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Inflected and mutated forms of 'Tromluí' in Irish. Singular. NOMINATIVE. tromluí. ▫an tromluí. GENITIVE. tromluí. ▫an tromluí. Plural. NOMINATIVE. tromluithe.
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One in every 3 people will be affected by a brain disorder during our lifetime. Approximately million Europeans are thought to suffer from a brain disorder, at a total cost of almost billion euro per annum. This event run by the neuroscientists in NUI Galway during the European month of the brain is to help the Galway public understand how the brain works normally, and brain disorders.

It also affords graduates the opportunity to reminisce on their time spent at NUI Galway, hear about developments on campus and catch up with former classmates and friends old and new. For further details and booking information, contact Alumni Office on or visit www. He is also a part-time Commissioner of the Law Reform Commission, the statutory body charged with advising the government on law reform proposals, and a member of the Legal Aid Board.

I am confident that he will lead the School of Law in a new and exciting phase of its development. He will lend his talents to further developing the strong international reputation of the School of Law, drawing on his academic skills, public policy experience and his leadership abilities as a former Dean. B in after which he was called to the Irish Bar. Immediately after that he went to the University of Edinburgh for a year graduating with a Masters in Law in M in Public Law. Since Donncha has played an active part on the Board of Directors of the internationally-acclaimed, Galway-based, Druid Theatre Company.

He is also a trustee of Counterpoint Arts based in Dublin and London. This event will provide an opportunity for companies and alumni to meet the Dean of Engineering and Informatics, Professor Gerry Lyons, academic staff, course directors, Career Development Centre Staff and the Technology Transfer Office. Information will be available on graduate recruitment, placement opportunities, upcoming fairs and current research.

Employers of engineers, large and small, are also invited to visit and view this world-class teaching and research facility. An optional tour of the new Engineering Building is being organised at 9am. To attend the networking breakfast meeting email placement nuigalway. A new research project at NUI Galway aims to better understand the underlying causes of comfort eating, which may stem from childhood. Comfort or emotional eating happens when we are not hungry but perhaps in need of stress relief or a reward. NUI Galway researchers are conducting a study, which aims to examine the influence of emotional factors in childhood on comfort eating and weight.

They have devised a questionnaire which investigates these issues, and will also be conducting individual interviews. Volunteers are being sought to take part in this study, the only requirement being that participants are over While the wide availability of convenience foods and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle are recognised as significant contributing factors to the spike in obesity rates, research is finding that psychosocial factors in childhood, such as abuse, lack of parental support, depression, may also play a role.

Tromluí - Aine Ni Ghlinn -

The questionnaire is a series of tick box questions, and hopefully should only take people 15 minutes to complete. Interviews will take place in Laois, Offaly, Longford or Westmeath. Those who wish to complete the questionnaire online should log onto https: Anyone interested in taking part in interview should express this through email also, and more detail will be provided. World leading theorist of urban studies to deliver keynote lecture As part of the 45th Conference of Irish Geographers, Professor David Harvey, a leading theorist in the field of urban studies, will deliver a keynote lecture on Friday, 17 May at 5.

A leading social theorist of international standing, he is among the top 20 most cited authors in the humanities. The event brings together leading geographers from all over the globe to discuss key geographical research issues including: During the three-day event papers will be presented displaying the breadth and depth of the discipline of Geography. Papers will address topical and controversial issues of relevance to Irish society. Cluster leader and session organiser, John Morrissey, said: As geographers we have the capacity not only to reflect but also to shape wider discourses; this endeavour is mirrored in our conference theme for — Transformative Geographies: Critical Reflections on Environment, Sustainability and Governmentality.

Registration for the Conference is now closed but tickets are still available for some of the Galway Dance Days performances, please contact the Town Hall Theatre at www. For more information email frances. Over 50 legal academics and practitioners from Ireland, other European countries, the U. Topics covered throughout the conference will include: It will be a great opportunity for our Masters and PhD students to participate with them and learn of the work they are doing on such varied topics in very different jurisdictions.

