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This is an extraordinary age for connecting people to information and ideas which is not just instant and disposable.

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My frustration is mainly that digital worlds make it even easier to discriminate against the old we need a new word for old, by the way. Why are we expected to want new things above all else?

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And when did old become inherently less desirable? Of course, old in some contexts is still the most desirable — heritage, tradition, culture and religion. Instead I refer to old as it is used in relation to a newer thing. The binary of old versus new has long-been used to discredit outdated models — this is right where change is needed. But, as it becomes harder to opt-out of newness my phone punishes me by becoming slow and uncooperative if I fail to subscribe to the latest update , it seems more and more is prematurely consigned to the past.

If this is how feel at 29, I can only imagine the incomprehension and estrangement felt by leagues of older people for whom the past holds so much of their identity.

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It is for individuals of whatever age to decide what matters to them. Must I feel like an old-fashioned person in a digital first world?

A fable is a story that points out some aspect of human behaviour and has a moral attached to it. It usually features animals who …More. Folktales are stories passed on from one person to another by word of mouth. In the modern world, as the tradition of oral story-telling is …More.

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Fairy tales are not always about fairies, though they are always full of strange and wonderful happenings. Most often fairy tales are about ordinary people …More. Myths, they say, are the stories of mankind, of human thought and of civilization itself, told through symbol and metaphor….

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An epic is a narrative poem that tells the story of one or more heroes; the hero or heroes may have been real people, or …More. History is full of exciting events, and made up of unusual, interesting people, who have influenced the lives of others around them in some way, …More.

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Festivals are a time of celebration, a time of commemoration. Every culture, every community across the world, has special days or periods that are set …More. The history of humankind upon earth has been shaped by great discoveries — of fire, of the wheel, of metalworking, of steam, of petroleum, of …More.

Nursery rhymes are songs or poems sung or chanted by adults to small children. Such rhymes are found in all cultures across the world.