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Yet Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished, the incredible but bizarre release by Avey Tare and Panda Bear brings the fates of those.
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But I suppose you wouldn't know by the bouncy, heavily effected noises of tunes like La Rapet. The song presents the listener with very sullen emotions in throughout its vivid jungle-like sound. Panda accents everything with fairly progressive brush drumming. His little fills can be lost within the noise, but work well through the entire song, whether you can hear them or not. The reason this band is not instantly categorized as a folk band is obvious, but can be a bit baffling when you get to listening deeper. The lyrics are very folky in that whether they are at all realistic, they tell stories.

And oh the stories they tell, of everything from spirits and animals with loads of personification to relationships and modern living.

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All accented by various instruments not normally found in the neighborhood Guitar Center. Though folk music remains at the heart of every band in the slightly over hyped Freak Folk genre for Animal Collective it's a bit more shrouded in mystery if you will. The guitars are also slightly folky, with a lonely twang beneath layers of fuzz and chorus and a beautiful feeling of freedom and spirit between every second of ambience.

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  8. The folk influence has become almost impending in tracks like Penny Dreadfuls, the melodies play on a child's orchestral music box and the electronics skitter about like ants on peanut butter. A heavy piano line takes the place of the classic acoustic guitar giving the song a very romanticized drama. The chorus becomes ever present with the beating of Bear's drums and song bird esque vocals from Avey. Though the CD is far from lo-fi, the production is fairly dismal.


    The levels all seem to be wrong; the music is incredibly quiet, almost whispery, while the vocals are even worse. The only thing that seems to jump out at the listener is the plethora of noise. Like I said before, everything about this sound is shrouded in mystery. At bare bones it's a folk album, but at bare bones no one would want to listen to it.

    The experimental qualities and curious nature of the music is what makes this album so superb.

    The music is child-like, but the style is very refined, with hints of jazz here and bits of punk there. Not as a first glance, but maybe a second of third. One of the best experimental albums of the 21st century and certainly one of the most fun. An icy, immersive ambient track from Puscha, where synths clang like church chimes and howl like wind. The Richmond Avant Improv Collective meets fellow experimentalists Ceremonial Scissors for a cathartic, expansive session.

    Brutal and brilliant experimental guitar music with a bit of psychedelic flair from Andy Cartwright.

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    Computant by Us, Today. A wild post-rock adventure, powered by complex percussion, jagged guitar lines, and bright vibraphone. Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. The youth does everything right, if old farts grumble!


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    Xonia Records My retrospective: Gathering information about the next OA was teamwork and part often the lovely game. The car ride in a convoy to the next OA was not a necessary evil but foreplay. We danced together — not for the DJ. Breaks between the acts were avoided — you could clap your hands even during a track.

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    But then came Steve J. Spintwist First of all I would like to find out if the lost spirit mentioned here seems lost only in the view of a certain age group? Or are we talking about young people here?

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    • Kingman—1971.

    Iono Music The reason I fell in love with the Psy-trance and Goa scene was not just for the spiritual, uplifting and powerful music but also the spiritual, liberal and uplifting vibe of the people that encompass the scene. A scene that seemed pure and unspoilt and really was about the honesty of the music and sharing that experience together. The sounds used in Psy-trance often evoke a very tribal feel on the dance floor — fuse that with the emotional melodies and that trance really unites everyone. Our parties and festivals are often a utopian escape from the often cold, commercially money driven world we live in, where there seems to be so much despair and disdain currently.

    Psy-trance and Goa parties counter this for me with hope and joy and love.

    Spirit They've Vanished

    Many of the online music stores Psy-Trance charts have their top tens filled with music which only contains a bassline resembling a psy-trance bassline, but the rest of the track is not psychedelic. I have a mixed feeling about these collabs; as personally for me they are not to my taste. However I do believe in freedom of expression and in music evolving and keeping it fresh.

    Merging artists from two different musical genres can often bring some really fresh and innovative sounds and can introduce other fans to each others style.