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Kate McDermott is a good girl who has done everything she can to please her very powerful and domineering father -- a Justice on New York's Supreme Court .
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What i didn't like. There was too much info. The book should of been pages less. The heroine was a push over and let everyone walk all over her. But with Dom she suddenly is more assertive and stands up to him. I Always felt the rol This book took me five days to read. I Always felt the roles were reversed when it came to their interactions. She is suppose to be a submissive but doesn't act like one. The Dom was not very strong in this book. He was obsessive and stalkerish which I love but he was not very alpha.

The heroine acted like a 16 year old virgin when it came to sex.

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But when it actually came time to performing she starts being assertive and telling him what to do or not to do. Another moment she will act all prudish and judge mental!? She was seriously giving me whiplash with her behavior. I was seriously expecting her to be wearing a dominatrix outfit and the hero turned into the sub by the end of the book? There were three other people who had their noses stuck in this relationship.

I know there needs to be drama but this was too much. I don't understand why she wouldn't tell the hero it was her terrible best friend that is the one who is threatening them. He deserved to know and her friend lost all rights to keeping her identity secret with her own strange behavior. Before I get bashed on this They hid their relationship like teenagers. With the father running for some political office their relationship would of been front page material. The characters acted severely immature.

The idea was good. I did think the hero was sweet. Her father and step mother were great. I can't say it was accurate but it made sense. I loved the way the dom talked her through everything. Maybe not so much for the storyline but for educational purposes. It felt like a "how to book" with demonstrations included.

Which was overkill for a novel but great for educational purposes. The book was too long, the hero acted like a sub and the heroine gave me whiplash. Had the book been shorter I probably would of given it 3. Had this book been about a sub becoming a dominatrix and a dom becoming a sub probably a 4 or 4. But that is not what the story is suppose to be about. This book was not my thing. Mar 28, Gina rated it really liked it Shelves: Lund I did receive an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest opinion.

Graduate student Kate McDermott is trying to find herself and her place in her powerful family's future. Her life has been mapped out and controlled by her father and she has always felt inadequate and that she could never meet up to his expectations of her and she was not happy with the plans he had for her. After a traumatizing experience while being embedded with relief workers in Africa — Kate has a nervous breakdown that leads to her floundering and trying to find herself. She changes her focus of her major and after tasting a little of the BDSM lifestyle from a former boyfriend — she decides she would like to write about the lifestyle — anonymously of course, as she does not want to have any backlash on her powerful father who has political aspirations.

Drake Morgan who has no desire to have his secrets exposed either. They begin their relationship with an Agreement that leads to situations and feelings that neither of them anticipated, expected or wanted. The distinctions in the book are made quite clear. I loved how Kate grew during her relationship with Drake and discovered that things are not always as they seem within families.

The way that their relationship develops is natural and not an overnight thing — very ahem very steamy and sensual —this book hit all of the right places for me and the letters from the dominate were awesome - I could read them over and over. On the Goodreads scale - I am rating this book as a 4 Really liked it and on the Amazon scale of a 5 I loved it overall rating of 4. Our hero is the well known, wealthy, smokin' hot, brain surgeon - Dr.

Delish" by day, but he's also, the dominant, sensual, Master D by night. That is, until he meets Kate McDermott - the daughter of his late father's best friend - who he had only heard stories about, but never met. When he finally meets her at a fundraiser, he only knows one thing - he has to have her - but he also knows that because of his lifestyle, it can never happen.

And, what if her father found out???? Kate is a grad student, currently working as a pop culture writer for a newspaper. Or at least, that's what she keeps trying to tell herself. Through some series of events, she finally meets up with the Dom who will show her all she needs to know about BDSM for her article. However, she never, in a million years, would have guessed just who her Dom would turn out to be The storyline will have you anxiously turning pages to find out what happens next.

Don't let the fact that this author has only written PRN, so far, in her career fool you. Only one way to find out! Apr 26, Janey rated it really liked it Shelves: Being a daughter of a respected lawyer, it was going to be difficult for Kate to attempt to "research" a submissive's role for an article she planned for the student magazine. After trawling the internet, she embarks on meeting a Domme who arranges to put her in contact with a respected, discrete Dom.

What she hadn't realised was that Dom "Dr Delish" was not only handsome obviously , a ground breaking Neurosurgeon, guitar playing band member, philanthropist, but was also the son of her Father's good friend, Liam Morgan. The story was mostly humorous, in that Kate was the worst submissive. But I guess that was encouraged by Dr Delish.

There was also an underlying threat attempting to keep them from each other.. Needless to say, it was a steamy read yay! Not that I'm complaining, just there for notation should anyone be expecting anything heavier. Aug 31, Crystal rated it liked it Shelves: When you read a story in the erotica genre, there are only so many twists that are plausible enough to get into the story line. Otherwise, you're just reading for the thrill of the sex scenes, which is ok too, if that's what you like.

One of the reviews of this book points out all the similarities between this and FSOG. In fact, I'm reading When you read a story in the erotica genre, there are only so many twists that are plausible enough to get into the story line. In fact, I'm reading another one now. Some of the knock-offs might be better than the original, which had some now-famous problems itself.

