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Just in time for Father's Day Classic Popeye #11 from IDW Publishing will go on sale on June 12, Fans of Bud Sagendorf's work on.
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Steve Hoffman , Nov 23, This is still a nice surprise especially when compared to what happened with the Porky Pig set last year. Dave Garrett , Nov 23, Steve Hoffman , Nov 24, Dave Garrett , Nov 24, We pin-registered the color seps on The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp at Lowry, and I was astounded at the work they could do at putting all the pieces together.

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In some cases, they have the ability to scan a print and pull just the red or just the green or just the blue off, in cases where the nitrates or another copy had disintegrated. The end result still has to be color corrected, but it can look really sharp and really impressive. The key is that they pin-register the stuff both in the scan and in the digital realm, and that lines up all the layers and makes it all look arguably better than it did with original Technicolor at least in terms of alignment.

It's an amazing process, and it works particularly well with animation. The Disney cartoons are interesting in that a lot of them were shot in sequential YCM , meaning that the first frame got all the yellow, the second all the cyan, and the third all the magenta, so the three RGB images were on one roll of film. That way, if the film shrinks over time, the pictures will still line up accurately. If it's on three separate rolls of film, each roll can shrink at different rates, and you wind up with a really screwed-up picture when you put the Technicolor back together again.

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MarkTheShark , Nov 24, It's so nice to have a site like this where I can find other animation lovers. I always thought there would be a large market for restored classic animation. Right now I've resigned myself to accepting any kind of restoration and release of the Famous Studios Popeye Cartoons.

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The DVD's are quite good but could be better. The 60's era Popeye cartoons I have in quite decent quality thanks to Amazon Prime but they pale in comparison to the Famous Studios cartoons I grew up watching. I'm really worried that giving me just a taste of the Famous Studios cartoons and then never releasing anything else will just make me feel worse about what could have been.

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Hopefully the word gets out and enough Popeye fans purchase this new disc to keep the ball rolling. Greg Z , Nov 25, WAC does great work.

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    Be great if the stores here in KC were doing it.

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    Would be a great way for the fam to eat on the cheap. If you agree, why not rep TheGoogler? I'm a chicken tender eater instead of the fried skin chicken. But every time I've gone here, they've been thin as heck, tiny bits and mostly gristle. If I can find a location that does have Mac n Cheese, I'll probably check out this deal. Don't care for the super dry and thick biscuits either Page 1 of 5.