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Now that Journey is out on Playstation 4, take a return trip and collect Unlock Powerful White Robes in Journey With Every Symbol Location.
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So at least you're not alone. Hopefully a patch comes along and addresses it quickly.

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After I posted that, I tried again and played from beginning to end without problems. Luck of the draw I guess.

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It was released Tuesday on the store update. I've been playing every spare minute since. Or will the save file not carry over? Working my way up that ladder. Got all the glyphs right away, and I'm now on my third run. Gonna be taht respected leada yo. I wish there was more games like these.

One sitting, meditative, complete. There is Proteus too, but that one is more enervating that this. Perhaps Abzu will be the thing. Not to mention that "That Game Company" has been working on a new game since so now with the Journey remaster I bet we're going to hear about it soon. I just played and finished my first "Journey" last night on stream. We had such an amazing time and I am so glad they give you reasons to play again and again.

I would play this again regardless as it was such an amazing game but this just adds to my excitement now! So i guess i am a Supersayayin Level 4 now: Yeah, was hoping to fill the robe, then have the designs get more intricate, or start with a longer scarf. Could someone please explain journey and the appeal to me. I've tried watching trailers and stuff but all the videos are either an hour long or not descriptive.

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  • White Robe.
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  • You are meant to go into the game blind. It's best to not know anything about it, which is why people don't like to explain it or describe it. It's kind of an atmospheric exploration ish kind of game. You're trying to get to the top of a mountain in the distance, but there is well It's quite satisfying, especially when another player enters your game.

    Man thats gotta be hard without resorting to a guide vid. So just a heads up to anyone playing tomorrow. If you are with a companion who's just running around like a headless chicken They usually get em all anyways.

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    When I play with red robes I always show them where they all are. And all the other things like glyphs and the flower lol.

    One more step

    Find a white robed person. Guess I'm headhunting a transcendant companion tomorrow. Thanks for enlightening me. Terms of Use Violations: Notes optional; required for "Other": Add user to Ignore List after reporting. You are not allowed to request a sticky. You are not allowed to update this topic's flair.


    By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Having thoroughly enjoyed Journey on PS3, I couldn't resist picking it up for another few playthroughs after it popped up for free in this month's free PS Plus games. On the PS3 I played the game offline, so I figured this time round I'd make a change and experience it with other players.

    Through these 2 playthroughs I'd gathered enough collectibles to don the white robe.

    Symbols - Journey Wiki Guide - IGN

    Giving a stark change in contrast to the normal dull red robes, I was looking forward to shocking some newer players with my striking outfit, then helping them through the game as well as finding the secrets I'd previously uncovered. However, upon proceeding into the first area of the game where co-op is allowed the bridge section , nobody appeared alongside me.

    I sat by the entrance where someone would spawn, ready to jump up and greet them for almost 15 minutes, yet nobody appeared.