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Arsène Lupin Gentleman-Cambrioleur (French Edition) [Maurice Leblanc, Guido Montelupo] on efycymepodor.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Maurice.
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This is a collection of short stories featuring Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Thief. The Arrest of Arsene Lupin: A trans-Atlantic cruise ship gets a message saying that Arsene Lupin is on board, with a recent forearm wound and going by the name R-. The message gets cut off and hysteria grips the ship. Everyone whose name begins with R is suspected of being Lupin. The writing is good and there are only slight hints that it's been translated from French. The story was well done and I'm a little ashamed t This is a collection of short stories featuring Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Thief.

The story was well done and I'm a little ashamed that I didn't see the reveal coming. Arsene Lupin in Prison: Baron Cahorn gets a letter from Arsene Lupin saying that either he should box up some of his prize paintings for Lupin or Lupin will collect them himself in one week's time. But Lupin's in prison, isn't he? Lupin in Prison was even better than the first story. Lupin's way of robbing Cahorn from within prison walls is both innovative and plausible.

The relationship between Lupin and his nemesis, Detective Ganamard, looks to be the best part of future stories. The Escape of Arsene Lupin: Lupin, still in the clink, continuously tells people he won't be attending his trial. The authorities intercept a message from an accomplice of his and try to catch him in a trap.

Little do they know, Lupin has more than one trick up his sleeve. As of this story, I am officially a Lupin fan. He's the anti-Holmes, a criminal genius who's still a likeable character. Sherlock Holmes arrives too late Lupin's casing a castle under a false identity.

He has to be quick with his burglary, however. Sherlock Holmes is on his way Usually, crossovers don't live up to expectations. I'd say this one is different. Both Lupin and Holmes are given their due and neither is made to look markedly inferior to the other. The mutual respect between the two is well done. These are just a sampling of the Lupin adventures contained within. I recommend them to mystery fans, especially those who like their protagonists brash and witty.

Arsene Lupin is clearly influenced by Sherlock Holmes but has things in common with P. Wodehouse's Psmith character, as well as superheroes like Batman. He plans for every eventuality. Where Holmes uses his intelligence for good, Lupin uses it for personal gain, governed by a somewhat noble code of ethics. It's partly an sf homage to Lupin and brought back fond memories of reading this. View all 6 comments.

Aug 06, Jesse rated it liked it. The original gentleman burglar stories--first published in in French. I read the French version of book the first in a long series by Maurice Leblanc.

Arsene Lupin, gentleman-cambrioleur [French] by Maurice Leblanc (Paperback) - Lulu

There are several short stories in each volume. It's a lot like Sherlock Holmes in that you're always trying to figure out how he did it, but the difference is that you are rooting for the bad guy. I liked the story in which Arsene sends a note to a wealthy man and gives him a list of all the items in his house that he plans to steal, and The original gentleman burglar stories--first published in in French.

I liked the story in which Arsene sends a note to a wealthy man and gives him a list of all the items in his house that he plans to steal, and how it would be so much easier if the owner would just box everything up for him--but not the painting over the mantle, since it is a fake Nov 19, Nikos rated it liked it Shelves: Le storie, quantomeno le prime 3, sono tra loro collegate e iniziano con il clamoroso arresto al porto di New York del misterioso Lupin, il quale ha attraversato l'oceano nei panni di un anonimo gentiluomo.

Si continua poi con un episodio in cui Lupin, insieme ai suoi complici, porta a segno un furto incredibile dall'interno di un carcere di massima sicurezza francese. Eppure non ci sono dubbi! Incredibile scoprire come ci sia riuscito! Devo dire che questa lettura mi ha proprio divertita.

The review from afar — No. Thanks to Project Gutenberg for supplying me with books for an old Kindle 3G. This first book is comprised of nine short stories about the skilled and humorous thief. I chose it because of the tie-in that the final story represents. It is also the predecessor to Arsene Lupin vs. Herlock Sholmes which was the 2nd far The review from afar — No. Herlock Sholmes which was the 2nd far away review - March ' While I have not read any of the Raffles stories yet, I expect that he will fall in the witty and urbane mold of the others.

They are characterized by being well-spoken, welcome in society, and charming despite their rather gargantuan egos and self-confidence and being a bit of a rogue. We enjoy their exploit because while they are in one sense bad people, they are also good in ways that other criminals are not. Templar is also good-bad despite his fighting the ungodly.

Although originally written in French, the English translation is completely natural and fluid. In it we have: From my limited research I can say that the first tale is the first written and published It was, of course, this last story that brought the collection and the artful thief to my attention.

By the last story we have a pretty good idea of how he will act in many circumstances. The portrayal of Holmes, for the most part, treats him with respect and echoes the largesse that Doyle himself wrote when Sherlock acted as Judge, Jury, and Executioner. You can get this book for free from the Gutenberg Project site. Mundy is another high-caliber thief who finances his jet-setting, sophisticate lifestyle by stealing. Oct 11, Tosh rated it it was amazing. I am re-reading this at the moment.

