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Embracing Aloha: Hawaii's Kahunas Reveal Their Sacred Mysteries [Aros Crystos, Jeanette Perez, Claudia Suen, Elizabeth Karger, Dave Bryeans] on.
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The unique energetic gift he received from these divine creatures uses his beautiful voice to generate vibrational healing energy and sacred tones that propel the spirit toward awakening by activating DNA wormholes beyond time and space.

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His programs to activate people through galactic vibrations coming through his vocal chords, and his work as a life coach, healer and spiritual guide are sought after by people across the planet. As a galactic emissary, it is with great joy and gratitude that I share this story with you all. We are living in a time of tremendous changes and openings to finally, once again, embrace ourselves and the entire universe as a divine expression of a multi-dimensional soul and universal consciousness.

Join us for the journey.

With great respect and love, Aros Crystos.? Beyond a simplistic marketing slogan, "Aloha" represents the divine Embracing Aloha honors the ancient wisdom of the indigenous Hawaiian people and the true meaning of "Aloha. Beyond a simplistic marketing slogan, "Aloha" represents the divine connection between all of us literally the divine breath of creation that we all share and our global struggle with the interconnectedness of our actions and their spiritual effects on us and our planet. A crooked politician plans to build a casino in a sacred valley and set in motion not only the wrath of the ancient gods, he will unwittingly trigger the ecological and spiritual destruction of the islands and the entire planet.

These experiences ranged from hiking the lava deserts, rainforests and craters; kayaking the ocean; to snorkelling with dolphins, whales and manta rays in the wild. Each member of the group was challenged by different events, and each one of them also rose to the challenge in beautiful ways.

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Although the word ALOHA is used as a greeting it is much more than hello, it is defined as love, kindness, humility, patience and unity. It is also said to contain the consciousness of the ancients placed upon the islands so long ago.

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  • Embracing the Aloha Spirit!
  • Embracing the aloha spirit!
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Some myself included feel this is ancient Mu, the land of the Lumerians and this aloha energy has been there since that time. So to say aloha is to remember the gift we have been given, our own inner greatness. As we journeyed about the island, at each location we stopped and got quiet to connect with the aloha spirit of that particular part of the island.

This was a two part exercise, one purpose was to find out what the island was offering to us, the other, and equally or more important, was what could we offer in return. I have noticed in my last couple of visits there, that there is a sadness about the land, which I have attributed to the large number of people tourists who come and take from the land with no thought of expressing appreciation or gratitude for that experience, creating an imbalance of taking but not giving back.

The Big Island is very diverse and the feelings we experienced in various areas were notably different.

Embracing the Aloha Spirit

We hiked right down into the Kilauea Iki crater, part of the caldera on mount Kilauea, the currently active volcano. As we moved through the desolate barrenness of the lava sea in the crater, we stopped in an area on the smooth lava floor littered with large chunks of lava and many tiny pieces of olivine, also known as peridot, and connected with the island, the volcano and Pele.

The experience was a feeling of raw power and the birth of creation.

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Then just a few miles away, amidst the rainforest we hiked into the Thurston lava tube, and when we reached the end of the public area which is furnished with lights, we turned on our flashlights and moved deeper into the side of Kilauea. Upon reaching the end of the lava tube, we turned out all of our flashlights and stood in the total, absolute darkness several hundred yards into the earth.

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Wow, an almost unimaginable experience of still and quiet. Then there was the hike over raw lava desert to reach the active flow, where new land is being birthed as the lava flows into the sea. The power and emotion associated with watching this is almost beyond description. A truly mesmerizing experience, I personally did not want to leave. And as we turned reluctantly away from this place, we then faced another two hour hike over the lava fields, however, this time it would be in the dark. I saw members of our group meet and overcome some of their greatest fears on this leg of the journey, as they stepped carefully over fissures where the red of lava could be seen below, the heat almost burning our skin; or jumped over other fissures that were too wide to just step across.

We even had a wild boar greet us along the path as we entered the forested part of the path back to the vans. Another very touching experience was our visit to the Place of Refuge. This was a place of absolute forgiveness and refuge in ancient Hawaiian traditions.