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Lop-eared rabbits are easily recognizable due to their large, floppy ears. The American Rabbit Breeders Association currently accepts five.
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Most problems relate to inadequate diet.

Ear mites are common. Mosquitoes and rabbit fleas can carry myxomatosis, a fatal disease which cannot be vaccinated against in Australia. Screen hutches and use flea powder if exposed to wild rabbits. Rabbits can be vaccinated against the Calicivirus Rabbit Haemorrhagic disease if this disease is considered to be a problem in your area. Rabbits are susceptible to extremes of heat or cold, especially if kept permanently outdoors. Other diseases to look out for include Coccidiosis a protozoan parasite in the liver or intestine , Enteritis a potentially fatal condition caused by sudden changes in diet.

Commercial rabbit pellets are sold by most pet stores and produce merchants. Half to three quarters of a cup of pellets should be given once a day only as unlimited access to pellets can lead to obesity. It is essential that fresh water is always available.

Vegetables such as cauliflower, parsley, spinach, corn on the cob and carrots, but no lettuce can be offered weekly. Hay and straw should be provided daily. If possible, move the hutch around the lawn to provide fresh grass but avoid any grass which has been sprayed with herbicides. All rabbits should have an area in which to exercise outside their hutch. The lop is not a very active rabbit and does not require a great deal of exercise but care must be taken that it is not overfed.

Exercise will also assist rabbits to wear down their nails and to maintain body tone. Most rabbits in Australia are kept outdoors in movable hutches made of timber or metal. These should be enclosed with mesh, and preferably with a form of insect screen to prevent mosquitoes spreading disease.

One end needs to be enclosed to provide shelter for the rabbit and a hinged lid here will help when cleaning the hutch each week. With this in mind, hutches should be located in a sheltered area of the yard in warmer months. In order to prevent the risk of disease we suggest going to your veterinarian to administer all necessary vaccinations.

The vaccinations immunize rabbits against certain viruses. Here are common disease that can affect a Lop rabbit;. Physical appearance A Lop-eared rabbit has a voluminous and wide head. The females, in addition to being slightly smaller, do not have a dewlap like the males do. Take note on these different types of Lop-eared rabbits; French Lop - It stands out for its great weight and size, its ears are especially large.

English Lop - The ears of this Belier type are very large in relation to its body. Its ears have been able to measure between 55 and 64 cm. Holland Lop - This Lop-eared is quite small and does not usually exceed 2 kg.

English Lop Rabbit

German Lop - A little bigger than the Dutch Belier, although it is still small. Cashmere Lop - Has longish and extremely soft hair. Lion's Head Lop - Very hairy and exotic. Here are common disease that can affect a Lop rabbit; Scabies: This is a mite that directly attacks the skin of an animal. Make should your rabbit follows a strict deworming schedule and is checked for mites after spending time outside. Usually due to a deficit of nutrients in the diet. This might also be a sign of a urinary infection.

English Lop Characteristics

This can cause severe diarrhea and dehydration. If you notice these symptoms we suggest visiting you vet as soon as possible as this can be treated as long as you are fast acting. Usually occurs in colder seasons of the year, specifically we leave our pet exposed to drafts. These occur when the rabbit is physically inactive. In fact, they have the longest ears of any rabbit breed according to Guinness World Records.

The English variety has a long, slender body.

Dwarf Lop and Mini Lop Rabbit - Burke's Backyard

Other strains of Lop rabbits tend to be shorter and wider. This breed can be solid-colored or broken-colored color broken by white markings. According to the BRC, any color is acceptable, and marked rabbits should have a distinct, butterfly-shaped smut marking around the nose. English Lops make wonderful family companions.

They are gentle and loving. However, small children should be supervised closely since these rabbits' ears can easily be injured. They love to be petted and enjoy playing outside or throughout the house. However, they don't jump much since their ears hinder such movement. English Lops face the same typical health issues as other breeds, including cases of diarrhea and overgrown teeth, but one of the greatest concerns is ear issues.

According to the House Rabbit Society , the English's ears account for as much as 12 percent of its surface, and the breed is prone to ear infections.

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