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The Devil's Minister [Alistair Mair, John Lee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hugh Collins, a restless socio-anthropologist whose.
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One night, on board ship off the African coast, a man died a very peculiar death. This death was unexplained then, and might have remained so, had his young cousin Bill never met the Minister's daughter. But this meeting, although it almost cost Bill his life, led to the discovery of many strange things in a community held silent by fear and superstition.

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Retrieved 6 March Retrieved 8 December Retrieved 30 May Gobierno Bolivariana de Venezuela gob. Retrieved 23 February Archived from the original on 22 March Hacker is frank with his vitriol concerning Corbett and for once, Sir Humphrey is in agreement. The Minister wonders why his colleague took this action, and Bernard hands him a newspaper that provides the answer: This makes Hacker extremely worried and he seeks reassurance from his officials that he has been a good minister.

They agree that he has "done alright".

The Devil's Minister

The confidential chat is momentarily interrupted by Bernard, whom Sir Humphrey invites to join them. The two mandarins ask him how he would feel about a new minister, should that be the case.

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Unfortunately for Bernard, he replies that he would be sorry to see Hacker go. Sir Arnold reminds him that the Minister has just started to get a grip on the job, and was therefore perceived to be a nuisance.


As far as he is concerned, a reshuffle is to be greatly desired. Sir Humphrey dismisses Bernard and resumes his discussion.

That evening at home with his wife, Annie, Hacker confesses his doubts and insecurities over the impending reshuffle. She does her best to keep him optimistic.

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  8. Then he receives a phone call from Brussels, informing him of the job offer. He tells Annie that if he accepted it, his political career in Britain would be a failure and he would be reduced to forming his own party to get back in. However, the more he expands on the personal benefits that go with the position, the more interested he is in it. On his way into the Ministry the next morning, Hacker chats with George, his driver.