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The National staff reveal the songs they would be happy to just have go away forever.
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I read a certain college blog, a blog with no newspaper affiliation, a blog often considered to be our rival that has received many mentions and links in the national media.

Urinetown - We're Not Sorry

I am referring, of course, to NYU Local. Apparently they felt that their jealousy of us as they put it, "most of us were rejected by you" caused them to say hurtful things about us that they didn't really mean.

You're Not Sorry

So, NYU Local, we give you our rebuttal: Fuck Brad's Joe is absurdly better. Of course they have iPads—Columbian Colombian coffee is the coffee of the future.

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I didn't even know there was a coffee shop there until Joe came. Joe is the art of coffee. Brad's is the coffee you have to get at your unpaid internship. And while Columbia students are involved with Occupy Wall Street, they're not the ones demanding acceptance that Longcat is long.

Columbia has parties, we're just not sorry for them. We're sorry you didn't get into Columbia Columbia may be where fun goes to die, but NYU is where your dreams have to die before you'll go.

We're not sorry: 11 popular songs we're okay with never hearing again - The National

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Off -- and On -- Our Chests

Awkwardly apologising for contacting in order to request payment of an invoice that is already overdue, or perhaps ever so politely requesting documents for a deadline which has already passed. Why do we do it? Why do we tip toe around these subjects?

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