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Flawed Perfection has ratings and 85 reviews. ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰ said: • Beautifully Flawed #1• Pages• release date - 7 March -
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Flawed Perfection tells the story of River and her complicated friendship with brothers Adam and Bobby. Everybody loves the wrong person sort of or is in denial about a few rather obvious truths. After reading the blurb I was expecting a pain-fest I had tissues ready and although the story is defo angst ridden and something of a tear jerker, it wasn't until the ending where I felt the real pain began. Cassandra Giovanni started the series with a bang and at certain points it seemed nobody cou Flawed Perfection tells the story of River and her complicated friendship with brothers Adam and Bobby.

Cassandra Giovanni started the series with a bang and at certain points it seemed nobody could win. When there are two guys brothers no less and one girl involved somebody, or most likely everybody is going to get hurt. But in an evil kinda way I enjoyed watching them struggle to figure everything out not sure what that says about me. Their parents are friends, they grew up together and the three of them are best friends. They all rely heavily on the other two. The story grows complicated because older brother Bobby is the family golden boy, whilst Adam is the black sheep.

Bobby is extremely competitive with Adam and has been openly in love with River for years something she tries to ignore. At times I thought Bobby was less in love with River and more determined to win her, by taking her from Adam. But then he'd say or do something and I'd think, no he really is obsessively in love with her. River has always loved Adam and is convinced he doesn't feel the same way. I felt sorry for how Adam was treated and wanted his parents to really see his accomplishments.

I think on paper most gals would like the idea of two hot guys fighting over her, but the reality of the situation in Flawed Perfection is agnst-filled and dramatic. I felt sorry for River because whenever she tried to fix the situation she ended up being the one who suffered. My final note is on THAT ending! I was almost expecting something bad to happen but not what actually did. I enjoyed the drama and twists but I'm hoping for a HEA sometime soon. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review! Also reviewed on my blog Zili in the Sky Aug 03, Bex 'n' Books rated it it was amazing.

This is the story of River and her two best friends Adam and Bobby whom also are brothers. They have been friends since they were children but now as adults the dynamics of their relationship is changing. River is in love with Adam and both brothers are in love with her.

The relationship between the three is complex yet at times so simple. They support one another, love a Reviewer: They support one another, love and fight as best friends do. Yet there is in an underlying tension with all the feelings involved. Adam has never felt good enough for River, where as Bobby the golden child never seems to have any problem trying to get River to pick him, but River doesn't feel for him that way.

They all date others but nothing ever lasts. Where River and Adam are hurt by their parents actions and attitude towards them, Bobby does no wrong, this allows River to bond with Adam more then Bobby. Even though this is a love triangle the dynamics between them are wonderful. They do frustrate you at times and you want to reach in and shake them as they try to come to terms with the feelings and try not to hurt the other one so much. None of them want to lose the friendship they have but what the heart wants the heart wants. Bobby was more outgoing, more vocal about his feelings but at times a goof.

He makes you laugh. Adam is more brooding, serious and more then likely to keep his feeling to himself. The secondary characters play a great part in this story and River's best girlfriend Tara plays a major role in the story. The ending is not what I thought it would be, it does leave it open for the next book. If you love books that make you feel, and not just happy feelings but the whole gauntlet of them this is a must read for you. Oh Cassandra Giovanni, what have you done to me? Flawed Perfection is the story of the ultimate love triangle, which made me want to feel apathy towards River, Adam, Bobby and the constant circuit they were on.

Yet as I sat there at the end of the book with tears running down my face, clutching my Kindle, I knew I had succumbed to your brilliant writing again! Although Adam and Bobby are brothers, Cassandra Giovanni has conceived very individual personalities for them, which in a sense does mak Oh Cassandra Giovanni, what have you done to me? Although Adam and Bobby are brothers, Cassandra Giovanni has conceived very individual personalities for them, which in a sense does make River's choice more understandable.

Rather than just a romance, Flawed Perfection is a family drama as Adam and Bobby not only fight over River like a toy, but also who is the favourite son; an argument which spills over to include River and her parents, the result is that she is ignored by her mother. Flawed Perfection is full of angst, but the author balances this with beautiful romance, and although I am not sure I am ready for the emotion of Beautifully Flawed 2, I am convinced that again Cassandra Giovanni's writing will cause me to relent again!

