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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Saleshave not changed in over one hundred years, but the people Split Second Selling - Kindle edition by Drew Stevens.
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Players must use pinpoint timing to obliterate huge structures and towering TV set pieces to tactically alter the track or create entirely new routes. Since we offer the best prices , we will match the price of a product you found cheaper elsewhere! Reach over 14 customers that are waiting for your offer!

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My cart Cart is empty. Can be activated in Russia. With a recently acquired Bizarre Creations taking the reigns, there was huge potential for this one. It was essentially Mario Kart for grown-ups, a point made abundantly clear in pre-release trailers.

The House of Mouse was pretty invested in console gaming at the time and after success with Pure , Black Rock was given the green light for its next project. Not only could you crash out your opponents but buildings could be detonated on a whim and huge jetliners could be called in to crush your opponents. The overwhelmingly positive initial reception led to the title getting a subtitle in some regions.

Velocity , hinting at a future for a new IP series. Headed off by new development studio United Front Games, a strong E3 showing really proved how cool this game was. Approved by Kazunori Yamauchi himself , the tool is still considered by many to be the best ever.

The Undeserved Failure of Split/Second, Blur and ModNation Racers

So, three exciting titles, all with their own niche to fill and a publishing giant to bankroll each project. Yet, as the title of this article suggests, everything ended in disaster. How did this happen? To make such a statement in is as far as praise or expectation goes. There was nothing like the CoD behemoth but clearly, Activision thought Blur was going to go the distance. A rocky development cycle meant that numerous changes were made throughout its pre-release life.

A core storyline that would be a large part of the game was ditched in favour of friend-focused social features. It had a different issue all together though, one that was sure to impact development and a subsequent release. A series that would rely heavily on crazy visual stunts and world destruction would definitely fall under that category.

Split Second Selling with SAP Jam – 7 Use Cases!

This would be the first warning sign for an impending rage quit from Disney later down the line. Pre-release hype was building for the PlayStation exclusive with a slew of gameplay clips and sizzle reels showing off the creator tools. With each game ready for players to get stuck into, final release date choices were made.

The idea of releasing three games in one week all targeting the same genre just seems crazy. Each title proved a large obstacle to each other, hindering sales. Bad news travels fast.

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The game would also fail to chart in the top 10 within the UK on its first week. The merging of realistic racing and Mario Kart-like mechanics was hard to comprehend for the average consumer. Opening week in the UK made for better reading, placing 5th and becoming the strongest debut seller of the three interlinked games.

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  3. The Undeserved Failure of Split/Second, Blur and ModNation Racers!
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ModNation Racers actually performed reasonably in both major markets. It goes without saying that none of the games performed how the publishers expected. Velocity , word spread that a sequel had been canned by Disney.

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A month later, news would break that Blur developer Bizarre Creations would be cut loose by Activision. Despite lofty ambitions and unrealistic expectations for Blur , the publisher would cut life support for the team. Further bad news followed as Black Rock Studios would only survive until July

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