This is the first time Penguin issued this particular edition. Arsene Lupin is a major French literature character - where he basically steals from the Rich Sort of a nicer version of Fantomas. I have a serious collection of the works - through out the years there are many many editions and stories - but very few in English. But I got editons from the 20's, etc. I first discovered Arsene Lupin in Japan. Over the years he became a popul I am re-reading this at the moment. Nevertheless lets not go that route, and stay with the original.

I like these books because they are basically amoral.

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View all 3 comments. Jan 07, Bradley rated it liked it Shelves: So, I'd never have picked this up if it hadn't been for one little thing: Hannu Rajaniemi's Quantum Thief. I was missing a thief in my life. Fortunately, I enjoyed the taste of this French dish and especially enjoyed the aspects of the novel that were from Lupin's pov. From a pure story view, it was all standard pulp that reflected the late victorian era ending with a mild rivalry with Mr.

I couldn't care less that there were copyright issues. Cameos are the pinnacle of f So, I'd never have picked this up if it hadn't been for one little thing: Cameos are the pinnacle of flattery, no? Of course, that wasn't even the brightest part of the tale. The anti-hero was rather heroic and selfless, all told, but never with his own money. Don't expect a modern Robin Hood, though. He definitely fights against his noble urges, and frankly, I'm glad that he does.

I want to see this man succeed. And stay away from certain women. Both would be best, I think. Enjoyable and fast reads. I might try hunting down the rest of the long series one of these days. Nov 16, Annelies rated it really liked it. Masterful, ingenious crimes by gentleman-thief Arsene Lupin with at the end a tribute to the great english 'Brains' Sherlock Holmes; with a little twist: People who like a good heist story.

I am sure that I had to read an Arsene Lupin story at some point in my 9 years of French classes. I do know that we read a good number of short stories. I also know that it was a very rare instance when I actually caught the surprise by the end of the story. That is exactly the type of stories contained in this volume, except this time, they are translated into English, so a reader will be able to catch what is going on.

The stories are about Arsene Lupin, a psychologically calculating burglar who lives in turn of the century Paris, and terrorizes the rich for his own sport and financial gain. Each of these stories has a twist. Usually, it is based on the fact that the speaker does not tell us who Arsene Lupin is he is usually in disguise until well into the story. In a few instances, you are most of the way through the story before you discover that the speaker is Arsene Lupin, rather than the usual narrator. The stories always had at least one surprise that made me laugh out loud, and they never seem contrived.

He depends less on observation than playing on the psychology of his victims. Lupin uses the mind and imagination of others to pull off his stunts. Thus, he is more like Holmes trying to get into the safe with the scandalous information than Holmes trying to solve an impossible murder case. The stories are short enough to make for good bedtime reading when you are tired need to unwind for about a half an hour. I highly recommend this story to anyone who likes a good heist story. This is better than Sherlock Holmes! Just to start on the right note. As you probably deduced, I wasn't struck by lightning just now, so please lower your pitchforks, fellow readers, it is my opinion yes, I did go there almost against my will.

Nonetheless, you might find it easier to empathize, after reading the last story view spoiler [: The hilarity is usually caused by his more outrageous actions, such as breaking out of prison to take a stroll and presenting himself afterwards to reclaim his cell. To me, at least, he seems quite the foil to Sherlock Holmes' more sober, cool and analytic personality and as one can observe from the title, they contrast even in respect to their views on the law.

For a long while, Sherlock Holmes will represent the inspiration for all detectives. Jul 27, Mizuki rated it really liked it. Arsene Lupin is part of my childhood memory. Remarkable tales of romance, mystery and adventure! What is not to love? And I had just discovered a Japanese manga-ka had translated the tales of Lupin into manga-form: When reading the manga, the Arsene Lupin I came to know as a child once more came to life before my eyes.

Goodness, Lupin is so snaky, so arrogant and so full of himself! But on the other hand you can't help cheering him on and adore him nonethel Arsene Lupin is part of my childhood memory. But on the other hand you can't help cheering him on and adore him nonetheless.

Arsène Lupin - Gentleman Cambrioleur (Jacques Dutronc)

Well, it really isn't the first time the Japanese had done this After this re-reading, I lowed the rating to 3. The first few stories are still breathtaking: Lupin's sassy attitude and the dialogues are still splendid. However, much to my surprise the murder mystery part of the stories isn't all that great; still I rather like the supporting character Inspector Ganimard and the short stories The Queen's Necklace who can forget this impossible crime! These are my images. I acquired the book through an intra-library loan.

I was sent the first edition in English published in The writing style is archaic, full of exclamation points. The paper was so fragile, it had to be handled with great care. I learned of this author while reading a book on the Titanic The author of the Titanic book noted, however, that those t These are my images. The author of the Titanic book noted, however, that those travelling by ship on First Class either knew each other, or of each other, so to break into that world would be no easier than if on land. He also pointed out, something I had never read before, that there were con artists, card sharps and thieves that went down with the Titanic.

That is really why I pursued the book. I had never heard of the author or the mystery series, and I was curious.

Arsène Lupin, gentleman-cambrioleur by Maurice Leblanc

There are many more books by this author I will not be seeking out. He also turned to science fiction writing later in his career. Maurice Leblanc died in Aug 23, Matt rated it liked it Shelves: According to the introduction, Lupin is the french Sherlock Holmes.

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