This free event, organised by the Career Development Centre is targeted at NUI Galway graduates and final year students, but all are welcome to attend. Information on emerging employment areas, innovative job search strategies and tips on how to stay motivated, are just some of the topics that will be covered by a panel of experts. Attendees are also encouraged to bring along their CVs for an interactive workshop. Information will also be available on postgraduate study options at NUI Galway. Details of the full programme are available on www.

Plants and plant derived products are essential to human life on earth. Plants supply food, energy, health and medicines, and also supply industry with raw materials and are a vital component of our natural environment. All of the coal, gas and oil reserves are derived from photosynthetic organisms e. Although underappreciated by policymakers, the Irish economy, society and environment is completely reliant on products and services derived directly and indirectly from plants for its existence.

These scientists are studying plants from many different perspectives including both fundamental and applied topics such as plant chemistry and genetics, paleobotany and climate change, algal and lichen biology, crop and soil science, forestry and tree biology, plant-derived medicines, biodiversity and ecology.

Professor Dolan also highlighted how such fundamental "blue skies" research on plant roots is informing new applied science strategies to double the yields of crop plants to meet the doubling of food production that is necessary by In addition, keynote speaker Professor Bob Crawford from the University of St Andrews discussed the types of physiological constraints that limit the geographic distribution of different plant species, a key issue facing humanity in the face of climate change impacts on both wild and cultivated plants.

Facilitated by the umbrella of the European Plant Science Organisation EPSO , of which NUI Galway is a member institution, the goal of this activity is to get as many people and policymakers as possible worldwide fascinated by plants and to appreciate how humanity is completely dependent on plants for its survival. New research project will analyse samples dating back to Lack of public awareness of a new cancer epidemic is causing lasting damage to patients, delegates at symposium on head and neck cancer in NUI Galway heard today.

While the survival rate for the latter if very good, these cancers are very disfiguring. Often, treated patients have swallowing and speech problems. Commencing in autumn , the project will see a major investigation of HPV in squamous cell carcinomas of the oropharynx, oral cavity and larynx diagnosed since This will provide the first population-based data on the epidemiology of HPV infection in head and neck cancer in the Republic of Ireland.

In Ireland, head and neck cancers are the 6th most common cancer in men and 16th most common in women. With the incidence of HPV-related head and neck cancer more likely to occur in men than women it raises the debate about vaccinating boys against this sexually-transmitted virus, as is now taking place in Australia. The event also heard from internationally-renowned keynote speakers from the Johns Hopkins Medical Institution.

This research examined the health impacts of air pollution in homes.

Tromluí Phinocchio

It presents new information on levels of indoor air pollutants in homes using solid fuels for heating or cooking and in homes that have a resident smoker. The report highlights the need for public health policy and research professionals to develop interventions to address this. Levels of particulate pollution were up to 17 times levels found outdoors.

The impact of exposure to such levels, on vulnerable groups such as children, in homes where smoking occurs indoors needs urgent action. Over the last few decades there have been many advances in the design and construction of domestic dwellings. As a result, the amount of air entering and leaving a typical building is estimated to be 10 times lower now compared to 30 years ago. It will help public health policy and research professionals to develop interventions.

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Key recommendations include the following: The Symposium will question the kind of degree and curricula most relevant to graduates in this age of mass higher education and what particular attributes and skills graduates should have. Workshop sessions will provide participants with opportunities to experiment with course design with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity and active learning.

There will also be a showcase of innovations in Teaching and Learning, locally and nationally. Keynote speakers will include: This event will examine the question as to what kinds of degree programmes are best suited to the needs of students, employers and wider society.

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We are delighted to welcome some key international experts in the field of curriculum design and institutional change as presenters at the event and we look forward to much stimulating debate and discussion. The University is currently recruiting its first intake of students to the one year full-time in service course, due to commence in September of this year. Since then, thousands of individuals at risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes have benefited from changes to their lifestyle in terms of diet, weight, exercise, blood pressure and cholesterol reduction.