I don't know what to rate this one. I'm going back and forth between 3 - 3. Liked it, loved it, parts drove me nuts. I'll have to think about my star rating on this one a bit longer but in the end, I read this in one sitting. I had theories to what was going to happen and I guessed correctly. Yet it didn't talk away from the story at all because there was so much going on. You can't help but feel the emotions rolling off of the characters while reading and they do each go through A LO I don't know what to rate this one. You can't help but feel the emotions rolling off of the characters while reading and they do each go through A LOT of feelings from beginning to end.

I'm happy this is the first book in a serious following the same characters yet it's kind of a double edge sword for a few reasons. I'll explain further in a full review on my blog A Life abound By Books soon. PS - I am looking forward to the next book. Jan 20, Bobbi rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I received the ARC for an honest review. I absolutely fell in love with this book.

There is so much emotion. I got mad, laughed so hard, and cried at the end. I truly love the friendship that Bobby, Adam, and River share and the closeness that is between them. I felt for River being in the middle of the competition of the brothers Bobby and Adam. Their friendship is strong even through all the turmoil. This is truly a love and friendship that is unbreakable. I can not wait for the rest of this se I received the ARC for an honest review. I can not wait for the rest of this series. The ending is definitely something I was not expecting. The author Cassandra Giovanni definitely put her heart and love into this story.

If you like love stories then this is definitely the story for you. Feb 11, Tiffany rated it really liked it. That ending ruined me. I did not see that coming!!! Feb 14, Casey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Seriously this book is not at all what I expected! I really loved Flawed Perfection, and I am still thinking about this book days after I read it. When I first finished this one I tried to sit down and write a review. I kept having to delete anything I would type because it just wasn't right. So I took a break, and I can tell you that this book and these characters have been on my mind ever since.

There were things that I loved so much about this book and things that drove me absolutely crazy. But regardless of all those things that drove me nuts, this book is one that I would highly recommend and absolutely couldn't put down. I will warn you that there isn't necessarily a cliffhanger, but the story does end with a lot up in the air. This is a series, and you will have to start at the beginning with Flawed Perfection. One thing that you should know though is that you should go into this one blind.

It's ok to read the blurb and get the gist of the story. But avoid any spoilers to make sure that you get the full experience. Trust me you won't want to spoil the ending! River grew up with two best friends Adam and Bobby. Adam and Bobby are brothers and are completely different. Bobby is the extremely built hockey player who excels at everything he does, is used to winning, and is the family favorite.

Adam is the quiet more serious one, he is into music, and he has always been overlooked by his parents. River has been in love with Adam since forever while only ever seeing Bobby as a friend. It breaks River's heart seeing the constant stream of bimbos that Adam hooks up with and she lets her friend Tara fix her up with Bobby look-a-likes even though they never go anywhere because she is convinced that Adam will never feel the same. Bobby loves River though and thinks that if she could only see past Adam, that they would be perfect for each other.

Tara has always had a crush on Bobby, but knows how he feels about River. As they all circle around each other, it is clear that things between them all are changing. What happens when the events of one night change everything? I loved Adam from the very start of the story. I thought that he was sweet and vulnerable, and he was a little bit insecure because of his upbringing.

I loved the relationship he had with River though. They were emotionally connected, and I loved that they were able to have fun together but also have the deeper and serious side to them as well. I loved how they supported each other and were there to lean on each other when they needed it.

Adam was exactly the type of hero I love to read about. He is the one that you can't help but fall in love with right away regardless of his mistakes and his less than perfect actions. I was rooting for him from the start. Bobby was fun and playful, and the type of guy that you always have a good time with. Even though I liked his character, I never felt like he was right for River.

He was a great friend to her, but that is all that I ever felt between them. There are times that I wanted to strangle Bobby because he did things that were so ridiculous and sometimes flat out mean. He often did them to try and get at Adam, but usually it was River that ended up getting hurt in the process. I felt bad for him knowing that he had feelings for River that weren't returned and he had to watch her love his brother in the way that he desperately wanted. But I did feel like he seemed to view River as more of a prize than actually seeing her as a person that he really loved and wanted a relationship with.

She was smart and sweet, and she was a really good friend. She never lead Bobby on, and was always upfront and honest with him. I loved that she was able to keep the relationships with each brother separate from the other, and that she connected with them individually. I thought that Adam and River had a ton of chemistry together besides just their amazing and undeniable connection. They just seemed to be made for each other and were the perfect fit. Overall, this book was amazing. It broke my heart at times, had me laughing at others, and had me swooning with sweetness for parts. I was really emotionally invested from the start and I truly came to care about these characters.

It was a journey from page one that I never could have predicted and the ending absolutely shocked me. I was left feeling pretty wrecked and I can't even tell you how much I need the next book. The wait might actually kill me, and I really have to know what happens with these characters that I have come to know and love.

