very young child. Her mother was thrilled to become a member of the flock Abby remembered the first feelings of wonder But then one day she was taken from her mother Time past and as Abby grew, her mind would question and ask the elders She became known as trouble and difficult. She had too much spirit and needed to be broken. When she was discovered with another boy her age reaching out and discovering touches She was rushed into a marriage with the first founder of the religion, a man who could have been her grandfather.

She lived a dutiful life but then he became ill and now she is alone. Sammy has developmental problems and the others treat him badly, sometimes physically hurting him.

Lately, he has been having "spells" where he loses time and falls. Abby wants to get him away from this place Abby wants to leave and be free, too. She just needs to figure out how to make enough money so she can take care of Sammy. She will not leave without him. These two lost souls meet when Abby devises a way to leave the compound without elders knowing. The answer came to her when they took away her job of selling the baked goods and vegetables at the open market in town because she was too friendly.

She was given the new responsibility of walking the fence alone. She was to make sure it was always intact. If it needed repairing, she was to have the men do it. Well, with her nimble fingers and a bolt cutter, the fence did need mending and she was responsible for it.

She cut carefully making sure it would be difficult to see. She took a breath and made the first step to cross onto Luc's land. There he was working the vines.

In His Hands

But this year, there were no extra workers Yes, she was going to make her plan work. It was the only way to take Sammy and leave this place. Yes, but she knew this was her one chance and took it. Luc was working the vines and looked up. At first he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. A figure was walking towards him What was she doing coming on his land Did those people send her Luc stood there and Abby addressed him as best as she could She introduced herself and told him in halting but strong words she wished to work for him This conversation would have been very strange to observe Luc, this Frenchman, no good with people What happens is interesting She even forces Luc to shake her hand as if it were contract A hand shake means something between two people There is a saying For ever lid there is a pot.

These two characters are just like that.

In His Hands Family Medicine

They were meant to be This tale addresses so very much. There is Luc's family issues and his feeling slighted. There is the way cult religion can be used to corrupt and take those who are lost looking for anything to take their internal pain away There is also implied mentions of abuse and maiming. These parts are not pretty But there are parts which are There is the fierce strength in Abby taking what she wants Letting Abby be the one to make all the decisions The story also has the rescuing of Sammy, the discovery of what life could be like out in the real world and even lessons in wine making.

The beginning was much to take in and made the pace a little slower than the other books I wanted them to have what they had experienced I wanted Abby to be with Luc Under Her Skin Blank Canvas, 1 https: By Her Touch Blank Canvas, 2 https: Anders has NOT let me down yet: Anders has given us this so far Check out Luc's Pinterest Board here! Well, if you follow the link to her board For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways.

View all 6 comments. Jul 28, Marta Cox rated it it was amazing Shelves: Two very different characters collide in this evocative and passionate romance. We have Luc, lonely and closed off desperate to bring his precious vines to life and fruition. He has walked away from his home and family and now feels he needs no one. Into his well ordered existence comes Abby, a prisoner of the religious cult that own the land next to Luc's home and burgeoning vineyard. It's simple in Abby's eyes she will help work with Luc and in return he will pay her meaning she and a boy who Two very different characters collide in this evocative and passionate romance.

It's simple in Abby's eyes she will help work with Luc and in return he will pay her meaning she and a boy whose health she's desperately worried about can afford to escape to a new life.

In His Hands (A capella)

Except the church leader wants Abby for himself and cruelly tortures Abby leaving her with no choice but to run to the one place she feels safe, in Luc's arms! This author seems to have cornered the market when it comes to vile and sadistic villains. Yet she does not allow them to dominate her storylines no that's reserved for her couples. Abby is so innocent when it comes to the modern society we live in and she's written in such a way that it's impossible not to empathise with her and indeed cheer her on as she boldly moves forward.

Pairing her with the brooding Luc allowed them both to relish life no matter how scarred they are both inside and out whilst exploring a mutual passion. Yes they have personal struggles but there's a depth to this story and a wealth of emotion. It's not just a sensual journey though as there are bigoted stalkers next door at the church who are determined to get Abby back no matter the cost.