The course will comprise three core modules to be completed in semester 1 and one of three elective advanced modules in semester 2. Masters candidates will also complete a supervised research project in semester 2 and submit a ready-for-publication dissertation by an August deadline. Founded in and formally constituted by Charter in , the Coimbra Group is an association of long-established European multidisciplinary universities of high international standard. NUI Galway is a long-standing member of the Coimbra Group and last hosted the Coimbra Group annual conference in , twenty-five years ago.

The Coimbra Group is committed to creating special academic and cultural ties in order to promote, for the benefit of its members, internationalisation, academic collaboration, excellence in learning and research, and service to society. It is also the purpose of the Group to influence European educational policy and to develop best practice through mutual exchange of experience.

Other keynote speeches and panel discussions on the day will include contributions from: As a university on the western edge of Europe we value deeply the rich network of connections and links which the Group has fostered to promote excellence in scholarship, research and service to society. In my view, universities should become 'innovation centres' for their region. They should train and retrain the workforce in cooperation with industry. Mobility between industry and academia should become the norm. This year the theme is a reflection of the central role universities play in societal progress and wellbeing as open, diverse and critical spaces for the pursuit of knowledge something we look forward to discussing at length.

This meeting will focus on WHO priorities and collaborative actions in the field of Health Promotion including; the Health European health policy framework for action across governments and society to improve health and wellbeing of populations and reduce health inequalities; and the implementation of the European Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases The event will be addressed by leading Health Promotion experts from: The Health policy responds to the changing context for population health in Europe and the growing health inequities within and between countries.

AMBA accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement in MBA education and is earned only by the best programmes. AMBA accredits Schools in over 70 countries. A general management programme which enhances and develops business and management capabilities while preparing students for strategic leadership roles, the programme places an emphasis on strategic decision making and develops practical and professional skills for success in increasingly complex environments.

Employers and top business recruiters looking to acquire the best managers and future business leaders know that graduates of the AMBA accredited programmes have received the highest quality management education. We have constant engagement with the business community and our programme reflects and aligns with developments in industry both nationally and internationally.

Our class sizes are kept small, our lecturers are leading experts in their respective fields and keep teaching relevant to the changing demands of the business world which overall results in greater one to one attention and learning experience. Applications for the next programme will be accepted from September New method of polymerisation creates possibilities for medical devices, drug delivery, elastics and adhesives A new slow-motion method of controlling the synthesis of polymers, which takes inspiration from both trees and Celtic Knots, opens up new possibilities in areas including medical devices, drug delivery, elastics and adhesives.

Their new polymerization technique allows for the easy creation of new complex, multi-functional, branched compounds. These materials have chains that only link to themselves in an interlaced pattern. In addition, the new technique can also create hyper-branching polymers, which branch and spread outwards like trees. Polymers are a broad class of natural and synthetic compounds, built up of many parts known as monomers, which connect together in fast growing chains. This allows a far higher degree of branching than previously obtainable, and opens up new possibilities for the use of polymers.

The expectation is that these intricate woven and branched polymers will be cheap to produce and high in quality, as the technique is fully scalable. Dr Wenxin Wang is trying to uncover therapies for diseases such as diabetic ulcers and Epidermolysis Bullosa, which causes chronic skin conditions: However, in reality this synthesis method could be used for a wide range of materials outside the biomedical field.

For example, the road to acceptance of dendrimer materials was long and winding. Because this work contradicts long-standing theories about polymerization, we too have faced the challenge of acceptance. Finally, researchers are seeing the importance of these materials, and the ease at which new structures can be synthesized.

Although these are early steps, we are looking forward to seeing the future realization of these structures in a wide range of applications. Parents of children with autism are invited to a conference at NUI Galway on June to share their experiences and hear the latest research and practical advice. The conference will place a special emphasis on providing practical solutions for parents struggling with autism on a daily basis. Workshops will be delivered on managing behaviour in the home, sleep, toileting, interventions for non verbal, minimally verbal and verbal children and how to manage transitions effectively.

For many parents, they are either currently dealing with teenagers challenged with autism, or are anticipating this new phase in a few short years. The conference will also be highly relevant to the needs of practitioners and teachers. Professor Susan Swedo, of the National Institute of Mental Health in the US, will update delegates on the latest changes to the diagnostic categorisations of autism. Professor Deborah Fein from the University of Connecticut will discuss what determines best outcomes for children on the autism spectrum, while Professor Richard Hastings from Bangor University will discuss what the research is telling us in relation to effective autism interventions.