I can't tell you anything else without ruining or spoiling anything, but trust me when I tell you that you have to read this one. The one criticism I had with this book is that the chemistry and tension are really strong, but there is not a lot of steam. The scenes pretty much fade when things start to get heavy, and I missed that a little bit. Not enough for me to drop my rating or anything, but it would have been nice to get a bit more heat. I can't wait to read more from Cassandra Giovanni in the future and I really loved her writing style.

The story flowed well and I felt the pacing was great. I am anxiously awaiting the next installment in this series and I know that these characters will continue to be on my mind until I get more of them. I can't wait to go back and reread this story in the meantime though as I tide myself over for the wait. Mar 06, Lisa rated it really liked it Recommended to Lisa by: Pictures used as part of this review are used for fun and do not belong to me.

I only felt the tenderness of a friendship that began as children. Struggling to thrive in the shadow of his older brother, Adam takes solace in his music and easy women. This was the reason I was trapped in a never ending cycle of meaningless relationships. Bobby and Adam are the only people that have ever made River feel loved and appreciated. One is her best friend and the other is her heart. The loss of one would break her and the loss of the other would simply end her. Can River find happiness with either brother without destroying everyone involved?

Bobby, Adam, and River are described with such detail and affection that I felt I knew them on a personal level. I wanted to smack them when they did something stupid and hug them when they needed comfort. If you are not a fan of cliffhangers, please consider yourself warned, the ending of Flawed Perfection caught me completely off-guard. There are cliffhangers and then there are endings that essentially take a live grenade, pull the pin, and toss it -- just obliterating everything you knew from the chapters preceding it.

Flawed Perfection definitely ends with an explosion. After finishing this story I just sat there in a bit of a daze because I have no clue where Giovanni is going to take the story next. Again no spoilers, but what starts as an angsty love triangle between a lovable heroine and two polar opposite brothers morphs into a completely different animal. Have tissues at the ready and prep for a little boot stomp to the heart. A broken family even further broken by the lack of the one thing that held it together. Fans of love triangles, tears, and major plot twists — Flawed Perfection is the read for you.

Apr 23, Bianca rated it really liked it Shelves: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Bobby is the star hockey player. His family adores him and sees him as just perfect. On the other hand, Adam is the musician that breaks girls hearts. The one thing they have in common?

They are completely in love with their best friend, River Ahlers. Her heart belongs to Adam. While Bobby wants nothing more than River to love him. Hearts are shattered, promises broken. When the ultimate tragedy strikes, nothing is ever the same. Can you imagine being in love with your best friend and the only other person that stands in your way is your other best friend?

Bobby wants River, but knows that she wants Adam. Adam cannot commit to any girl, because none of them are River. And River has no idea of the feelings Adam harbors for her. Sounds like an insane love triangle? The emotion in this story is raw. You feel the inner turmoil of every single character.

How do you move on when the one person that has your heart wants to give theirs to someone else? Flawed Perfection will challenge your thoughts about love. You will be on the emotional roller coaster with River, Adam, and Bobby. This story is all bout their journey. Their journey about love, hope, and life. That real love cannot and does not disappear. Giving away which brother gets River would be a complete disservice to the reader. Just know that this story will touch your heart. It will remind you that love knows no boundaries.

It goes where it belongs. You will grip your kindle. You will FEEL their love. The writing of this story is effortless. The author is highly descriptive in that as a reader, I was completely captivated by it from beginning to end. I felt like I played a part. Like I was there. The characters are real and so true to their age.

I love that there is no explicit love scenes as the author has so much depth in her writing. It was refreshing to read a new adult novel like that. The emotions of this story spoke for itself. I ached over this story. I felt it all. I want to be yours forever. I am completely gutted over this story. I HAVE to know what is to happen next. While it ends on a cliffhanger in the sense that you have NO idea where the story is going to go, I still recommend you read this story. These are characters you will never forget.

You WILL want to know what happens to them. Just when you think you know what is going to happen next, a train wreck comes in a obliterates everything. And I mean everything. And I never saw it coming. If you are looking for a new adult contemporary story that is deep, intense, and passionate, I suggest you pick this one up. Feb 10, Monique Machuca-Austin rated it it was amazing.

Flawed Perfection

River Ahlers and the Beckerson brothers, Bobby and Adam, have grown up together since River was five years old. All three are the best of friends, but the brothers are completely different physically and in their personalities. Bobby is tall, muscular, and hockey player who wins at everything he competes with including their parents. Adam is lean, fit, musical, and is always in the shadows of his brother with his activities and parents too. While living grownup lives residing in the same apartment building with apartments across from each other, their feelings have not change about how they feel about each other.

