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The Last Giant is a Boss enemy in Dark Souls 2. A large and ancient giant encountered in the Forest of Fallen Giants. Located down a wooden.
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Alternatively, if you lack the requirements, you can instead use Gold Pine Resin as the boss is weak to both fire and lightning. Stay near the ankles while smacking them with your sword, just make sure you keep enough stamina for a roll it doesn't have to be a fast role. This should deplete its health fairly quickly. Make sure to roll away when the giant stomps it has bad range so it shouldn't be too hard and continue hitting the ankles.

The arm sweeps will struggle to hit you if you remain at his ankles, making this attack fairly harmless.

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If the giant does his body slam attack, and it hits you, it should do immense damage. But it is very rare for the giant to perform this move but if he does and you survive the fight will likely end very quickly. Add Pate and Luet into the mix and this fight is trivial. Mild-mannered Pate can be summoned for this fight if the player is in Human Form, and has cleared the area he sits outside and exhausted his dialogue in the Forest of Fallen Giants and thus received the White Sign Soapstone.

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His summon sign is located just outside the fog gate to the right. Summoning Pate can reduce the difficulty significantly. Pate will be able to occupy the Last Giant for much of the fight and soak up a large amount of damage. Easiest boss in Souls history. Makes Pinwheel look like Super Ornstein by comparison.

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Low adaptability and Company of Champions makes this a really aggravating fight. His arm one shots you, and getting shield broken leaves you vulnerable long enough to get one shotted. Where's pates summon sign in scholar of the last sin. Wait for him to stomp and dodge towards the right leg; it is safely out of range of the left leg stomp. After, return to the left leg quickly and land a couple hits. Be wary of his arm attacks. Sometimes if you're on the outside of either of his legs, he'll swing his arm and send you flying. If you see him about to try this attack, dodge inwards, aiming towards his opposite side.

The trick is dodging or maneuvering around his leg stomps.

Generally, when he lifts his leg, moving across to his other side is safe. If you stay under him, you should be able to avoid his falling attack rather easily. If you stand behind him and attack his left leg, he will do almost nothing except stomp with his left leg and backstep. This allows you to do large amounts of damage in relative safety.

He is slow enough that you can target his chest and simply backpedal around the room to kite him. Doing this you will mostly only have to deal with his sweeping arm attack and can get off one to three bow attacks, consumable throws, or spell casts per swing.

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Stockpile thirty or so Firebombs. This gives you an excellent ranged advantage.

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Stay away from him and aim for his chest. Keep chucking the bombs at him until he dies. Create account or Sign in. Lore Rumoured to be the last remaining giant, he is but a shadow of his former self. The Giants were eventually defeated by an unnamed hero, but alas, victory came all too late as Drangleic had already become a pile of rubble. Many seasons had come and gone, and the Giant prepared for his final rest. When the Giants fall they grow into great trees.

Death is not the end for them, for anything that has ever once lived remains a part of a great cycle of regeneration.

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A singular rage burns within their hearts and their wills of steel cannot allow them to forgive the misdeeds of King Vendrick. Perhaps it is this burning hatred that allowed the Giant Lord to remain for such a long time after his defeat? Perhaps it was targeted at the warrior who defeated him. When we stand before him, the Giant Lord recognizes us. His rage becomes uncontrollable and he is able to break free of his restraints.

This final battle truly displays the determination of the race that once ruined Drangleic, as he will tear his own arm off if it will give him an advantage over you.

The Last Giant

More likely, his endurance was simply due to the fact that his soul was still too powerful to become part of the cycle of regeneration, just yet. When Vendrick conquered the Giants he took the Giant's Kinship. When the Giants landed on the shores of Drangleic they set siege to Vendrick's land and reclaimed that Kinship.

So why did they continue to wage war on Vendrick? The answer is given by Captain Drummond:. A singular rage burns within their hearts.