Practical workshops addressing mood, anxiety, ADHD and the role of medication and from early signs through to diagnosis will also be provided.

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  • 8-15 sept, 2012.
  • A special early booking fee is available until 4 June. It will enable numerous research teams to take the first steps in developing new discoveries and inventions with commercial potential. Dr Stephen Cunningham, Alimentary Glycoscience Research Cluster AGRC Novel direct detection of early bacterial infection for bovine mastitis Dr Cunningham will develop a method for the early detection and screening of bacterial infection for bovine mastitis. Effective control of mastitis to ensure milk quality is an ongoing challenge facing the dairy industry.

    The basis of detection is focused on the use of surface coat polysaccharides of the mastitis pathogen, Staphylococcus aureus, which could be adapted for individual and continuous in-line monitoring of herd milk production.

    Tromluí Phinocchio/ Pinocchio – a Nightmare

    Professor Stefan Decker, Digital Enterprise Research Institute DERI Feasibility study into the social semantic journalism Professor Decker will develop a Semantic Web assistant for journalists or news organisations, creating breaking news stories by sourcing, aggregating, filtering and verifying User-Generated Content UGC from various social media platforms, integrate them and place a structure on them in order to make it machine readable and therefore more easily searchable and verifiable. Currently, this is done manually and is a time-consuming and labour-intensive process for media organisations.

    Professor Manfred Hauswirth, Digital Enterprise Research Institute DERI Research, Design, and development of a demonstrator integrating private commercial data, Public Sector data and geographic mapping data with a simple visual user interface to support retail business planning Professor Hauswirth is developing software which will integrate public and private data with a simple and intuitive user interface to support retail business planning.

    There is a huge potential in leveraging existing internal private commercial data, public sector data, and geographic mapping data to decrease costs and improve quality of decision making in the context of planning, managing, and developing a retail business going forward. There is a vast amount of data available but the fundamental challenge is that it is fragmented, difficult to find and consolidate in order to make it meaningful. Dr Donal Leech, School of Chemistry Development of a biological oxygen demand monitoring system for wastewaters Dr Leech is applying his TIDA award to develop an in-situ sensor for measurement of the level of dissolved oxygen in waste water treatment plants.

    Biochemical oxygen demand or BOD is widely used as an indication of the organic quality of water. It refers to the amount of dissolved oxygen needed by aerobic biological organisms in a body of water to break down organic material present in a given water sample. The standard BOD test can take up to 5 days and there is thus a real need for an in-situ, real time measurement which is the focus of this proposal.

    Professor Paul Murphy, School of Chemistry New macrocyclic peptidomimetics with potential in cancer therapy Professor Murphy has developed a compound to inhibit proteins which are involved in the progression of cancer. The project deals with an unmet clinical need in targeting a protein called Mcl-1 myeloid cell leukemia There are very few potent inhibitors of Mcl-1 identified to date and Mcl-1 is a very important target. GlycoShield Dr Ritter is evaluating the use of glyco engineered cells to assess their ability to suppress immune response from host cells during tissue or organ transplantation.

    Glyco engineering involves coating the cell surface with carbohydrates that are recognised by the host recipient as self, ensuring that cell rejection does not occur. This method will permit researchers, clinicians and industries to perform transplants with no adverse immune reaction from the host and will have wider implications on the engineering of immune-tolerant tissue transplants. Professor Spillane is using his TIDA award to develop genetically-modified crops which are tolerant to drought.

    He has identified unique lineage-specific genes in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana which are tolerant to drought. The TIDA award will enable him to determine if these genes can be deployed and commercially developed across multiple crop species. AML is a heterogeneous and aggressive disease and the current mainstream therapy is unsatisfactory. Although a number of potential drugs exist, there are no tools to aid the decision of which drug combinations may be effective and safe in a given patient.

