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Night of the Living Deed (A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery, #1) Welcome to the first Haunted Guest House mystery-the getaway every reader can afford.
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I am usually pretty good at guessing the murderer in these type of cozy mysteries. But 3 cheeers for this author as I was stumped up until the final reveal. Thank heavens the reveal wasnt too complicated. The clues were sprinkled all throughout the book, and I found myself slapping my own forehead at the end for having not been able to figure it out! LOL This is definetely a series I plan to continue, and am looking forward to the next book!

Apr 08, Debbie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I'm sorry that I put off reading this for so long. Alison is starting over with her daughter by renovating an old Victorian into a guest house. When she begins to see the ghosts of two people that died there the mystery begins as to who killed them. The characters are strong and fun. Alison had me laughing so many times with her wit, especially when dealing with the one ghost Maxie. I also loved all the secondary characters, they all added to the story with a great I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I'm sorry that I put off reading this for so long.

I also loved all the secondary characters, they all added to the story with a great mix of personalities. When threats start coming the mystery deepens. I had figured out part but not all, and it did keep me second guessing. I will definitely be continuing on with this series, I can't wait to see what they get into next. Good mystery in which Alison discovers, while converting her Victorian mansion into a guesthouse, that she she can see ghosts - ghosts who want her to help them figure out who killed them. May 22, Cathy Cole rated it it was amazing.

She figures she has the know-how and just enough money to complete the makeover and open for business so she can provide a decent future for Melissa, her nine-year-old daughter. As she begins the process of renovating, she gets the odd vibe now and then but thinks nothing of it until a fifty-pound bucket of joint compoun First Line: As she begins the process of renovating, she gets the odd vibe now and then but thinks nothing of it until a fifty-pound bucket of joint compound knocks her in the head, and she begins seeing ghosts.

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One an evil-tempered young woman named Maxie the previous owner of the house , and the other, a private eye named Paul. Both died in the house on the same night. Police think they "drank the Kool-aid" and committed suicide. Maxie and Paul insist that they were murdered-- and they also insist that Alison drop everything to find out who killed them. It's quite a stretch for Alison to believe in the resident ghosts to begin with, but she finally has no alternative. Both ghosts are very good at getting their way, although they have very different methods. However, Alison's not bad at driving a hard bargain herself, and she manages to persuade them that she'll investigate as long as the renovations keep on schedule.

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As she begins to play sleuth, things begin to happen, and she realizes that she'd better identify the killer before she becomes the third ghost in her guesthouse. And don't you dare call it a bed and breakfast! I was in the perfect mood for a light, fast-paced, and laugh-out-loud funny read. Night of the Living Deed almost immediately had me in reading nirvana.

The cast of characters is superb. Alison's voice is pitch-perfect: Her daughter, Melissa is a nine-year-old prosecuting attorney who's the perfect sort of child to have live in a haunted house. Alison's mother, her friends, the police detective she runs to constantly, and the ghosts, Maxie and Paul, all add color, depth and humor to the story. When I wasn't laughing or telling Alison to "Check there! Alison kept to her bargain and managed to wear her deerstalker cap while she refinished cabinets. So often in themed mystery series, the theme seems to be a thin veneer that's easily cast aside.

Not so in this book, and that's refreshing. I tired of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series long ago, and I've felt the lack of a truly funny mystery series in my reading life. No more-- and I have E. Copperman to thank for it! Apr 26, Cathi rated it liked it. I liked Night of the Living Deed. I bought it because it takes place at the Jersey Shore, where I have lived for 37 years.

And because there are ghosts. It's a pretty nice cozy. Don't read it thinking it'll be the best book you ever read but it's not the worst either. Some of the characters are not really well developed but they are likable. The mystery wasn't overwhelmingly exciting but it was enough to keep me reading.

Night of the Living Deed (Haunted Guesthouse Series #1)

I understand that this is a work of fiction. But, it's supposed to take pla I liked Night of the Living Deed. But, it's supposed to take place where I live and I couldn't help but find a few mistakes. They would be part of the Ocean County Public Library System and since they are the next town from Point Pleasant they would probably have to use that branch as not every town in Ocean Co.

Also, no one who lives at the shore has ever, ever called a tourist a "Shore Bunny". No, we call them Bennies and not in a good way. And, you can't drive from the next town from Pt. Pleasant to Manahawkin in just a few minutes.

It would take at least an hour even in October. The author is actually from north Jersey but it didn't seem to me like he spent much time being a Bennie at the shore. Still, I would like to read the rest of the series. Sep 28, Jonathan rated it it was amazing Shelves: I told myself I wouldn't read another book from the library or buy any more books until I had finished five books from my tbr stack.

This is my second one, and I wasn't expecting much. It hand been sitting on my shelf for forever, and I never read it, but I was pleasantly surprised. This book was great! I absolutely adored this book. The characters, especially the MC and ghosts, were so real to me I felt like I was seeing them interact with each other. The author Really 4. The author also did a wonderful job of making the 9 year old, Melissa, realistic without being annoying.

