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Editorial Reviews. Review. Sweet-Sexy-NERDY-Seduction Scene--complete with science-y words and concepts. I'm telling you--you're going to love it. - Novel.
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Charmingly magical, it's a place I'd move to in a heartbeat. Obviously, the town is full of people with special powers, so no one's going to be worried about her being able to see ghosts. It seemed like a bit of a weird sticking point for her. Also, the female lead spent the initial courting treating the whole thing rather timidly, then suddenly she's full on seduction in his office.

Not a deal breaker, but not all that smooth either. This book isn't going to blow your mind, I don't think, but it's a solid and fun story with a few oddities. I'd say it's worth picking up from the library or on the cheap if there's an Amazon special. Aug 27, Trish R.

I really liked the story and the characters. I loved Dillion and Rose and Henry, the ghosts. And I liked Akira and Zane, too. One sex scene and I thought it was pretty funny how Akira talked all about science during it.

A Gift of Ghosts: Tassamara, Book 1 (Unabridged)

The F-bomb was used 5 times. As to the narration: Absolutely awesome, thanks to Sarah Grace Wright and Tristan Wright and thanks to whomever set up this session of the narration. It was exactly how a male and female should narrate; she did all the female voices and he did all the males. Tristan did a good job but he did sound so young sometimes, and not just when he did 15 year old Dillion spoke. Wright did a phenomenal job. Her southern drawl for Rose was awesome and when Zane and Akira were having sex no one could have done a better job of the sounds she made while she was talking to Zane.

I could not put it down. I needed a little paranormal in my life and this book delivered! Aug 24, Roslyn rated it liked it Shelves: This novel has a captivating main idea but the writing and characterisation are uneven, especially in the first few chapters, which left me quite disengaged. I did really enjoy the concepts, especially as the novel progressed. The fact that I went straight on to read the next book shows that by the end I had enjoyed the book rather more than the 3 star rating suggests. View all 4 comments.

This book follows Akira as she is summoned to a job interview in Florida without knowing exactly what the requirements are. Zane has been looking for a woman with certain talents and Akira seems to fit the description so she is signed up to a two year contract with the hope of carry out further research in her field, physics.

However, Zane has other ideas and notices that Akira has a 'genetic quirk' that will benefit his company while she would rather ignore her talents. When Akira meets Dillon, This book follows Akira as she is summoned to a job interview in Florida without knowing exactly what the requirements are. When Akira meets Dillon, Zane's dead nephew however she can't help but try to help him and this leads her on a dangerous path of angry ghosts. This was an okay read but it wasn't anything mind blowing. Some parts were confusing, especially the laws when it comes to the technicalities of ghosts.

I felt like the author just made everything up as she went along. I liked Akira and you could tell that she had been through a lot and just wanted to find her place in the world. Zane and his family were interesting, the story basically revolves around them. I didn't like how Zane doubted Akira though and I also thought he left it a bit late to question her theories. The ending was a little to perfect for me, Akira got everything she wanted even though she had been through an ordeal and it seemed to fake.

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She had everyone in her life that she wanted and it seemed unrealistic, especially with Dillon and his grandmother as I don't see how they can stick around. I think that will definitely put a strain on her relationship with everyone because there is a barrier there between the living and dead. Maybe I'm reading a little to much into it there though. Overall a good storyline with interesting characters but nothing amazing.

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Probably great for high-schoolers on up. I like the premise, and it might actually make a fun TV series. I have other books in the series on my list because the series might even better. I'm going to keep my eye out for this author as time goes on. I loved the ghosts' personalities and grew to love them There were a couple things that were odd to me.

A Gift of Ghosts

Akira was a bit too dichotomou Light fun read Akira was a bit too dichotomous for me. In the beginning, she is built up as a science nerd, but then finds herself easily letting loose with Zane. It just doesn't make sense to me. Why leave people unprepared? Why wait until it's too late? I'd rather the climax come from some other reason than, "huh When I read the forward, acknowledgement, or from her website, she seems really down to earth, funny, and thoughtful. On a playful note, I like that she loves the TV series Eureka, and I enjoyed looking for moments in this book that played a bit of homage.

I received a free digital copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review. Mar 23, Andree rated it really liked it Shelves: Read this today on layover at the airport. I thought sometimes the pacing was a bit weird, which is why I bumped it to four stars, but I enjoy the characters and the town a lot.

Plus, Akira was a fun protagonist. I liked that she wasn't a traditional protagonist in many ways.

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I also enjoy Zane and his family, and the friendly ghosts of course. Plus, Zane and Akira's dynamic is really fun. I like how neither of them expected it to become so important, and it just did. On the other han Read this today on layover at the airport. On the other hand, occasionally, Zane was a bit dismissive of Akira's talent, and who she's comfortable knowing about it. That could have also possibly been dealt with better.