    The assay under development is based on the extraction of bone marrow from the patient, and testing of a series of chemotherapeutic drugs on the bone marrow ex-vivo. This will enable the testing of medications for possible reactions and the tailoring of optimum treatments based on the test results. These 62 TIDA awards will release vital funding to allow the development of early discoveries and inventions with commercial potential, thereby feeding into our Action Plan.

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    Each submitted project has been through a rigorous review process and ultimate selection was on the basis of the quality and novelty of the proposed innovation, its potential impact, and its fit with the National Research Prioritisation areas. Additionally, the commercial expertise that Enterprise Ireland brought to the TIDA selection process played a key role in further underpinning the market potential of the award recipients.

    This course, which will support over personnel, is designed to develop the skills necessary for SFI funded researchers to assess the market for potential commercial developments from research discoveries. The competition is open to those aged between from schools, art colleges, youth or other groups, and individuals.

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    • The selected designs will be painted in the first two weeks in June by a professional artist, on the exterior of the Ecospace. The completed mural will be launched on Sunday, 16 June as part of the opening weekend of National Bike Week June. The winning design s will be chosen on the merit of its quality and relevance by The Ecology Society, An Mheitheal Rothar and the selected artist. The winner or winning group will have their design professionally illustrated and painted by the artist.

      They will also receive a prize of a participatory workshop with the artist to paint part of the mural. Groups are more than welcome to contact us to visit the space in person. Entrants must be aged between 12 and 24 on the closing date for submissions, Sunday, 2 June at 6pm. Submissions should reflect the themes of the workshop including: An Mheitheal Rothar The Bicycle Community is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit bicycle workshop, providing a free practical facility to the Galway community for bicycle maintenance and repairs.

      Their aim is to encourage a culture of cycling in Galway City by establishing a practical facility and social hub which will support a strong community and promote the health and environmental benefits of cycling. For images and dimensions of the exterior of the The Ecospace visit https: The development work is well under way on the new system which utilises innovative kinematic sensing technology. It is hoped to have the prototype system up and running by early Once developed, the system will be tested on elite Irish swimmers to measure, record and track their technical improvements achieved with training.

      Athletes to be tested will include swimmers based at the recently established Swim Ireland Connacht Performance Centre, based at the Kingfisher facility on the NUI Galway campus and which was officially launched last November. Lead researcher Robert Mooney commented: We want to facilitate a new approach to swimming coaching, allowing for improved analysis of stroke mechanics, race performance and energy expenditure as well as real-time feedback to the swimmer, enabling more efficient, competitive and quantitative swim coaching.

      Banks is no stranger to success, having coached US swimmer Brooke Bennett to three gold medals at the and Olympic Games. This type of technology is very exciting for Irish swimming to be involved with, the project gives our coaches and swimmers an opportunity to learn more about how athletes perform in the training pool and helps us make more informed decisions around their training programmes.

      Grand Challenges Explorations GCE funds individuals worldwide to explore ideas that can break the mould in how we solve persistent global health and development challenges. To receive funding, the 3D4AgDev teamand other Grand Challenges Explorations Round 10 winners demonstrated in a two-page online application a bold idea in one of four critical global health and development topic areas that included agriculture development, neglected tropical diseases and communications.

      Applications for the next Round will be accepted starting September This, the tenth round of GCE funding, is the first round in which any Irish institution or university has been successful in being awarded a Gates Foundation GCE award. In the most recent tenth round of GCE funding there were 1, proposals submitted worldwide, while 61 awards were made. The 3D4AgDev Program project team consists of: Over million smallholder farmers predominantly women are farming using labour intensive agricultural hand tools.

      Professor Spillane stressed that: Routes out of poverty for smallholder rural communities will require a swathe of innovations that improve the labour productivity of their agricultural systems. Smallholder farmers living on less than a dollar a day face this challenge in an era when energy demand and energy costs are increasing to their disadvantage.

      The innovation challenge is how to enable smallholders to generate more income and agricultural produce while reducing the labour burden on women and rural children so that their livelihoods can improve. The overall aim of the farmer participatory 3D4AgDev Program is to link the potential of user-led innovation with Rapid Prototyping e. The 3D4AgDev Program will facilitate a participatory technology development program with women smallholders farmers so that the farmers can develop their own agricultural tool and labour-saving innovations.

