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"Blood For Blood is the enemy of all that you hold dear.", says guitar player Rob Lind, "I been held down my whole life. This band is my opportunity to spit in.
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Blood For Blood - Victory Records

The people sucked and the bands sucked so we started our own band and forged our own scene. With a core of diehard and somewhat creepy fans and a notorious reputation with club security and law enforcement around town, Blood For Blood quickly established themselves as Boston? Lyrically, Blood For Blood combines the desparation and pain of Life of Agony and Suicidal Tendencies, the nihilism of the Dead Boys, and the rage and hatred of Sheer Terror and Carnivore with the experiences of their own dead end lives in an outlaw poetry that truly affects some of it?

With upcoming releases on Victory, and a steadily growing following, Blood For Blood may have the same kind affect on peaple all over the world. So get used to it because we ain?

I usually dislike thug groups, but the bands honesty won me over. Blood For Blood Skull Hoodie. Monday, December 01 Cyber Monday sale is now happening at www. In the band spoke of Rob's return for another full length album.

Blood for Blood

But in June of , vocalist Erick Medina was kicked out of the band due to being charged with raping a minor. As Rob went on to make new music for his side project Ramallah. Blood for Blood seem to have been abandoned completely.

Blood for Blood (Beant Singh and Satwant Singh)

But in Rob being the sole song writer of all Blood for Blood albums since Revenge on Society decided to start doing Blood for Blood songs while on stage as Ramallah. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

BLOOD FOR BLOOD Singer Booted After Allegations of Raping A Minor

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