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Home / Young teens (12+) / This Ain't No Video Game, Kid! When Finn gets involved with a street gang in downtown Seattle, Jack is torn: how can he.
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But when his swaggering Irish. Finn is obsessed with a violent computer game, and when he meets a Latino gang in the inner city, he thinks he can have a slice of the action. How can Jack reconcile the demands of his straight-laced parents, the pressure to be loyal to his wayward cousin, and his growing attraction to Carina, who hangs out with the gang? If only Finn would disappear! But then he does just that, and Jack is more torn than ever Kevin Stevenss pacy debut as a writer for young adults is a tense and gritty story of home values threatened by street culture, with the menace of gang violence never far away.

About the AuthorKevin Stevens is a U. The best literary events from November 6th - November 12th Event of the Week: Read our coverage first! Ragnarok throws out Thor and starts over.

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