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Grade 8 Syllabus. Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music: Music for your Grade Exam, Every instrument, every grade. 12 Keyboard Pieces ( Keyboard Music Book 1) (Stainer & Bell). $ 8. La Marche des Scythes. Royer 1. Prélude: 1st movt from English Suite No. 2 in A minor, BWV J. S. Bach.
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Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace ROYER Complete Music for Harpsichord

Please read our Privacy Policy to find out more. Artist in the social network: No surprises there, perhaps … but the harpsichordist in question is Jean Rondeau and the album is called Vertigo. It conceives the harpsichord in vividly theatrical terms.

Vertigo takes its name from a dramatic, rhapsodic piece by Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace Royer, who, along with Jean-Philippe Rameau, forms the focus of this album. Both Rameau and Royer excelled in keyboard music and in works for the stage.

Jean Rondeau

The harpsichord, modeled after a Ruckers, can take the heat. Charlotte Mattax Moersch hpsi. This is a wonderful discovery.

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Most likely, the instruments themselves were more reliable so that repeated notes and multi-note chords spanning both hands became practical. Thirteen pieces straddle two Suites , five in the first, eight in the second. A few pieces indicate a dance movement form, though not all.

Noblet always provides a memorable singing line. Originally published with three sonatas that include a violin part, Mattax Moersch plays just the harpsichord pieces on a bright and bold Willard Martin after Nicolas Blanchet.

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Lisa Goode Crawford hpsi. Centaur 1 CD http: Alpha 2 CDs http: Appel tackles two large collections: Appel concludes Ordre 8 with the Passacaille which imbues the group with more consequence than it may merit.

Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace ROYER Complete Music for Harpsichord - Brilliant Classics

I found that Appel was more relaxed in Ordre 3 , resulting in deeper feeling. He plays a broad and gracious Frank Rutkowski and Robert Robinette of , a copy of an enlarged Ruckers. Employing a Ruckers with a crunchily gripping sound, Crawford reveals a clever design for Ordre 8. Alpha offers two more discs, recorded in September at the same place in Belgium on the same Jean-Henry Hemsch. Variations on an Original Theme , Op. Six Preludes from Op.

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Denon CO 1 CD http: Mordents and trills quiver, octave displacements appear for color. Lifschitz offers lush Brahms. Among variation sets, these are less familiar but rewarding nonetheless.

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The concluding Rachmaninov Lifschitz delivers with panache and passion.