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Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd. Since , we have been dedicated to.
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The exceptional colour formation in black diamonds is caused by graphite inclusions and random clustering throughout and it is even believed that some black diamonds fell to the earth as meteorites, adding to their mystic appeal. Black diamonds are not transparent and do not display fire in the way that colourless and other coloured diamond do, but can still be incredibly impressive.

Black diamonds may show white or gray inclusions that make them very unique. Due to the crystal structure, a black diamond will actually absorb most of the light that enters it.

Rough natural black diamonds are found in very few locations, including Brazil and Central America. Natural black diamonds are considered fancy colour diamonds.

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Most naturals fancy colour diamonds are extremely valuable due to their rarity, with their price depending largely on the intensity of their colour. Black diamonds, however are more affordable than other white or coloured diamonds, in large due to the fact that they are less in demand. They are also completely opaque and cannot be graded according to their colour intensity as they are only found naturally in one colour — fancy black.

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An investment diamond is one that will rise in value over the years as their supply deteriorates and demand for them continues to rise. However, despite their rarity, black diamonds are not in very high demand at this stage and one would only be considered an investment item if it was considerably large or had a distinctive feature that would make it very desirable to investors in the market.

Because of the fact that black diamonds are so rare, some diamond specialists have begun artificially enhancing low quality colourless diamonds by burning them in the rough state until they display the same opaque black colour of a natural black diamond. Artificially enhanced black diamonds are of course much more affordable than natural black diamonds, but they are not certified or recognised as true black diamonds by the GIA.

In general, buyers prefer natural fancy black diamonds — the real thing which is still affordable. Black diamonds have been spotted becoming increasingly often, adorning the hands, necks and ears of the rich and famous, from Angelina Jolia and Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Lawrence and Cate Blanchett.

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The most famous black diamond is the At the turn of the century the town was a major exporter of coal in the region. Some historic buildings retain their original locations.

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Black Diamond offers a warm and friendly rural, small town atmosphere with spectacular mountain views. The City is on the verge of growth.

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At 4, citizens, population projections may reach above 20, in the next 20 years. Over the past several years, major annexations have increased the population and acreage of Black Diamond. The annexation of the Lake Sawyer area in doubled the number of citizens.

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Unlike other communities, the city has stood firm to its vision and growth strategies as identified with the community and captured in the Comprehensive Plan. As the final pieces fall into place, Black Diamond is in the position to allow growth to occur in a well-planned, environmentally sensitive manner that protects the rural character of our community.