The mystery was also well-plotted. I really didn't expect the killer to be who they were and it threw me for a loop. Why then did you take off a half star? I took it off because of the MC, Allison's interactions with one of the ghosts, Maxie. Allison was at times cruel to Maxie, and even though they got off to a bad start Maxie tried making things better in various parts of the book.

Overall, however, an enjoyable read. I'll have to get the next one! Aug 01, Karen B. This was one of those "feel good" mysteries that I love so much. Alison has bought and is trying to fix up a beautiful Victorian house that she is planning to make into a guesthouse. The problem is that she already has two guests to start with, two ghosts who died in that house and want her to help find who murdered them and why.

A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery Series by E.J. Copperman

As Alison digs into the investigation she learns that both her daughter, Melissa, and h This was one of those "feel good" mysteries that I love so much. As Alison digs into the investigation she learns that both her daughter, Melissa, and her mother can also see and hear the ghosts. Everyone works together to help Melissa with her mystery and although she hadn't wanted it to get around the town, thanks to her daughter, Melissa, everyone knows the house has two ghosts. At first Alison suspects that the land developer wants to buy her house just to make it into a development but she soon discovers that the real reason for the previous murders has to do with mysterious connections to George Washington.

Aug 04, LJ rated it did not like it Shelves: If this is our house, why are other people going to live here? Although their death had been ruled as suicide, they want Alison to find their murderer. This was a complete non-starter for me. Having personally exper First Sentence: Jun 16, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: What a fun book!

The ghosts in the story were more like Topper-types rather than there-is-a-presence-here types and they interact with only some humans, not everyone, which makes for some interesting situations. I appreciate the author's subtle sense of humor and chuckled through some of the story. This book is just the thing if you want to read something engrossing and light-hearted. I am so glad I finally picked up and look forward to the other in the series. Mar 20, Pamela rated it really liked it Shelves: One of the best cozies that I have read in a long time.

I especially enjoyed the ghosts. I will continue on with the series. Feb 14, Bonnie rated it really liked it. I enjoyed how the author wrote. The writing style was good. How incorporated the ghosts into the story was brilliant to me. I would read more in the series if am able to get my hands on them.

I gave it an A or 4 stars.

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  8. Jun 07, Liz rated it liked it. The premise is not especially original, woman buys house, house is haunted, the ghosts want the new owner to help solve the mystery of their death. This time the new homeowner is Alison Kerby and she wants to open a guesthouse on the Jersey Shore. The ghosts are Maxie, the former owner and Paul, the private investigator who Maxie had hired to help figure out who was sending her threats and also as a bodyguard. However, one night they were both poisoned and are now stuck in limbo wondering what the heck happened. Maxie is pissed — Paul is more irritated at what he sees as a failing on his part.

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    After Maxie brains Alison with home repair supplies, Alison is able to see and hear the ghosts who immediately demanded her help. Alison is reluctant to get involved until the same threats that were coming to Maxie begin to come to here. This is the first in a new series, which means there is a lot of set-up of personalities who will show up in later books. When I was in elementary you had your primary teach who taught all the subjects and then a once a week art teacher and maybe a music teacher. I did not have a separate history teacher when I was nine. I did like Alison.

    She is handy for one, her father taught her a lot about home repair and she is doing most of the renovations on her guesthouse on her own.

    The Night Of The Living Dead: A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery

    She is devoted to her daughter, though she has moments when she wants to shake her — same with her own mother who drives her batty. Jun 25, Nairabell rated it really liked it Shelves: Alison Kerby is carving out a new life for herself after her divorce by purchasing a rundown property on the New Jersey shore. She's always dreamed of returning to her home town and opening a guesthouse there, so when the ideal property became available she brought it straight away and moved in with her nine-year-old daughter Melissa.

    A head injury during the renovations leaves Alison with the ability to see ghosts, and she soon realises her guesthouse already has two residents. Paul and Maxie a Alison Kerby is carving out a new life for herself after her divorce by purchasing a rundown property on the New Jersey shore. Paul and Maxie are stubborn, interfering spirits who won't leave Alison alone until she solves the mystery surrounding their deaths. I picked up this last summer as I love paranormal mysteries and this sounded like a unique premise. This book does suffer from 'first-book-in-a-series-itis' which dented my enjoyment slightly.

    There's nothing wrong with the book, but the detailed and meticulous way in which the world and characters are created means that the story takes quite a while probably half to two thirds of the book to really get going.

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    This level of world building usually indicates a series that has the potential to run for a long time, and means that subsequent books need very little set up. The plot is packed full of twists and turns, most set up in incredibly subtle ways that don't show until you're thinking back with hindsight. I love when a mystery follows a path I didn't expect, and this one definitely did that with several 'what?!