But overall, minor quibbles. May 01, Tati rated it liked it Shelves: This was a far better read than I expected. I liked how Akira's story was slowly revealed, and I loved her relationship with Zane. As for the ghosts and the physics explanations, I couldn't really follow all of them, but it all felt well-rounded, as if it would make sense if I could have grasped the concepts.

You see, I was awful at physics at school I don't really know how I didn't fail it in high school, to be honest and I didn't like it either it was a mutual dislike. But this book makes This was a far better read than I expected. But this book makes physics sexy! If you read it, you'll know what I'm talking about. Jun 14, siobhan Quinlan rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a fun read and i cant wait to read more. Video review to come Akira is an interesting character who can see ghosts. I like the way the ghosts were created for this story and how things wrent just black and white and I enjoyed the town of Tassamara and the fact that it is full of psychics.

I removed one cup of tea because while i did enjoy th story i felt it was lacking something and also i found it odd that Akira signed a contract not knowing where she was getting her 4 Cups of tea read. I removed one cup of tea because while i did enjoy th story i felt it was lacking something and also i found it odd that Akira signed a contract not knowing where she was getting hersekf into. And there are ghosts involved at that! I'm not a fan of ghosts but I really liked Dillon the ghost and I think I will continue on with the series. Not anytime soon but definitely following the series.

Sep 25, Joan rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I have nothing against sex! One moment they are playing pool and the next thing And after the sex, the story and the characters simply fell apart. And it had SUCH a great beginning: That was a quick, fun read. Romance, family bonds, mixed with ghost stories Sep 13, Carol Kean rated it it was amazing.

However, I peruse the daily Kindle offerings, and "nerdy love scene" complete with physics terms caught my eye. So did the ghosts. I downloaded this "Free Today" book swearing it wouldn't be just another "Kindle stuffer," one of the thousands I never get around to reading, but I always try to sample at least one page of the many books I download.

At first glance, the cynic in me suspected shades of 50 Shades of Brain Popcorn -- the heroine is on her way to a job interview with a handsome rich guy who has a reputation for having a lot of girlfriends -- but the teenage boy in the back seat was the game changer from the first page. Not just Dillon, the teenage ghost, but the entire cast of characters charmed me. Normally I prefer "literary" literature, but this story is quirky and endearing. Some days I can't take another tragic tale. I'm always up for a ghost story that isn't macabre or depressing.

There is plenty of pathos with Dillon having died young and the other ghosts who need to move on. Having caught more than I wanted to all week of the Ken Burns Civil War documentary my husband can't get enough of this stuff , I needed this antidote: Now, maybe, I'm ready to start in on those manuscripts I've been asked to read.

This one was a vacation from the work of editing or reviewing. I'd love to start right in on Book Two of the "Gift" series, but E. Giorgi finished Book Two of the Mayaki Chronicles, and I'm eager sneak off into the futuristic world of Akaela and her brother Athel, their friends and even their adversaries, Yuri and Cal. Ervin's "Ridgetop," nor the dozens of Awesome Indies in my Kindle. Speaking of Kindles, a fun aspect of this book is what Dillon does to Kindles. Fun, because it's only fiction.

A Gift of Ghosts (Tassamara, book 1) by Sarah Wynde

In real life -- well, read the book, and you'll see what I mean. Mar 22, Julie rated it really liked it. I've always been fascinated with ghosts and this book is full of them. The lead girl is Akira, who has the "gift" of being able to see and speak with ghosts, regardless of whether they are good or bad. Since she was a young child, she has always tried to hide her gift because most people don't understand what happens.

As her gift has raised some questions where she is teaching and doing her research at a California University, she receives an invite for an interview for a company in Florida. Alt I've always been fascinated with ghosts and this book is full of them. Although she is unclear what the job is and what the company specifically does, she decides to go on the interview. She is offered the job and she accepts it, even though she is unclear as to what she's really hired to do. This is where the book really gets interesting. She eventually finds out that part of the reason she was hired, was to help Zane's father connect with his wife, who died from a stroke.

Unbeknownst to Akira, the Florida job and company are in a town that is full of people that have all different types of "gifts". Not to mention the family that runs the company all have their own specific "gift", as well. This was a very interesting read. I loved Akira and how she tried to cope with people who were not phased at all by her gift. I loved Zane and how his relationship Akira developed.

I loved Dillon, Zane's nephew, who is the first ghost she meets that is bound to the car she is given to initially drive to the interview and then she decides to lease it. I loved the ghosts in the house she rents.

by Sarah Wynde

There is a scene where Akira seduces Zane by explaining how physics works, which sounds weird, but it's very sexy. Akira has some hurdles to get over to understand she can completely trust and love Zane. Wynde did a great job at bringing a lot of elements together and tie up some much needed closure for many people. My only complaint is that I would have like a little more background on Akira, as well as, Zane and his family.