Bobby has admitted to loving River, but River only loves Bobby as a brother. River is successful in her career, but not in the love department. Even though Adam is sweet and knows all the little things about River, she cannot get Adam to share the same sentimental feelings for her.

They have a special connection in supporting each other through difficult times, especially around their family. You flipped out on me because you were afraid I was going to kill your beloved wish-granting-fairies! Will River find her happiness in Adam or will Bobby be able to convince her to let him have an opportunity to be more than a best friend? Will Adam be able to walk away from his womanizing ways to take a chance on a relationship with River? Flawed Perfection will pull at your heart strings leaving you teary eyed, so have your tissues ready.

Walters will not have us to waiting too long for the second novel, Pieces of Perfection, due to be released on May Perfect in all his flaws…perfect as a friend Mar 13, Lydia H rated it it was amazing. That ending left me speechless. I am in desperate need of the sequel!! So basically, this was sort-of a love triangle, but not really. You see, unfortunately for Bobby, River never saw him as anything more than her best friend.

He was like a brother to her, and even though he knew this, he always hoped she would change her mind. To him, River was his best friend, nothing more. So yes, expect a lot of emotional angst throughout this book. Even though they considered themselves best friends, Adam and Bobby always had a competition going on between them. Not only where River was concerned, but their parents as well.

River hated that their parents were so mean and cold-hearted towards Adam, and Bobby loathed that she cared so much about it. But fact was, Bobby was their favorite and Adam was always left out. Bobby always thought Adam would be forever focused on being a player and never realize just how much River truly loved him. Suffice it to say, my heart ached for Bobby and I truly felt bad for him.

Even though I was TeamAdam I mean, the fireflies!!!! How could I not be TeamAdam!??

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The plot started picking up even more. After drawing our minds to the theological principles that guide and inform our thinking about these legal scenarios, Brauch rarely comes to hard and fast conclusions, but rather he raises questions to ponder and guiding principles to think more clearly about humans in light of culture, politics, and law.

You might think of his objective in the book as a guide for thinking Christianly about the human in our present dialectic rather than offering an authoritarian answer book sent down from heaven. In this way, his approach is deeply earthy and practical. Along these lines, Brauch avoids human portraits that are unrealistic. Brauch avoids a fatalistic and undignified view of humanity by upholding the traditional and biblical characteristic that humans are personally responsible for their actions. In this chapter, Brauch explores the deeply complicated issues surrounding personal responsibility in legal discourse expressed in concrete legal cases.

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Several questions still deserving our reflection are raised: The first rule states that a person is found not guilty for action committed by reason of insanity, i. The latter rule was an earlier rule applied in western legal history, and it states that persons are held accountable for their actions based on a cognitive test of what they knew and what they did not.

Ron's room, however, did not rest in the same peace the rest of the house did. The redhead's face was covered in beads of cold sweat and his eyebrows were knitted as he tossed and turned in his sleep. Tears dripped out from the corners of his eyes and streamed down his temples. One by one, the other members of the Weasley household shot up in bed. They all raced to Ron's room, the twins arriving first.

Ginny rushed off and returned with a cup of water from the bathroom. She raced over and splashed it on Ron's face. Ron's eyes shot open as he abruptly sat up in bed, nearly knocking heads with Fred who was looming over him worriedly.

Weasley finally arrived, slightly out of breath from running up four flights of stairs. Ron shook his head frantically. He wouldn't wake up and he was cold and he wasn't breathing! Fred pulled his little brother into a hug. He came back; you talked to him. You rode the train home with him," George gently reminded him, but Ron simply shook his head as he wept into Fred's shoulder.

Weasley nodded at each other and Mrs. Weasley hurried back down the stairs. She ran to the fireplace and lit a fire with her wand. After quickly digging her hand into the flowerpot on the mantle, she threw a pinch of Floo powder into the flames. As soon as the fire turned green she jumped in and shouted, "the Lighthouse.

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She stepped out into the dark living room of Sirius Black's country home and called through the house. Moments later, Sirius appeared from a door down the hall. He was still in his nightclothes and seemed worried. Harry rubbed his tired eyes and slipped on his glasses. Ron's had a bit of a nightmare and he's really shaken up. I think you might be the only one who can calm him down," she quickly explained.

Harry nodded, slightly more awake, and started down the stairs. Weasley thanked him and went back through the fire, Harry following close behind after saying goodbye to his godfather. As soon as he was through, Mrs. Weasley grabbed his hand and hurried to the stairs, Harry trailing close behind. As they neared the top, Harry could hear loud sobbing coming from above.