    In terms of characters, the author has done a great job of collecting the usual cozy mystery cast - the cop, the journalist, the sleuth, the slightly nutty family member, the cute kid, the love interest etc. However the depth and detail of each character presented means that these aren't your cookie cutter characters. I like Alison, especially her snarky sense of humour, but my favourite characters are definitely the ghosts and I'm hoping they stick around for future books. I love how Alison has a dead PI helping her investigate, especially as I've not seen this before. All in all this was a great mystery to curl up with and I'm looking forward to An Uninvited Ghost out in April Aug 03, Frank rated it liked it.

    Though mysteries are outside my normal scope of reading, I still thoroughly enjoyed this one. The story is set in a fictional town along the Jersey Shore. Though the town is fictional all other locals mentioned are very real places in New Jersey. This gave a very authentic feel to both the story and the characters that inhabit it.

    That sense of authenticity bleed through every part of this book. At it's heart this story is an every mystery but to really function it needs to identify with it's Jersey short roots. Geography aside, NothLD presents very strong and well developed characters. Every personal presented is believable and likable or dislikeable based on the traits and actions presented. The writing is seamless and easy going. Though the theme of murder and deciete is prevalent throughout the story, it does not weigh heavily on the psyche.

    The ghost aspect of the story is played up in the synopsis. To be certain there are ghosts but make no mistake this is a mystery at it's heart. There ghosts are characters the same as the living. That does not mean they are forgettable either. They functioned and felt just like the ghosts of Gena Davis and Baldwin in Beetlejuice. As real as anyone else just they are dead.

    All in all this is a straight forward mystery. The ending is not too much of a shocker. Though the book serves as book one of a series it works well as a stand alone story. There are no cliffhangars. This book sets up a series on the strength of it's characters and not a continuation of it's plot. This book was reviewed for Books, Beer and Bullshit Podcast. To hear the review and get a more in depth analysis visit: Sep 08, Drebbles rated it really liked it Shelves: Newly divorced Alison Kerby is determined to build a new life for her and her nine year old daughter Melissa so she buys a fixer-upper on the Jersey Shore and is converting it into a guest house.

    They want Allison to find out who killed them but she needs to be careful — the killer is willing to strike Newly divorced Alison Kerby is determined to build a new life for her and her nine year old daughter Melissa so she buys a fixer-upper on the Jersey Shore and is converting it into a guest house. They want Allison to find out who killed them but she needs to be careful — the killer is willing to strike again.

    Copperman's new Haunted Guest House cozy mystery series. Alison is also a good character — not as Sassy as Maxie but a bit snarky and prone to saying things without thinking them through. Outside of the ghosts and who can see them , one of the most interesting parts of the book is reading about the repairs Alison is doing on the house.

    While the book is a cozy mystery and the paranormal aspects are benign and humorous at times , there are some scary moments, particularly towards the end of the book. The mystery aspects are pretty well done as Copperman deftly mixes in the murders of Maxie and Paul with a more recent murder and death threats against Alison but the book could have used a few more suspects as it was obvious early on who the killer was.

    Dec 22, kaoyler rated it really liked it. I came upon this series by lucky accident. Actually is was a download from audiobooks and I just started it one day when I didn't know what book I want to spend the next ten hours devouring. I started with the last book, but quickly realized I was at the tail end and much had gone before. So I went back to beginning, which is this book. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters, the situation, and the writing. The premise is that a divorced woman has returned to her home town with her nine year old daughter.

    Her dream has always been to open a guest house on the Jersey shore, so she buys an old Victorian house and sets about fixing it up. During the fix-up she is hit on the head with a can of paint that is mysteriously pushed off a ladder. When she regains consciousness she finds she can see the two ghosts who live in the house. Not wanting to believe her eyes, she tries to ignore them but isn't successful. They eventually talk her into investigating their murders, murders the police have termed suicide. From there, anything can and usually does happen.

    It's a delightful book for a snowing winter day. It doesn't require deep thought, just a "sit back and enjoy" feeling. That covers me so when I can't take time to read, I can listen. It also means, I always have a book handy, and that equals a good time. Night of the Living Deed by E. Copperman 1 3 Dec 29, Cooperman 30 76 Jan 22, Copperman is the pen name for author Jeff Cohen E.

    Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive? Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. A Haunted Guesthouse Mystery.

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    Description 'A bright and lively romp through haunted-house repair! Newly divorced Alison Kerby wants a second chance for herself and her nine-year-old daughter, so she's returned to her hometown on the Jersey Shore to transform a fixer-upper into a charming-and hopefully profitable-guest house. But when a bump on the head leaves her seeing not only stars by spirits, Alison realizes the real challenge she's facing is out of this world. The two residing ghosts are Maxie Malone, the foul-tempered former owner of the house who has definite opinions about Alison's design plans , and Paul Harrison, a private eye who'd been working for Maxie-both died in the house on the same night.

    The official cause of death was suicide, but the ghosts insist they were murdered, and they need Alison to find out who killed them-or the next ghost in the guesthouse will be Alison herself. A great, ghostly tale within a well-plotted mystery. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 26mm People who bought this also bought. Old Haunts E J Copperman. Chance of a Ghost E J Copperman.

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