I'd say The Agreement is readable. If you like to read this genre, you probably have a favorite formula, and this one is a favorite of mine. I find it amusing, and I'm a sucker for HEA. Six months from now, I'll have to check my library to make sure I haven't already read this one. But while I was reading it, I enjoyed it. Except for the interfering friend, who I wanted to slap. I really liked this book. I like the discovery of the two characters and even Dawn's annoying threats.

Dawn made the story more but having the hot neurosurgeon and a dom was enough for me event though there wasn't much oF the BDSM but I'll take it and will continue with the others. All in all I really enjoyed Kate and Drake. Oh and we can't leave out that he does good things for Africa: I thought that was a nice twist in the story. This was well written and I'm glad I wasn't left thinking what's going to happen next. Mar 15, Gemma rated it did not like it Shelves: Nothing happens AT All in this predictable book!

I me it really is odd pages of nothingness and sex There was no story in the middle. Just a tame catholic girl wanting to learn about bondage, but keep it a secret from the world. I like these type of books, but this one just didn't do it for me, and there is something wrong with a book when there seems to be more sex scences than chapters This just wasnt for me im sorry to say.. It was like watching a train wreck but being on the train.. I found Drake annoying and not very Alpha at all.

I also just couldnt seem to get in the flow of Kate and drake together. Apr 05, Wendy rated it really liked it. Kate McDermott is a graduate journalism student and daughter of a a domineering father running for the Senate. In her flight from the kind of life he has imagined for her she has studied the Arts not Commerce or Politics, traveled to Africa and now lives in the kind of apartment a grad student can afford.

Familial duty leads to her meeting Drake Morgan, successful surgeon, musician, philanthropist but her decision to write about the burgeoning interest in the BDSM lifestyle leads to her meeting Kate McDermott is a graduate journalism student and daughter of a a domineering father running for the Senate. Familial duty leads to her meeting Drake Morgan, successful surgeon, musician, philanthropist but her decision to write about the burgeoning interest in the BDSM lifestyle leads to her meeting Drake Morgan the Dom.

Lund's new foray into the Contemporary Romance world does not disappoint. Those who have read her previous works - the Dominion series - will have enjoyed her storytelling and marvellous character and world building before. The characters are likeable and engaging, Kate isn't virginal but she is emotionally vulnerable, Drake is successful and wealthy but is also warm and responsive.

Friends and family play important roles in keeping the plot moving and are also rounded characters in their own right which makes for a satisfying read. I genuinely cared about whether they would be able to recognise their growing romance and be able to overcome the obstacles that were in the way of them being together. The sex scenes are well-written and emotionally intelligent, with BDSM as an integral but not overwhelming part of the plot.

Here's a quote, if this appeals to you, you will love the book: You trust me completely to know what you need. And I do know what you need. I know what to whisper in your ear to make you need me even more. I know how to touch, where to touch, when to touch.

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Jul 04, Willow rated it did not like it. Sometimes I don't know what pushes me to choose a book to read, but I'm seriously thinking I must have some sadistic inner voice because otherwise I don't get it. This was one of the most painful things I've ever read, and I survived Gabriel's Inferno, so that's a lot. There's spoilers ahead, so here we go: Also, please, neurosurgeons don't have to be rich and have a 6 packs automatically. And last but not least WTF is going on with Africa??!!! What is that Doctors Without Borders shit??!! Sep 22, Karen rated it liked it. I liked the chemistry between Kate and Drake as well as the over all plot line of the book, that's it.

Drake didn't do anything to convince me he was a Dom He was more like a wantabe. To many things were also very repetitive through out the book, stuff that had no need to be repetitive. She was curious about BDSM and did research, but still when it came down to it she acted like she never did the research. I've played for years back in the 90's, I'm a switch and even if he was falling for her h I liked the chemistry between Kate and Drake as well as the over all plot line of the book, that's it. I've played for years back in the 90's, I'm a switch and even if he was falling for her he won't have let her get away with even half the shit he did in this book.

Life partners tend to be harder on each other when playing for they aren't in that role full time, but when they set a time and place to play once you enter that place, they are in their role no matter what other feelings are going on. It makes me question did the Author not know what she was doing and just coping from other stuff she's read I've read many of the reviews and they tend to think its being copied from FSOG, which I can say I've not read cause I read it as a fan fiction called Master of Universe, and yes much of this story seems to come from MU.

Feb 02, Cierra rated it did not like it. This book was awful! I stayed with it until the end, skimming pages, hoping it would get better. I get that Drake was a neurosurgeon, a dominate, a teacher, and a musician. But, I don't need the list repeated to me almost every chapter!

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The same goes with Kate's dad. Yeah, he was running for a public office, but did the author have to tell us that every time dear old Dad was mentioned? The idea that Dawn acted the way she did, and that Kate let her, pissed me off. What kind of grown woman blackm This book was awful!

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Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. The 12 Days of LT scavenger hunt is going on. When she decides to write an article about BDSM in popular culture, she tells herself it's just research and nothing personal for she can't afford to become the target of gossip or scandal.

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She hopes that the carefully worded agreement she writes up will keep her relationship with the Dominant she will interview strictly professional. Lund is a writer of contemporary, erotic and paranormal romance who lives with her family of humans and pets in a year old house in a small city in Western Canada.