Flawed perfection

He became increasingly worried, having never heard his best friend cry so hard. Weasley pulled him into Ron's room where Ron was still crying into Fred's shoulder as Ginny rubbed his back comfortingly. Ron sniffed and looked up.

Flawed Perfection (Beautifully Flawed, #1) by Cassandra Giovanni

His siblings cleared away as Harry walked up. Ron sobbed and wrapped his arms around his friend, now crying into Harry's shoulder. Harry hugged his friend back, trying to calm him. I saw it all over again. I had to watch him kill you," Ron tearfully explained, shaking uncontrollably. Harry heard the rest of the Weasleys quietly leave to try to get back to sleep, knowing there was nothing else for them to do here. Oh gods, when you collapsed in the hall Ron paused and then nodded into Harry's neck.

He squeezed his eyes shut, letting a few more tears fall as he began to calm down. He eventually pulled back, looking down as he wiped his tears away on the back of his pajama sleeve. The two quietly made their way down to the kitchen.

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Harry led a still dazed Ron to the table and made him sit down as Harry began bustling around making tea, something he had done often at the Dursleys. He soon brought over the two steaming cups. Setting one down in front of Ron, he then slid into the chair next to him. If anyone can understand about nightmares it's me," he said with a sympathetic smile. This got a small chuckle from Ron, who finally looked up and met Harry's eyes. There was a farmer on the ground running around shouting tips at the sheep and I thought that was really unfair," Harry said with a grin.

The two sipped their tea. Harry looked up at the Weasley's family clock and smiled. They had added a hand for him once they had found out he was alive. The two finally began to feel the late hour and wearily climbed back up to the highest room. The two practically collapsed onto their respective beds. Ron's small room now had two beds permanently squeezed into it since the Weasleys had declared that they were expecting Harry to come around a lot. The next morning, after having breakfast at the Burrow upon Mrs. Weasley's insistence, Harry, still clad in his pajamas from the night before, stumbled into the cozy living room of Sirius's house.

The cottage sat in the middle of a large field, which had grassy hills on one side some woods on the other. Sirius had built a large pen for Buckbeak, who seemed to enjoy it very much. The hippogriff often flew around, but never out of sight of the cottage and always returned to his pen when he was done. It was far away from any other house and the dirt road that led to it connected to a main road miles and miles away, with many other forks in the path to confuse anyone that ventured onto it.

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  8. It was surrounded by Muggle repellant charms and now with many more protective spells and wards surrounding it to keep them safe. From what the ex-convict told Harry, the cottage named the Lighthouse was much smaller than the Black House, the mansion his family had owned for generations.

    Harry didn't know the whole story, but apparently, Sirius had never gotten along with his family. The young Gryffindor had been shocked to find out that his godfather's family had supported the dark arts. Sirius had told him that he had run away when he was young and had stayed with James Potter until he was able to buy his own place, this very cottage.

    JBTS Online - Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies

    He had named it the Lighthouse in rebellion against his family as a statement of his dedication to the light side and his disassociation with the Black family. At first, Sirius told him, the cottage had seemed far too small for the man's liking, as he had spent his whole life living in a huge manor. But he had quickly gotten used to the cozy place and now felt more at home here than he ever could have back at the cold, intimidating Black House.

    When his parents had died, the manor had gone to Sirius, merely because he was the only one to give it to, but Sirius had never wanted to move back into it. He had given Harry the choice of living in either place, but Harry had fallen in love with the cottage as soon as he had walked through the door and wasn't even interested in seeing the huge manor that Sirius didn't like. When he had announced this, Sirius had grinned broadly and showed Harry the room he had been working on for so long. He was now walking up to that same room after giving a quick hello to Sirius and Remus who were talking in the kitchen.

    He flung open the door and smiled at the sight of his room. Not the cupboard under the stairs, not Dudley's second bedroom, not Ron's bedroom, not the Gryffindor boys' dorm. He took a quick look back at the plaque on the door. He grinned happily, as he had been doing every time he'd seen it since he had arrived a week ago. He was so proud of that plaque and his room in general because it was his and because Sirius had spent so much time and effort into making it special for him. Harry closed the door behind him and looked around his room appreciatively as he did each time he entered it.

    Sirius and Remus had been teasing him about it, constantly informing him that nothing new had popped up while he had been out of it. Of course, no matter how much Sirius joked about it, Harry's constant amazement with the simple room delighted Sirius to no end. The walls were an off-white color.