How can a whole family have some kind of gift? So if I had some more insight on all of them, I would have given 5 stars. I really liked this book a lot and highly recommend it. Feb 11, Tori rated it really liked it Shelves: Really compelling plot and characters. Enjoyed the supernatural elements and the romance.

An unexpected invitation to a job interview in Florida leads to a new career, a new romance, and a new extended family. At last Akira can apply her ghost-sighting talents among those who acknowledge and appreciate her, and bring some closure to the grieving. First in a series. Oct 16, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: This isn't a great book. The MC makes little sense and the love story with her boss is clonky, the sex scene cring-worthy. But I fell in love with Dillon, the ghost boy, hook line and sinker and am actually buying the next in the series because it's about Dillon and his parents.

So two stars for the actual story, one for introducing me to Dillon, half for the solid language and another half for providing a fun freebie that has a properly wrapped up ending. Apr 07, Charissa rated it liked it Shelves: This had a very unique premise and plot, but the characters disappointed me. They had loose morals that irked me, and the F-word was used a couple times unnecessarily. Otherwise, the idea of the main character being able to see certain ghosts while no one else can was very enthralling. There are different types of ghosts, some benign, others destructive to her and other ghosts.

May 21, Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm not a big fan of ghost books, but this one really hit the spot. If you're looking for a standalone fantasy with interesting world-building, a sweet romance, and charming characters, this book will definitely float your boat. Feb 26, Lyndi W. I would have liked more research on and info about the various types of ghosts, though. Not sure if I'm interested in the rest of the series, but this book works well as a standalone story. Loved it Wonderful paranormal romance. I loved how the heroine was willing to try to understand her gift better and grow as a person.

It was great how the whole community was quirky. Mar 23, Pjwhitmer rated it it was amazing. Fell in love with these characters and this quirky town I'm catching the next flight there. This book is free on Smashwords. One little paragraph about spirit energy ruined Akira's career as an academic professor. Now she has two options: She'd rather work in Hell than teach high school physics. Luckily, General Directions offers her a job that includes a salary increase and also the freedom to research whatever she wants as long as she signs a two- This book is free on Smashwords.

Luckily, General Directions offers her a job that includes a salary increase and also the freedom to research whatever she wants as long as she signs a two-year contract. What she doesn't know is they don't want her for her scientific research. One offer comes literally out of the blue. There is a firm in Florida, in a wee town named Tassamara, that beckons her. Zane is sent to interview Akira upon his Father's request and knows nothing about her really.

When Akira arrives, Zane is confused.

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They have never hired a Physics Professor before? Fate steps in and he offers her employment, as I said prior. This employment is a job that I wish, hope, does exist somewhere or sometime, however it is a wonderful storyline that swings the reader through the halls of physics, science, medical wonders, and Quantum Physics There is also the added attraction of the romance between Akira and Zane. It sounds as though I have told you the entire story, but, oh no There are twists and turns all throughout the book.

This is one mystery for the mind. One little comment in an article she wrote, and her whole career is ruined. Being a physicist and working on her research was the most important thing to Akira with the exception of hiding the fact that she can see and talk with ghosts. When the article threatens her job, she decides to accept an interview with a company in Florida.

When she is interviewed for the job, she is unclear what exactly the company does and what they would want her to do. Zane is surprised by Akira and drawn to her at the same time. This was a delightful story, full of some of my favorite things; psychics, ghosts and a good romance. The setting of the story, a little town in Florida knows as Tassamara sounded so quaint and peaceful, painting a lovely background for the story. I look forward to checking out the next book in the series by Wynde.

The danger for her is when she tries to help them. I loved this book! It took a whole new twist on ghosts for me. I loved that Akira can see and communicate with ghosts. I loved how the author left much of how they affect Akira out of the story until nearly the end of the book keeping you engaged. I thought the scene where Akira seduced Zane one of the most imaginative scenes I've read. It was well-thought out and caught me by surprise since it was a bit off character for Akira. I also, like others, thought that it didn't match her personality, but I would imagine there's a different side to all of us that most people don't see.

I enjoyed the read and couldn't understand why some of the marks were lower but after reading some of them I understand most expected the haunting, scary ghosts you'd expect it most books. I found this story more believable than those other books. I'd recommend this book. At first I had a bit of trouble getting into the book. For me that is usually a sign that the book is going to be terrible or great. This one is great!

The slow lead in is to give the reader enough time to really appreciate the complexity of the problems facing the main character and her consternation at the ease with which everyone she came in contact overlooked her peculiar trait.