      Dr Una Murray highlighted that: A native of Birr, Co. The developed robot system is part of a research study in the discipline of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at NUI Galway on the feasibility of using intelligent robot systems to remove weeds in commercial crop and vegetable growing operations. There is an ever-present need to encourage high quality students such as Joseph into degree programmes in this area in order to fill the many open graduate positions in the areas of ICT and software development in companies like ourselves in Avaya.

      His project is an excellent example of how industry focussed post-graduate research expertise within our discipline permeates our under-graduate degree programmes in order to produce engineers with experience in relevant and cutting edge technologies. The event consisted of workshops which provided a first approach to web development and software development. Mayor Fahy stressed the importance of such an initiative for the Ireland workforce. Introduction to web application development, programming and architecture design were given by: Speakers at the event included: At the end of the Rails Girls Galway workshop, each participant had designed and implemented a web application, were able to enter information, edit and delete them, visualise their addresses on a Google Map and upload their pictures.

      Mainly the same stereotype that depicts boys playing with cars and girls playing with dolls, applies in Computer Science. The federation was founded to promote interest in and support the expansion of Irish Studies throughout Europe, encouraging study and debate of all aspects of society, culture and literature of the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the Irish diaspora within the humanities and social sciences.

      Dr Ahearne will consider the relevance today of a central concern of the Proclamation, Irish sovereignty, given that the largest chunks of economic sovereignty were willingly ceded when the country joined the EEC and especially when it adopted the single currency. Peter Taylor of the BBC and one of the most experienced and respected journalists to have reported on Northern Ireland and the maker of several acclaimed documentaries on the Troubles in Northern Ireland, will screen and talk about some of his documentary work dealing with the Troubles.

      The conference will also include public interviews with Oscar-winning film director and novelist Neil Jordan; award-winning novelist and playwright Patrick McCabe; and theatre director and Druid Theatre co-founder Garry Hynes. We are also pleased that such a strong and interdisciplinary group of speakers have agreed to participate, including in our plenary sessions, which covers areas from film, to theatre, literature, history, economics, music, politics and the media.

      A recurring concern of the papers, as the conference title suggests, is the legacy of the revolutionary period for contemporary Ireland today as we approach the centenary of the Rising. The first intake for this new Masters programme was in September and the programme is already helping to shape the national agenda in cloud computing. The MSc in Cloud Computing Research provides a dedicated programme of advanced research on high-value, business-focused aspects of cloud computing.

      In the current academic year, with students from major organisations such as Hewlett-Packard, Cisco and Eircom, the programme is covering a number of important issues for businesses. Some of our students are leveraging this course to advance within their employment and others as a vehicle to help enter an industry. There are two entry routes: The part-time model is particularly suited to persons in employment who wish to pursue a masters-level qualification in this area.

      The award winners come from Galway, Roscommon, Sligo and Mayo, covering all senior hurling and football college finals played at post-primary and vocational schools level. This is the second year of the awards scheme which was extended this season to include the Connacht senior football college finals. Una Mullally Read more…. Originating in the age of proscenium arch theatres and redesigned in an age of blackbox studios, the new Smock Alley belongs, intriguingly, to neither model.

      The lovingly exposed masonry might suggest it is in thrall to its past, but pine wood fittings indicate a more disposable present. With its exposed brick, declining gangway and multi-storey viewpoints it brings to mind one of those Victorian Asylums where the public used to come to observe the mentally ill. Hence, it lends itself to plays that delve into the mind, that excavate fractured psyches and mount them as art.

      But, at the same time, it sheds new light on a work many of us are perhaps over-familiar with, throwing things previously unnoticed into relief…every detail is thoroughly fleshed-out, every drop of bleak portent wrung from each word, phrase, and situation. It is hard to inject new life into something as revered as Godot but Sutton and his team have managed to do just that. On The Sylvia Hi! The dialogues are rapid and witty and the staging, although minimalistic, is effective.

      There is no need for fireworks.