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Coping with infuriating, mean, critical people: the destructive narcissistic pattern / Nina W. Brown. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Book Coping With Infuriating, Mean, Critical People: The Destructive Narcissistic Pattern

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Book Coping With Infuriating, Mean, Critical People: The Destructive Narcissistic Pattern

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I wanted to understand narcissists' behaviors. My mistake was wanting to help someone who didn't want to be helped. It took quite a while before I could accept that. I think most people are curious as to why their relationship is so complicated. They aren't looking for excuses Glad to have you here, Marie! I have to admit that the solution to my "N" lie with me. My solution was to give love, nurturing, financial support, empathy,unfortunately I was emphatizing with and illusion.

I never could get a handle on the two edge sword of rage, extreme sensitivity and then kindness which I mistook for love. I found this site not to help him but to gain some sort of understanding as to what I had just experienced. My brain has never been prone to short curcuits, yet if I had to give a description of what I experienced that would be one of the descriptions. Yes, even Satan was a good angel once The amazing thing is that is that the "N" saved me from what surely was going to be an early grave Just thankful I'm not one.

Marie, you have saved me from the brink of insanity and self loathing. We also believe most people that is in Mutual Reciprocity and we may never have realized this before our "giving" was not returned. Still, as ridiculous it seems in hindsight, we increased on 'giving' in the belief we had not done it right That's the crux pretty much of pathology because the narcissist does not respond the way 'normal' people respond. All our lives we have learned how to create relationships with people and then suddenly we meet someone who doesn't react the way we've come to expect.

This is why, I think, people continue to 'give'. We don't realize we are dealing with someone who has pathological narcissism. Why' don't they respond the way normal people do? Some people say they 'won't'. Whether they can but choose not to is the subject of debate. The real problem here is that they value themselves and what they want more than they do other people.

See a Problem?

And it does not bother their conscience when mistreating someone who 'tried' to love them as best they could. That's the shocker, isn't it? How can they walk away without sincere remorse and guilt? This is what I hope my blog teaches people. That narcissists are huge risks to take if you want a trustworthy relationship.

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You can invest your entire life in supporting someone with a narcissistic personality and they can, on-a-dime, suddenly leave you behind without any warning. Narcissists may be exciting and charming, they may be energetic and fun to be with. But loving a narcissist and building a future with them, is a high risk gamble! Most of us did NOT know this.

The word about pathological personalities is getting out though. I have read many, many books in my search for answers about my own mother and siblings, but I have to say And you aren't selling your own book! It pains me greatly when some of these 'experts' on narcissism don't even give a nod to the hurt and torment of Mother's Day. This holiday is one that makes us shiver and stumble, even when we know the game. You write with compassion and wisdom and I don't know that you know what good you do in the ether out there.

I think you have saved lives. I know you have seriously impacted mine for the good. One day, and it will be soon I am going to just sit and read everything I can on this site.

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I've been to so many sites, and yours is superb. It comes from your deep understanding of the conflict that narcissism brings to the family, to individuals, to the world. I pray that someday you will write your own book, because I think it will be a best seller. The wisdom you exhibit is of a fruit that satisfies in so many aspects. You are so needed, CZ. Thank you, Lady Nyo. Your validation means a lot to me, knowing something I've written has helped youespecially on Mother's Day.

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Seems most people are writing about their narcissistic marriages, N-boyfriends, N-girlfriends, their narcissistic divorce and narcissistic child custody cases decided by a narcissistic judge. It's been an interesting experience watching 'narcissism' evolve from a clinical disorder to something as common as self-centeredness. I hope we haven't watered down the term so much that it loses its meaning.

I give thought now and then to writing a book but my story is an ordinary everyday story and women have suffered far more than myself. What's the most inspiring about my story is the WoN Forum. The many people who contributed countless numbers of hours corresponding with other people straggling into our website.

The Destructive Narcissistic Pattern

We started in and at least one 'manager' has been on board every single day since. And that is seven years without a 'break' which is phenomenal when you think about it because we have never accepted donations, or sold products to reimburse our time. Women's willingness to organize purely as an altruistic endeavor without financial incentive, is becoming less and less common in our society.

A serious loss, I think. That is a story I'm considering writing about because in our current society, it's rare. The focus is on adults exhibiting less severe manifestations of behaviors and attitudes usually associated with pathological narcissism. Also presented are the characteristics of healthy adult narcissism as derived from the psychological literature. Considerable attention is given in the book to providing exercises and activities to guide the reader in developing their personal underdeveloped narcissism.