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Luc still has to come to terms with his own past as the story plays out and when all looks lost there's a bright new dawn! This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair I loved the way the author wrote this hero, especially in the beginning: I also loved how Adriana Anders fleshed out the cultural and linguistic differences between the French hero, Luc, and the American heroine, Abby.

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I'm grateful to the publisher, Sourcebooks Casablanca, and NetGalley for providing a free copy. May 25, Sarah Wayne rated it it was amazing Shelves: I keep looking at this author's bio in Goodreads thinking I must be missing something because it only shows three books. How in the world is it possible that Adriana Anders has only written 3 books?? An author this good is supposed to have at least twenty books under their belt with many on the bestselling lists and blogs and conferences tolling on and on about her work and how In His Hands by Adriana Anders is the 3rd book in her Blank Canvas series and the second book I've read by this author.

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  • An author this good is supposed to have at least twenty books under their belt with many on the bestselling lists and blogs and conferences tolling on and on about her work and how amazingly talented she is and she is all of that and so much more. I can't think of an author who has gripped me so completely with only two out of three books read.

    And although each part of a series, they stand on their own and don't particularly need to be read in order, which I'm grateful for because I'm going to go buy the 2nd book after I finish writing my review, don't know how I missed it. I can only hope she's been writing in secret these past several years and will publish a plethora of books to fulfill my needs for more amazing stories.

    Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for a honest review. Feb 21, Jennifer rated it really liked it. Three books into the Blank Canvas series and I'm still loving it. Anders writes heartbreaking and sometimes dark plots for the couples to overcome.

    In His Hands, has me spitting mad most of the time. I also love that the evil leaders of the cult were taken down without any innocents being hurt in the process. Aug 05, Under the Covers Book Blog rated it really liked it. It covers a very difficult subject matter and Anders paints the story with vivid strokes, feeding the reader only a piece of information at a time. But she does it brilliantly. She is a gifted writer—a storyteller. There are multiple layers and a complexity that needed to be portrayed in the slow manner it was presented.

    Abby Merkley resides in a small, religious commune. Her mother brought her to this way of life at a young age.

    He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

    She was raised to not question the elders of the community and the beauty she once saw on this mountain has turned ugly. She longs for freedom and independence. She wants to help a small child. She needs a job. Luc Stanek is a store owner, growing grapes and making wine. He keeps to himself. And he finds himself reaching out to help her. Two strangers, both lonely for different reasons. Two hearts beating the odds to find love in the strangest of places.

    In His Hands is an emotional journey and is solely character driven which does make for a slower read. It can be hard to read at times with the heavy subject matter but Anders tackles it beautifully. Subscribe to our blog by email! What an intense read! This sort of reminded me of the movie "The Village" by M. Abby is in a cult like church where the leader does not believe in outside influences.

    No doctors, no medicine, what happens is the will of God. They are all on a piece of land in the mountains and locked behind a prison like fencing. The problem is Abby isn't willing to just follow along. Sammy is a boy with Down Syndrome who has seizures. No one will help him and Abby is determined to get a job so What an intense read! No one will help him and Abby is determined to get a job so she can help get Sammy out before it's too late. This is where she meets Luc. He owns the adjoining land and cultivates a grape field for wine making.

    She has seen him out there working and she is convinced he will hire her to earn money. She cuts a hole in the fence to sneak out everyday and work for Luc. Luc isn't exactly thrilled about Abby's intrusion but he's just as drawn to her and her tenacity and ends up hiring her.

    Luc is a very anti social person. He's lived next to the church for two years and had no clue what was happening in his own back yard. This story is wild! You learn piece by piece what is really happening behind those fence lines. So many of them have grown up there and know no other way. The more I learned about Isiah, the leader, the more angry I got. He's basically the devil in sheeps clothing. This is definitely a story that will get your emotions charged.

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