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66 quotes have been tagged as solace: Cassandra Clare: 'As long as there was coffee in the tags: coffee, humor, optimism, solace tags: comfort, comforting- thought, death, death-and-dying, dog-love, Not from noting Life's conditions.
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Mum isn't there when I look over my shoulder, when I try to understand the person she had been, and the person she was supposed to become to me if we'd had enough time. Yet, in my mind, she ages. I draw wrinkles on her face. I stage the arguments in my bedroom I think we would have had as I got older and started to pull away. I tell her about my boyfriend and script her responses: Keeping up a relationship with a dead person is about as easy as carrying a conversation with a pet. I sat in quiet panic at the funeral home when a gaggle of well-meaning former classmates turned up wearing my Mum's favourite colour, wondering whether I had been correct in telling them it was blue.

Young members of the dead parents society struggle. We lost our parents when we knew nothing of death. Like Matthew said, I thought that love would last forever. US teen dying of cancer has a final wish: Losing your parents when you know nothing of death: Coping with childhood grief Share your stories, photos and videos. I stroked her hair and rocked her in my arms. When he arrived we stepped back, giving the couple a private moment to cling to one another. He opened the Bible, asked me to read Psalm , and offered prayers of blessing.

I also talked to Amanda and her husband about what might happen next, encouraging them to see and hold their baby, take pictures and create keepsakes. Thompson explained opportunities for a funeral and burial service.

Burying those who have died at any age is seen by the Church as a corporal work of mercy. Therefore, the Church encourages a funeral rite for children whose baptism was intended by their parents, but who died before being baptized. As the doctor came in, we prayed with Amanda and David, and then left the room during the delivery. We stood outside the door praying the Rosary. The doctor spoke to us as he came out of the room with tears streaming down his own face. I am so grateful you are here.

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After some time, I spoke to the parents of God creating this little one with them, and of how important their child was and would continue to be to us all. I spoke of God weeping with them, comforting them in the midst of their grief. I asked if they had named him. Later on, we assisted Amanda and David in connecting with a funeral home and planning a funeral, graveside service and burial for little William.

People often assume that the needs of a family in this situation are mostly medical, and that the hospital or medical staff will take care of things. However, miscarriage includes emotional, relational and spiritual suffering that requires assistance from family, friends and church leaders.

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The immediate need is to help the family become familiar with their options for providing a time and place to acknowledge the dignity and worth of their child. These include simple rites like naming and commendation ceremonies, funeral rites and burial or entombment. Death may separate us physically, but it does not end the relationship; these moments help strengthen a relationship with the child in a way that will be helpful for long-term healing.

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They also give the broader Church a chance to grieve and remind others of the significance of this child, who is entrusted for all eternity to the Lord. A parish community can also support grieving families and honor the lives of their little ones in other ways. Public support might take the form of an annual memorial service or a memorial plaque in the church with the names of the babies who have passed away.

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Personal support is also essential. Some people become exhausted from their grief and are unable to maintain household chores.

Solace and Strength in the Sorrow of Miscarriage

Their lack of energy makes it hard to keep up with everything, so providing meals or doing laundry or other chores can help the family meet their common daily needs. Many people in their grief have almost a compulsion to talk.

But no matter how bad it is, there is always a route to healing. If you believe that God is compassionate, then you have to be open to the possibility that your heart will be healed. In fact, it helps if you do more than passively accept this promise. You can actively pursue God's healing by calling out to Him personally as well as asking others to keep you in their prayers.

Even when you believe in the resurrection of the dead and the everlasting life to come, death can feel so final. To an extent it is. It might not be the end of all things but it is an end of many — the particular way you spent time with that person, their presence in your day-to-day life. Our understanding of death informs much of the way we react to the loss of someone we know and love.

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This is why it's so vital to familiarise ourselves with the new beginnings that death presents to. Grieving isn't something that you should be ashamed of or try to avoid. But just as there is a time to mourn, there is also a time to heal and a time when life will become eternal. Pixabay The death of a loved one is heartbreaking. Here are four things that you and your loved ones can draw strength from while mourning.