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In Taste of India we prepare typical Indian food with fresh quality ingredients, such chicken, lamb (lamb korma) cooked with cream, almonds, yogurt and spices; also you are allowed to eat in Muslim culture and that are accepted by Islamic law. a cook who knows how to prepare such healthy and delicious Indian food.
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The longer yogurt develops, the tangier it becomes. By morning, it has firmed up, and is ready for the fun part: Each family member can create his and her own yogurt snack or dessert, making for a cheerful, lively kitchen! Before we make our first batch of homemade plain yogurt, bear in mind that not all commercial yogurts are created equal. I like the brand Mountain High Original Style Plain Yogurt, widely available in supermarkets, for use as my yogurt starter.

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Before long, you, too, will be creating your own homemade designer yogurts! Details are extremely important in yogurt-making. For this reason, I find it convenient to make yogurt in the evening, leaving it to set overnight.

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Bear in mind, though, that the longer the yogurt sits in the oven, the tangier it gets. Over medium-high heat, warm the milk until steaming degrees F , stirring to prevent boiling over or scorching. Remove from heat, then cool to around degrees F. I refrigerate it, with a few ice packs around it to speed up cooling. When the milk has cooled to degrees, scoop out about a cup of the warm milk and add the yogurt to it in a small bowl.

Whisk until smooth and yogurt has dissolved.

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  7. Then add the thinned yogurt back into the larger pot of milk, whisking the mixture gently. Place the lidded pot in oven preheated to degrees, leaving it there with oven light on for at least 5 hours. Whisk the finished yogurt for creaminess, then transfer to storage containers and refrigerate. Homemade yogurt keeps for about 10 days in the refrigerator.

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    First, bringing cheesecloth edges and corners together, twist cloth to squeeze out and discard as much whey as possible. Then, leave colander-filled yogurt in the drain bowl, in the refrigerator, to continue draining until yogurt is of desired consistency. Discard whey and cheesecloth. Store, refrigerated, in clean lidded jars or lidded plastic containers.

    In a large bowl, stir berries with honey or sugar. Let sit 15 minutes to develop natural syrup. Adjust sweetness if necessary. In a blender, combine berries with the yogurt and cinnamon, slowly adding milk to thin to a drinkable texture. Whirl in the ice cream for a thicker, milkshakelike consistency. Taste of India Madrid is recognized for our good work, dedication to cuisine and our customer service.

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    We offer the best Indian food recipes in Madrid. At the Taste of India restaurant in Madrid we specialize in the elaboration of Tandoori food, so we have our own Tandoor oven and a cook who knows how to prepare such healthy and delicious Indian food. Tandoori involves using a kiln with a cylindrical shape to prepare food using charcoal. It is used to make dishes such as tandoori chicken, lamb, prawns and certain kinds of bread.

    Try our house specialty.

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    We are one of the best Indian food restaurants in Madrid because we elaborate our recipes with care and we pay attention to detail, from the careful use of ingredients to table presentation. We have made a careful selection of quality Indian food dishes so that our customers can try different varieties of Indian food. We are a family-run Indian restaurant that counts on professional staff that prepares each one of its Indian food recipes with great care and aspires to be one of the best Indian restaurants in the centre of Madrid where you can taste typical Indian food recipes.

    The Indian restaurant Taste of India in Madrid is one of the gastronomic places in the centre of the capital, next to Plaza Santa Ana and Plaza del Sol, specialized in the preparation of Indian food with Indian ingredients and spices.

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    We specialize in tandoori and curries. We combine fresh ingredients with exquisite traditional mixtures of Hindu spices. We have a careful selection of typical Indian food dishes including appetizers, salads, soups, special Tandoori, chicken, lamb, fish, greens and vegetables, biryani, basmati rice, and Tandoori bread. Our specialty is halal food. We have our own Tandoor oven for the preparation of typical Hindu dishes.

    Taste of India Madrid specializes in halal food. The term halal in gastronomy refers to the set of foods and drinks permitted in Muslim culture and accepted by Islamic law. If you want to know about the dishes offered by our halal food restaurant in Madrid you can check our Hindu food carte and our Indian food daily menus. Enjoy the best Hindu food in Taste of India, our restaurant in the centre of Madrid, where we can also organize for you family gatherings, birthday parties, group dinners and business meals. We serve our Indian food in our premises but we also have a home delivery service direct for postal codes , and in Madrid.

    If you have already decided, book now and come to Taste of India Madrid.